International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol.140 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0017-9310 (Print) 

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1 - 11 Experimental study on the formation of TCR and thermal behavior of hard machining using TiAlN coated tools
Hao GC, Liu ZQ
12 - 20 Kinetics and mechanism of the oxidation of ZrSi2-MoSi2-ZrB2 ceramics in air at temperatures up to 1400 degrees C
Astapov AN, Pogozhev YS, Prokofiev MV, Potanin AY, Levashov EA, Vershinnikov VI, Rabinskiy LN
21 - 24 Migration of a neutrally buoyant particle in a shear flow with thermal convection: A numerical study
Hu JJ, Wang L
25 - 40 Turbine platform phantom cooling from airfoil film coolant, with purge flow
Yang X, Liu Z, Liu ZS, Feng ZP, Simon T
41 - 50 A mathematical model of forced convection condensation of steam on smooth horizontal tubes and tube bundles in the presence of noncondensables
Minko KB, Yankov GG, Artemov VI, Milman OO
51 - 65 Computational fluid dynamic simulation of gravity and pressure effects in laser metal deposition for potential additive manufacturing in space
Gu H, Li L
66 - 79 Numerical investigation of evaporation and radiation absorption of a non-spherical water droplet under asymmetrically radiative heating
Jin ZC, Sun FX, Xia XL, Sun C
80 - 87 Modulation and splitting of three-body radiative heat flux via graphene/SiC core-shell nanoparticles
Son JL, Cheng Q, Luo ZX, Zhou XP, Zhang ZM
88 - 99 Liquid nitrogen flow in helically corrugated pipes with insertion of high-temperature superconducting power transmission cables
Zuo ZQ, Jiang WB, Yu ZG, Huang YH
100 - 128 Flow boiling of HFE-7100 in microchannels: Experimental study and comparison with correlations
Al-Zaidi AH, Mahmoud MM, Karayiannis TG
129 - 138 Experimental investigation on the Reynolds dependence of the performance of branched heat exchangers working with organic fluids
Capata R, Gagliardi L
139 - 146 Experimental study on evaluation of effective diameter for non-spherical particles in predicting pressure gradients of water/air two-phase flow in particle beds
Park JH, Park HS, Lee M
147 - 151 The effect of a novel spark-plug plasma synthetic jet actuator on the performance of a PEM fuel cell
Seyhan M, Akansu YE
152 - 172 Aerothermal optimization of a ribbed U-bend cooling channel using the adjoint method
He P, Mader CA, Martins JRRA, Maki KJ
173 - 186 Falling-droplet-enhanced filmwise condensation in the presence of non-condensable gas
Wen RF, Zhou XD, Peng BL, Lan Z, Yang RG, Ma XH
187 - 202 An integrated prediction model of hydrate blockage formation in deep-water gas wells
Zhang JB, Wang ZY, Sun BJ, Sun XH, Liao YQ
203 - 215 A numerical study on heat transfer enhancement via mechanical aids
Blasiak P, Pietrowicz S
216 - 226 Evaporation heat transfer and pressure drop characteristics of R1234ze(E)/R32 as a function of composition ratio in a brazed plate heat exchanger
Lee D, Kim D, Cho W, Kim Y
227 - 242 Numerical investigation of non-isothermal viscoelastic filling process by a coupled finite element and discontinuous Galerkin method
Gao PY, Wang XD, Ouyang J
243 - 259 Computer modeling of the vapour vortex orientation changes in the short low- temperature heat pipes
Seryakov AV
260 - 268 Electrowetting-based enhancement of droplet growth dynamics and heat transfer during humid air condensation
Wikramanayake ED, Bahadur V
269 - 280 Investigation of spatter occurrence in remote laser spiral welding of zinc-coated steels
Deng SJ, Wang HP, Lu FG, Solomon J, Carlson BE
281 - 292 Liquid impingement cooling of cold plate heat sink with different fin configurations: High heat flux applications
Wiriyasart S, Naphon P
293 - 302 Modeling of thermal contacts with heat generation: Application to electrothermal problems
El Maakoul A, Remy B, Degiovanni A
303 - 330 Experimental and analytical investigation of flow loop induced instabilities in micro-channel heat sinks
Lee S, Devandhanush VS, Mudawar I
331 - 345 Fluid-structure interaction analysis of entropy generation and mixed convection inside a cavity with flexible right wall and heated rotating cylinder
Alsabery AI, Selimefendigil F, Hashim I, Chamkha AJ, Ghalambaz M
346 - 358 Sinusoidal oscillating laser welding of 7075 aluminum alloy: Hydrodynamics, porosity formation and optimization
Liu TT, Mu ZY, Hu RZ, Pang SY
359 - 370 Lattice Boltzmann simulations of three-dimensional thermal convective flows at high Rayleigh number
Xu A, Shi L, Xi HD
371 - 378 Heat transfer of supercritical endothermic fuel in 3-mm diameter channels: Comparison between asymmetric and uniform heating
Liu ZH, Zhang ZJ, Zhao SJ, Pan H, Bi QC
379 - 398 Experimental study on the full-coverage film cooling of fan-shaped holes with a constant exit width
Wei H, Zu YQ, Ai JL, Ding L
399 - 409 Controllable natural convection in a rectangular enclosure filled with Fe3O4@CNT nanofluids
Shi L, He YR, Hu YW, Wang XZ
410 - 419 Numerical study on effective thermal conductivities of plain woven C/SiC composites with considering pores in interlaced woven yarns
Liu Y, Qu ZG, Guo J, Zhao XM
420 - 425 In-situ calibration for temperature-sensitive-paint heat-flux measurement on a finite base
Liu TS, Risius S
426 - 439 Numerical investigation of flow characteristics and heat transfer performance in curve channel with periodical wave structure
Zhang LY, Lu Z, Wei LC, Yang X, Yu XL, Meng XZ, Jin LW
440 - 452 An approach for simulating the microwave heating process with a slow- rotating sample and a fast-rotating mode stirrer
Ye JH, Lan JQ, Xia Y, Yang Y, Zhu HC, Huang KM
453 - 482 Enhancements of absorption and photothermal conversion of solar energy enabled by surface plasmon resonances in nanoparticles and metamaterials
Wang ZL, Cheng P
483 - 497 CFD analysis and RSM-based design optimization of novel grooved micromixers with obstructions
Rahmannezhad J, Mirbozorgi SA
498 - 517 Large eddy simulation of compressible, shaped-hole film cooling
Oliver TA, Bogard DG, Moser RD
518 - 532 Thermal transport due to liquid jet impingement on superhydrophobic surfaces with isotropic slip: Isoflux wall
Searle M, Crockett J, Maynes D
533 - 563 Flow condensation heat transfer in a smooth tube at different orientations: Experimental results and predictive models
O'Neill LE, Balasubramaniam R, Nahra HK, Hasan MM, Mudawar I
564 - 578 Experimental and numerical studies of tungsten line growth in laser chemical vapor deposition
Ning B, Xia T, Tong ZX, He YL
579 - 586 Temperature profiles and thermal conductivities of nanostructured transition metal dichalcogenides
Sgouros AP, Konstantopoulou A, Kalosakas G, Sigalas MM
587 - 597 Subcooled flow boiling heat transfer in a microchannel with chemically patterned surfaces
Wang HZ, Yang YC, He MH, Qiu HH
598 - 605 Comparison of a theoretical and experimental thermal conductivity model on the heat transfer performance of Al2O3-SiO2/water hybrid-nanofluid
Yildiz C, Arici M, Karabay H
606 - 619 The effect of jet pulsation on the flow field of a round impinging jet and the radially expanding wall jet
Raizner M, Rinsky V, Grossman G, van Hout R
620 - 633 A cluster-based pore network model of drying with corner liquid films, with application to a macroporous material
Lal S, Prat M, Plamondon M, Poulikakos L, Partl MN, Derome D, Carmeliet J
634 - 647 Conjugate heat transfer measurements and predictions for the vane endwall of a high-pressure turbine with upstream purge flow
Yang X, Liu ZS, Zhao Q, Liu Z, Feng ZP, Guo FS, Ding L, Simon TW
648 - 659 Experimental thermal hydraulics study of the blockage ratio effect during the cooling of a vertical tube with an internal steam-droplets flow
Carrillo JDP, Oliveira AVS, Labergue A, Glantz T, Gradeck M
660 - 670 TIV and PIV based natural convection study over a square flat plate under stable stratification
Fan YF, Li YG, Wang Q, Yin S
671 - 677 Experimental study of thermo-physical properties and application of paraffin-carbon nanotubes composite phase change materials
Wu XH, Wang CX, Wang YL, Zhu YJ
678 - 690 Heat transfer and pressure drop of a periodic expanded-constrained microchannels heat sink
Deng DX, Chen L, Chen XL, Pi G
691 - 704 Piston effect induced by cross-boundary mass diffusion in a binary fluid mixture near its liquid-vapor critical point
Hu ZC, Zhang XR
705 - 716 Effects of surface roughness, temperature and pressure on interface thermal resistance of thermal interface materials
Zhao JW, Zhao R, Huo YK, Cheng WL
717 - 730 Coupled heat and mass transfer in biosourced porous media without local equilibrium: A macroscopic formulation tailored to computational simulation
Perre P
731 - 742 An experimental investigations of the melting of RT44HC inside a horizontal rectangular test cell subject to uniform wall heat flux
Fadl M, Eames PC
743 - 751 Humidity effects on the aerodynamic performance of a transonic compressor cascade
Rhee J, Im J, Kim J, Song SJ
752 - 766 Non-structural model of heat exchanger network: Modeling and optimization
Xiao Y, Kayange HA, Cui GM, Chen JX
767 - 776 Effect of evaporating droplets on flow structure and heat transfer in an axisymmetrical separated turbulent flow
Pakhomov MA, Terekhov VI
777 - 785 Designing air-independent slippery rough surfaces for condensation
Sirohia GK, Dai XM
786 - 797 Photothermal nanobubble nucleation on a plasmonic nanoparticle: A 3D lattice Boltzmann simulation
Wang DM, Cheng P, Quan XJ
798 - 806 Local Joule heating and electric force on biological membrane during electro-microinjection
Wang S, Shirakashi R
807 - 818 Quenching power of aqueous salt solution
Zordao LHP, Oliveira VA, Totten GE, Canale LCF
819 - 827 A novel transient thermohydraulic model of a micro heat pipe
Jung EG, Boo JH
828 - 836 Experimental study on the effect of surface evaporation on the thermocapillary-buoyancy convection in a shallow annular pool
Li JJ, Zhang L, Zhang L, Li YR, Quan XJ
837 - 851 Two-phase heat transfer in horizontal dimpled/protruded surface tubes with petal-shaped background patterns
Sun ZC, Li W, Ma X, Ma LX, Yan H
852 - 861 Influence of incident angle of hydrogen in the ventilation ducts on multi-physical fields of 1100 MW turbine-generator rotor
Su Y, Li WL, Li D, Li D, Li Y, Liu WM
862 - 876 A dual interpolation boundary face method for three-dimensional potential problems
Zhang JM, Chi BT, Lin WC, Ju CM
877 - 885 Improvement of thermal performance of novel heat exchanger with latent heat storage
Lin WZ, Huang R, Fang XM, Zhang ZG
886 - 896 Wetting transition in laser-fabricated hierarchical surface structures and its impact on condensation heat transfer characteristics
Krishnan DV, Kumar GU, Suresh S, Jubal M, Thansekhar MR, Ramesh R
897 - 908 Application of hydrodynamic modeling in 2D and 3D approaches for the improvement of the recycled water supply systems of large energy complexes based on reservoirs-coolers
Lyubimova T, Parshakova Y, Lepikhin A, Lyakhin Y, Tiunov A
909 - 917 A general approach for solving three-dimensional transient nonlinear inverse heat conduction problems in irregular complex structures
Zhang BW, Mei J, Cui M, Gao XW, Zhang YW
918 - 930 Effects of flux chamber configuration on the sampling of odorous gases emissions
Andreao WL, Santos JM, Reis NC, Prata AA, Stuetz RM
931 - 939 Experimental research of reciprocating oscillatory gas-liquid two-phase flow
Zhu HR, Duan JF, Cui HT, Liu QG, Yu XQ
940 - 955 Experimental investigation on heat transfer and pressure drop of internal flow in corrugated tubes
Andrade F, Moita AS, Nikulin A, Moreira ALN, Santos H
956 - 964 High thermal response rate and super low supercooling degree microencapsulated phase change materials (MEPCM) developed by optimizing shell with various nanoparticles
Zou DQ, Liu XS, He RJ, Huang L
965 - 977 Experimental and numerical study of a full-size direct-connect dual-inlet DRE with a fuel-rich metalized solid propellant
Zhu M, Chen X, Zhou CS, Xu JS
978 - 991 Numerical simulation and experimental study on laser micromachining of 304L stainless steel in ambient air
Li NH, Li ZW, Kang M, Zhang JM
992 - 1005 Measurement of multi-dimensional distribution of local bubble parameters in a vertical annulus under subcooled boiling conditions
Lee YG, Park IW, Yoo JW, Kim S
1006 - 1022 Membrane desalination performance governed by molecular reflection at the liquid-vapor interface
Deshmukh A, Lee J
1023 - 1028 New perspectives on the droplet freezing nucleation and early crystal growth mechanisms
Wang Y, Cheng Y
1029 - 1054 Modeling of pressure drop and heat transfer for flow boiling in a mini/micro-channel of rectangular cross-section
Jain S, Jayaramu P, Gedupudi S
1055 - 1073 A new efficient mass-exchange closure for modeling unsaturated flows and mass-transport processes in thin porous media
Kaffel A, Pillai K, Feldkamp J, Tower T
1074 - 1090 Lattice Boltzmann simulation of liquid water transport inside and at interface of gas diffusion and micro-porous layers of PEM fuel cells
Deng H, Hou Y, Jiao K
1091 - 1105 A novel method for the molten pool and porosity formation modelling in selective laser melting
Zheng M, Wei L, Chen J, Zhang Q, Zhong CL, Lin X, Huang WD
1106 - 1107 Professor Yogesh Jaluria on his 70th Birthday
Acharya S, Amon C, Ayyaswamy P, Battaglia F, Bejan A, Chen G, Cheng P, Chiu WKS, Bar Cohen A, Cotta R, Dombrovsky L, Faghri M, George P, Joshi Y, Kang BH, Karwe M, Klausner JF, Lele S, Lorenzini G, Manca O, Minkowycz WJ, Papanicolaou E, Patankar SV, Pepper D, Peterson GPB, Prasad V, Sunden B, Tao WQ, Wang LQR, Zhao TS