International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol.137 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0017-9310 (Print) 

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1 - 11 Mass transfer performance enhancement by nanoabsorbents during CO2 absorption process
Kim S, Xu R, Lee W, Kang YT
12 - 19 Graphene-mediated near field thermostat based on three-body photon tunneling
He MJ, Qi H, Li Y, Ren YT, Cai WH, Ruan LM
20 - 30 Performance characteristics of flat-plate oscillating heat pipe with porous metal-foam wicks
Qu J, Sun Q, Wang H, Zhang DH, Yuan JP
31 - 41 Heat transfer performance of pulsating heat pipe with zeotropic immiscible binary mixtures
Xu RJ, Zhang C, Chen H, Wu QP, Wang RX
42 - 51 Thermal modeling and comparative analysis of jet impingement liquid cooling for high power electronics
Wu RK, Hong T, Cheng QY, Zou H, Fan YW, Luo XB
52 - 63 Geometric optimisation of piezoelectric fan arrays for low energy cooling
Hales A, Jiang X
64 - 73 A theoretical model for gas-contributed thermal conductivity in nanoporous aerogels
Guo JF, Tang GH
74 - 83 Effect of tool coatings on the interfacial heat transfer coefficient in hot stamping of aluminium alloys under variable contact pressure conditions
Liu XC, El Fakir O, Zheng Y, Gharbi MM, Wang LL
84 - 89 Fractional Boltzmann transport equation for anomalous heat transport and divergent thermal conductivity
Li SN, Cao BY
90 - 107 Numerical investigations of hypersonic transition and massive separation past Orion capsule by DDES-Tr
Xiao ZX, Wang GX, Yang MC, Chen LZ
108 - 123 Transient cross flow and heat transfer over a rotationally oscillating cylinder subjected to gust impulse
Yawar A, Ebrahem M, Manzoor S, Sheikh NA, Ali M
124 - 137 Quenching a rotary hollow cylinder by multiple configurations of water-impinging jets
Jahedi M, Moshfegh B
138 - 160 Implication of fluid rheology on the hydrothermal and entropy generation characteristics for mixed convective flow in a backward facing step channel with baffle
Boruah MP, Pati S, Randive PR
161 - 173 How interlayer twist angles affect in-plane and cross-plane thermal conduction of multilayer graphene: A non-equilibrium molecular dynamics study
Nie XH, Zhao L, Deng S, Zhang Y, Du ZY
174 - 183 Unsteady study of molten salt pump conveying mediums with different viscosities
Cheng WJ, Shao CL, Zhou JF
184 - 191 The effect of carbon black morphology to the thermal conductivity of natural rubber composites
Song JP, Tian KY, Ma LX, Li W, Yao SC
192 - 203 Enhanced heat transfer in tubes based on vascular heat exchangers in fish: Experimental investigation
Navickaite K, Mocerino A, Cattani L, Bozzoli F, Bahl C, Liltrop K, Zhang XD, Engelbrecht K
204 - 215 Heat transfer and pressure drop characteristics of water flow boiling in open microchannels
Yin LF, Jiang PX, Xu RN, Hu HW, Jia L
216 - 228 Forced convection steam-water experimental database in a vertical annulus with local measurements
Kumar V, Ooi ZJ, Brooks CS
229 - 241 On correlated measurements in the transient thermochromic liquid crystals technique with multiple indicators
Tran LV, Slabaugh CD
242 - 262 Effect of physical properties on the heat transfer characteristics of waxy crude oil during its static cooling process
Zhao J, Liu JY, Dong H, Zhao WQ
263 - 267 Thermal conductivity tensor of NbO2
Cho HJ, Kim G, Onozato T, Jeen H, Ohta H
268 - 279 Application of repulsive particle swarm optimization for inverse heat conduction problem - Parameter estimations of unknown plane heat source
Lee KH
280 - 291 Long term prediction of local climate inside an electronics enclosure
Nasirabadi PS, Ghiaasiaan SM, Hattel JH
292 - 300 Heat transfer enhancement of internal laminar flows using additively manufactured static mixers
Kwon B, Liebenberg L, Jacobi AM, King WP
301 - 317 Simulation of multiple cavitation bubbles interaction with single-component multiphase Lattice Boltzmann method
Peng C, Tian SC, Li GS, Sukop MC
318 - 327 Experimental study of the time period of continued heating rate on the boiling characteristics of saturated water
Ayoobi A, Khorasani AF, Tavakoli MR, Salimpour MR
328 - 336 Physical understanding of keyhole and weld pool dynamics in laser welding under different water pressures
Luo MLL, Hu RZ, Li QH, Huang AG, Pang SY
337 - 348 Correction for effect of temperature-dependent diffusivity on temperature-sensitive-paint heat-flux measurement
Liu TS, Montefort J, Schick N, Stanfield S, Palluconi S, Crafton J
349 - 364 Experimental and numerical study on the heat transfer and flow characteristics in shell side of helically coiled tube heat exchanger based on multi-objective optimization
Wang GH, Wang DB, Deng J, Lyu YM, Pei Y, Xiang S
365 - 371 A fractal study for the effective electrolyte diffusion through charged porous media
Liang MC, Fu CG, Xiao BQ, Luo L, Wang ZK
372 - 389 An experimental study of coupled heat and moisture transfer in soils at high temperature conditions for a medium coarse soil
Hedayati-Dezfooli M, Leong WH
390 - 399 Availability analysis of two dimensional nucleation on cylindrical substrates
Singha SK, Das PK, Maiti B
400 - 412 Simulation of a novel deep ground source heat pump system using abandoned oil wells with coaxial BHE
Nian YL, Cheng WL, Yang XY, Xie K
413 - 433 Three-dimensional numerical study of direct steam generation in vertical tubes receiving concentrated solar radiation
Maytorena VM, Hinojosa JF
434 - 445 Control of the coherent structure dynamics of a film cooling flow by plasma aerodynamic actuation
Li GZ, Zhang HJ, Yan WW
446 - 460 Heat-transfer enhancing mechanisms induced by the coherent structures of wall-bounded turbulence in channel with rib
Li H, Yu T, Wang D, Xu H
461 - 475 Forward and inverse nonlinear heat transfer analysis for optimization of a constructal T-shape fin under dry and wet conditions
Das R, Kundu B
476 - 488 A non-iterative direct-forcing immersed boundary method for thermal discrete unified gas kinetic scheme with Dirichlet boundary conditions
Tao S, He Q, Wang L, Huang SM, Chen BM
489 - 505 Numerical study of effects of vortex generators on heat transfer deterioration of supercritical water upward flow
Eze C, Wong KW, Gschnaidtne T, Cai J, Zhao JY
506 - 522 Numerical investigation into the effect of burner swirl direction on furnace and superheater heat absorption for a 620 MWe opposing wall-fired pulverized coal boiler
Laubscher R, Rousseau P
523 - 533 Efficient exact solution procedure for quasi-one-dimensional nozzle flows with stiffened-gas equation of state
Yeom GS, Choi JI
534 - 544 Laminar stability and heat transport in high aspect ratio planar confined impinging flows
Chatterjee A, Tarbell J
545 - 557 Investigation of a free rising bubble with mass transfer by an arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian method
Jia HW, Xiao X, Kang YM
558 - 564 Performance of novel liquid-cooled porous heat sink via 3-D laser additive manufacturing
Tseng PH, Tsai KT, Chen AL, Wang CC
565 - 572 Heat transfer and flow characteristics of sinusoidal wavy plate fin heat sink with and without crosscut flow control
Nilpueng K, Ahn HS, Jerng DW, Wongwises S
573 - 578 Kink effects on thermal transport in silicon nanowires
Zhao Y, Yang L, Liu CH, Zhang Q, Chen YF, Yang JK, Li DY
579 - 584 Numerical analysis of hydrodynamic fine fragmentation of corium melt drop during fuel-coolant interaction
Li G, Zhang J, Yang QZ, Duan GT, Yan JJ
585 - 598 High order ghost-cell immersed boundary method for generalized boundary conditions
Yousefzadeh M, Battiato I
599 - 608 Amelioration of the pool boiling heat transfer performance by colloidal dispersions of carbon black
Sezer N, Khan SA, Koc M
609 - 614 A double distribution lattice Boltzmann scheme for unsteady Conjugate Heat Transfer: The DD-CHT LB method
Nouri M, Hamila R, Perre P
615 - 629 Numerical simulation of mixed convection heat transfer of fluid in a cavity driven by an oscillating lid using lattice Boltzmann method
Lamarti H, Mandaoui M, Bennacer R, Chahboun A
630 - 649 Hybrid heat transfer enhancement for latent-heat thermal energy storage systems: A review
Mandi JM, Lohrasbi S, Nsofor EC
650 - 668 Effects of an inner stationary cylinder having an elastic rod-like extension on the mixed convection of CNT-water nanofluid in a three dimensional vented cavity
Selimefendigil F, Oztop HF
669 - 676 Study on micro thermodynamic process of gas flow in pulse tube by unequilibrium molecular dynamics simulations
Qi YX, Che YJ, Pan S, Zhang H
677 - 689 Temperature fields generated by a circular heat source (CHS) in an infinite isotropic medium: Treatment of contact resistances with application to thin films
Emanuel M, Bhouri M, Furlotte J, Groulx D, Maassen J
690 - 702 Influence of endwall 2D contouring on endwall adiabatic cooling effectiveness and aerodynamic performance
Chen PT, Li XY, Ren J, Jiang HD, Simon T
703 - 713 Liquid hydrogen line chilldown experiments at high Reynolds Numbers. Optimal chilldown methods
Hartwig J, Styborski J, McQuillen J, Rame E, Chung JN
714 - 726 MHD convective heat transfer of Ag-MgO/water hybrid nanofluid in a channel with active heaters and coolers
Ma Y, Mohebbi R, Rashidi MM, Yang ZG
727 - 739 Experimental study on onset of nucleate boiling and flow boiling heat transfer in a 5 x 5 rod bundle at low flow rate
Chen S, Liu D, Xiao Y, Gu HY
740 - 750 Heat transfer and fluid flow characteristics of nanofluids with various filling ratios under synchronous vibration
Zhang L, Sun ZQ, Tian LC, Chen HM, Li N, Zhang J
751 - 764 Heat transfer distribution on a cylindrical convex surface due to obliquely impinging row of circular jets
Abraham S, Vedula RP
765 - 774 Micro-particle image velocimetry visualization study of thermal Buoyant-Marangoni flow in microtubes
Kim SH, Wang T, Zhang L, Jiang YY, Li ZG
775 - 789 In-tube thermodynamic analysis on incomplete/complete condensation in finned tube condensers using a conjugate heat transfer model
Deng H, Liu JZ
790 - 798 The effect mechanism of functionalization on thermal conductivity of boron nitride nanosheets/paraffin composites
Ma XY, Wu SY, Yi ZM, Peng DQ, Zhang JP
799 - 808 Numerical study on effect of oscillation center position on heat transfer and flow internal tube
Tao HZ, Rui L, Li W, Cheng JJ
809 - 822 Investigation of mixed convection flow of Carreau nanofluid over a wedge in the presence of Soret and Dufour effects
Sardar H, Ahmad L, Khan M, Alshomrani AS
823 - 834 Convective heat transfer characteristics of microalgae slurries in a circular tube flow
Chen H, Liao Q, Fu Q, Huang Y, Xia A, Xiao C, Zhu X
835 - 846 Time-dependent mass-transfer behaviour under laminar and turbulent flow conditions in rotating electrodes: A CFD study with analytical and experimental validation
Coili AN, Bisang JM
847 - 856 Near-infrared measurement of axisymmetric temperature field formed by free convection from a 1-mm-diameter heating sphere in water
Kakuta N, Arakawa Y, Kyoda M, Miyake T, Mishiba K, Kondo K
857 - 867 Heat transfer to bouncing droplets on superhydrophobic surfaces
Guo CF, Maynes D, Crockett J, Zhao DY
868 - 875 How does change of the bulk concentration affect the pool boiling of the refrigerant oil solutions and their mixtures with surfactant and nanoparticles?
Nikulin A, Khliyeva O, Zhelezny V, Semenyuk Y, Lukianov N, Moreira ALN
876 - 881 Experimental investigation on the distribution characteristics of bubble contact areas in the narrow channel
Lu Q, Chen DQ, Zhou LL, Li ZC, He XQ
882 - 894 Sensitivity of air/mist non-equilibrium phase transition cooling to transient characteristics in a compressor of gas turbine
Lin AQ, Zheng Q, Jiang YT, Lin X, Zhang H
895 - 907 Simulation of conjugate heat transfer problems by lattice Boltzmann flux solver
Yang LM, Shu C, Yang WM, Wu J
908 - 921 Numerical investigation on the interfacial characteristics of steam jet condensation in subcooled water flow in a restricted channel
Chen XB, Tian MC, Qu XH, Zhang Y
922 - 939 Time-resolved PIV measurement and thermal-hydraulic performance evaluation of thin film self-agitators in a rectangular channel flow
Wang S, Li KJ, Ke ZQ, Chen CL
940 - 950 Synergetic effects of nanoparticle concentration and electrification on the breakup performance of nanofluid fuel
Zhuo Z, Li SJ, Lu YB, Huang XF
951 - 967 Synthetic jet vortex rings impinging onto a porous wall: Reynolds number effect
Li ZY, Xu Y, Feng LH, Wang JJ
968 - 978 A simple thermal diffusivity measurement technique for polymers and particulate composites
Naseem H, Murthy H
979 - 989 Power output evaluation of a porous annular thermoelectric generator for waste heat harvesting
Cui YJ, Wang BL, Wang KF, Zheng L
990 - 1000 Interaction between under-expanded flashing jets: A numerical study
Guo HJ, Li YF, Xu HM, Shuai SJ, Zhang HQ
1001 - 1013 Thermal analysis of a tumorous vascular tissue during pulsed-cryosurgery and nano-hyperthermia therapy: Finite element approach
Khademi R, Mohebbi-Kalhori D, Razminia A
1014 - 1026 Hydraulic and internal flow characteristics of swirling superheated hydrocarbon liquid jets
Bae J, Lee HJ, Choi H, Park DC
1027 - 1040 Efficiency and heat loss analysis of honeycomb receiver varying air mass flow rate and beam width
Nakakura M, Matsubara K, Bellan S, Kodama T
1041 - 1052 Influence of fin height on heat transfer and fluid flow characteristics of rectangular microchannel heat sink
Prajapati YK
1053 - 1063 Full-spectrum correlated-k-distribution look-up table for radiative transfer in nonhomogeneous participating media with gas-particle mixtures
Wang CJ, He BS, Modest MF
1064 - 1075 Experimental study on a criterion for normal operation of pulsating heat pipes in a horizontal orientation
Jun S, Kim SJ
1076 - 1087 Development of a two-phase flow mass quality correlation in the post-dryout DFFB regime during reflood transients
Jin Y, Cheung FB, Bajorek SM, Tien K, Hoxie CL
1088 - 1102 Analysis of catalytic heat transfer for a multi-species gas mixture
Yang Y, Park G
1103 - 1111 Through-thickness thermal conductivity enhancement of carbon fiber composite laminate by filler network
Fang ZN, Li M, Wang SK, Gu YZ, Li YX, Zhang ZG
1112 - 1123 Entropy generation rate minimization for hydrocarbon synthesis reactor from carbon dioxide and hydrogen
Zhang L, Xia SJ, Chen LG, Ge YL, Wang C, Feng HJ
1124 - 1131 Fundamental theorem for porous media in hydrostatic equilibrium
Takatsu Y
1132 - 1140 Controlling heat release of crystallization from supercooling state of a solid-solid PCM, 2-amino-2-methyl-1,3-propanediol
Gotoh R, Totani T, Wakita M, Nagata H
1141 - 1153 A novel strategy to accurately represent the carrier gas properties of droplets evaporating in a combustion environment
Sacomano FL, Krieger GC, van Oijen JA, Sadiki A, Janicka J
1154 - 1166 Condensation of propane in vertical minichannels
Murphy DL, Macdonald MP, Mahvi AJ, Garimella S
1167 - 1182 Heat partition and surface temperature in sliding contact systems of rough surfaces
Waddad Y, Magnier V, Dufrenoy P, De Saxce G
1183 - 1190 Influence of Thomson effect on the thermoelectric generator
Zhang MJ, Tian YY, Xie HQ, Wu ZH, Wang YY
1191 - 1220 Entropy and entransy in convective heat transfer optimization: A review and perspective
Chen X, Zhao T, Zhang MQ, Chen Q
1221 - 1231 Effect of different parameters on solidification structure of multi-crystalline silicon produced by continuous casting
Hu Y, Hao H
1232 - 1240 Effect of a channel layout on the thermal performance of a flat plate micro pulsating heat pipe under the local heating condition
Lim J, Kim SJ
1241 - 1246 Superior thermal conductivity of poly (ethylene oxide) for solid-state electrolytes: A molecular dynamics study
Meng H, Yu XX, Feng H, Xue ZG, Yang N
1247 - 1257 The influence of wire orientation during nucleate pool boiling in subcooled dodecane
Pi XY, Rangwala AS
1258 - 1262 Heat tubes: Conduction and convection
Bejan A
1263 - 1289 A review of current progress in multiscale simulations for fluid flow and heat transfer problems: The frameworks, coupling techniques and future perspectives
Tong ZX, He YL, Tao WQ
1290 - 1300 Heat transfer and turbulent simulation of nanomaterial due to compound turbulator including irreversibility analysis
Sheikholeslami M, Jafaryar M, Hedayat M, Shafee A, Li ZX, Nguyen TK, Bakouri M
1301 - 1311 Multiple-relaxation-time lattice Boltzmann model for simulating axisymmetric thermal flows in porous media
Liu Q, Feng XB, He YL, Lu CW, Gu QH
1312 - 1322 Topology-optimized thermal carpet cloak expressed by an immersed-boundary level-set method via a covariance matrix adaptation evolution strategy
Fujii G, Akimoto Y
1323 - 1325 Liquid water in cathode gas diffusion layers of PEM fuel cells: Identification of various pore filling regimes from pore network simulations (vol 129, pg 1043, 2019)
Carrere P, Prat M
1326 - 1327 Optimal experiment design for thermal property estimation using a boundary condition of the fourth kind with a time-limited heating period (vol 134, pg 1268, 2019)
D'Alessandro G, de Monte F