International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol.135 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0017-9310 (Print) 

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1 - 15 Natural circulation flow distribution within a multi-branch manifold
Quintanar NR, Nguyen T, Vaghetto R, Hassan YA
16 - 32 Experimental study on influences of cylindrical grooves on thermal efficiency, exergy efficiency and entropy generation of CPU cooled by nanofluids
Zhao N, Qi C, Chen TT, Tang JH, Cui X
33 - 43 Investigation on the effects of narrowed channel cross-sections on the heat transfer performance of a wavy-channeled PCHE
Yang Y, Li HZ, Yao MY, Gao W, Zhang YF, Zhang L
44 - 51 Forced vibration of a heated wire subjected to nucleate boiling
Staszel C, Sinha-Ray S, Yarin AL
52 - 61 Mesoscopic exploration on mass transfer in porous thermochemical heat storage materials
Xia BQ, Pan ZH, Yan J, Zhao CY
62 - 71 Solute convection effects on a bubble entrapped as a pore during unidirectional upward solidification
Wei PS, Tsai CE, Tseng TW, Chen LJ, Wang SB, Lo WS, Liao KC
72 - 92 Topology optimization as a powerful tool to design advanced PEMFCs flow fields
Behrou R, Pizzolato A, Forner-Cuenca A
93 - 103 An experimental and analytical study of thermal runaway propagation in a large format lithium ion battery module with NCM pouch-cells in parallel
Gao S, Feng XN, Lu LG, Kamyab N, Du JY, Coman P, White RE, Ouyang MG
104 - 114 Velocity field and phase boundary measurements during melting of n-octadecane in a cubical test cell
Faden M, Linhardt C, Hohlein S, Konig-Haagen A, Bruggemann D
115 - 123 A molecular dynamics study on the effect of surfactant adsorption on heat transfer at a solid-liquid interface
Guo YT, Surblys D, Kawagoe Y, Matsubara H, Liu X, Ohara T
124 - 130 Experimental study of pool boiling on a novel reentrant cavity tube surface with R134a
Wang YH, Zhang JL, Ma ZX
131 - 141 Simulation on cooling performance characteristics of a refrigerant-cooled active thermal management system for lithium ion batteries
Park S, Jang DS, Lee D, Hong SH, Kim Y
142 - 148 Omnidirectional infrared nonreciprocal absorbers based on CdTe gratings
Wang H, Qi D
149 - 157 Thermal performance analysis and optimization of multiple stage latent heat storage unit based on entransy theory
Li B, Zhai XQ, Cheng XW
158 - 163 Microencapsulation of solid cores to prepare double emulsion droplets by microfluidics
Gao W, Chen YP
164 - 174 Optimum ratio of hydrophobic to hydrophilic areas of biphilic surfaces in thermal fluid systems involving boiling
Motezakker AR, Sadaghiani AK, Celik S, Larsen T, Villanueva LG, Kosar A
175 - 185 Experimental investigation on rheological properties of water based nanofluids with low MWCNT concentrations
Yu L, Bian YN, Liu Y, Xu XS
186 - 198 Fluid flow and heat transfer of cross flow hollow fiber membrane contactors with randomly distributed fibers: A topological study
He K, Zhang LZ
199 - 208 Analysis of the heat transfer in the asynchronous intermittent laminar flow for mini channels in the recuperator for micro swing engines
Zhang ZG, Huang GP, Xia C, Xu YK, Shen LF
209 - 219 Effects of sample length on the transient measurement results of water vapor diffusion coefficient of porous building materials: A case study of autoclave aerated concrete (AAC) with various porosities
Tian SQ, Wang K, Fan LW, Yu ZT, Ge J
220 - 234 Numerical simulation of thermal performance for super large-scale wet cooling tower equipped with an axial fan
Dang ZG, Zhang ZQ, Gao M, He SY
235 - 246 Dynamics of droplets impacting hydrophilic surfaces decorated with a hydrophobic strip
Wang X, Sun DL, Wang XD, Yan WM
247 - 261 Complex transition of double-diffusive convection in a rectangular enclosure with height-to-length ratio equal to 4: Part II
Liang X, Peng B, Tian ZF
262 - 273 Quantitative comparison of dendritic growth under forced flow between 2D and 3D phase-field simulation
Gong TZ, Chen Y, Li DZ, Cao YF, Fu PX
274 - 283 Thin film profile and interfacial temperature distribution of binary fluid sessile droplet evaporating on heated substrate
Xu QB, Zhou LP, Du XZ, Yang YP
284 - 293 Influence of vortex street structure on the efficiency of energy separation
Aleksyuk AI
294 - 304 A phase-change thermal diode using electrostatic-induced coalescing-jumping droplets
Traipattanakul B, Tso CY, Chao CYH
305 - 317 1-D two-phase flow analysis for interlocking double layer counter flow mini-channel heat sink
Lim K, Lee J
318 - 322 A semi-analytical method for transient temperature field calculation in a parallel-flow four-channel four-fluid heat exchanger
Malinowski L
323 - 330 Non-Fourier heat conduction in oil-in-water emulsions
Liu F, Chen Q, Kang ZX, Pan WG, Zhang DX, Wang LQ
331 - 344 Flow visualization in dilute oxide based nanofluid boiling
Patra N, Ghosh P, Singh RS, Nayak A
345 - 353 Numerical simulations of multi-hop jumping on superhydrophobic surfaces
Yuan ZP, Wu RZ, Wu XM
354 - 367 Numerical analysis of a closed loop two-phase thermosyphon under states of single-phase, two-phase and supercritical
Bai Y, Wang L, Zhang S, Lin XP, Chen HS
368 - 377 Heat and mass transfer modeling and investigation of multiple LiFePO4/graphite batteries in a pack at low C-rates with water-cooling
Panchal S, Akhoundzadeh MH, Raahemifar K, Fowler M, Fraser R
378 - 391 Visualization study of a loop heat pipe with two evaporators and one condenser under gravity-assisted condition
Chang XY, Watanabe N, Nagano H
392 - 402 Investigation on isothermal wicking performance within metallic weaves for screen channel liquid acquisition devices (LADs)
Ma Y, Li YZ, Wang L, Lei G, Wang TX
403 - 412 The petal effect of parahydrophobic surfaces offers low receding contact angles that promote effective boiling
Allred TP, Weibel JA, Garimella SV
413 - 424 A numerical study on the thermal conductivity of H2O/CO2/H-2 mixtures in supercritical regions of water for coal supercritical water gasification system
Yang XM, Duan CC, Xu JX, Liu YB, Cao BY
425 - 435 Counter cross-flow evaporator geometries for supercritical organic Rankine cycles
Nejad AH, Ekici K, Sabau AS, Bejan A, Arimilli RV
436 - 459 A comprehensive review and comparison on heatline concept and field synergy principle
Tao WQ, He YL, Chen L
460 - 469 A two-dimensional model for the design of flow fields in vanadium redox flow batteries
Zhang BW, Lei Y, Bai BF, Zhao TS
470 - 478 Heat transfer simulation of heat storage unit with nanoparticles and fins through a heat exchanger
Sheikholeslami M, Rizwan-ul Haq, Shafee A, Li ZX, Elaraki YG, Tlili I
479 - 490 The critical condition and oscillation - transition characteristics of thermocapillary convection in the space experiment on SJ-10 satellite
Kang Q, Jiang H, Duan L, Zhang C, Hu WR
491 - 510 Effect of boundary layer destabilization by a water jet on thermal and structural behavior of turbulent spot footprints
Rakpakdee W, Kittichaikarn C, Chaiworapuek W
511 - 516 Differential laser flash Raman spectroscopy method for non-contact characterization of thermal transport properties of individual nanowires
Liu JH, Liu H, Hu YD, Zhang X
517 - 540 Direct numerical simulation of flow and heat transfer in a simplified pressurized thermal shock scenario
Shams A, De Santis D, Rosa D, Kwiatkowski T, Komen EJM
541 - 547 Constructal design of a shell-and-tube evaporator with ammonia-water working fluid
Cai CG, Feng HJ, Chen LG, Wu ZX, Xie ZJ
548 - 560 A theoretical model for the magnetohydrodynamic natural convection of a CNT-water nanofluid incorporating a renovated Hamilton-Crosser model
Benos LT, Karvelas EG, Sarris IE
561 - 568 Physical aspects of CNTs and induced magnetic flux in stagnation point flow with quartic chemical reaction
Khan MI, Hayat T, Shah F, Mujeeb-Ur-Rahman, Haq F
569 - 590 Identification of condensation flow regime at different orientations using temperature and pressure measurements
O'Neill LE, Balasubramaniam R, Nahra HK, Hasan MM, Mackey JR, Mudawar I
591 - 603 Numerical simulation of forced and mixed convection turbulent liquid sodium flow over a vertical backward facing step with a four parameter turbulence model
Da Via R, Manservisi S
604 - 613 Theoretical, numerical, and experimental investigation of smoke dynamics in high-rise buildings
Ahn CS, Bang BH, Kim MW, James SC, Yarin AL, Yoon SS
614 - 619 Variational estimates of the parameters of a thermal explosion of a stationary medium in an arbitrary domain
Zarubin VS, Kuvyrkin GN, Savelyeva IY
620 - 630 Evaluation of mass injection cooling on flow and heat transfer characteristics for high-temperature inlet air in a MIPCC engine
Lin AQ, Zhou J, Fawzy H, Zhang H, Zheng Q
631 - 648 Induction charging of water spray produced by pressure atomizer
Marchewicz A, Sobczyk AT, Krupa A, Jaworek A
649 - 673 A critical review on heat transfer augmentation of phase change materials embedded with porous materials/foams
Tauseef-ur-Rehman, Ali HM, Janjua MM, Sajjad U, Yan WM
674 - 684 Coupled numerical simulation of arc plasma channel evolution and discharge crater formation in arc discharge machining
Gu L, Zhu YM, He GJ, Farhadi A, Zhao WS
685 - 695 Lattice Boltzmann method simulation of SVOC mass transfer with particle suspensions
Mao YF, Li Z, Tao WQ
696 - 705 Experimental study on pulse self-heating of lithium-ion battery at low temperature
Qu ZG, Jiang ZY, Wang Q
706 - 716 Optimal design of a double pipe heat exchanger based on the outward helically corrugated tube
Wang W, Zhang YN, Lee WOO, Li BX
717 - 731 Analysis and comparison on condensation performance of core tubes in air-cooling condenser
Deng H, Liu JZ, Zheng W
732 - 745 Numerical and experimental study on heat transfer and flow features of representative molten salts for energy applications in turbulent tube flow
Qiu Y, Li MJ, Li MJ, Zhang HH, Ning B
746 - 760 Heat transfer characteristics of plug-in oscillating heat pipe with binary-fluid mixtures for electric vehicle battery thermal management
Wei AB, Qu J, Qiu HH, Wang C, Cao GH
761 - 768 Specifics of heat flux from localized heater in a cylindrical layer
Evgrafova A, Sukhanovskii A
769 - 781 Pore-scale study of dynamic ion adsorption process in porous electrodes of capacitive deionization using lattice Boltzmann method
Liu R, Yao SG, Li Y, Cheng J
782 - 795 On assessment of heat transfer deterioration of a channel with supercritical n-decane for scramjet engines cooling
Sun F, Li Y, Manca O, Xie GN
796 - 810 Deformation and breakup of a double-core compound droplet in an axisymmetric channel
Vu TV, Vu TV, Nguyen CT, Pham PH
811 - 821 Analysis of thermal stratification impact on the design of cooling channels for liquid rocket engines
Leonardi M, Pizzarelli M, Nasuti F
822 - 836 Experimental and numerical study on the performance of passive heat sink having alternating layout
Chu WX, Lin YC, Chen CY, Wang CC
837 - 846 Experimental study on the heat transfer performance of a molten-salt printed circuit heat exchanger with airfoil fins for concentrating solar power
Wang WQ, Qiu Y, He YL, Shi HY
847 - 859 Effects of magnetohydrodynamic mixed convection on fluid flow and structural stresses in the DCLL blanket
Liu ZH, Chen L, Ni MJ, Zhang NM
860 - 872 Parametric study on heat transfer and pressure drop of twisted oval tube bundle with in line layout
Li XZ, Zhu DS, Yin YD, Tu AM, Liu SJ
873 - 884 A general approach of unit conversion system in lattice Boltzmann method and applications for convective heat transfer in tube banks
Huang JA, Bao C, Jiang ZY, Zhang XX
885 - 896 Numerical study on saturated pool boiling heat transfer in presence of a uniform electric field using lattice Boltzmann method
Feng Y, Li HX, Guo KK, Lei XL, Zhao JF
897 - 906 Gas consumption characteristics determined by gas-liquid two-phase flow coupled with catalytic reaction in a gas-liquid-solid microreactor
Feng H, Zhu X, Chen R, Liao Q
907 - 924 A pragmatic approach for simulating the fluid flow and heat transfer within industrial evaporator vessels
Dawson M
925 - 934 Modelling the Nu-Ra relationship to establish the intrinsic permeability of coarse open-graded materials from natural air convection tests in a 1 m(3 )cell
Rieksts K, Hoff I, Scibilia E, Cote J
935 - 949 Experimental study of fluid flow and heat transfer of jet impingement in cross-flow with a vortex generator pair
Wang CL, Wang ZG, Wang L, Luo L, Sunden B
950 - 961 The crosswind effects on the start-up process of natural draft dry cooling towers in dispatchable power plants
Dong PX, Li XX, Hooman K, Sun YB, Li JS, Guan ZQ, Gurgenci H
962 - 973 Natural convection in a square enclosure with two hot inner cylinders, Part II: The effect of two elliptical cylinders with various aspect ratios in a vertical array
Cho HW, Ha MY, Park YG
974 - 984 Three mathematical representations and an improved ADI method for hyperbolic heat conduction
Nie BD, Cao BY
985 - 995 Experimental and numerical investigation of smoke dynamics in vertical cylinders and open-air environment
Ahn CS, Park CW, Kim MW, Kim TG, James SC, Yoon Y, Yarin AL, Yoon SS
996 - 1012 Heat transfer and frictional pressure drop during condensation in plate heat exchangers: Assessment of correlations and a new method
Tao X, Ferreira CAI
1013 - 1022 Visualization study on the bubble behavior on a downward facing hemispherical surface during saturated pool boiling
Qin F, Zhang X, Chen DQ, Hu L, Cheung FB
1023 - 1038 Numerical simulation of thermal edge flow in ratchet-like periodically patterned micro-channels
Wang XW, Zhang ZJ, Zhang WQ, Zhang PP, Zhang SW
1039 - 1052 Comparison of data driven modeling approaches for temperature prediction in data centers
Athavale J, Yoda M, Joshi Y
1053 - 1062 On the effective spectral emissivity of clear skies and the radiative cooling potential of selectively designed materials
Li MY, Coimbra CFM
1063 - 1072 Heat transfer performance of the finned nano-enhanced phase change material system under the inclination influence
Bondareva NS, Buonomo B, Manca O, Sheremet MA
1073 - 1081 Three-pronged convection in a cubic cavity under modulating gravity
Hirata K, Nobuhara M, Kodama M, Tanigawa H, Noguchi T
1082 - 1096 Thermal-hydraulic performance and entropy generation of supercritical carbon dioxide in heat exchanger channels with teardrop dimple/protrusion
Jing Q, Xie YH, Zhang D
1097 - 1117 A comparative study of alternating current and nanosecond plasma actuators in flow separation control
Zheng JG, Cui YD, Khoo BC
1118 - 1129 Scaling expressions of characteristic values for a moving point heat source in steady state on a semi-infinite solid
Wang Y, Lu Y, Mendez PF
1130 - 1151 Computation and physical explanation of the thermo-fluid-dynamics of natural convection around heated inclined plates with inclination varying from horizontal to vertical
Guha A, Jain A, Pradhan K
1152 - 1166 Heat and mass transfer in PEM-based electrolytic air dehumidification element with an optimized anode-side electrochemical model
Zhang LZ, Li HY, Qi RH
1167 - 1191 Experimental study of flow boiling in a hybrid microchannel-microgap heat sink
Mathew J, Lee PS, Wu TQ, Yap CR
1192 - 1206 Impingement heat transfer of quadruple synthetic jets
Paolillo G, Greco CS, Cardone G
1207 - 1217 Effect of orientation on the directional and hemispherical emissivity of hyperbolic metamaterials
Wu XH, Fu CJ, Zhang ZM
1218 - 1232 Study of particle deposition on the complex components of environmental control systems
Cao Q, Xu QY, Lin CH, Wei D, Deng ZP, Chen QY
1233 - 1247 Investigation into the thermo-hydrodynamics of ferrofluid flow under the influence of constant and alternating magnetic field by InfraRed Thermography
Shyam S, Mehta B, Mondal PK, Wongwises S
1248 - 1259 Direct numerical simulation of the interfacial mass transfer of a bubble in self-induced turbulent flows
Jin Y, Schluter M
1260 - 1268 Thermoelastic mechanical and heat conduction study through inverse method and transfer functions
Bauzin JG, Nguyen MN, Laraqi N, Hernandez AV, Dehmani A
1269 - 1277 Particle swarm optimization-based algorithms for solving inverse problems of designing thermal cloaking and shielding devices
Alekseev GV, Tereshko DA
1278 - 1285 A thermal conductivity model for microporous insulations in gaseous environments
Headley A, Hileman M, Robbins A, Piekos E, Fleig P, Martinez A, Roberts C
1286 - 1299 Uncertainty and sensitivity analysis of flow parameters for transition models on hypersonic flows
Zhao YT, Yan C, Liu HK, Zhang KL
1300 - 1311 Numerical study on the removal and distribution of non-metallic inclusions in electroslag remelting process
Huang XC, Li BK, Liu ZQ, Yang X, Tsukihashi F
1312 - 1318 Effect of nanofluid formation methods on behaviors of boiling bubbles
Park H, Lee SJ, Jung SY
1319 - 1326 Effective properties of a thermoelectric composite containing an elliptic inhomogeneity
Song K, Song HP, Li M, Schiavone P, Gao CF
1327 - 1334 Correlations for the Graetz problem in convection - Part 2: For ducts of arbitrary cross-section
Bennett TD
1335 - 1345 Experimental investigation of boiling regimes in a capillary-fed two-layer evaporator wick
Sudhakar S, Weibel JA, Garimella SV
1346 - 1356 Area-scalable high-heat-flux dissipation at low thermal resistance using a capillary-fed two-layer evaporator wick
Sudhakar S, Weibel JA, Zhou F, Dede EM, Garimella SV