International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol.133 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0017-9310 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Cooling water mass flow optimization for indirect dry cooling system of thermal power unit under variable output load
Wu T, Wei HM, Ge ZH, Yang LJ, Du XZ
11 - 20 Direct numerical simulation of convective heat transfer in porous media
Chu X, Yang G, Pandey S, Weigand B
21 - 35 Experimental investigation on flow boiling heat transfer characteristics of R141b refrigerant in parallel small channels filled with metal foam
Li HW, Zhang CZ, Yang D, Sun B, Hong WP
36 - 51 Subcooled flow boiling in horizontal and vertical macro-channel under Earth-gravity and hyper-gravity conditions
Vlachou MC, Lioumbas JS, Kostoglou M, David K, Chasapis D, Schwarz C, van Loon JJWA, Karapantsios TD
52 - 61 On the interfacial heat transfer and pressure transmission in squeeze casting: A case study of the sensitivity to materials
Wang FF, Wang XY, Han ZQ
62 - 72 Microchannel thermal performance optimization utilizing porous layer configurations
Ghorbani M, Salimpour MR, Vafai K
73 - 79 Rapid and label-free sensing of intermolecular interactions using compact optical diffusion sensor
Kamata M, Takaba Y, Taguchi Y, Nagasaka Y
80 - 95 Effect of connecting holes on flow and heat transfer in a two-pass channel with and without rib turbulators
Luan YG, Yang LF, Bu S, Sun T, Sun HO, Zunino P
96 - 106 Heat transfer correlations of refrigerant falling film evaporation on a single horizontal smooth tube
Jin PH, Zhang Z, Mostafa I, Zhao CY, Ji WT, Tao WQ
107 - 118 Numerical simulation of evaporation with Rayleigh convection using LBM-FDM hybrid method and proposal of the interfacial mass transfer coefficient model
Ge XL, Liu BT, Liu BT, Yuan XG, Wang HX
119 - 128 Understanding the anti-icing property of nanostructured superhydrophobic aluminum surface during glaze ice accretion
Zuo ZP, Song XY, Liao RJ, Zhao XT, Yuan Y
129 - 136 Flow behaviors and heat transfer characteristics of liquid film during the pyrolysis process of molten plastics using OpenFOAM
Yin LJ, Jia YJ, Guo XT, Chen DZ, Jin ZC
137 - 153 Conduction, convection, and radiation thermal exchange with discretized fixed, contacting particles in a high speed compressible flow
Florio LA
154 - 165 Determination of thermal properties of materials by Monte Carlo inversion of pulsed needle probe data
Bording TS, Nielsen SB, Balling N
166 - 178 Numerical investigation of the influence of local effects on the transient start-up process of natural draft dry cooling towers in dispatchable power plants
Dong PX, Li XX, Sun YB, Hooman K, Guan ZQ, Dai YC, Gurgenci H
179 - 191 Surface orientation effects on bubble behaviors and critical heat flux mechanism in saturated water pool
Tanjung EF, Jo D
192 - 202 Influence of geometric parameters on the gas-side heat transfer and pressure drop characteristics of three-dimensional finned tube
Zhang JN, Cheng M, Ding YD, Fu Q, Chen ZY
203 - 217 Heat transfer and pressure drop characteristics of alternating clockwise and counter clockwise twisted tape inserts in the transitional flow regime
Abolarin SM, Everts M, Meyer JP
218 - 225 Diverging small channel for condensation heat transfer enhancement
Bai C, Cao HZ, Zhang GM, Tian MC
226 - 246 A backward-forward Lie-group shooting method for nonhomogeneous multi-dimensional backward heat conduction problems under a long time span
Chen YW
247 - 255 Turbine vane endwall film cooling from mid-chord or downstream rows and upstream coolant injection
Wang N, Shiau CC, Han JC, Xu HZ, Fox M
256 - 267 Effects of magnetic field on the convective heat transfer rate and entropy generation of a nanofluid in an inclined square cavity equipped with a conductor fin: Considering the radiation effect
Alnaqi AA, Aghakhani S, Pordanjani AH, Bakhtiari R, Asadi A, Tran MD
268 - 276 Analysis of porous filled heat exchangers for electronic cooling
Zing C, Mahjoob S, Vafai K
277 - 294 Nusselt number and development length correlations for laminar flows of water and air in microchannels
El-Genk MS, Pourghasemi M
295 - 315 Assessment of two-phase heat transfer coefficient and critical heat flux correlations for cryogenic flow boiling in pipe heating experiments
Mercado M, Wong N, Hartwig J
316 - 329 A model of heat transfer coefficient for supercritical water considering the effect of heat transfer deterioration
Li FB, Bai BF
330 - 340 Experimental investigation of the impact of geometrical surface modification on spray cooling heat transfer performance in the non-boiling regime
Salman AS, Abdulrazzaq NM, Oudah SK, Tikadar A, Anumbe N, Paul TC, Khan JA
341 - 351 High-performance icephobic droplet rebound surface with nanoscale doubly reentrant structure
Liao D, He MH, Qiu HH
352 - 358 Surface wettability effect on nucleate pool boiling heat transfer with titanium oxide (TiO2) coated heating surface
Yim K, Lee J, Naccarato B, Kim KJ
359 - 370 Effect of stratified interface instability on thermal focusing effect in two-layer corium pool
Ge K, Zhang YP, Tian WX, Su GH, Qiu SZ
371 - 381 Modeling of microstructure and microsegregation formation during solidification of Al-Si-Mg alloys
Fang H, Tang QY, Zhang QY, Gu TF, Zhu MF
382 - 392 Combined effects of unsteady wake and free-stream turbulence on turbine blade film cooling with laid-back fan-shaped holes using PSP technique
Chen DW, Zhu HR, Liu CL, Li HT, Li BR, Zhou DE
393 - 404 Integral properties of temperature variance production in a turbulent channel flow with passive scalar transport
Wei T
405 - 415 Effect of radiative heat transfer on thermocapillary convection in long liquid bridges of high-Prandtl-number fluids in microgravity
Shitomi N, Yano T, Nishino K
416 - 425 Influence of wettability on the electrolyte electrosorption within graphene-like nonconfined and confined space
Yang HC, Bo Z, Yan JH, Cen KF
426 - 434 Simulation of frost growth and densification on horizontal plates with supersaturated interface condition
Chen G, Deng XZ, Zhang G, Yan XH
435 - 444 Evaluation of the frost properties on a semipermeable membrane
Niroomand S, Fauchoux MT, Simonson CJ
445 - 460 Flow characteristics in the containment cooling pools of small modular reactors
Liu J, Niu FL, Ahmad B, Guo ZP, Zhu HP, Tan ZA, Jin GY
461 - 473 Saturated vapour condensation of R134a inside a 4 mm ID horizontal smooth tube: Comparison with the low GWP substitutes R152a, R1234yf and R1234ze(E)
Longo GA, Mancin S, Righetti G, Zilio C
474 - 486 High performance copper-water heat pipes with nanoengineered evaporator sections
Abdulshaheed AA, Wang PT, Huang GH, Li C
487 - 493 Condensation heat transfer on nickel tubes: The role of atomic layer deposition of nickel oxide
Alwazzan M, Egab K, Wang PT, Shang ZY, Liang XH, Khan J, Li C
494 - 499 Treatment of efficiency for temperature and concentration profiles reconstruction of soot and metal-oxide nanoparticles in nanofluid fuel flames
Liu GN, Liu D
500 - 509 Prediction of interfacial shear stress of vertical upward adiabatic annular flow in pipes
Ju P, Liu Y, Brooks CS, Ishii M
510 - 530 Enhanced model for annular flow in micro-channel heat sinks, including effects of droplet entrainment/deposition and core turbulence
Lee S, Mudawar I
531 - 541 Simultaneous measurement of interdiffusion and intrinsic diffusion coefficients in liquid metals on the ground
Fukuda H, Shiinoki M, Nishimura Y, Suzuki S
542 - 547 Beyond laminar regime - Droplet interaction with air boundary layer
Klamka M, Remer M, Bobinski T
548 - 560 Pool boiling of HFE-7200 on nanoparticle-coating surfaces: Experiments and heat transfer analysis
Cao Z, Wu Z, Pham AD, Yang YJ, Abbood S, Falkman P, Ruzgas T, Alber C, Sunden B
561 - 571 Analytical solution for filmwise condensation in confined high-aspect ratio geometry
Liu J, Grigoriev RO
572 - 580 Detecting thermal asymmetry in microfluidics for sensor applications: Critical design considerations and optimization
Davani S, Kopparthy VL, Crews N
581 - 595 Natural convection and anisotropic heat transfer in a ferro-nanofluid under magnetic field
Sun XH, Massoudi M, Aubry N, Chen ZH, Wu WT
596 - 605 On the accuracy of Large Eddy Simulation of multiple impinging jets
Draksler M, Koncar B, Cizelj L
606 - 618 Multiscale roughness influence on conservative solute transport in self-affine fractures
Dou Z, Sleep B, Zhan HB, Zhou ZF, Wang JG
619 - 630 Analysis and prediction of single-phase and two-phase cooling characteristics of intermittent sprays
Zhao X, Zhang B, Xi XZ, Yin ZC
631 - 640 Experimental study on heat transfer performance enhancement by micro-structured surfaces for inclination spray application
Liu N, Li LR, Kang YT
641 - 651 Predicting the growth of many droplets during vapor-diffusion-driven dropwise condensation experiments using the point sink superposition method
Castillo JE, Weibel JA
652 - 661 Experimental study on heat transport induced by phase changes associated with liquid column oscillation in pulsating heat pipes
Miura M, Nagasaki T, Ito Y
662 - 668 Enhancement of thermal conductivity of titanium dioxide nanoparticle suspensions by femtosecond laser irradiation
Ha J, Jeon H, Choi TY, Kim D
669 - 676 A new modified conjugate gradient method to identify thermal conductivity of transient non-homogeneous problems based on radial integration boundary element method
Yang K, Jiang GH, Qu Q, Peng HF, Gao XW
677 - 685 Superwetting copper hydroxyl nitrate wicks for the sweating-boosted air cooling on finned tubes
Wang PT, Chang W, Huang GH, Alwazzan M, Peng BL, Alam T, Li C
686 - 701 Pressure drop during condensation at low mass fluxes in smooth horizontal and inclined tubes
Ewim DRE, Meyer JP
702 - 711 Critical heat flux enhancement in narrow gaps via different-mode-interacting boiling with nonuniform thermal conductance inside heat transfer plate
Utaka Y, Xie TX, Chen ZH, Morokuma T, Ohkubo H
712 - 717 On relative contribution of electrostatic and aerodynamic effects to dynamics of a levitating droplet cluster
Fedorets AA, Dombrovsky LA, Bormashenko E, Nosonovsky M
718 - 728 Investigation of hydrogen diffusion in supercritical water: A molecular dynamics simulation study
Zhao X, Jin H
729 - 744 Comprehensive investigation of solid and porous fins influence on natural convection in an inclined rectangular enclosure
Asl AK, Hossainpour S, Rashidi MM, Sheremet MA, Yang Z
745 - 755 Time-resolved droplet size and velocity distributions in a dilute region of a high-pressure pulsed diesel spray
Feng ZH, Tang CL, Yin Y, Zhang P, Huang ZH
756 - 768 Experimental flow visualization study using particle image velocimetry in a helical coil steam generator with changing lateral pitch geometry
Delgado M, Hassan YA, Anand NK
769 - 777 Prediction of wetting phenomena of a microlayer of gas bubbles
Ami T, Schulenberg T
778 - 785 Optimal nanoparticles for heat absorption and cost
Bornstein M, Tullius TK, Bayazitoglu Y
786 - 799 Numerical investigation and simultaneous optimization of geometry and zeta-potential in electroosmotic mixing flows
Basati Y, Mohammadipour OR, Niazmand H
800 - 811 Freezing of water in a closed vertical tube cooled by air flow
Sugawara M, Tago M
812 - 826 Numerical and experimental study on keyhole and melt flow dynamics during laser welding of aluminium alloys under subatmospheric pressures
Li LQ, Peng GC, Wang JM, Gong JF, Meng SH
827 - 841 Thermal analysis of conjugated cooling configurations using phase change material and liquid cooling techniques for a battery module
Song LM, Zhang HY, Yang C
842 - 860 Analysis of power demand calculation for freeze prevention methods of counter-flow heat exchangers used in energy recovery from exhaust air
Pacak A, Jedlikowski A, Karpuk M, Anisimov S
861 - 871 The improved enthalpy-transforming based lattice Boltzmann model for solid-liquid phase change
Huo YT, Rao ZH
872 - 884 Phase-field modeling of metallic powder-substrate interaction in laser melting process
Li JQ, Fan TH
885 - 894 A novel unified model of keyhole plasma arc welding
Li Y, Wang L, Wu CS
895 - 902 Experimental investigation of convection heat transfer in the transition flow regime of aluminium oxide-water nanofluids in a rectangular channel
Osman S, Sharifpur M, Meyer JP
903 - 911 Quantitative identification of three-dimensional subsurface defect based on the fuzzy inference of thermal process
Kun W, Wang GJ, Chen H, Wan SB, Lv C
912 - 919 Investigation on the thermophoretic sorting for submicroparticles in a sorter with expansion-contraction microchannel
Wang RJ, Sun SS, Wang W, Zhu ZF
920 - 929 An experimental study of flow boiling from downward-facing heated wall in inclined channels
Kim HT, Bang KH
930 - 939 An experimental investigation of dynamic ice accretion process on a wind turbine airfoil model considering various icing conditions
Gao LY, Liu Y, Hu H
940 - 950 A study of pool boiling and falling-film vaporization with R-245fa/oil mixtures on horizontal tubes
Chien LH, Tsai YL, Chang CH
951 - 958 Radiative thermal conduction of molten tin sulfide estimated from its optical emission spectrum
Zhao Y, Allanore A
959 - 967 Entropy optimization in flow of Williamson nanofluid in the presence of chemical reaction and Joule heating
Khan MI, Qayyum S, Hayat T, Khan MI, Alsaedi A
968 - 975 On the importance of heat and mass transfer coupling for the characterization of hygroscopic insulation materials
Perre P, Challansonnex A, Colin J
976 - 985 Pore-scale prediction of the effective mass diffusivity of heterogeneous shale structure using the lattice Boltzmann method
Yin Y, Qu ZG, Zhang JF
986 - 993 Implementing continuous freeze-casting by separated control of thermal gradient and solidification rate
Zheng T, Li JJ, Wang LL, Wang ZJ, Wang JC
994 - 1007 A supplementary analytical model for the stagnant effective thermal conductivity of low porosity granular geomaterials
Chu ZX, Zhou GQ, Wang YJ, Zhao XD, Mo PQ
1008 - 1018 Radiative characteristics of Voronoi open-cell foams made from semitransparent media
Li Y, Xia XL, Sun C, Ai Q, Tan HP
1019 - 1025 Optofluidic control using light illuminated plasmonic nanostructure as microvalve
Ren YT, Qi H, Chen Q, Li Y, Ruan LM
1026 - 1040 Investigation of gas and particle radiation modelling in wet oxy-coal combustion atmospheres
Kez V, Consalvi JL, Liu FS, Gronarz T, Strohle J, Kneer R, Epple B
1041 - 1051 Experimental study of transient thermal characteristics of nanofluid in a minichannel heat sink with MEPCM layer in its ceiling
Ho CJ, Liao JC, Yan WM, Amani M
1052 - 1064 An efficient segregated algorithm for two-dimensional incompressible fluid flow and heat transfer problems with unstructured grids
Li J, Zhang Q, Zhai ZQ
1065 - 1073 Numerical study on stagger Koch fractal baffles micromixer
Zhang S, Chen XY, Wu ZL, Zheng Y
1074 - 1085 Frequency-domain energy transport state-resolved Raman for measuring the thermal conductivity of suspended nm-thick MoSe2
Zobeiri H, Wang RD, Wang TY, Lin H, Deng C, Wang XW
1086 - 1098 A dissipative particle dynamics two-component nanofluid heat transfer model: Application to natural convection
Abu-Nada E, Pop I, Mahian O
1099 - 1109 Cavitation reduction of a flapper-nozzle pilot valve using continuous microjets
Yang H, Wang W, Lu KQ, Chen ZF
1110 - 1120 A combined experimental and numerical investigation of flow dynamic in a methane reformer filled with alpha-Al2O3-supported catalyst
Pashchenko D
1121 - 1133 Irreversibility characterization and analysis of coupled heat and mass transfer processes in an absorption system
Zhang XY, Wu JD, Li Z
1134 - 1144 High resolution cooling effectiveness reconstruction of transpiration cooling using convolution modeling method
Yang L, Min Z, Yue TW, Rao Y, Chyu MK
1145 - 1153 Modeling of thermoelectric generators with effects of side surface heat convection and temperature dependence of material properties
Wang P, Wang KF, Wang BL, Cui YJ
1154 - 1164 Self-assembled liquid bridge confined boiling on nanoengineered surfaces
Foulkes T, Oh J, Pilawa-Podgurski R, Miljkovic N
1165 - 1175 Performance of continuous helical baffled heat exchanger with varying elliptical tube layouts
Du TT, Chen Q, Du WJ, Cheng L
1176 - 1195 Multi-scale thermal response modeling of an AVCOAT-like thermal protection material
Sawant SS, Rao P, Harpale A, Chew HB, Levin DA
1196 - 1218 Aero-thermal behavior and performance optimization of rectangular finned elliptical heat exchangers with different tube arrangements
Zhao LP, Wang B, Wang RJ, Yang ZG
1219 - 1229 Realizing highly coordinated, rapid and sustainable nucleate boiling in microchannels on HFE-7100
Ma JX, Li WM, Ren CC, Khan JA, Li C
1230 - 1239 Performance of convective polymerase chain reaction by doubling time
Shu JI, Baysal O, Qian SZ, Qiu XB, Wang FH
1240 - 1250 An anisotropic lattice Boltzmann - Phase field scheme for numerical simulations of dendritic growth with melt convection
Sun DK, Xing H, Dong XL, Han YS