International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol.136 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0017-9310 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Bubble nucleation over patterned surfaces with different wettabilities: Molecular dynamics investigation
Zhou WJ, Li Y, Li MJ, Wei JJ, Tao WQ
10 - 19 Interferometric study of the heat and mass transfer during the mixing and evaporation of liquid oxygen and nitrogen under non-uniform magnetic field
Bao SR, Zhang RP, Rong YYM, Zhi XQ, Qiu LM
20 - 33 A novel approach for modelling thermal energy storage with phase change materials and immersed coil heat exchangers
Abdelsalam MY, Lightstone MF, Cotton JS
34 - 45 Experimental and numerical studies on convective heat transfer of supercritical R-134a in a horizontal tube
Cui YL, Wang HX, Wang YT
46 - 54 Critical heat flux on heterogeneous fractal surfaces with micro-pin-fins in pool boiling - Part II: Model establishment and analysis
Zhou J, Qi BJ, Wei JJ
55 - 69 Study on the movement and deposition of particles in supercritical water
Ma DL, Zhou T, Li B, Feng X, Zhang HL
70 - 86 Anti-freezing of air-cooled heat exchanger with rolling-type windbreaker
Yang XR, Wei HM, Jin RN, Yang LJ, Du XZ, Yang YP
87 - 98 Hydrodynamic dispersion due to a variety of flow velocity profiles in a porous-walled microfluidic channel
Dejam M
99 - 115 Heat and mass transfer on rectangular and annular finned surfaces of heat exchangers operating under frosting conditions
Benitez T, Sherif SA, Benitez J
116 - 127 Mesoscale understanding of capillarity driven two-phase flow in a packed bed architecture
Bhardwaj S, Dalal A, Mukherjee PP
128 - 145 Experimental investigation on natural convection and thermal stratification of IRWST using PIV measurement
Du WA, Liu YS, Yuan HS, Qiao SX, Tan SC
146 - 156 Simulation of convection heat transfer of magnetic nanoparticles including entropy generation using CVFEM
Alkanhal TA, Sheikholeslami M, Arabkoohsar A, Haq RU, Shafee A, Li ZX, Tlili I
157 - 169 RANS study of steady and pulsed gaseous jets into a supersonic crossflow
Du ZB, Huang W, Yan L, Li LQ, Chen Z, Li SB
170 - 177 Simultaneous prediction of dryout heat flux and local temperature for thin film evaporation in micropillar wicks
Vaartstra G, Lu ZM, Wang EN
178 - 185 Thermal convection in horizontal rectangular enclosures at moderate Rayleigh numbers: Effect of sidewall conductance and aspect ratio
Madanan U, Goldstein RJ
186 - 195 A novel coupling of (CNT - Fe3O4/H2O) hybrid nanofluid for improvements in heat transfer for flow in an asymmetric channel with dilating/squeezing walls
Saba F, Ahmed N, Khan U, Mohyud-Din ST
196 - 212 Modeling condensation on structured surfaces using lattice Boltzmann method
Vasyliv Y, Lee D, Tower T, Ng R, Polashock V, Alexeev A
213 - 222 Research on heat transfer of submersible motor based on fluid network decoupling
Xu YM, Ai MM, Yang Y
223 - 234 A 3D thermal LB model on non-orthogonal grid and its application for natural convection in irregular domains
Zhou X, Dong B, Li WZ, Chen C
235 - 245 Visualization investigation of the effects of nanocavity structure on pool boiling enhancement
Hong SH, Jiang SQ, Hu YX, Dang CB, Wang SF
246 - 264 Thermal performance of radially rotating trapezoidal channel with impinging jet-row
Chang SW, Yu KC
265 - 275 Three-dimensional liquid-vapor interface reconstruction from high-speed stereo images during pool boiling
Mira-Hernandez C, Weibel JA, Vlachos PP, Garimella SV
276 - 287 A simplified model for fast estimating infrared thermal radiation of low-altitude under-expanded exhaust plumes
Niu QL, Fu DB, Dong SK, Tan HP
288 - 297 Unsteady flow and heat transfer past a stretching/shrinking sheet in a hybrid nanofluid
Waini I, Ishak A, Pop I
298 - 311 R14 flow condensation heat transfer performance: Measurements and modeling based on two-phase flow patterns
Song QL, Chen GF, Xue HW, Zhao YX, Gong MQ
312 - 323 Experimental and theoretical study of two-phase flow in wide microchannels
Vozhakov IS, Ronshin FV
324 - 354 Review of single-phase and two-phase nanofluid heat transfer in macro-channels and micro-channels
Liang GT, Mudawar I
355 - 364 Heat transport and storage processes in differential scanning calorimeter: Computational analysis and model validation
Koci V, Madera J, Trnik A, Cerny R
365 - 372 Measurement model for near-infrared radiative properties of open-cell metallic foams based on transmittance spectra
Liu M, Ai Q, Yin HC, Xia XL, Tan HP
373 - 382 A coupled wicking and evaporation model for prediction of pool boiling critical heat flux on structured surfaces
Hu H, Weibel JA, Garimella SV
383 - 392 Experimental and numerical analysis of the heat transfer in a packed bed exposed to the high thermal radiation flux
Ruiz G, Ripoll N, Fedorova N, Zbogar-Basic A, Jovicic V, Delgado A, Toledo M
393 - 403 Physical properties measurement and performance comparison of membranes for planar membrane humidifiers
Chen CY, Chang YH, Li CH, Chang CC, Yan WM
404 - 414 Experimental investigation on ice accretion on a rotating aero-engine spinner with hydrophobic coating
Zheng M, Guo ZQ, Dong W, Guo XF
415 - 426 Measurement of two-dimensional heat transfer and flow characteristics of an impinging sweeping jet
Kim SH, Kim HD, Kim KC
427 - 435 Reconsideration of correlation for condensation outside a vertical tube in the presence of noncondensable gas
Kanatani K
436 - 448 Experimental and numerical study of the film cooling performance of the suction side of a turbine blade under the rotating condition
Wang HC, Tao Z, Zhou ZY, Han F, Li HW
449 - 456 Kinetic simulation of the non-equilibrium effects at the liquid-vapor interface
Polikarpov AP, Graur IA, Gatapova EY, Kabov OA
457 - 469 Temperature drop and gelatinization characteristics of waxy crude oil in 1000 m(3) single and double-plate floating roof oil tanks during storage
Wang M, Zhang XY, Shao QQ, Li JF, Yu B
470 - 485 Effects of carbon steel surface oxidation on critical heat flux in downward-face pool boiling
Wang K, Erkan N, Gong HG, Okamoto K
486 - 500 Accurate measurement of nanofluid thermal conductivity by use of a polysaccharide stabilising agent
Ebrahimi R, de Faoite D, Finn DP, Stanton KT
501 - 509 Internal natural convection around a sphere in a rectangular chamber
Lee D, Jang H, Lee BJ, Choi W, Byon C
510 - 520 Local instantaneous heat transfer around a single elongated bubble in inclined pipes
Fershtman A, Shemer L, Barnea D
521 - 530 Combined effects of alcohol and electrolyte on mass transfer from single carbon-dioxide bubbles in vertical pipes
Hori Y, Hirota Y, Hayashi K, Hosokawa S, Tomiyama A
531 - 542 Surrogate model for convective flow inside electromagnetically levitated molten droplet using magnetohydrodynamic simulation and feature analysis
Xiao X, Hyers RW, Matson DM
543 - 554 Numerical investigation of the effect of moisture on buoyancy-driven low turbulence flow in an enclosed cavity
Iyi D, Hasan R
555 - 562 Composite fouling characteristics of CaCO3 and CaSO4 in plate heat exchangers at various operating and geometric conditions
Song KS, Lim J, Yun S, Kim D, Kim Y
563 - 580 Unsteady mixed convection in a square enclosure with an inner cylinder rotating in a bi-directional and time-periodic mode
Yang H, Zhang W, Zhu ZC
581 - 590 Internal flow near the triple line in sessile droplets of binary mixtures during evaporation at different ambient temperatures
Zhou LP, Yang Y, Du XZ, Yang YP
591 - 596 Corresponding principle of critical heat flux in flow boiling
Yan BH, Wang C, Li R
597 - 609 Heat transfer enhancement in microchannel heat sink with bidirectional rib
Wang GL, Qian N, Ding GF
610 - 626 A theoretical and experimental study of typical heterogeneous ice nucleation process on auto windshield under nocturnal radiative cooling and subfreezing conditions
Du XZ, Yang ZG, Jin ZY, Zhu YY, Zhou ZW
627 - 634 Heat transfer and pressure drop characteristics of CO2 mixtures in a pipeline under the seawater condition
Baik W, Lee W, Yun R
635 - 643 Theoretical modeling of a phase change heat transfer problem with a pre-melted or pre-solidified region
Parhizi M, Jain A
644 - 654 A simple model for the quench front propagation in a highly superheated particle bed
Yeo DY, No HC
655 - 663 Effect of self-rewetting fluids on the liquid/vapor phase change in a porous media of two-phase heat transfer devices
Boubaker R, Harmand S, Ouenzerfi S
664 - 673 Experimental and theoretical studies on the droplet temperature behavior of R407C two-phase flashing spray
Zhou ZF, Hu MY, Xin H, Chen B, Wang GX
674 - 680 A superheat degree driven liquid-vapor phase-change lattice Boltzmann model
Hu AJ, Liu D
681 - 691 Steam condensate behavior and heat transfer performance on chromium-ion-implanted metal surfaces
Kim K, Jeong JH
692 - 701 Effects of thermocapillarity on the dynamics of an exterior coating flow of a self-rewetting fluid
Liu R, Chen X, Wang X
702 - 708 Significantly enhanced convective heat transfer through surface modification in nanochannels
Chakraborty P, Ma TF, Cao L, Wang Y
709 - 718 Two-phase flow and heat transfer in a self-developed MRI compatible LN2 cryoprobe and its experimental evaluation
Zhang X, Hossain SMC, Wang Q, Qiu BS, Zhao G
719 - 729 Fingering instability analysis for thin gravity-driven films flowing down a uniformly heated/cooled cylinder
730 - 739 Numerical analysis of irreversible processes in a piston-cylinder system using LB1S turbulence model
Yusof SNA, Asako Y, Faghri M, Tan LK, Sidik NAB, Japar WMAB
740 - 754 Effects of pin and wire electrodes on flow boiling heat transfer enhancement in a vertical minichannel heat sink
Zhang JX, Luo XP, Feng ZF, Guo F
755 - 766 Flat plate film cooling with linear and curved round-to-diffusion shaped slots using PSP measurement technique
Ullah I, Shiau CC, Han JC
767 - 776 Numerical simulation of ash particles deposition in rectangular heat exchange channel
Han ZM, Xu ZM, Yu XY, Sun AD, Li YF
777 - 798 Numerical investigation of magnetohydrodynamic natural convection heat transfer and entropy generation in a rhombic enclosure filled with Cu-water nanofluid
Dutta S, Goswami N, Biswas AK, Pati S
799 - 807 Effect of burners configuration on performance of heat treatment furnaces
Rezazadeh N, Hosseinzadeh H, Wu BX
808 - 820 Uncertainty and sensitivity analysis of SST turbulence model on hypersonic flow heat transfer
Zhao YT, Yan C, Wang XY, Liu HK, Zhang W
821 - 831 Evaporation of ethanol films wicking on structured, porous coatings deposited on copper plates
Feng C, Chandra S
832 - 841 Correlations for the Graetz problem in convection - Part 1: For round pipes and parallel plates
Bennett TD
842 - 850 Simultaneous wick and fluid selection for the design of minimized-thermal-resistance vapor chambers under different operating conditions
Baraya K, Weibel JA, Garimella SV
851 - 863 Heat transfer enhancement of turbulent channel flow using dual self-oscillating inverted flags: Staggered and side-by-side configurations
Chen YJ, Yu YL, Peng D, Liu YZ
864 - 876 An experimental study on the thermal effects of duty-cycled plasma actuation pertinent to aircraft icing mitigation
Liu Y, Kolbakir C, Hu HY, Meng XS, Hu H
877 - 887 Experimental investigation on interfacial oscillation of direct contact condensation of steam jet in water pipe flow
Xu Q, Chu XN, Yu HY, Liu WZ, Yao T, Guo LJ
888 - 898 Quench subcooled-jet impingement boiling: Staggered-array jets enhancement
Lee SG, Kaviany M, Lee J
899 - 910 Predicting the effective thermal conductivity of silica/clay mineral nanocomposite aerogels
Soorbaghi FP, Kokabi M, Bahramian AR
911 - 923 Experimental investigation of thermal performance of the oscillating heat pipe for the grinding wheel
Qian N, Fu YC, Zhang YW, Chen JJ, Xu JH
924 - 937 Numerical investigation of the laminar natural convection heat transfer from the equilateral triangular cluster of three horizontal spheres
Liu ZY, Chu Y, Liu J, Lu WQ
938 - 949 Investigation on heat transfer of in-tube supercritical water cooling accompanying out-tube pool boiling
Lv HC, Bi QC, Dong XY, Zhang ZJ, Zhu G
950 - 961 Flow visualization of R1234ze(E) in a 0.643 mm microchannel tube
Li HP, Hrnjak P
962 - 971 Multi-component droplet evaporation model incorporating the effects of non-ideality and thermal radiation
Fang B, Chen LF, Li GZ, Wang L
972 - 986 Experimental measurements of the high-temperature oxidation of carbon fibers
Panerai F, Cochell T, Martin A, White JD
987 - 994 Quench of molten copper and eutectic mixture in natural seawater
Chang YY, Fu BR, Pan C
995 - 1005 On the transient thermal response of thin vapor chamber heat spreaders: Governing mechanisms and performance relative to metal spreaders
Patankar G, Weibel JA, Garimella SV
1006 - 1016 Anisotropic corrections for the downwelling radiative heat transfer flux from various types of aerosols
Liao ZY, Li MY, Coimbra CFM
1017 - 1029 A useful case study to develop lattice Boltzmann method performance: Gravity effects on slip velocity and temperature profiles of an air flow inside a microchannel under a constant heat flux boundary condition
D'Orazio A, Karimipour A
1030 - 1051 Numerical simulation of the movement of water surface of dam break flow by VOF methods for various obstacles
Issakhov A, Imanberdiyeva M
1052 - 1063 Non-Fourier transient thermal analysis of biological tissue phantoms subjected to high intensity focused ultrasound
Gupta P, Srivastava A
1064 - 1078 Numerical study on the flow and heat transfer characteristics in a dimple cooling channel with a wedge-shaped vortex generator
Yang JS, Jeong M, Park YG, Ha MY
1079 - 1089 On the individual importance of temperature and concentration fluctuations in the turbulence-radiation interaction in pool fires
Fraga GC, Centeno FR, Petry AP, Coelho PJ, Franca FHR
1090 - 1095 Fluctuation nucleation rate at limiting stretchings
Pavlov PA, Vinogradov VE
1096 - 1105 Turbulent heat transfer optimization for solar air heater with variation method based on exergy destruction minimization principle
Xiao H, Wang JB, Liu ZC, Liu W
1106 - 1114 Mass transfer measurements and flow separation behavior in a 90 degrees short elbow
Ikarashi Y, Fujisawa N
1115 - 1126 Channel orientation effect on endwall heat transfer in rotating cooling passages with pin-fins
Huang SC, Wang CC, Liu YH
1127 - 1138 Experimental investigation of microbubble generation in the venturi nozzle
Lee CH, Choi H, Jerng DW, Kim DE, Wongwises S, Ahn HS
1139 - 1146 Verification of thermoelectric magnetohydrodynamic flow effects on dendritic tip kinetics by in-situ observations
Zhao RJ, Gao JR, Kao A, Pericleous K
1147 - 1159 Experimental and numerical investigation on heat transfer characteristics of ammonia thermosyhpons at shallow geothermal temperature
Wang XY, Yao HC, Li J, Wang YF, Zhu YZ
1160 - 1170 Modeling of transient bottom jet impingement boiling
Guemo GG, Prodanovic V, Militzer M
1171 - 1185 Independent measurement of condensation and vaporisation heat transfer coefficients: An alternative to the Wilson plot method suitable for multiphase exchangers
Seiwert J
1186 - 1198 Experimental investigation of heat transfer by unsteady natural convection at a vertical flat plate
Schaub M, Kriegel M, Brandt S
1199 - 1216 Experimental and computational investigation on two-phase flow and heat transfer of highly subcooled flow boiling in vertical upflow
Lee J, O'Neill LE, Lee S, Mudawar I
1217 - 1232 Validation of the discrete element roughness method for predicting heat transfer on rough surfaces
Hanson DR, Kinzel MP, McClain ST
1233 - 1240 Heat transfer of nanoparticles employing innovative turbulator considering entropy generation
Sheikholeslami M, Jafaryar M, Shafee A, Li ZX, Haq RU
1241 - 1249 Numerical simulation of liquid film formation and its heat transfer through vapor bubble expansion in a microchannel
Okajima J, Stephan P
1250 - 1264 3D hybrid finite element enthalpy for anisotropic thermal conduction analysis
Erchiqui F, Annasabi Z
1265 - 1272 Experimental study of flow condensation heat transfer in tubes partially filled with hydrophobic annular metal foam
Shi J, Zheng GH, Chen ZQ, Dang CB
1273 - 1281 Effects of parallel magnet bars and partially filled porous media on magneto-thermo-hydro-dynamic characteristics of pipe ferroconvection
Sheikhnejad Y, Ansari AB, Ferreira J, Martins N
1282 - 1298 Relationship between turbulent structures and heat transfer in microfin enhanced surfaces using large eddy simulations and particle image velocimetry
Li PX, Campbell M, Zhang N, Eckels SJ
1299 - 1310 An improved WSGG model for exhaust gases of aero engines within broader ranges of temperature and pressure variations
Wang BS, Xuan YM
1311 - 1326 Numerical method and analysis of ultrasonic detection of gas kick in deepwater risers during Offshore drilling
Xu YQ, Guan ZC, Xu CB, Hasan AR, Sun S
1327 - 1337 Icephobic performance of superhydrophobic coatings: A numerical analysis
Attarzadeh R, Dolatabadi A
1338 - 1348 Critical heat flux on heterogeneous fractal surfaces with micro-pin-fins in pool boiling Part I: The effects of distribution and subcooling
Zhou J, Qi BJ, Wei JJ