International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol.132 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0017-9310 (Print) 

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1 - 10 A 3D discrete element-finite difference coupling model for predicting the effective thermal conductivity of metal powder beds
Zhang H, Zhao YZ, Wang F, Li DC
11 - 24 Dual steady flow solutions of heat and pollutant removal from a slot ventilated welding enclosure containing a bottom heating source
Zhang DD, Cai Y, Liu D, Zhao FY, Li YG
25 - 33 Design of Cassie-wetting nucleation sites in pool boiling
Liu Y, Tang JQ, Li LX, Shek YN, Xu DY
34 - 51 Heat transport for evaporating droplets on superhydrophilic, thin, nanoporous layers
Wemp CK, Carey VP
52 - 67 Dropwise condensation heat transfer on superhydrophilic-hydrophobic network hybrid surface
Ji XB, Zhou DD, Dai C, Xu JL
68 - 79 Computational examination of two-phase microchannel heat transfer correlations with conjugate heat spreading
Burk BE, Grumstrup TP, Bevis TA, Kotovsky J, Bandhauer TM
80 - 95 Effect of micro-roughness shapes on jet impingement heat transfer and fin-effectiveness
Singh P, Zhang MY, Ahmed S, Ramakrishnan KR, Ekkad S
96 - 106 Wave-wise falling film in liquid desiccant dehumidification systems: Model development and time-series parameter analysis
Qi RH, Dong CS, Zhang LZ
107 - 117 A modified heat transfer correlation for flow boiling in small channels based on the boundary layer theory
Zhang Y, Tan HB, Li YZ, Shan SY, Liu YM
118 - 129 Multi-fidelity model based optimization of shaped film cooling hole and experimental validation
Zhang H, Li YF, Chen ZY, Su XR, Yuan X
130 - 137 Experimental investigation on the sputtering and micro-explosion of emulsion fuel droplets during impact on a heated surface
Cen CZ, Wu H, Lee CF, Fan LJ, Liu FS
138 - 142 Heat transfer and hydrodynamics of air assisted free water jet impingement at low nozzle-to-surface distances
Glaspell AW, Rouse VJ, Friedrich BK, Choo K
143 - 153 A theoretical study of molten pool behavior and humping formation in full penetration high-speed gas tungsten arc welding
Meng XM, Qin GL
154 - 161 Effect of halloysite nanotubes on shape stabilities of polyethylene glycol-based composite phase change materials
Thanakkasaranee S, Seo J
162 - 171 On the energy harvesting and heat transfer ability of a ferro-nanofluid oscillating heat pipe
Monroe JG, Kumari S, Fairley JD, Walters KB, Berg MJ, Thompson SM
172 - 183 Nucleate pool boiling of R-245fa at low saturation temperatures for hydrogen precooling applications
Moreno G, Kekelia B, Sitaraman H, Narumanchi S, Bennion K
184 - 193 Accurate and inexpensive thermal time-of-flight sensor for measuring refrigerant flow in minichannels
Mahvi AJ, El Fil B, Garimella S
194 - 208 An enhanced evaporator model for working fluid phase length prediction, validated with experimental thermal imaging data
Rathod D, Belwariar U, Xu B, Hoffman M
209 - 220 An improved DNB-type critical heat flux prediction model for flow boiling at subcritical pressures in vertical rifled tube
Xie HY, Yang D, Wang WY, Wan L, Li CM
221 - 237 Role of porosity and solid-to-fluid thermal conductivity ratio on turbulent combined heat and mass transfer in a porous cavity
Carvalho PHS, de Lemos MJS
238 - 248 Heat transfer characteristics of obliquely dispensed evaporating falling films on an elliptic tube
Lee YT, Hong SH, Dang CB, Chien LH, Chang LW, Yang AS
249 - 258 Heat losses associated with the upward flow of air, water, CO2 in geothermal production wells
Phuoc TX, Massoudi M, Wang P, Mckoy ML
259 - 270 Experimental and theoretical study of pool boiling heat transfer and its CHF mechanism on femtosecond laser processed surfaces
Liu B, Liu J, Zhang YH, Wei JJ, Wang WJ
271 - 279 Experiments on skin friction reduction induced by superhydrophobicity and Leidenfrost phenomena in a Taylor-Couette cell
Ayan MS, Entezari M, Chini SF
280 - 287 A first look at the performance of nano-grooved heat pipes
Akkus Y, Nguyen CT, Celebi AT, Beskok A
288 - 292 Single-phase heat transfer of multi-droplet impact on liquid film
Liang GT, Zhang TY, Chen LZ, Chen Y, Shen SG
293 - 300 Investigation of the interfacial heat transfer coefficient of sheet aluminum alloy 5083 in warm stamping process
Zhao KM, Ren DX, Wang B, Chang Y
301 - 308 Flow regimes during condensation from superheated vapor
Xiao JG, Hrnjak P
309 - 321 Design of the structure of battery pack in parallel air-cooled battery thermal management system for cooling efficiency improvement
Chen K, Song MX, Wei W, Wang SF
322 - 330 Translational velocity of a charged oil droplet close to a horizontal solid surface under an applied electric field
Wang CF, Song YX, Pan XX, Li DQ
331 - 346 A DEM-based heat transfer model for the evaluation of effective thermal conductivity of packed beds filled with stagnant fluid: Thermal contact theory and numerical simulation
Chen L, Wang C, Moscardini M, Kamlah M, Liu SL
347 - 361 Characterization of pyrolysis and combustion of rigid poly(vinyl chloride) using two-dimensional modeling
Swann JD, Ding Y, Stoliarov SI
362 - 374 Molecular dynamics simulations on the heat and mass transfer of hypercrosslinked shell structure of phase change nanocapsules as thermal energy storage materials
Liu XJ, Rao ZH
375 - 387 Experimental analysis of the thermohydraulic performance of graphene and silver nanofluids in automotive cooling systems
Contreras EMC, Oliveira GA, Bandarra EP
388 - 393 Experimental investigation on the characteristics of melt jet breakup in water: The importance of surface tension and Rayleigh-Plateau instability
Cheng H, Zhao JY, Wang J
394 - 406 Mixed convection heat transfer correlations in shallow rectangular cavities with single and double-lid driven boundaries
Louaraychi A, Lamsaadi M, Naimi M, El Harfi H, Kaddiri M, Raji A, Hasnaoui M
407 - 419 Experimental investigation on convective heat transfer of ferrofluids inside a pipe under various magnet orientations
Wang J, Li GL, Zhu HX, Luo J, Sunden B
420 - 430 Structural effects in partially-wetting thin evaporating liquid films near the contact line
Setchi A, Chen YQ, Yu JP, Wang H
431 - 442 Development of a novel quasi-3D model to investigate the performance of a falling film dehumidifier with CFD technology
Wen T, Luo YM, He WF, Gang WJ, Sheng LY
443 - 461 Fluid flow, heat transfer and entropy generation analyses of turbulent forced convection through isotropic porous media using RANS models
Torabi M, Torabi M, Yazdi ME, Peterson GP
462 - 472 Improved wettability of graphene nanoplatelets (GNP)/copper porous coatings for dramatic improvements in pool boiling heat transfer
Rishi AM, Kandlikar SG, Gupta A
473 - 483 CVFEM analysis for Fe3O4-H2O nanofluid in an annulus subject to thermal radiation
Dogonchi AS, Waqas M, Seyyedi SM, Hashemi-Tilehnoee M, Ganji DD
484 - 497 Investigation on three mixing enhancement strategies in transverse gaseous injection flow fields: A numerical study
Li LQ, Huang W, Fang M, Shi YL, Li ZH, Peng AP
498 - 507 Analytical investigation on homogeneous nucleation of bi-component fuels
Xi X, Liu H, Cai C, Jia M, Yin HC
508 - 518 Effect of inclination on heat transfer coefficient during flow boiling in a mini-channel
Layssac T, Lips S, Revellin R
519 - 528 Lattice Boltzmann equation for mass transfer in multi solvent systems
Lu JH, Lei HY, Dai CS
529 - 538 Mathematical model of injection of liquid carbon dioxide in a reservoir saturated with methane and its hydrate
Khasanov MK, Stolpovsky MV, Gimaltdinov IK
539 - 549 A low-Mach methodology for efficient direct numerical simulations of variable property thermally driven flows
Demou AD, Frantzis C, Grigoriadis DGE
550 - 556 Ledinegg instability-induced temperature excursion between thermally isolated, heated parallel microchannels
Kingston TA, Weibel JA, Garimella SV
557 - 564 Heat transfer enhancement in a loop thermosyphon using nanoparticles/water nanofluid
Kiseev V, Sazhin O
565 - 576 A numerical study on the buoyancy effect around slanted-pin fins mounted on a vertical plate (Part-II: Laminar mixed convection)
Oh YW, Choi YS, Ha MY, Min JK
577 - 586 Discovering the active subspace for efficient UQ of molecular dynamics simulations of phonon transport in silicon
Vohra M, Mahadevan S
587 - 592 Analysis of the ideal gas flow over body of basic geometrical shape
Ryzhkov SV, Kuzenov VV
593 - 605 Experimental study on distribution parameter characteristics in vertical rod bundles
Ye TP, Pan LM, Ren QY, Zhou WX, Zhong T
606 - 617 Distribution of gas-liquid two-phase slug flow in parallel micro-channels with different branch spacing
Liu YC, Wang SF
618 - 630 Experimental investigation of liquid nitrogen cavitating flows in converging-diverging nozzle with special emphasis on thermal transition
Chen TR, Chen H, Liang WD, Huang B, Xiang L
631 - 642 Experimental and numerical investigation on shell-side performance of a double shell-pass rod baffle heat exchanger
Wang XT, Liang YM, Sun Y, Liu ZC, Liu W
643 - 654 Comparison of steady and transient flow boiling critical heat flux for FeCrAl accident tolerant fuel cladding alloy, Zircaloy, and Inconel
Lee SK, Liu ML, Brown NR, Terrani KA, Blandford ED, Ban H, Jensen CB, Lee Y
655 - 661 Steady secondary flow in a turbulent mixing layer
Zametaev VB, Gorbushin AR, Lipatov II
662 - 670 Experimental investigation on pressure oscillations of steam jet condensation through multi-holes
Zhao QB, Chen WX, Wang LT, Chong DT, Yan JJ
671 - 680 New retrofit method to improve the thermal performance of natural draft wet cooling towers based on the reconstruction of the aerodynamic field
Chen XH, Sun FZ, Chen YL, Gao M
681 - 688 A reduction of thermal conductivity of non-periodic Si/Ge superlattice nanowire: Molecular dynamics simulation
Zhang CW, Zhou H, Zeng Y, Zheng L, Zhan YL, Bi KD
689 - 698 Numerical investigation of wafer drying induced by the thermal Marangoni effect
Li CK, Zhao DW, Wen JL, Lu XC
699 - 714 Correlations for prediction of the bubble departure radius on smooth flat surface during nucleate pool boiling
Wang XL, Wu Z, Wei JJ, Sunden B
715 - 722 Heat transfer methodology of microreactor based on Bandelet finite element method
Zhao B, Ren Y, Gao DK, Xu LZ, Zhang YY
723 - 730 Estimation of the time-dependent convective boundary condition in a horizontal pipe with thermal stratification based on inverse heat conduction problem
Han WW, Chen HB, Lu T
731 - 744 A numerical study on the buoyancy effect around slanted-pin fins mounted on a vertical plate (Part-I: Laminar natural convection)
Oh YW, Choi YS, Ha MY, Min JK
745 - 761 Mass transfer from a soluble wall into gas-liquid slug flow in a capillary tube
Silva MCF, Campos JBLM, Araujo JDP
762 - 771 A simplified method for calculating the heat rejection from a rectangle droplet sheet
Zeng C, Tan SC, Qiao SX, Zhao FL, Meng T
772 - 781 Enhancement of pool boiling heat transfer in water on aluminum surface with high temperature conductive microporous coating
Godinez JC, Fadda D, Lee J, You SM
782 - 788 Onset of buoyancy driven convection in an inclined porous layer with an isobaric boundary
Celli M, Barletta A
789 - 801 The effect of acoustic wave on the stability of stationary convective flow of binary fluid in a horizontal layer subjected to horizontal temperature and concentration gradients
Lyubimova TP, Skuridin RV
802 - 816 Flow regime identification and classification based on void fraction and differential pressure of vertical two-phase flow in rectangular channel
Chalgeri VS, Jeong JH
817 - 824 Development of vacuum impregnation equipment and preparation of mass/uniform shape-stabilized phase change materials
Chang SJ, Wi S, Lee J, Kim S
825 - 836 Assessment of laminar-turbulent transition models for Hypersonic Inflatable Aerodynamic Decelerator aeroshell in convection heat transfer
Zhao YT, Yan C, Liu HK, Qin YP
837 - 847 In-line tube-bank heat exchangers: Arrays with various numbers of thermally participating tubes
Gorman JM, Sparrow EM, Ahn J
848 - 860 Criteria of pressure and thermal damage during laser irradiation of port wine stains: Which is dominant to vascular lesions?
Jia H, Chen B, Li D
861 - 870 Laser cooling arc plasma effect in laser-arc hybrid welding of 316L stainless steel
Mu ZY, Chen X, Zheng ZC, Huang AG, Pang SY
871 - 885 Vortex dynamics and heat transfer of longitudinal vortex generators in a rectangular channel
Ke ZQ, Chen CL, Li KJ, Wang S, Chen CH
871 - 885 Vortex dynamics and heat transfer of longitudinal vortex generators in a rectangular channel
Me ZQ, Chen CL, Li KJ, Wang S, Chen CH
886 - 905 Numerical simulations of nucleate boiling and film condensation heat transfer in a fixed-volume chamber in microgravity
Aktinol E, Dhir VK, Jaeger T, Mirczak W
906 - 919 Lattice Boltzmann advection-diffusion model for conjugate heat transfer in heterogeneous media
Hosseini SA, Darabiha N, Thevenin D
920 - 928 Thermal performance investigation of an oscillating heat pipe with external expansion structure used for thermal energy recovery and storage
Zhao JT, Jiang W, Rao ZH
929 - 938 CHF experiments on the influence of inclination and gap size
Ohk SM, Park HK, Chung BJ
939 - 943 Particle-particle heat transfer in thermal DEM: Three competing models and a new equation
Tsotsas E
944 - 951 An experimental study on the thermal performance of cellulose-graphene-based thermal interface materials
Jeon D, Kim SH, Choi W, Byon C
952 - 960 Heat transfer mechanisms of single droplet impacting onto flowing film
Hou Y, Jie PF, Wang HG
961 - 969 Large Eddy Simulation of a single-started helically ribbed tube with heat transfer
Campet R, Zhu MQ, Riber E, Cuenot B, Nemri M
970 - 984 The influence of peripheral u-cut twisted tapes and ring inserts on the heat transfer and pressure drop characteristics in the transitional flow regime
Abolarin SM, Everts M, Meyer JP
985 - 996 Experimental investigation on flow condensation heat transfer and pressure drop of nitrogen in horizontal tubes
Qi C, Chen XT, Wang W, Miao JY, Zhang HX
997 - 1003 Thermal diffusion of aqueous solution of acetylated dextran: The effect of hydrophobicity using optical beam deflection technique
Dueramae I, Yoneyama M, Shinyashiki N, Yagihara S, Kita R
1004 - 1017 Importance of microstructural evolution on prediction accuracy of microsegregation in Al-Cu and Fe-Mn alloys
Ohno M, Yamashita M, Matsuura K
1018 - 1028 Phenomenological correlations for two phase heat transfer and pressure drop performance of electrohydrodynamic horizontal convective boiling of dielectric fluids
Nangle-Smith S, Cotton JS
1029 - 1052 Kinetic simulations of laser-induced plume expansion into a background gas under conditions of spatial confinement
Palya A, Ranjbar OA, Lin Z, Volkov AN
1053 - 1061 Experimental and LBM simulation study on the effect of bubbles merging on flow boiling
Wang J, Cheng Y, Li XB, Li FC
1062 - 1073 Flow patterns and plug/slug flow characteristic of R134a in a 0.643 mm microchannel tube
Li HP, Hrnjak P
1074 - 1086 Mass transfer in ducts with transpiring walls
Ciofalo M, Di Liberto M, Gurreri L, La Cerva M, Scelsi L, Micale G
1087 - 1104 Investigation of MHD natural convection in a porous media by double MRT lattice Boltzmann method utilizing MWCNT-Fe3O4/water hybrid nanofluid
Sajjadi H, Delouei AA, Izadi M, Mohebbi R
1105 - 1115 Reduction in the contact time of impacting droplets by decorating a rectangular ridge on superhydrophobic surfaces
Lin DJ, Wang L, Wang XD, Yan WM
1116 - 1125 Experimental investigation on pre-heating technology of coal water slurry with different concentration in shell-and-tube heat exchangers with ladder-type fold baffles
Xiao J, Wang SM, Ye SP, Wang JR, Wen J, Tu JY
1126 - 1136 Experimental study on natural circulation flow instability in parallel boiling channels under low pressure
Cheng K, Meng T, Tan SC, Liu Z
1137 - 1151 Enhanced film cooling performance of a row of cylindrical holes embedded in the saw tooth slot
Li GC, Yang P, Zhang W, Wu Z, Kou ZH
1152 - 1165 Mean temperature calculations in a turbulent channel flow for air and mercury
Abe H, Antonia RA
1166 - 1175 Zero mass flux characteristics in Jeffery nanoliquid flow by a non-linear stretchable surface with variable thickness
Ahmad I, Zafar H, Kiyani MZ, Farooq S
1176 - 1186 Numerical investigation of bubble dynamics and heat transfer in subcooling pool boiling under low gravity
Yi TH, Lei ZS, Zhao JF
1187 - 1199 Numerical analysis of flow and conjugate heat transfer for supercritical CO2 and liquid sodium in square microchannels
Khalesi J, Sarunac N
1200 - 1216 On trade-off for dispersion stability and thermal transport of Cu-Al2O3 hybrid nanofluid for various mixing ratios
Siddiqui FR, Tso CY, Chan KC, Fu SC, Chao CYH
1217 - 1230 The role of clusters on heat transfer in sedimenting gas-solid flows
Guo L, Capecelatro J
1231 - 1238 Effect of magnetic field on natural convection inside a partially-heated vertical duct: Experimental study
Kaneda M, Nazato K, Fujiwara H, Wada K, Suga K
1239 - 1249 Experimental evaluation of thermal radiation effects on natural convection with a Rayleigh number of 10(8)-10(9) by using an interferometer
Kogawa T, Shoji E, Okajima J, Komiya A, Maruyama S
1250 - 1261 Multi-objective heat transfer optimization of 2D helical micro-fins using NSGA-II
Mann GW, Eckels S
1262 - 1276 Improved heat transfer modeling of the top of aluminum electrolysis cells
Allard F, Desilets M, LeBreux M, Blais A
1277 - 1283 Effects of wettability on explosive boiling of nanoscale liquid films: Whether the classical nucleation theory fails or not?
Wang YH, Wang SY, Lu G, Wang XD
1284 - 1295 Synthesis of boron nitride microrods with fish-scale-like structures for enhanced thermal conductivity of water
Han WF, Ge CH, Zhang R, Zhang XD
1296 - 1305 Diffusion limited evaporation of a binary liquid film
Chatwell RS, Heinen M, Vrabec J
1306 - 1318 Experimental investigation of two-phase flow and heat transfer performance in a cooling gallery under forced oscillation
Yu XL, Yi D, Huang YQ, Lu YJ, Roskilly AP
1319 - 1321 Comments on heat and mass transfer characteristics of steam in a horizontal wellbore with multi-point injection technique considering wellbore stock liquid [International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 127 (2018) 949-958]
Sun FR, Yao YD, Li GZ