International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol.139 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0017-9310 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Leidenfrost point and droplet dynamics on heated micropillar array surface
Kim SH, Lee G, Kim H, Kim MH
10 - 16 Calculation of the wellbore temperature and pressure distribution during supercritical CO2 fracturing flowback process
Wang HZ, Li XJ, Sepehrnoori K, Zheng Y, Yan WJ
17 - 30 Numerical analysis and optimization of the microwave inductive heating performance of water film
Gao X, Liu XS, Yan P, Li XG, Li H
31 - 38 Heat-transfer assessment of the low GWP substitutes for traditional HFC refrigerants
Longo GA, Righetti G, Zilio C
39 - 45 A spatial structural derivative model for the characterization of superfast diffusion/dispersion in porous media
Xu W, Liang YJ, Chen W, Cushman JH
46 - 57 Experimental research on heat transfer characteristics of the unstable multi-hole steam jets and development of the lumped condensation model
Zhang YH, Feng L, Liu LF, Fu XL, Lu DG, Yang YH, Yuan YL, Wang ZY, Ouyang B
58 - 68 Two-phase flow and oxygen transport in the perforated gas diffusion layer of proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Niu ZQ, Wu JT, Bao ZM, Wang Y, Yin Y, Jiao K
69 - 76 Correlations for estimating critical heat flux (CHF) of nanofluid flow boiling
DolatiAsl K, Bakhshan Y, Abedini E, Niazi S
77 - 86 Single droplet with or without additives impacting on high-temperature burning liquid pool
Xu MJ, Zhang JQ, Chen RY, Lu SX
87 - 94 Thermal management of MHD nanofluid within the porous medium enclosed in a wavy shaped cavity with square obstacle in the presence of radiation heat source
Alkanhal TA, Sheikholeslami M, Usman M, Rizwan-ul Haq, Shafee A, Al-Ahmadi AS, Tlili I
95 - 114 Multiphysics modelling of lack-of-fusion voids formation and evolution in IN718 made by multi-track/multi-layer L-PBF
Bayat M, Mohanty S, Hattel JH
115 - 120 Conduction heat transfer from oblate spheroids and bispheres
Kang SJ, Dehdashti E, Masoud H
121 - 129 Experimental investigation on very-high-Rayleigh-number thermal convection in tilted rectangular enclosures
Madanan U, Goldstein RJ
130 - 143 Investigation on emergency core coolant bypass with local measurement of liquid film thickness using electrical conductance sensor fabricated on flexible printed circuit board
Choi CJ, Cho HK
144 - 179 Review of micro seepage mechanisms in shale gas reservoirs
Zhang LH, Shan BC, Zhao YL, Guo ZL
180 - 192 On efficiency of convective heat transfer of nanofluids in laminar flow regime
Guzei DV, Minakov AV, Rudyak VY
193 - 204 Internal heat transfer of film-cooled leading edge model with normal and tangential impinging jets
Zhang MJ, Wang N, Han JC
205 - 212 Experimental investigation of natural convection flow in a laterally heated vertical cylindrical enclosure
Moldovan SI, Balasoiu AM, Braun M
213 - 230 A systematic investigation of the effects of process parameters on heat and fluid flow and metallurgical conditions during laser-based powder bed fusion of Ti6Al4V alloy
Bayat M, Mohanty S, Hattel JH
231 - 239 Experimental determination on thermal parameters of prismatic lithium ion battery cells
Sheng L, Su L, Zhang HY
240 - 253 Flow boiling critical heat flux of DI-water and nanofluids inside smooth and nanoporous round microchannels
do Nascimento FJ, Moreira TA, Ribatski G
254 - 268 Single droplet condensation in presence of non-condensable gas by a multi-component multi-phase thermal lattice Boltzmann model
Zheng SF, Eimann F, Philipp C, Fieback T, Gross U
269 - 279 Experimental investigation of the CHF of HFE-7100 under pool boiling conditions on differently roughened surfaces
Alvarino PF, Simon MLS, Guzella MD, Paz JMA, Jabardo JMS, Gomez LC
280 - 292 An experimental study on the heat transfer performance of a loop heat pipe system with ethanol-water mixture as working fluid for aircraft anti-icing
Su Q, Chang SN, Song MJ, Zhao YY, Dang CB
293 - 302 Measurements of velocity and temperature fields in natural convective flows
Park H, Park J, Jung SY
303 - 316 Experimentally validated models for falling-film absorption around microchannel tube banks: Heat and mass transfer
Nagavarapu AK, Garimella S
317 - 329 Dual-phase-lagging heat conduction and associated thermal shock fracture of sandwich composite plates
Guo SL, Wang KF, Wang BL
330 - 342 Two-phase flow condensation pressure drop of R14 in a horizontal tube: Experimental investigation and correlation development
Song QL, Chen GF, Guo H, Shen J, Gong MQ
343 - 350 A criterion for the effect of parallel mode rotation on non- isothermal flow through square channel
Hanafizadeh P, Karbalaee MS, Attarpour R, Ashjaee M
351 - 361 Study on the drag and heat reduction performance of porous opposing jet in hypersonic flow
Fan WJ, Li SB, Zhou J, Huang W, Ou M, Zhang RR
362 - 372 Optimisation of low energy cooling through phase variation between adjacent piezoelectric fan blades
Hales A, Jiang X
373 - 385 Numerical investigation of thermal-hydraulic parameter distribution characteristics during dryout evolution in the helically coiled once-through steam generator
Yu X, Sun BZ, Li YJ, Shi JX, Zhang GL, Wu WZ, Zhao ZR
386 - 398 Dielectrophoretic force-driven convection in annular geometry under Earth's gravity
Seelig T, Meyer A, Gerstner P, Meier M, Jongmanns M, Baumann M, Heuveline V, Egbers C
399 - 411 Entropy generation analysis of wet-steam flow with variation of expansion rate using NURBS-based meshing technique
Ebrahimi-Fizik A, Lakzian E, Hashemian A
412 - 424 A new three-dimensional finite-volume model for evaluation of thermal conductivity of periodic multiphase composites
Vieira CD, Marques SPC
425 - 431 Experimental investigation of the effects of horizontally oriented vertical sinusoidal wavy fins on heat transfer performance in case of natural convection
Altun AH, Ziylan O
432 - 441 The characteristics and divergence of fan-shaped and cylindrical holes on the suction side of a turbine blade under rotating conditions
Li HW, Zhao GQ, Zhou ZY, Wang HC, You RQ
442 - 455 Electron beam welding of CrMnNi-steels: CFD-modeling with temperature sensitive thermophysical properties
Borrmann S, Kratzsch C, Halbauer L, Buchwalder A, Biermann H, Saenko I, Chattopadhyay K, Schwarze R
456 - 474 Scaling of heated plane jets with moderate radiative heat transfer in coupled DNS
Armengol JM, Vicquelin R, Coussement A, Santos RG, Gicquel O
475 - 481 Hypergolic ignition modulated by head-on collision, intermixing and convective cooling of binary droplets with varying sizes
Zhang DW, Yu DH, Zhang P, Yuan YM, Yue LJ, Zhang TC, Fan XJ
482 - 491 A hybrid analytical-numerical method for solving advection-dispersion problems on a half-line
de Barros FPJ, Colbrook MJ, Fokas AS
492 - 502 Experimental study on fragmentation characteristics of molten aluminum/copper jet penetrating in sodium pool
Hu L, Ge K, Zhang YP, Su GH, Qiu SZ
503 - 516 Inverse heat problem of determining unknown surface heat flux in a molten salt loop
Fernandez-Torrijos M, Sobrino C, Almendros-Ibanez JA, Marugan-Cruz C, Santana D
517 - 525 A review on the approaches applied for cooling fuel cells
Ramezanizadeh M, Nazari MA, Ahmadi MH, Chen LE
526 - 536 Heat transfer analysis of boiling and condensation inside a horizontal heat pipe
Rabiee R, Rajabloo B, Desilets M, Proulx P
537 - 547 Heat transfer performance of sintered Cu microchannels produced by a novel method
Diao KK, Zhao YY
548 - 553 Determination some thermo-physical and metallurgical properties of aluminum alloys using their known chemical composition
Huber G, Djurdjevic MB, Manasijevic S
554 - 563 A numerical study of subcooled flow boiling in a manifold microchannel heat sink with varying inlet-to-outlet width ratio
Luo Y, Li JY, Zhou K, Zhang JZ, Li W
564 - 576 Condensation heat and mass transfer of steam with non-condensable gases outside a horizontal tube under free convection
Lu JH, Cao HS, Li JM
577 - 587 Overall effectiveness of film-cooled leading edge model with normal and tangential impinging jets
Zhang MJ, Wang N, Han JC
588 - 599 Lattice Boltzmann study of pool boiling heat transfer enhancement on structured surfaces
Chang XT, Huang HB, Cheng YP, Lu XY
600 - 612 Coupled conjugate heat transfer and heat production in open-cell ceramic foams investigated using CFD
Sinn C, Pesch GR, Thoming J, Kiewidt L
613 - 631 Uncertainty quantification in three dimensional natural convection using polynomial chaos expansion and deep neural networks
Shahane S, Aluru NR, Vanka SP
632 - 640 Experimental characterization of a self-adaptive shape memory alloy cooling approach to regulate temperature under varying heat loads
Vilarrubi M, Morell G, Rosell J, Frechette LG, Barrau J
641 - 647 Study on the changes of emissivity of basic copper carbonate in the decomposition process
Zhao BL, Li LF, Zhang KH, Yu K, Liu YF
648 - 659 Experimental investigation on the condensation patterns and pressure oscillation characteristics of steam submerged jet through a horizontal pipe at low steam mass flux
Chong DT, Yue XY, Wang LT, Zhao QB, Yan JJ
660 - 674 Conjugate heat transfer studies on steam reforming of ethanol in micro-channel systems
Roychowdhury S, Sundararajan T, Das SK
675 - 684 Heat transfer analysis of Ga-In-Sn in a compact heat exchanger equipped with straight micro-passages
Sarafraz MM, Safaei MR, Goodarzi M, Yang B, Arjomandi M
685 - 699 Modeling and simulation of closed low-pressure zeolite adsorbers for thermal energy storage
Schaefer M, Thess A
700 - 712 Evaluation of a developed SST k-omega turbulence model for the prediction of turbulent slot jet impingement heat transfer
Huang HK, Sun TZ, Zhang GY, Li D, Wei HP
713 - 719 Multiple-relaxation-time lattice Boltzmann model for double-diffusive convection with Dufour and Soret effects
Liu Q, Feng XB, Xu XT, He YL
720 - 724 Reduction of flow oscillation of natural circulation in non-inertial system
Zhu GY, Yang XT, Zhu HY
725 - 735 Pore scale study of amphiphilic fluids flow using the Lattice Boltzmann model
Wei B, Hou J, Sukop MC, Liu H
736 - 746 Effect of ambient temperature on the micro-explosion characteristics of soybean oil droplet: The phenomenon of evaporation induced vapor cloud
Wang LT, Wang JG, Qiao XQ, Ju DH, Lin ZM
747 - 750 Analysis of force treatment in lattice Boltzmann equation method
Zheng L, Zheng S, Zhai QL
751 - 763 Pool boiling enhancement through a guidance structure mounted above heating surface
Yuan LL, Hong FJ, Cheng P
764 - 772 Numerical study of aluminum segregation during electron beam cold hearth remelting for large-scale Ti-6 wt%Al-4 wt%V alloy round ingot
Gao L, Li XM, Huang HG, Sui YD, Zhang HM, Shi Z, Chattopadhyay K, Jiang YH, Zhou R
773 - 788 Unsteady-state exergy analysis for heat conduction of homogeneous solids under periodic boundary conditions
Choi W, Ooka R, Shukuya M
789 - 801 Experimental study of transparent oscillating heat pipes filled with solar absorptive nanofluids
Jin HC, Lin GP, Zeiny A, Bai LZ, Cai JJ, Wen DS
802 - 821 Fully resolved simulations of thermal convective suspensions of elliptic particles using a multigrid fictitious boundary method
Walayat K, Zhang ZL, Usman K, Chang JZ, Liu MB
822 - 831 Experimental and numerical study on bubble dynamics and heat transfer during nucleate boiling of FC-72
Cao ZZ, Zhou J, Wei JJ, Sun DL, Yu B
832 - 847 Two-phase heat transfer of multi-droplet impact on liquid film
Liang GT, Zhang TY, Chen Y, Chen LZ, Shen SQ
848 - 859 A study on molten pool behavior in the one pulse one drop GMAW process using computational fluid dynamics
Cho DW, Park JH, Moon HS
860 - 872 Effects of the squealer winglet structures on the heat transfer characteristics and aerodynamic performance of turbine blade tip
Jiang SJ, Li ZG, Li J
873 - 880 Decomposition by film boiling heat transfer of glycerol
Sharma P, Avedisian CT, Brunson JD, Tsang W
881 - 906 Advances in heat and mass transfer in the membrane-based dehumidifiers and liquid desiccant air dehumidification systems
Huang SM, Yuan WZ, Yang ML
907 - 916 Fluid micro-mixing in a passive microchannel: Comparison of 2D and 3D numerical simulations
Haghighinia A, Movahedirad S
917 - 927 Experimental study on the capillary performance of aluminum micro-grooved wicks with reentrant cavity array
Zhang SW, Lin L, Chen G, Tang H, Zeng J, Yuan W, Tang Y
928 - 937 A multi-scale conjugate heat transfer modelling approach for corrugated heat exchangers
Greiciunas E, Borman D, Summers J, Smith SJ
938 - 947 Oscillatory flow in a rotating annular pool with radial temperature and solute concentration gradients
Zhu CZ, Peng L
948 - 962 Modeling heat transfer subject to inhomogeneous Neumann boundary conditions by smoothed particle hydrodynamics and peridynamics
Wang JQ, Hu W, Zhang XB, Pan WX
963 - 973 Design optimization of bifurcating mini-channels cooling plate for rectangular Li-ion battery
Deng T, Ran Y, Zhang GD, Chen X, Tong YQ
974 - 981 Simulation of the dynamic behavior of a rectangular single-phase natural circulation vertical loop with asymmetric heater
Hashemi-Tilehnoee M, Sahebi N, Dogonchi AS, Seyyedi SM, Tashakor S
982 - 989 Determination of diffusion coefficient of a miscible CO2/n-hexadecane system with Dynamic Pendant Drop Volume Analysis (DPDVA) technique
Du DX, Zheng LC, Ma KY, Wang F, Sun ZF, Li YG
990 - 999 Water sorption properties, diffusion and kinetics of zeolite NaX modified by ion-exchange and salt impregnation
Yan TS, Li TX, Xu JX, Wang RZ
1000 - 1017 Conjugate mixed convection of nanofluid in a cubic enclosure separated with a conductive plate and having an inner rotating cylinder
Selimefendigil F, Oztop HF
1018 - 1030 The modified discrete ordinates method for radiative heat transfer in two-dimensional cylindrical medium
Zhou RR, Li BW
1031 - 1036 Effect of temperature dependent material properties on thermoelastic damping in thin beams
Zhang HL, Kim S, Choi G, Xie DM, Cho HH
1037 - 1046 Analytical and numerical study of Soret mixed convection in two sided lid-driven horizontal cavity: Optimal species separation
Mojtabi A, Khouzam A, Yacine L, Charrier-Mojtabi MC
1047 - 1055 Heat transfer enhancement due to surface modification in the close-loop R410A flash evaporation spray cooling
Zhou ZF, Lin YK, Tang HL, Fang Y, Chen B, Wang YC
1056 - 1064 Effect of surface roughness on heat transfer in Rayleigh-Benard convection
Tummers MJ, Steunebrink M
1065 - 1076 A liquid plug moving in an annular pipe - Heat transfer analysis
Cao YD, Gao X, Li R
1077 - 1086 Cyclic characteristics of water thermocline storage tank with encapsulated PCM packed bed
He ZY, Wang XH, Du XZ, Xu C, Yang LJ
1087 - 1095 The effect of density difference on the development of density-driven convection under large Rayleigh number
Jiang LL, Wang SJ, Abudula A, Liu Y, Song YC