International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol.141 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0017-9310 (Print) 

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1 - 8 Molecular dynamic simulation to study the effects of roughness elements with cone geometry on the boiling flow inside a microchannel
Zarringhalam M, Ahmadi-Danesh-Ashtiani H, Toghraie D, Fazaeli R
9 - 19 Vapour-liquid jointed solution for the evaporation-condensation problem
Shishkova IN, Kryukov AP, Levashov VY
20 - 33 A review of nucleate boiling on nanoengineered surfaces - The nanostructures, phenomena and mechanisms
Li XD, Cole I, Tu JY
34 - 47 Dropwise condensation in the presence of non-condensable gas: Interaction effects of the droplet array using the distributed point sink method
Zheng SF, Eimann F, Philipp C, Fieback T, Gross U
48 - 57 Aerodynamics analysis of superheated steam flow through multi-stage perforated plates
Qian JY, Hou CW, Wu JY, Gao ZX, Jin ZJ
58 - 70 Local liquid film behavior of annular two-phase flow on rod-bundle geometry-I. Experimental phenomenon and analysis
He H, Pan LM, Ren QY, Ye TP, Zhang DF
71 - 87 Steam condensation in horizontal and inclined tubes under stratified flow conditions
Ahn T, Kang J, Bae B, Jeong JJ, Yun B
88 - 101 Heat transfer enhancement of wedge-shaped channels by replacing pin fins with Kagome lattice structures
Shen BB, Li Y, Yan HB, Boetcher SKS, Xie GN
102 - 111 Numerical study of the heat and momentum transfer between a flat plate and an impinging jet of power law fluids
Ortega-Casanova J, Jimenez-Canet M, Galindo-Rosales FJ
112 - 115 Vibration effects on convection in a rotating fluid saturated porous layer distant from the axis of rotation
Govender S
116 - 128 Transient thermal behaviors of a scaled turbine valve: Conjugate heat transfer simulation and experimental measurement
Li FQ, Quay B, Wang P, Santavicca DA, Wang WZ, Xu SH, Liu YZ
129 - 144 Heat transfer of impinging jet array with web-patterned grooves on nozzle plate
Chang SW, Shen HD
145 - 155 Single-phase thermal and hydraulic performance of embedded silicon micro-pin fin heat sinks using R245fa
Kong D, Jung KW, Jung S, Jung D, Schaadt J, Lyengar M, Malone C, Kharangate CR, Asheghi M, Goodson KE, Lee H
156 - 167 Multi-scale pore network modelling of fluid mass transfer in nano-micro porous media
Yao J, Song WH, Wang DY, Sun H, Li Y
168 - 179 Marangoni instability induced by evaporation in well-defined non-spherical sessile droplet
Wang TS, Shi WY
180 - 190 Mathematical deduction of a new model for calculation of heat transfer by condensation inside pipes
Camaraza-Medina Y, Hernandez-Guerrero A, Luviano-Ortiz JL, Cruz-Fonticiella OM, Garcia-Morales OF
191 - 203 Investigation of the evaporation heat transfer mechanism of a non-axisymmetric droplet confined on a heated micropillar structure
Shan L, Ma BJ, Li JH, Dogruoz B, Agonafer D
204 - 216 Repeatable experimental measurements of effective thermal diffusivity and conductivity of pebble bed under vacuum and helium conditions
Wu YY, Ren C, Yang XT, Tu JY, Jiang SY
217 - 221 Destabilizing convection using vibration in a rotating porous layer with a stabilizing temperature gradient
Govender S
222 - 232 Investigation on the dispersion mass transfer in the interface between silicone oil and water
Li S, Yuan H, Zhang J, Li Y, Zhang ZX, Yu SL, Mei N
233 - 244 Prediction of natural convection heat transfer in gas turbines
Pilkington A, Rosic B, Tanimoto K, Horie S
245 - 255 Applications of vertical cavity surface emitting lasers for low-pressure chemical vapor deposition reactors
Noh Y, Kim Y, Park S, Kim BBK, Kim HJ
256 - 264 Enhancement of convective quenching heat transfer by coated tubes and intermittent cryogenic pulse flows
Chung JN, Dong J, Wang H, Darr SR, Hartwig JW
265 - 281 A Bayesian approach for the estimation of the thermal diffusivity of aerodynamically levitated solid metals at high temperatures
Lamien B, Le Maux D, Courtois M, Pierre T, Carin M, Le Masson P, Orlande HRB, Paillard P
282 - 293 Evaluation of fractures in a concrete slab by means of laser-spot thermography
Scalbi A, Olmi R, Inglese G
294 - 309 Water redistribution among various sectors to avoid freezing of air-cooled heat exchanger
Kong YQ, Wang WJ, Yang LJ, Du XZ, Yang YP
310 - 326 Comparative study of heat transfer enhancement and pressure drop for fin-and-circular tube compact heat exchangers with sinusoidal wavy and elliptical curved rectangular winglet vortex generator
Modi AJ, Rathod MK
327 - 345 Oscillatory instability of a 3D natural convection flow around a tandem of cold and hot vertically aligned cylinders placed inside a cold cubic enclosure
Spizzichino A, Zemach E, Feldman Y
346 - 352 Mixing performance of a fractal-like tree network micromixer based on Murray's law
Xu JJ, Chen XY
353 - 366 Numerical simulation of heat transfer coefficient around different immersed bodies in a fluidized bed containing Geldart B particles
Fattahi M, Hosseini SH, Ahmadi G, Parvareh A
367 - 378 CH4 adsorption and diffusion in shale pores from molecular simulation and a model for CH4 adsorption in shale matrix
Chen C, Hu WF, Sun JY, Li WZ, Song YC
379 - 389 Evaporation of thin liquid film of single and multi-component hydrocarbon fuel from a hot plate
Mouvanal S, Lamiel Q, Lamarque N, Helie J, Burkhardt A, Bakshi S, Chatterjee D
390 - 406 Natural convection in a nanofluid-filled cavity with solid particles in an inner cross shape using ISPH method
Ahmed SE, Aly AM
407 - 418 Dry spot dynamics and wet area fractions in pool boiling on micro-pillar and micro-cavity hydrophilic heaters: A 3D lattice Boltzmann phase-change study
Ma XJ, Cheng P
419 - 431 Hazardous characteristics of charge and discharge of lithium-ion batteries under adiabatic environment and hot environment
Gao TF, Wang ZR, Chen SC, Guo LS
432 - 443 CFD analysis of triple-pipes for a district heating system with two simultaneous supply temperatures
Arabkoohsar A, Khosravi M, Alsagri AS
444 - 456 Effect of nano-coating on corrosion behaviors of DCLL blanket channel
Huang HL, Yin SM, Fawad A
457 - 463 Scale inhibition performance of sodium carboxymethyl cellulose on heat transfer surface at various temperatures: Experiments and molecular dynamics simulation
Zhao Y, Xu ZM, Wang BB, He JJ
464 - 475 The flow and heat transfer characteristics in a rectangular channel with convergent and divergent slit ribs
Zheng DR, Wang XJ, Yuan Q
476 - 486 Transient gas-liquid-solid flow model with heat and mass transfer for hydrate reservoir drilling
Liao YTA, Sun XH, Sun BJ, Gao YH, Wang ZY
487 - 490 Experimental demonstration of irregular thermal carpet cloaks with natural bulk material
Qin J, Luo W, Yang P, Wang B, Deng T, Han TC
491 - 502 Development of liquid-air mass transfer correlations for liquid desiccant dehumidification considering the liquid/air contact and film instability
Qi RH, Dong CS, Zhang LZ
503 - 516 Numerical modelling of fluid flow and macrosegregation in a continuous casting slab with asymmetrical bulging and mechanical reduction
Guan R, Ji C, Wu CH, Zhu MY
517 - 529 Natural circulation two-phase flow characteristics in a rod bundle channel under stable and rolling motion conditions
Zhu ZQ, Ren TT, Liu YW, Yan CQ, Wan JJ
530 - 541 Investigation on cryo-wicking performance within metallic weaves under superheated conditions for screen channel liquid acquisition devices (LADs)
Ma Y, Zimnik D, Dreyer M, Li YZ
542 - 553 Philosophy of longwall goaf inertisation for coal self-heating control, proactive or reactive?
Zhang J, An JY, Wang YG, Al Mamun NA, Pan RK
554 - 568 A zero-dimensional dryout heat flux model based on mechanistic interfacial friction models for two-phase flow regimes with channel flow in a packed bed
Yeo DY, No HC
569 - 579 Analysis of near wall combustion and pollutant migration after spray impingement
Ma TY, Feng L, Wang H, Liu HF, Yao MF
580 - 603 Recent advancements in impedance of fouling resistance and particulate depositions in heat exchangers
Awais M, Bhuiyan AA
604 - 614 Analysis of the energy propagation in the keyhole plasma arc welding using a novel fully coupled plasma arc-keyhole-weld pool model
Wu DS, Tashiro S, Hua XM, Tanaka M
615 - 626 Effect of water injection cooling on flow field characteristics in the cooling section of precooled turbine-based combined cycle engine
Lin AQ, Zheng Q, Fawzy H, Luo MC, Zhou J, Zhang H
627 - 642 Heat transfer enhancement of X-lattice-cored sandwich panels by introducing pin fins, dimples or protrusions
Li Y, Xie GN, Boetcher SKS, Yan HB
643 - 650 Molecular insight into the miscible mechanism of CO2/C-10 in bulk phase and nanoslits
Fang TM, Zhang YN, Liu J, Ding B, Yan YG, Zhang J
651 - 657 Solving the higher-dimensional nonlinear inverse heat source problems by the superposition of homogenization functions method
Liu HS, Qiu L, Lin J
658 - 668 Numerical investigation on a lithium ion battery thermal management utilizing a serpentine-channel liquid cooling plate exchanger
Sheng L, Su L, Zhang H, Li K, Fang YD, Ye W, Fang Y
669 - 679 Film cooling of cylindrical holes on turbine blade suction side near leading edge
Zhou ZY, Li HW, Wang HC, Xie G, You RQ
680 - 684 ONB characteristics of the heat transfer tube in the drain tank
Wu XC, Liu F, Lu J, Yan CQ
685 - 695 Multicomponent drop breakup during impact with heated walls
Chausalkar A, Kong SC, Michael JB
696 - 706 High pressure pool boiling: Mechanisms for heat transfer enhancement and comparison to existing models
Dahariya S, Betz AR
707 - 718 Numerical study of submerged impinging jets for power electronics cooling
Sabato M, Fregni A, Stalio E, Brusiani F, Tranchero M, Baritaud T
719 - 730 Modeling the addition/removal of dimethyl sulfoxide into/from articular cartilage treated with the liquidus-tracking method
Yu XY, Zhang SZ, Chen GM
731 - 747 A comparative study of the effect of varying wall heat flux on melting characteristics of phase change material RT44HC in rectangular test cells
Fadl M, Eames PC
748 - 756 Model development for infiltration of unfrozen water in saturated frozen soil using lattice Boltzmann method
Xu F, Zhang YN, Liang S, Li BX, Hu YR
757 - 768 Effect of air turbulence and fuel composition on bi-component droplet evaporation
Patel U, Sahu S
769 - 778 Microstructural evolution within mushy zone during paraffin's melting and solidification
Yang B, Raza A, Bai FW, Zhang TJ, Wang ZF
779 - 788 Modal reduction for a problem of heat transfer with radiation in an enclosure
Gaume B, Jol F, Quemener O
789 - 798 A molecular dynamics study of the effects of crystalline structure transition on the thermal conductivity of pentaerythritol as a solid-solid phase change material
Feng B, Tu J, Sun JW, Fan LW, Zeng Y
799 - 817 Quantitative research of spray cooling effects on thermo-flow performance of the large-scale dry cooling tower with an integrated numerical model
Ma H, Si FQ, Zhu KP, Wang JS
818 - 834 Heat transfer prediction and critical heat flux mechanism for pool boiling of NOVEC-649 on microporous copper surfaces
Cao Z, Wu Z, Sunden B
835 - 844 Enhanced transitional heat flux by wicking during transition boiling on microporous hydrophilic and superhydrophilic surfaces
Li JQ, Zhang JY, Mou LW, Zhang YH, Fan LW
845 - 854 Effect of microchannel heat sink configuration on the thermal performance and pumping power
Vasilev MP, Abiev RS, Kumar BR
855 - 860 Effect of fractional parameter on thermoelastic half-space subjected to a moving heat source
Hussein EM
861 - 875 Effect of a double wavy geometric disturbance on forced convection heat transfer at a subcritical Reynolds number
Yoon HS, Moon J, Kim MI
876 - 890 Visualization and experimental analysis of Geyser boiling phenomena in two-phase thermosyphons
Pabon NYL, Mera JPF, Vieira GSC, Mantelli MBH
891 - 904 Experimental and numerical investigation of obstacle effect on the performance of PEM fuel cell
Ebrahimzadeh AA, Khazaee I, Fasihfar A
905 - 921 Attached flow formed by opposing jet in hyper/supersonic flow
Jin WW
922 - 939 Flow and heat transfer characteristics of ice slurry in typical components of cooling systems: A review
Wang JH, Battaglia F, Wang SG, Zhang TF, Ma ZJ
940 - 948 Effects of failure location and pressure on the core voiding under SGTR accident in a LBE-cooled fast reactor
Zhang CD, Sa RY, Zhou DN, Zhang GY, Wang L
949 - 963 Spectral element method for numerical simulation of ETHD enhanced heat transfer in an enclosure with uniform and sinusoidal temperature boundary conditions
Wang YZ, Qin GL, He WQ, Ye XM
964 - 973 Effect of counter current airflow on film dispersion and heat transfer of evaporative falling film over a horizontal elliptical tube
Lee YT, Hong S, Dang CB, Chien LH, Yang AS
974 - 980 Application of nano-refrigerant for boiling heat transfer enhancement employing an experimental study
Sheikholeslami M, Rezaeianjouybari CB, Darzi M, Shafee A, Li ZX, Nguyen TK
981 - 994 Thermo-hydro-mechanical properties of bentonite-sand-graphite-polypropylene fiber mixtures as buffer materials for a high-level radioactive waste repository
Liu XY, Cai GJ, Liu LL, Liu SY, Puppala AJ
995 - 1008 Experimentally measured effects of height and location of the vortex generator on flow and heat transfer characteristics of the flat-plate film cooling
Zhang C, Wang J, Luo X, Song LM, Li J, Feng ZP
1009 - 1024 Numerical investigation on cavitating jet inside a poppet valve with special emphasis on cavitation-vortex interaction
Yuan C, Song JC, Zhu LS, Liu MH
1025 - 1035 A regressive model for dynamic instabilities during the condensation of R404A and R507 refrigerants
Kuczynski W, Bohdal T, Meyer JP, Denis A
1036 - 1048 Numerical simulation of the impact of laying powder on selective laser melting single-pass formation
Cao L
1049 - 1055 Effect of an interface layer on thermal conductivity of polymer composites studied by the design of double-layered and triple-layered composites
Song JN, Zhang Y
1056 - 1065 A new analytical heat transfer model for deep borehole heat exchangers with coaxial tubes
Pan AQ, Lu L, Cui P, Jia LR
1066 - 1077 Solute dispersion generated by alternating current electric field through polyelectrolyte-grafted nanochannel with interfacial slip
Li FQ, Jian YJ
1078 - 1086 The investigations of slot film outflow used on the laminated cooling configuration
Zhang XD, Liu JJ, An BT
1087 - 1096 Shedding of a condensing droplet from beetle-inspired bumps
Ahmad S, Tang H, Yao HM
1097 - 1113 Comparison between impingement/effusion and double swirl/effusion cooling performance under different effusion hole diameters
Zhou JF, Wang XJ, Li J, Hou WT
1114 - 1130 Effect of geometry parameters on the hydrocarbon fuel flow rate distribution in pyrolysis zone of SCRamjet cooling channels
Jiang YG, Qin J, Chetehouna K, Gascoin N, Bao W
1131 - 1139 Buoyant flows on a vertical cone
Wang XY, Wang DR, Xu F
1140 - 1151 Effect of heat transfer on an angled cavity placed in supersonic flow
Vishnu AS, Aravind GP, Deepu M, Sadanandan R
1152 - 1158 Thin film thermocouple fabrication and its application for real-time temperature measurement inside PEMFC
Tang YQ, Fang WZ, Lin H, Tao WQ
1159 - 1167 Novel scaling law for long-term interface displacement of a stratified layer by erosion mixing due to turbulent impinging jet applicable to nuclear power plants
Lee W, Song S, Na YS, Kim J
1168 - 1180 Experimental and numerical analysis of heat transfer enhancement and flow characteristics in grooved channel for pulsatile flow
Zhang FG, Bian YN, Liu Y, Pan JX, Yang YJ, Arima H
1181 - 1186 Droplet impact on superheated surfaces with different wettabilities
Ma Q, Wu XM, Li T
1187 - 1195 An equilibrium wall model for reacting turbulent flows with heat transfer
Muto D, Daimon Y, Shimizu T, Negishi H
1196 - 1204 Combined heat and mass transfer performance enhancement by nanoemulsion absorbents during the CO2 absorption and regeneration processes
Lee W, Kim S, Xu RH, Kang YT
1205 - 1215 Bi-dimensional modelling of the thermal boundary layer and mass flux prediction for direct contact membrane distillation
Alvares CMS, Grossi LB, Ramos RL, Magela CS, Amaral MCS
1216 - 1226 Thermodynamic-consistent multiple-relaxation-time lattice Boltzmann equation model for two-phase hydrocarbon fluids with Peng-Robinson equation of state
Qiao ZH, Yang XG, Zhang YZ
1227 - 1237 Numerical analysis of turbulence radiation interaction effect on radiative heat transfer in a swirling oxyfuel furnace
Yang X, He ZH, Niu QL, Dong SK, Tan HP
1238 - 1251 Effects of flow loop components in suppressing flow boiling instabilities in microchannel heat sinks
Raj S, Pathak M, Khan MK
1252 - 1271 Boiling of dilute emulsions. Mechanisms and applications
Shadakofsky BM, Kulacki FA
1272 - 1287 Experimental study on condensation heat transfer of FC-72 in a narrow rectangular channel with ellipse-shape pin fins: Ground and microgravity experiments
Zhang LG, Xu B, Shi J, Chen ZQ
1288 - 1300 A novel formulation and sequential solution strategy with time-space adaptive mesh refinement for efficient reconstruction of local boundary heat flux
Luo J, Yang QQ, Lu S, Mhamdi A, Mo DC, Lyu SS, Heng Y
1301 - 1314 Analytical developments and experimental validation of a thermocouple model through an experimentally acquired impulse response function
Frankel JI, Chen HC
1315 - 1317 Professor Bengt Sunden on his 70th Birthday
Faghri M, Amano R, Cheng P, Chiu W, Djilali N, Ekkad S, Farhanieh B, Han JC, Jaluria Y, Kabelac S, Kakac S, Karayiannis T, Karvinen R, Lewis R, Manca O, Menguc P, Minkowycz WJ, Muley A, Murray D, Olsson CO, Szmyd J, Tao WQ, Wang LK, Wang QW, Wei JJ, Wu Z, Xie GN, Xuan YM, Yuan JL, Zhao TS