International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol.134 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0017-9310 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Time-dependent dynamic diffusion processes in coal: Model development and analysis
Liu T, Lin BQ
10 - 16 Marangoni effect on microbubbles emission boiling generation during pool boiling of self-rewetting fluid
Hu YX, Wang H, Song MJ, Huang J
17 - 29 Numerical simulation of magnetic nanofluid (MNF) film boiling using the VOSET method in presence of a uniform magnetic field
Guo KK, Li HX, Feng Y, Wang T, Zhao JF
30 - 40 Heat transfer enhancement of turbulent forced nanofluid flow in a duct using triangular rib
Ahmed HE, Salman BH, Kerbeet AS
41 - 50 Temperature distribution and thermal resistance analysis of high-power laser diode arrays
Deng Z, Shen J, Gong WC, Dai W, Gong MQ
51 - 57 Analysis of free dendritic growth considering both relaxation effect and effect of nonisothermal and nonisosolutal interface
Liu SC, Li S, Liu F
58 - 68 Experimental study of wall nucleation characteristics in flow boiling under subatmospheric pressures in a vertical square channel
Colgan N, Bottini JL, Ooi ZJ, Brooks CS
69 - 84 Convective dropwise condensation heat transfer in mini-channels with biphilic surface
Yuan JD, Wang YB, Xu JL, Ji XB, Xie J
85 - 100 Experiments on the effects of varying subcooled conditions on the dynamics of single vapor bubble and heat transfer rates in nucleate pool boiling regime
Narayan S, Singh T, Singh S, Srivastava A
101 - 113 Thermal radiation and conduction in functionally graded thermal barrier coatings. Part I: Experimental study on radiative properties
Ge WA, Zhao CY, Wang BX
114 - 118 High switching ratio variable-temperature solid-state thermal switch based on thermoelectric effects
Adams MJ, Verosky M, Zebarjadi M, Heremans JP
119 - 130 Estimation of the direct leakage of rotary air preheaters based on temperature distribution modeling
Zhang X, Yuan JQ, Tian Z, Wang JC
131 - 142 Thermal properties study and performance investigation of potassium formate solution in a falling film dehumidifier/regenerator
Wen T, Wang M, Chen Y, He WF, Luo YM
143 - 148 Theoretical scaling law for predicting evaporation rate from meniscus
Soma S, Kunugi T
149 - 165 Heat transfer and flow characteristics in a rectangular channel with combined delta winglet inserts
Liu HL, Fan CC, He YL, Nobes DS
166 - 174 Thermal radiation and conduction in functionally graded thermal barrier coatings. Part II: Experimental thermal conductivities and heat transfer modeling
Ge WA, Zhao CY, Wang BX
175 - 184 External natural convection heat transfer of liquid metal under the influence of the magnetic field
Wang ZH, Zhou ZK
185 - 197 A novel adaptive approximate Bayesian computation method for inverse heat conduction problem
Zeng Y, Wang H, Zhang S, Cai Y, Li EY
198 - 208 Development of an efficient immersed-boundary method with subgrid-scale models for conjugate heat transfer analysis using large eddy simulation
Lee S, Hwang W
209 - 225 Comparative study of flow structures and heat transfer enhancement in a metallic lattice fabricated by metal sheet folding: Effects of punching location shift
Jin X, Li Y, Yan HB, Xie GN
226 - 236 Evaluation of the non-gray weighted sum of gray gases models for radiative heat transfer in realistic non-isothermal and non-homogeneous flames using decoupled and coupled calculations
Yang X, He ZH, Dong SK, Tan HP
237 - 249 Noncontact direct temperature and concentration profiles measurement of soot and metal-oxide nanoparticles in optically thin/thick nanofluid fuel flames
Liu GN, Liu D
250 - 261 Numerical study on the multiphase flow characteristics of gas curtain launch for underwater gun
Zhang XW, Yu YG, Zhou LL
262 - 270 Automatic detection of the onset of film boiling using convolutional neural networks and Bayesian statistics
Hobold GM, da Silva AK
271 - 285 Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian method for computation of rotating target during microwave heating
Zhou J, Yang XQ, Ye JH, Zhu HC, Yuan JP, Li X, Huang KM
286 - 295 Experimental study of condensation heat transfer on a horizontal aluminum tube with superhydrophobic characteristic
Ji DY, Lee JW, Hwang W, Lee KY
296 - 310 Numerical evaluation of heat extraction for EGS with tree-shaped wells
Zhang J, Xie JX, Liu XL
311 - 320 Relative permeability of three immiscible fluids in random porous media determined by the lattice Boltzmann method
Zhang D, Li SF, Jiao S, Shang Y, Dong M
321 - 328 Experimental investigation on the thermodynamic state of vapor plugs in pulsating heat pipes
Jun S, Kim SJ
329 - 337 Unsteady two-dimensional analytical model for a thermal time-of-flight flow sensor
El Fil B, Mahvi AJ, Garimella S
338 - 358 Influence of the depth of single-row oval-trench dimples inclined to laminar air flow on heat transfer enhancement in a narrow micro-channel
Isaev SA, Leontiev AI, Milman OO, Popov IA, Sudakov AG
359 - 365 Thermal calculator
Hamed A, Elzouka M, Ndao S
366 - 376 Condensing heat transfer coefficients of R134a in smooth and grooved multiport flat tubes of automotive heat exchanger: An experimental investigation
Ammar SM, Abbas N, Abbas S, Ali HM, Hussain I, Janjua MM, Sajjad U, Dahiya A
377 - 387 Local, transient heat transfer measurements for flow boiling in a microchannel with a pin fin
Wang YY, Shin JH, Woodcock C, Yu XF, Peles Y
388 - 397 Analysis on thermal hydraulic performance of the elliptical tube in the finned-tube heat exchanger by new method
Wang Q, Qian ZQ, Cheng JL, Huang WL, Ren J
398 - 404 Assessment of a transport equation for mean reaction rate using DNS data obtained from highly unsteady premixed turbulent flames
Lipatnikov AN, Sabelnikov VA, Poludnenko AY
405 - 419 Heat transfer and effectiveness experimentally-based analysis of wire coil with core-rod inserted in Fe3O4/water nanofluid flow in a double pipe U-bend heat exchanger
Sundar LS, Kumar NTR, Addis BM, Shramara P, Singh MK, Sousa ACM
420 - 436 A numerical study on the three-dimensional natural convection with a cylinder in a long rectangular enclosure. Part I: Size effect of a circular cylinder or an elliptical cylinder
Seo YM, Ha MY, Park YG
437 - 449 Buoyancy effects on coupled heat transfer of supercritical pressure CO2 in horizontal semicircular channels
Zhang HY, Guo JF, Huai XL, Cui XY, Cheng KY
450 - 467 Numerical study of steam condensation inside a long inclined flattened channel
Abadi SMANR, Davies WA, Hrnjak P, Meyer JP
468 - 481 Entransy based optimal adjustment of louvers for anti-freezing of natural draft dry cooling system
Wei HM, Ge ZH, Yang LJ, Du XZ
482 - 488 Experimental study on the enhancement of contact heat transfer by micro fin
Dou RF, Li QH, Zhu C, Zhang RZ, Wen Z, Liu XL
489 - 502 Influence of flow guiding conduit on pressure drop and convective heat transfer in packed beds
Guo ZH, Sun ZN, Zhang N, Ding M, Zhou YM
503 - 510 Thermal transport in silicene nanotubes: Effects of length, grain boundary and strain
Khalkhali M, Khoeini F, Rajabpour A
511 - 520 Visualization-based nucleate boiling heat flux quantification using machine learning
Hobold GM, da Silva AK
521 - 538 Non-dimensional lattice Boltzmann simulations on pore scale double diffusive natural convection in an enclosure filled with random porous media
Ng T, Su Y
539 - 546 Frequency-domain Raman method to measure thermal diffusivity of one-dimensional microfibers and nanowires
Li QY, Takahashi K, Zhang X
547 - 553 Boosted thermal conductance of polycrystalline graphene by spin-coated silver nanowires
Lee W, Kihm KD, Lee W, Won P, Han S, Lim G, Pyun KR, Ko SH
554 - 565 Laminar natural convection heat transfer depending on diameters of vertical cylinders with circular cross-section with high Prandtl number
Kang GU, Yook DS
566 - 573 Flow boiling heat transfer and pressure drop of R32 inside 2.1 mm, 2.6 mm and 3.1 mm microfin tubes
Jige D, Inoue N
574 - 585 An inverse method for the reconstruction of thermal boundary conditions of semitransparent medium
Sun SC, Wang GJ, Chen H, Zhang DQ
586 - 599 Numerical study of transient conjugate heat transfer of the cryo-supersonic air-quenching based on a Mach-weighted pressure-based method
Yang J, Zhang Y, Gao MX, Fu LH, Song H
600 - 609 Transient behavior of 5 kW class shell-and-tube methane steam reformer with intermediate temperature heat source
Yun J, Yu S
610 - 627 Natural convection in a reservoir induced by sinusoidally varying temperature at the water surface
Mao YD, Lei CW, Patterson JC
628 - 633 Inhibition of surface ice nucleation by combination of superhydrophobic coating and alcohol spraying
Jiang J, Lu GY, Tang GH
634 - 640 Effect of nano-film thickness on thermal resistance at water/silicon interface
Yenigun O, Barisik M
641 - 655 Large-Eddy Simulation of local heat transfer in plate and pin fin heat exchangers confined in a pipe flow
Peltonen P, Saari K, Kukko K, Vuorinen V, Partanen J
656 - 667 Image-based reconstruction for a 3D-PFHS heat transfer problem by ReConNN
Li Y, Wang H, Deng XJ
668 - 679 Experimental study on the effect of non-condensable gas dissolved in sub-cooled water on steam jet condensation in a rectangular channel
Fu PF, Zhou Y, Yang XP, Yan JJ, Liu JP
680 - 693 Droplet condensation and jumping on structured superhydrophobic surfaces
Ashrafi-Habibabadi A, Moosavi A
694 - 706 Natural convection heat transfer from a vertical column of finite number of heated circular cylinders immersed in molten solar salt
Razzaghpanah Z, Sarunac N
707 - 721 Effects of paralleled magnetic field on thermo-hydraulic performances of Fe3O4-water nanofluids in a circular tube
Mei SY, Qi C, Liu MN, Fan F, Liang L
722 - 734 A study on the multi-field synergy principle of convective heat and mass transfer enhancement
Liu W, Liu P, Dong ZM, Yang K, Liu ZC
735 - 751 Numerical evaluation on the effective thermal conductivity of the composites with discontinuous inclusions: Periodic boundary condition and its numerical algorithm
Tian WL, Qi LH, Chao XJ, Liang JH, Fu MW
752 - 767 Convective boiling of R-123 on enhanced-tube bundles
Gorgy E, Eckels S
768 - 783 Effect of inclination angle on the forced convective flow of a power-law fluid in a 2-D planar branching channel
Maurya A, Tiwari N, Chhabra RP
784 - 795 Benard-Marangoni instability in sessile droplet evaporating at constant contact angle mode on heated substrate
Zhu JL, Shi WY, Feng L
796 - 806 Computational study of film cooling and flowfields on a stepped vane endwall with a row of cylindrical hole and interrupted slot injections
Xu QZ, Du Q, Wang P, Zhu JQ
807 - 814 Selective absorption of a thermophotovoltaic cell using a thin semiconductor and a top fishnet-structured electrode
Isobe K, Hanamura K
815 - 827 Experimentally validated models for falling-film absorption around microchannel tube banks: Hydrodynamics
Nagavarapu AK, Garimella S
828 - 841 Direct numerical simulations of sessile droplet evaporation on a heated horizontal surface surrounded by moist air
Guo Q, Cheng P
842 - 851 Simulations on effects of rated ullage pressure on the evaporation rate of liquid hydrogen tank
Zhou R, Zhu WL, Hub ZG, Wang SH, Xie HJ, Zhang XB
852 - 865 Effect of spacing on laminar natural convection flow and heat transfer from two spheres in vertical arrangement
Zhang J, Zhen Q, Liu J, Lu WQ
866 - 883 Effect of foam geometry on heat absorption characteristics of PCM-metal foam composite thermal energy storage systems
Dinesh BVS, Bhattacharya A
884 - 894 Experimental study on thermal performances of ultra-thin flattened heat pipes
Tang YL, Hong SH, Wang SF, Deng DW
895 - 905 On the evaluation of dryout conditions for a heat-releasing porous bed in a water pool
Yakush SE, Kudinov P
906 - 919 Numerical investigation of interfacial dynamics for the melt pool of Ti-6Al-4V powders under a selective laser
Tseng CC, Li CJ
920 - 932 Oscillatory flows of electro-thermo-convection in eccentric annulus
Li TF, He XR, Luo K, Yi HL
933 - 947 Experimental investigation on bubble departure diameter in pool boiling under sub-atmospheric pressure
Gao WZ, Qi JY, Yang X, Zhang JH, Wu DW
948 - 958 Enhancement of a heat sink performance using a partial shield and/or a guide plate
Elsayed ML, Mesalhy O, Mohammed RH, Kizito JP, Leland QH, Chow LC
959 - 969 Subcooled flow boiling under an electric field on surface enhanced by diamond particles deposition
Kano I
970 - 983 Natural circulation FLiBe loop overview
Britsch K, Anderson M, Brooks P, Sridharan K
984 - 992 Semi-analytical solution of the time-dependent heat equation for three-dimensional anisotropic multi-layered media
Reitzle D, Geiger S, Kienle A
993 - 1002 A steady-state hot-wire method for thermal conductivity measurements of fluids
Hapenciuc CL, Negut I, Borca-Tasciuc T, Mihailescu IN
1003 - 1013 Conjugated heat transfer analysis of a foam filled double-pipe heat exchanger for high-temperature application
Chen X, Sun C, Xia XL, Liu RQ, Wang FQ
1014 - 1023 Coupled thermal transport and mass diffusion during vapor absorption into hygroscopic liquid desiccant droplets
Wang ZY, Orejon D, Sefiane K, Takata Y
1024 - 1040 Theoretical analysis of transient heat and mass transfer during regeneration in multilayer fixed-bed binder-free desiccant dehumidifier: Model validation and parametric study
Shamim JA, Paul S, Hsu WL, Kitaoka K, Daiguji H
1041 - 1060 A new model for simulating heat, air and moisture transport in porous building materials
Berger J, Dutykh D, Mendes N, Rysbaiuly B
1061 - 1072 Cryogenic quenching enhancement of a nanoporous surface
He DJ, Zhang P, Lv FY, Wang SB, Shu D
1073 - 1083 Dynamics of vapour bubbles induced during the boiling of superfluid helium under microgravity conditions
Grunt K, Lewkowicz M, Pietrowicz S, Takada S, Kimura N, Murakami M
1084 - 1090 On flow field of the system of supersonic jets in the Mars atmosphere
Deryugin YN, Zelensky DK, Zhuchkov RN, Yemel'yanova YV, Pavlov GA, Smirnov AL
1091 - 1100 A versatile immersed surface-to-surface method for radiation exchange: Implementation and validation
Schmid Q, Hachem E, Mesri Y
1101 - 1118 Influences of effusion hole diameter on impingement/effusion cooling performance at turbine blade leading edge
Zhou JF, Wang XJ, Li J
1119 - 1126 Near-field heat transfer between graphene-Si grating heterostructures with multiple magnetic-polaritons coupling
Shi KZ, Bao FL, He N, He SL
1127 - 1136 Discrete unified gas kinetic scheme for multiscale heat transfer with arbitrary temperature difference
Zhang C, Guo ZL
1137 - 1152 Modeling of 3D moisture distribution in heated concrete: From continuum towards mesoscopic approach
Dauti D, Dal Pont S, Briffaut M, Weber B
1153 - 1158 Laminar slip wall jet of Glauert type and heat transfer
Turkyilmazoglu M
1159 - 1170 CFD multiphase modelling of the acetone condensation and evaporation process in a horizontal circular tube
Mohammed HI, Giddings D, Walker GS
1171 - 1179 Real-time frost porosity detection using capacitance sensing approach
Shen YC, Wang XF
1180 - 1190 Unsteady conjugate mass and heat transfer from/to a prolate spheroidal droplet in uniaxial extensional creeping flow
Liu AJ, Chen J, Wang ZZ, Mao ZS, Yang C
1191 - 1198 Constructal optimization for "disc-point" heat conduction with nonuniform heat generating
Chen LG, You J, Feng HJ, Xie ZH
1199 - 1208 Experimental investigation of the heat transfer performance of microchannel heat exchangers with fan-shaped cavities
Pan MQ, Wang HQ, Zhong YJ, Hu ML, Zhou XY, Dong GP, Huang PN
1209 - 1217 Experimental research of viscosity of microencapsulated PCM slurry at the phase change temperature
Dutkowski K, Fiuk JJ
1218 - 1226 Investigation of a computer CPU heat sink under laminar forced convection using a structural stability method
Moradikazerouni A, Afrand M, Alsarraf J, Wongwises S, Asadi A, Nguyen TK
1227 - 1249 The effects of exothermic catalytic reactions upon combined transport of heat and mass in porous microreactors
Hunt G, Karimi N, Yadollahi B, Torabi M
1250 - 1260 High pressure refrigerants condensation in vertical pipe minichannels
Bohdal T, Charun H, Kruzel M, Sikora M
1261 - 1267 Extended synthetic eddy method to generate inflow data for turbulent thermal boundary layer
Oh G, Noh KM, Park H, Choi JI
1268 - 1282 Optimal experiment design for thermal property estimation using a boundary condition of the fourth kind with a time-limited heating period
D'Alessandro G, de Monte F
1283 - 1291 Longitudinal roll patterns of Marangoni instability in an easily volatile sessile droplet evaporating at constant contact angle mode
Zhu JL, Shi WY
1292 - 1301 Experimental study on the mutual diffusion coefficients of [mmim]DMP/H2O and [mmim]DMP/CH3OH in a magnetic field
Chen W, Bai Y, Sun Q, Zhang B
1302 - 1317 Ammonia absorption in ionic liquids-based mixtures in plate heat exchangers studied by a semi-empirical heat and mass transfer framework
Wang M, He LJ, Ferreira CAI
1318 - 1322 Measuring thermal conductivity of ultra-small materials exampled by the reaction chambers of bombardier beetles
Guo ZB, Sha WH, Yao HM
1323 - 1332 Inverse estimation of various surface emissivity distributions using repulsive particle swarm optimization
Lee KH