International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol.130 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0017-9310 (Print) 

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1 - 8 Modeling a thermoplate conical heat exchanger in a point focus solar thermal collector
Khalil I, Pratt Q, Spitler C, Codd D
9 - 24 Experimental study on fluid flow and heat transfer characteristics of falling film over tube bundle
Yan WM, Pan CW, Yang TF, Ghalambaz M
25 - 32 Sorption rate enhancement in SAPO-34 zeolite by directed mass transfer channels
Ammann J, Michel B, Studart AR, Ruch PW
33 - 41 Structural optimization of lithium-ion battery for improving thermal performance based on a liquid cooling system
Shang ZZ, Qi HZ, Liu XT, Ouyang CZ, Wang YS
42 - 49 Numerical simulation of equivalent heat source temperature field of asymmetrical fillet root welds
Yue JF, Dong XT, Guo R, Liu WJ, Li LY
50 - 59 Numerical investigation on flashing jet behaviors of single-hole GDI injector
Guo HJ, Li YF, Wang B, Zhang HQ, Xu HM
60 - 71 Investigation of the CHF correlation for a narrow rectangular channel under a downward flow condition
Kim H, Bak J, Jeong J, Park J, Yun B
72 - 82 Development and investigation on the dehumidification and corrosion resistance performance of a new mixed liquid desiccant
Wen T, Lu L, Nie YD, Zhong H
83 - 97 Numerical investigation of laminar compressible natural convection flow in asymmetrically and isothermally heated open-ended inclined channel
Talukdar D, Li CG, Tsubokura M
98 - 108 Thermal and hydraulic properties of sphere packings using a novel lattice Boltzmann model
Oshtorjani MK, Jalali P
109 - 122 A novel space-time meshless method for solving the backward heat conduction problem
Ku CY, Liu CY, Yeih WC, Liu CS, Fan CM
123 - 134 Numerical study of MHD nanofluid natural convection in a baffled U-shaped enclosure
Ma Y, Mohebbi R, Rashidi MM, Yang ZG, Sheremet MA
135 - 140 Investigating effect of wind speeds on structural firebrand generation in laboratory scale experiments
Suzuki S, Manzello SL
141 - 161 Air cooled heat sink geometries subjected to forced flow: A critical review
Khattak Z, Ali HM
162 - 174 An experimental study on the thermal and hydraulic characteristics of open-cell nickel and copper foams for compact heat exchangers
Kim DY, Kim KC
175 - 186 Numerical study on oil temperature field during long storage in large floating roof tank
Li W, Shao QQ, Liang J
187 - 203 Experimental study on the hydrodynamic behavior of gas-liquid air-water two-phase flow near the transition to slug flow in horizontal pipes
Deendarlianto, Rahmandhika A, Widyatama A, Dinaryanto O, Widyaparaga A, Indarto
204 - 214 Effect of the misorientation angle and anisotropy strength on the initial planar instability dynamics during solidification in a molten pool
Yu FY, Ji YZ, Wei YH, Chen LQ
215 - 229 Fixed grid numerical modelling of frost growth and densification
Bartrons E, Galione PA, Perez-Segarra CD
230 - 239 Resuspension of deposited nanoparticles during pool boiling
Lin LN, Chang Z, Ding GL
240 - 251 Combined flow and heat transfer measurements of backward facing step flows under periodic perturbation
Li ZY, Guo S, Bai HL, Gao N
252 - 265 Prediction of interfacial area concentration in a small diameter round pipe
Wang GY, Zhu QZ, Dang ZR, Yang XH, Ishii M
266 - 273 The effect of flow distribution on mass transfer of gas-liquid two-phase flow in two parallelized microchannels in a microfluidic loop
Guo RW, Fu TT, Zhu CY, Yin YR, Ma YG
274 - 281 Heat transfer characteristics of Taylor vortex flow with shear-thinning fluids
Masuda H, Shimoyamada M, Ohmura N
282 - 289 Evaluation of surface roughness and frost retardancy of a glass fiber/unsaturated polyester composite
Kim JH, Kwon DJ, Shin PS, Baek YM, Park HS, DeVries KL, Park JM
290 - 303 Towards the accurate prediction of the turbulent flow and heat transfer in low-Prandtl fluids
Shams A, De Santis A
304 - 319 Experimental investigation of supercritical carbon dioxide in horizontal microchannels with non-uniform heat flux boundary conditions
Jajja SA, Zada KR, Fronk BM
320 - 332 Heat transfer by natural convection of Fe3O4-water nanofluid in an annulus between a wavy circular cylinder and a rhombus
Dogonchi AS, Hashim
333 - 341 Numerical investigation on the application of elliptical tubes in a spiral-wound heat exchanger used in LNG plant
Jian GP, Wang SM, Sun LJ, Wen J
342 - 355 Radiative transfer analysis of semitransparent medium with particles having non-uniform size distribution by differential-integration method
Wang FQ, Wang H, Gong DY, Cheng ZM, Ma LX
356 - 367 Thermal-hydraulic performance of printed circuit heat exchangers with zigzag flow channels
Chen MH, Sun XD, Christensen RN
368 - 374 Thermal transport in semiconductor nanotubes
Malhotra A, Maldovan M
375 - 385 Numerical optimization on microchannel flow and heat transfer performance based on field synergy principle
Li F, Zhu WH, He H
386 - 392 Scaling analysis of ice melting during burning of oil in ice-infested waters
Farahani HF, Torero JL, Jomaas G, Rangwala AS
393 - 419 Progress of constructal theory in China over the past decade
Chen LE, Feng HJ, Xie ZH, Sun FR
420 - 430 Effects of nanoparticle adsorption on heat transfer in random pin-based microchannel heat sinks
Zargartalebi M, Azaiez J
431 - 439 Experimental and numerical investigations on the effect of alkaline hornification on the hydrothermal ageing of Agave natural fiber chalk for composites
Jain D, Kamboj I, Bera TK, Kang AS, Singla RK
440 - 454 Numerical study of boiling around wires and influence of active or passive neighbours on vapour film dynamics
Saha A, Das AK
455 - 459 Simulation analysis of carrying capacity of tunnel cable in different laying ways
Xu XM, Yuan QQ, Sun XD, Hu DH, Wang J
460 - 468 Numerical simulation of pool boiling with special heated surfaces
Wang JS, Diao MZ, Liu XL
469 - 482 Temperature-responsive thermal metamaterials enabled by modular design of thermally tunable unit cells
Kang S, Cha J, Seo K, Kim S, Cha Y, Lee H, Park J, Choi W
483 - 495 Turbulent thermal-hydraulic and thermodynamic characteristics in a traverse corrugated tube fitted with twin and triple wire coils
Hong YX, Du J, Wang SF, Ye WB, Huang SM
496 - 513 The role of surface tension and viscosity of the coolant on spray cooling performance of red-hot inclined steel plate
Lily, Munshi B, Barik K, Mohapatra SS
514 - 522 Experimental study of critical heat flux in flow boiling under subatmospheric pressure in a vertical square channel
Colgan N, Bottini JL, Martinez-Cuenca R, Brooks CS
523 - 531 Jets of boiling-up water injected by a short slit nozzle
Reshetnikov AV, Busov KA, Mazheiko NA, Skokov VN
532 - 544 Evaluation and optimization of thermal performance for a finned double tube latent heat thermal energy storage
Deng SX, Nie CD, Jiang HJ, Ye WB
545 - 554 Exergy transfer characteristics analysis of turbulent heat transfer enhancement in surfactant solution
Hara S, Maxson AJ, Kawaguchi Y
555 - 563 Large-scale multi-phase simulation of proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Zhang GB, Xie X, Xie BA, Du Q, Jiao K
564 - 574 Natural convection of Al2O3/H2O nanofluid in a cavity with a heat-generating element. Heatline visualization
Bondarenko DS, Sheremet MA, Oztop HF, Ali ME
575 - 584 Flow and heat transfer measurements in natural convection in coarse-grained porous media
Ataei-Dadavi I, Chakkingal M, Kenjeres S, Kleijn CR, Tummers MJ
585 - 602 Thermal performance of blade tip and casing coolant injection on a turbine blade with cavity and winglet-cavity tip
Zhou ZH, Chen SW, Li WH, Wang ST
603 - 612 Enhancement of condensation heat transfer in the presence of non-condensable gas using steam jet method
Ji DY, Kim D, Lee KY
613 - 639 Optimum insulation design for buried utilities subject to frost action in cold regions using the Nelder-Mead algorithm
Liu HW, Maghoul P, Shalaby A
640 - 649 Enhancement of heat transfer via corona discharge by using needle-mesh and needle-fin electrodes
Feng J, Wang CH, Liu QM, Wu CL
650 - 659 A novel approach for heat transfer enhancement in composite fins
Buffone C
660 - 667 Development of a microfluidic device with precise on-chip temperature control by integrated cooling and heating components for single updates cell-based analysis
Peng J, Fang CF, Ren S, Pan JJ, Jia YD, Shu ZQ, Gao DY
668 - 679 Investigation on the transient pressure response of water injector coupling the dynamic flow behaviors in the wellbore, waterflood-induced fracture and reservoir: Semi-analytical modeling and a field case
Wang Y, Cheng SQ, Zhang KD, Ayala LF
680 - 692 Multiphase SPH modeling of water boiling on hydrophilic and hydrophobic surfaces
Xiong HB, Zhang CY, Yu ZS
693 - 699 Influence of gas compressibility on gas flow through bed of granular phase change material
Lutsenko NA, Fetsov SS
700 - 709 Lattice Boltzmann method-based large-eddy simulation of indoor isothermal airflow
Han MT, Ooka R, Kikumoto H
710 - 721 Experimental investigation of nanoparticles concentration, boiler temperature and flow rate on flow boiling of zinc bromide and acetone solution in a rectangular duct
Mohammed HI, Giddings D, Walker GS
722 - 732 An inverse optimization of convection heat transfer in rectangle channels with ribbed surface based on the extremum principle of entransy dissipation
Min CH, Yang XG, Wang K, Yuan YW, Xie LY
733 - 739 Plain correlation asymptotes to predict the center and mean temperatures and total heat transfer in simple solid objects with uniform surface temperature at limiting small-time conditions
Campo A, Sieres J, Masip-Macia Y
740 - 746 Constructal design for disc-shaped heat exchanger with maximum thermal efficiency
Feng HJ, Chen LG, Xia SJ
747 - 756 Mesoscopic prediction on the effective thermal conductivity of unsaturated clayey soils with double porosity system
Zhou YK, Yan CH, Tang AM, Duan CL, Dong SS
757 - 777 Performance comparison between counter- and cross-flow indirect evaporative coolers for heat recovery in air conditioning systems in the presence of condensation in the product air channels
Pandelidis D, Cichon A, Pacak A, Anisimov S, Drag P
778 - 786 Flow resistance and convective heat transfer performances of airflow through helical-tube bundles
Wen J, Fu YC, Bao XD, Liu YL, Xu GQ
787 - 796 Effects of vertical, horizontal and rotational magnetic fields on convection in an electromagnetically levitated droplet
Feng L, Shi WY, Shoji E, Kubo M, Tsukada T
797 - 812 Mathematical analysis of the solidification behavior of multi-component alloy steel based on the heat- and solute-transfer equations in the liquid-solid zone
Fujimura T, Takeshita K, Suzuki RO
813 - 820 Electroviscous effect on pressure driven flow and related heat transfer in microchannels with surface chemical reaction
Mo XB, Hu XG
821 - 830 Heat transfer of the MHD nanofluid in porous microtubes under the electrokinetic effects
Zhao GP, Wang ZQ, Jian YJ
831 - 842 Effect of nucleation time on freezing morphology and type of a water droplet impacting onto cold substrate
Wang LP, Kong WL, Wang FX, Liu H
843 - 856 Numerical investigation on mixing performance in rod bundle with spacer grid based on anisotropic turbulent mixing model
Li X, Chen DQ, Hu L
857 - 861 Lattice Boltzmann modeling and experimental study of water droplet spreading on wedge-shaped pattern surface
Zhang XY, Huang MY, Ji Q, Luo XB
862 - 873 Analytical study of the magnetohydrodynamic natural convection of a nanofluid filled horizontal shallow cavity with internal heat generation
Benos L, Sarris IE
874 - 881 Steady-state measurements of thermal transport across highly conductive interfaces
Warzoha RJ, Boteler L, Smith AN, Getto E, Donovan BF
882 - 892 Application of a non-stationary method in determination of the thermal properties of radiation shielding concrete with heavy and hydrous aggregate
Jaskulski R, Glinicki MA, Kubissa W, Dabrowski M
893 - 900 A flow regime map for condensation in macro and micro tubes with non-equilibrium effects taken into account
Xiao JG, Hrnjak P
901 - 911 Influences of dryout parameters on dryout and post-dryout heat transfer
Shi JX, Sun BZ, Chen YT, Yu X, Li YJ
912 - 922 Novel heat pipe radiator for vertical CPU cooling and its experimental study
Xiahou G, Zhang JJ, Ma R, Liu YP
923 - 937 Prediction of gas transport properties through fibrous carbon preform microstructures using Direct Simulation Monte Carlo
Jambunathan R, Levin DA, Borner A, Ferguson JC, Panerai F
938 - 945 Characteristics of phase-change heat transfer in a capillary evaporator based on microscale infrared/visible observation
Odagiri K, Nagano H
946 - 959 Vortical flow patterns by the cooperative effect of convective and conductive heat transfers in particle-dispersed natural convection
Gu JC, Takeuchi S, Fukada T, Kajishima T
960 - 967 Evaluation of one-dimensional freezing behavior for ice-rich sandy soil
Go GH, Lee J, Shin HS, Ryu BH, Jin HW, Kim DW
968 - 977 Volumetric mass transfer coefficient in the fermenter agitated by Rushton turbines of various diameters in coalescent batch
Petricek R, Moucha T, Kracik T, Rejl FJ, Valenz L, Haidl J
978 - 988 A novel method to measure thermal conductivity of nanofluids
Xu GQ, Fu J, Dong BS, Quan YK, Song G
989 - 1003 Effects of screw pitches and rotation angles on flow and heat transfer characteristics of nanofluids in spiral tubes
Zhai XF, Qi C, Pan YH, Luo T, Liang L
1004 - 1015 Filmwise condensation of steam on sinusoidal pin fin arrays: Effects of fin height and fin pitch
Ho JY, Leong KC, Wong TN
1016 - 1031 Numerical modeling of hot gas ingestion into the rotor-stator disk cavities of a subscale 1.5-stage axial gas turbine
Ghasemian M, Princevac M, Kim YW, Hamm HD
1032 - 1044 Effect of Al2O3 nanoparticles on laminar, transient and turbulent flow of isopropyl alcohol
Nikulin A, Moita AS, Moreira ALN, Murshed SMS, Huminic A, Grosu Y, Faik A, Nieto-Maestre J, Khliyeva O
1045 - 1052 Prediction of oil-water relative permeability with a fractal method in ultra-high water cut stage
Guan C, Hu WR, Li YQ, Ma RC, Ma ZL
1053 - 1069 Forced convection for flow across two tandem cylinders with rounded corners in a channel
Zhang W, Chen XP, Yang H, Liang H, Wei YK
1070 - 1074 Comparison on the hydraulic and thermal performances of two tree-like channel networks with different size constraints
Jing DL, Song J
1075 - 1086 Thermal conductivity model of open-cell foam suitable for wide span of porosities
Wu DX, Huang CL
1087 - 1095 Experimental investigation of condensation pressure drop of R134a in smooth and grooved multiport flat tubes of automotive heat exchanger
Ammar SM, Abbas N, Abbas S, Ali HM, Hussain I, Janjua MM
1096 - 1107 Analysis of droplet dynamic behavior and condensation heat transfer characteristics on rectangular microgrooved surface with CuO nanostructures
Peng Q, Jia L, Dang C, An ZJ, Zhang YX, Yin LF
1108 - 1119 Embedded cooling with 3D manifold for vehicle power electronics application: Single-phase thermal-fluid performance
Jung KW, Kharangate CR, Lee H, Palko J, Zhou F, Asheghi M, Dede EM, Goodson KE
1120 - 1132 Solid-liquid phase-change thermal storage and release behaviors in a rectangular cavity under the impacts of mushy region and low gravity
Hong YX, Ye WB, Du J, Huang SM
1133 - 1140 Solar thermal conversion and thermal energy storage of CuO/Paraffin phase change composites
Chen MJ, He YR, Ye Q, Zhang ZD, Hu YW
1141 - 1162 Aiding buoyancy mixed convection flow and thermal features across a periodic array of heated cylinders
Pravesh R, Dhiman A, Bharti RP
1163 - 1169 An experimental study on characterization and properties of nano lubricant containing Cellulose Nanocrystal (CNC)
Awang NW, Ramasamy D, Kadirgama K, Samykano M, Najafi G, Sidik NAC
1170 - 1177 A novel approach to temperature-dependent thermal contact conductance during transient isothermal cooling
Peng ZJ, Chen Y, Feng X
1178 - 1188 Specific absorption rate and temperature elevation in the human head due to overexposure to mobile phone radiation with different usage patterns
Bhargava D, Leeprechanon N, Rattanadecho P, Wessapan T
1189 - 1205 Axisymmetric lattice Boltzmann model for multiphase flows with large density ratio
Liang H, Li Y, Chen JX, Xu JR
1206 - 1225 Thermal conductivity, permeability and reaction characteristic enhancement of ammonia solid sorbents: A review
Jiang L, Roskilly AP
1226 - 1237 Influence of flat endwall simplification in gas turbines on cooling performance
Yao R, Wang JH, Wang M, Wang L
1238 - 1248 Nanoscale heat pipe using surface-diffusion-driven condensate return
Norouzi E, Park C, Hwang G
1249 - 1259 Thermohydraulic characterization of flow boiling in a nanostructured microchannel heat sink with vapor venting manifold
Sharma D, Ghosh DP, Saha SK, Raj R
1260 - 1271 Effect of surface wettability of fins on dust removal by condensate water
Yang YF, Zhuang DW, Ding GL
1272 - 1287 Effect of internal helical-rib roughness on mixed convection flow and heat transfer in heated horizontal pipe flow of supercritical water
Li ZH, Yao YC, Wang QG, Cai JY, Wu YX, Wang H
1288 - 1298 A solid-liquid local thermal non-equilibrium lattice Boltzmann model for heat transfer in nanofluids. Part I: Model development, shear flow and heat conduction in a nanofluid
Wang DM, Cheng P
1299 - 1306 Constructal design of thermochemical energy storage
Malley-Ernewein A, Lorente S
1307 - 1321 Effect of crucible and crystal rotations on the solute distribution in large size sapphire crystals during Czochralski growth
Nguyen TP, Chen JC
1322 - 1342 Heat transfer behavior of nanoparticle enhanced PCM solidification through an enclosure with V shaped fins
Sheikholeslami M, Rizwan-ul Haq, Shafee A, Li ZX
1343 - 1357 Numerical and experimental analysis of a rectangular single-phase natural circulation loop with asymmetric heater position
Seyyedi SM, Sahebi N, Dogonchi AS, Hashemi-Tilehnoee M
1358 - 1365 A solid-liquid local thermal non-equilibrium lattice Boltzmann model for heat transfer in nanofluids. Part II: Natural convection of nanofluids in a square enclosure
Wang DM, Cheng P, Quan XJ
1366 - 1376 An implicit kinetic scheme for multiscale heat transfer problem accounting for phonon dispersion and polarization
Zhang C, Guo ZL, Chen SZ