International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol.129 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0017-9310 (Print) 

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1 - 6 Turbulent molten pool analysis of tandem GMA automotive steel sheet welding
Park K, Jeong H, Baek S, Kim DY, Kang MJ, Cho J
7 - 17 Modeling heat capacity of ionic liquids using group method of data handling: A hybrid and structure-based approach
Rostami A, Hemmati-Sarapardeh A, Karkevandi-Talkhooncheh A, Husein MM, Shamshirband S, Rabczuk T
18 - 27 Characterization of transport limitations in SAPO-34 adsorbent coatings for adsorption heat pumps
Ammann J, Michel B, Ruch PW
28 - 36 A generalized thermal conductivity model for nanoparticle packed bed considering particle deformation
Lin ZZ, Huang CL, Li YS
37 - 46 The coordination distribution analysis on the series schemes of heat exchanger system
Guo JF, Cui XY, Huai XL, Cheng KY, Zhang HY
47 - 58 Experimental investigation on the effects of rotation and the blowing ratio on the leading-edge film cooling of a twist turbine blade
Li HW, Han F, Ma YW, Wang HC, Zhou ZY, Tao Z
59 - 73 Novel designs of charring composites based on pore structure control and evaluation of their thermal protection performance
Li WJ, Jun L, Ge JR
74 - 85 Convective heat transfer in the channel entrance with a square leading edge under forced flow pulsations
Davletshin IA, Mikheev NI, Paereliy AA, Gazizov IM
86 - 95 Dropwise condensation on superhydrophobic nanostructure surface, Part I: Long-term operation and nanostructure failure
Xie J, Xu JL, Li X, Liu H
96 - 102 Heat and mass transfer phenomena due to a rotating non-isothermal wavy disk
Mehmood A, Usman M, Weigand B
103 - 112 Experimental study of forced convective heat transfer in grille-particle composite packed beds
Hu YX, Wang JY, Yang J, Mudawar I, Wang QW
113 - 131 Investigation of flow dynamics and governing mechanism of choked flow for cavitating jet in a poppet valve
Yuan C, Song JC, Liu MH
132 - 143 The influence of hybrid nanofluids on the performances of elliptical tube: Recent research and numerical study
Huminic G, Huminic A
144 - 151 Measuring moisture content in a porous insulation package with finite thickness
Zhang TF, Xu YH, Lin CH, Wei ZG, Wang SG
152 - 159 Experimental characterization and modeling of thermal resistance of electric machine lamination stacks
Cousineau JE, Bennion K, DeVoto D, Narumanchi S
160 - 197 Lattice Boltzmann methods for single-phase and solid-liquid phase-change heat transfer in porous media: A review
He YL, Liu Q, Li Q, Tao WQ
198 - 211 Steady free convection flow within a titled nanofluid saturated porous cavity in the presence of a sloping magnetic field energized by an exothermic chemical reaction administered by Arrhenius kinetics
Rahman MM, Pop I, Saghir MZ
212 - 223 Effects of viscous dissipation on miscible thermo-viscous fingering instability in porous media
Norouzi M, Dorrani S, Shokri H, Beg OA
224 - 237 Natural convection in differentially heated rectangular cavities with time periodic boundary condition on one side
Karatas H, Derbentli T
238 - 254 Numerical analysis of O-2 concentration, gas-zeolite temperatures in two zeolite columns for an oxygen concentrator
Ogawa K, Inagaki Y, Ohno A
255 - 264 A study on capillary actions of power-law fluids in porous fibrous materials via W-M function
Zhu QY, Yang WB, Wang GH, Yu HZ
265 - 277 Corrugated conductive partition effects on MHD free convection of CNT-water nanofluid in a cavity
Selimefendigil F, Oztop HF
278 - 286 Effects of ultrasonic time, size of aggregates and temperature on the stability and viscosity of Cu-ethylene glycol (EG) nanofluids
Li FS, Li L, Zhong GJ, Zhai YL, Li ZH
287 - 298 Comparison and analysis of the arrangement of delta winglet pair vortex generators in a half coiled jacket for heat transfer enhancement
Li YX, Wang X, Zhang J, Zhang L, Wu JH
299 - 309 Axisymmetric lattice Boltzmann simulation of the heat-exchanger method-based sapphire crystal growth
Xu XC, Dai B, Yang L, Han JC, Zhu JQ
310 - 325 Numerical study on condensation heat transfer and pressure drop characteristics of methane upward flow in a spiral pipe under sloshing condition
Li SL, Jiang YQ, Cai WH, Zhang HC, Li FZ
326 - 341 Heat/mass transfer enhancement of an exothermic absorption utilizing a spinning disk reactor
Bangerth S, Tiwari R, Shooshtari A, Ohadi M
342 - 356 Entropy production diagnostic analysis of energy consumption for cavitation flow in a two-stage LNG cryogenic submerged pump
Wang C, Zhang YX, Hou HC, Zhang JY, Xu C
357 - 366 Study on the PCM flat-plate solar collector system with antifreeze characteristics
Zhou F, Ji J, Yuan WQ, Zhao XD, Huang SJ
367 - 379 Temperature and velocity fields inside a hanging droplet of a salt solution at its streamlining by a high-temperature air flow
Misyura SY, Morozov VS, Volkov RS, Vysokomornaya OV
380 - 388 Conduction/radiation combined heat transfer with contact resistance for application to vacuum insulation
Lee J, Song TH
389 - 396 Effect of inertia on double diffusive bidispersive convection
Straughan B
397 - 405 Experimental and numerical studies on molten salt migration in porous system with phase change
Zhang YY, Wu JQ, Wang WL, Ding J, Lu JF
406 - 414 Stability of quasi-equilibrium states and supercritical regimes of thermal vibrational convection of a Williamson fluid in zero gravity conditions
Lyubimova TP, Perminov AV, Kazimardanov MG
415 - 426 Absolute permeability calculations in micro-computed tomography models of sandstones by Navier-Stokes and lattice Boltzmann equations
Zakirov T, Galeev A
427 - 431 Data reduction of average friction factor of gas flow through adiabatic micro-channels
Hong C, Asako Y, Morini GL, Rehman D
432 - 448 Direct numerical simulations of droplet condensation
Orazzo A, Tanguy S
449 - 459 Simulation of thermal field in mass concrete structures with cooling pipes by the localized radial basis function collocation method
Hong YX, Lin J, Chen W
460 - 467 Numerical and experimental investigation of scale formation on steel tubes in a real-size reheating furnace
Landfahrer M, Schluckner C, Prieler R, Gerhardter H, Zmek T, Klarner J, Hochenauer C
468 - 479 Single/multi-objective optimizations on hydraulic and thermal management in micro-channel heat sink with bionic Y-shaped fractal network by genetic algorithm coupled with numerical simulation
Yan YF, Yan HY, Yin SY, Zhang L, Li LX
480 - 490 Numerical investigation on transpiration cooling with coolant phase change under hypersonic conditions
Su H, Wang JH, He F, Chen L, Ai BC
491 - 523 Recent developments in phase change materials for energy storage applications: A review
Nazir H, Batool M, Osorio FJB, Isaza-Ruiz M, Xu XH, Vignarooban K, Phelan P, Inamuddin, Kannan AM
524 - 533 Stability of homogeneous pulsating vertical flow of mixture through horizontal porous layer with solute immobilization
Maryshev BS, Lyubimova TP
534 - 546 Multiplicity of forced convective heat transfer of nanofluids in curved ducts
Liu F, Zhang DX, Cai Y, Qiu ZZ, Zhu QZ, Zhao J, Wang LQ, Tian HD
547 - 561 Flow boiling of R1233zd(E) in a horizontal tube: Experiments, assessment and correlation for asymmetric annular flow
Lillo G, Mastrullo R, Mauro AW, Viscito L
562 - 568 Constructal operation cost minimization for in-line cylindrical pin-fin heat sinks
Yang AB, Chen LE, Xie ZH, Feng HJ, Sun FR
569 - 579 Influence of mainstream flow oscillations on spatio-temporal variation of adiabatic film cooling effectiveness
Zhou WW, Qenawy M, Liu YZ, Wen X, Peng D
580 - 590 Heat transfer characteristics of subcooled water in a hypervapotron under high mass fluxes and high heat fluxes
Zhu G, Bi QC, Yan JG, Wang T, Zhao JL
591 - 598 Measurement and calculation of cryogenic thermal conductivity of HGMs
Wang P, Liao B, An ZG, Yan KQ, Zhang JJ
599 - 609 Study on corner vortex enlarging process of 2D square Rayleigh-Benard cells filled with air in transient states
Zhao JL, Cai WH, Jiang YQ
610 - 617 The influence of thermocapillary effect on the onset of convection in a two-layer system with deformable interface and perfectly conductive boundaries
Lyubimova T, Parshakova Y
618 - 634 Effects of simulated swirl purge flow and mid-passage gap leakage on turbine blade platform cooling and suction surface phantom cooling performance
Zhang KY, Li J, Li ZG, Song LM
635 - 649 Subcooled flow boiling on hydrophilic and super-hydrophilic surfaces in microchannel under different orientations
Li W, Chen ZC, Li JY, Sheng K, Zhu J
650 - 659 Mass transfer characteristics for CO2 absorption in nanoabsorbents
Li LR, Lim HS, Kang YT
660 - 670 Minimization of thermal non-uniformity in lithium-ion battery pack cooled by channeled liquid flow
Zhao CR, Sousa ACM, Jiang FM
671 - 680 Experimental technique for the measurement of temperature generated in deep lunar regolith drilling
Zhang T, Ding XL, Liu ST, Xu K, Guan YS
681 - 689 Heat transfer improvement in microchannel heat sink by topology design and optimization for high heat flux chip cooling
Tan H, Wu LW, Wang MY, Yang ZH, Du PG
690 - 706 A meso-scale analysis of the hygro-thermo-chemical characteristics of early-age concrete
Zhou W, Qi TQ, Liu XH, Yang SH, Feng CQ
707 - 720 Forced convection heat transfer from an asymmetric wavy cylinder at a subcritical Reynolds number
Moon J, Yoon HS, Kim HJ, Kim MI
721 - 734 Homogenization of time dependent boundary conditions for multi-layer heat conduction problem in cylindrical polar coordinates
Biswas P, Singh S, Bindra H
735 - 745 Numerical investigation on heat transfer and pressure drop of pin-fin array under the influence of rib turbulators induced vortices
Bai WD, Chen W, Yang L, Chyu MK
746 - 752 Influence of aspect ratio on the onset of thermocapillary flow instability in annular pool heated from inner wall
Liu H, Zeng Z, Yin LM, Qiu ZH, Qiao L
753 - 763 Numerical analysis of hollow droplet impacts on a dry flat surface
Li DS, Zhang D, Zheng ZW
764 - 772 Membrane distillation using surface modified multi-layer porous ceramics
Cong S, Liu XH, Guo F
773 - 782 Experimental investigation on thermal performance of phase change material coupled with three-dimensional oscillating heat pipe (PCM/3D-OHP) for thermal management application
Qu J, Ke ZQ, Zuo AH, Rao ZH
783 - 792 Novel cracking coil design based on positive constructing of synergetic flowing field
Bai DH, Zong Y, Zhou MM, Zhao L
793 - 800 A general approach to solve heat conduction problems with internal heat sources using resistance and quadrupole concepts
El Maakoul A, Moyne C, Degiovanni A
801 - 811 Heat transfer and permeability of the tree-like branching networks
Peng Y, Zhu XG, Cao B, Luo YQ, Zhou WJ
812 - 826 Flow and heat transfer in slug flow in microchannels: Effect of bubble volume
Kumari S, Kumar N, Gupta R
827 - 841 Influence region theory of the evaporating droplet
Zhao FL, Liu QF, Zhao CR, Bo HL
842 - 854 Numerical evaluation of heat/mass transfer analogy for leading edge showerhead film cooling on a first-stage vane
Ravelli S, Barigozzi G
855 - 861 Exergy-based ecological optimization for a four-temperature-level absorption heat pump with heat resistance, heat leakage and internal irreversibility
Chen LG, Ge YL, Qin XY, Xie ZH
862 - 872 Meso-scale finite element modeling of moisture diffusion in 3D braided composite
Zheng H, Zhou CW, Yuan Y
873 - 893 Heat transfer characteristics of impinging methane diffusion and partially premixed flames
Raj VC, Kuntikana P, Sreedhara S, Prabhu SV
894 - 902 Estimation of temperature-dependent thermal conductivity and specific heat capacity for charring ablators
Wang XM, Zhang LS, Yang C, Liu N, Cheng WL
903 - 919 Nonlinear dynamic analysis of parallel three uniformly heated channels with water at supercritical pressures
Lee JD, Chen SW, Pan C
920 - 935 Experimental study on natural circulation two-phase flow resistance in a vertical 3 x 3 rod bundle channel
Zhu ZQ, Tian CP, Yu SZ, Yan CQ, Wang JJ
936 - 952 Parameter analysis of atomized droplets sprayed evaporation in flue gas flow
Feng SQ, Xiao LH, Ge ZH, Yang LJ, Du XZ, Wu HW
953 - 964 Experimental investigation of water droplet impact and freezing on micropatterned stainless steel surfaces with varying wettabilities
Pan YT, Shi KW, Duan XL, Naterer GF
965 - 974 Influence of shock waves on supersonic transpiration cooling
Jiang PX, Liao ZY, Huang Z, Xiong YB, Zhu YH
975 - 996 Natural convection heat transfer in a power-law fluid from a heated rotating cylinder in a square duct
Sasmal C, Gupta AK, Chhabra RP
997 - 1009 Flow effects in the reattachment region of supersonic laminar separated flow
Kavun IN, Lipatov II, Zapryagaev VI
1010 - 1022 Flow boiling heat transfer from downward-facing thick heater block in an inclined channel with plain and microporous coated surfaces
Song K, Jun S, You SM, Kim HY, Kim MH, Revankar ST
1023 - 1030 Measuring effective diffusivity in porous media with a gasket-free, radial arrangement
Kim Y, Gostick JT
1031 - 1042 Experimentally-validated computational simulation of direct contact membrane distillation performance
Park DJ, Norouzi E, Park C
1043 - 1056 Liquid water in cathode gas diffusion layers of PEM fuel cells: Identification of various pore filling regimes from pore network simulations
Carrere P, Prat M
1057 - 1065 Limiting stretchings of liquid oxygen: Experiment and classical nucleation theory
Baidakov VG, Vinogradov VE
1066 - 1074 Study of normal spectral emissivity of copper during thermal oxidation at different temperatures and heating times
Yu K, Zhang HY, Liu Y, Liu YF
1075 - 1085 Experimental measurements and simulation of the fouling phenomena of natural proteins
Rosa MTMG, Guimaraes DHP, Arce PF
1086 - 1094 Numerical modeling of solid acid fuel cell performance with CsH2PO4-AAM (anodic alumina membrane) composite electrolyte
Osafi MR, Ani AB, Kalbasi M
1095 - 1109 Influence of micro-structured superhydrophobic surfaces on nucleation and natural convection in a heated pool
Cowley A, Maynes D, Crockett J, Iverson BD
1110 - 1122 Effect of pulsing parameters on drop transfer dynamics and heat transfer behavior in pulsed gas metal arc welding
Zhao Y, Lee PS, Chung H
1123 - 1135 Thermo-physical properties of diamond nanofluids: A review
Mashali F, Languri EM, Davidson J, Kerns D, Johnson W, Nawaz K, Cunningham G
1136 - 1143 Experimental characterisation of a novel adiabatic membrane-based micro-absorber using H2O-LiBr
Garcia-Hernando N, de Vega M, Venegas M
1144 - 1150 Heat and mass transfer during a sudden loss of vacuum in a liquid helium cooled tube - Part I: Interpretation of experimental observations
Garceau N, Bao S, Guo W
1151 - 1160 Flow field plates with trap-shape channels to enhance power density of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
Ramin F, Sadeghifar H, Torkavannejad A
1161 - 1171 Mass, momentum, and energy transfer in supersonic aerosol deposition processes
Li CX, Singh N, Andrews A, Olson BA, Schwartzentruber TE, Hogan CJ
1172 - 1183 A new approach for analyzing the temperature rise and heat partition at the interface of coated tool tip-sheet incremental forming systems
Zhang X, He T, Miwa H, Nanbu T, Murakami R, Liu SB, Cao J, Wang QJ
1184 - 1193 Numerical study of heat transfer enhancement using vortex generator for thermal management of lithium ion battery
Xie JL, Xie YY, Yuan C
1194 - 1205 Experimental comparison of the heat transfer of supercritical R134a in a micro-fin tube and a smooth tube
Wang DB, Tian R, Zhang Y, Li LL, Shi L
1206 - 1221 Condensation heat transfer and multi-phase pressure drop of CO2 near the critical point in a printed circuit heat exchanger
Bae SJ, Kwon J, Kim SG, Son IW, Lee JI
1222 - 1231 Combined effects of liquid wicking and hydrodynamic instability on pool boiling critical heat flux by two-tier copper structures of nanowires and microgrooves
Chen GL, Li CH
1232 - 1241 The effect of different HITRAN databases on the accuracy of the SNB and SNBCK calculations
Zheng S, Yang Y, Zhou HC
1242 - 1249 Dual nature solution of water functionalized copper nanoparticles along a permeable shrinking cylinder: FDM approach
Soomro FA, Zaib A, Ul Haq R, Sheikholeslami M
1250 - 1262 A pore-level direct numerical investigation of water evaporation characteristics under air and hydrogen in the gas diffusion layers of polymer electrolyte fuel cells
Safi MA, Mantzaras J, Prasianakis NI, Lamibrac A, Buchi FN
1263 - 1273 Large eddy simulations of the turbulent flows of twin parallel jets
Li H, Anand NK, Hassan YA, Nguyen T
1274 - 1286 Rigorous derivation of a new macroscopic model for modeling partially-saturated flow of a liquid in multilayered thin swelling porous media
Kaffel A
1287 - 1294 Thermal conductivity measurements and modeling of ceramic fiber insulation materials
Headley AJ, Hileman MB, Robbins AS, Piekos ES, Stirrup EK, Roberts CC
1295 - 1304 Statistical analysis of the sensitivity of bubble sample size during saturated nucleate boiling based on experimental data
Yao Y, Zhong Q, Chen GF, Chen HZ, Gong MQ
1305 - 1316 Weighted meshless spectral method for the solutions of multi-term time fractional advection-diffusion problems arising in heat and mass transfer
Hussain M, Haq S
1317 - 1327 Thermomechanics of axially moving webs in roll-to-roll manufacturing processes
Feng D, Raman A
1328 - 1328 Effect of skewness on flow and heat transfer characteristics of a wavy channel (vol 120, pg 956, 2018)
Harikrishnan S, Tiwari S
1329 - 1329 Entropy optimization and quartic autocatalysis in MHD chemically reactive stagnation point flow of Sisko nanomaterial (vol 127, pg 829, 2018)
Khan MI, Hayat T, Alsaedi A, Qayyum S, Tamoor M