International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol.128 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0017-9310 (Print) 

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1 - 11 Flow visualization of R32 in parallel-port microchannel tube
Li HP, Hrnjak P
12 - 23 Analysis of mechanical-fluid-thermal performance of heat pipeline system with structural deformation effects
Xu Q, Feng JX, Liu L, Zhou JZ, Ye GC, Chang C
24 - 45 Effects of magnetic field on thermo-hydraulic performance of Fe3O4-water nanofluids in a corrugated tube
Mei SY, Qi C, Luo T, Zhai XF, Yan YY
46 - 53 On the theory of nucleation and nonstationary evolution of a polydisperse ensemble of crystals
Alexandrov DV, Nizovtseva IG, Alexandrova IV
54 - 65 Heat transfer and pressure loss characteristics in a swirl cooling tube with dimples on the tube inner surface
Liu YY, Rao Y, Weigand B
66 - 75 Heat transfer enhancement in a parallel, finless heat exchanger using a longitudinal vortex generator, Part B: Experimental investigation on the performance of finless and fin-tube heat exchangers
Li JY, Dang CB, Hihara E
76 - 86 Transition to a chaotic flow in a V-shaped triangular cavity heated from below
Bhowmick S, Saha SC, Qiao MM, Xu F
87 - 97 Heat transfer enhancement in a parallel, finless heat exchanger using a longitudinal vortex generator, Part A: Numerical investigation
Li JY, Dang CB, Hihara E
98 - 114 Numerical modeling of in-furnace sulfur removal by sorbent injection during pulverized lignite combustion
Tomanovic I, Belosevic S, Crnomarkovic N, Milicevic A, Tucakovic D
115 - 124 Drop evaporation of hydrocarbon fluids with deposit formation
Hanichen P, Bender A, Voss B, Gambaryan-Roisman T, Stephan P
125 - 135 Numerical and experimental investigation of heat transfer in a solar receiver with a variable aperture
Abuseada M, Ozalp N, Ophoff C
136 - 149 Condensation heat transfer and pressure drop characteristics of R134a, R1234ze(E), R245fa and R1233zd(E) in a plate heat exchanger
Zhang J, Kaern MR, Ommen T, Elmegaard B, Haglind F
150 - 160 Graetz problem for combined pressure-driven and electroosmotic flow in microchannels with distributed wall heat flux
Azari M, Sadeghi A, Chakraborty S
161 - 170 Experimental and numerical study on the heat transfer downstream of a confined rectangular cylinder in the laminar regime
Meis M, Varas F, Arias JR, Velazquez A, Carretero L
171 - 184 CHF correlation development under ERVC conditions by using the local liquid velocity from PIV measurements
Yoon J, Kam DH, Park HM, Jeong YH
185 - 198 3D lattice Boltzmann investigation of nucleation sites and dropwise-to-filmwise transition in the presence of a non-condensable gas on a biomimetic surface
Guo Q, Cheng P
199 - 207 Determination of thermal conductivity of interfacial layer in nanofluids by equilibrium molecular dynamics simulation
Wang X, Jing DW
208 - 216 Theoretical and experimental studies of heat transfer characteristics of a single-phase natural circulation mini-loop with end heat exchangers
Cheng HJ, Lei HY, Zeng L, Dai CS
217 - 228 Influence of lubricant-mediated droplet coalescence on frosting delay on lubricant impregnated surfaces
Seo D, Oh S, Moon B, Kim H, Kim J, Lee C, Nam Y
229 - 238 Observation of the mechanism triggering critical heat flux in pool boiling of saturated water under atmospheric pressure
Jung S, Kim H
239 - 247 Topology optimization of the wick geometry in a flat plate heat pipe
Lurie SA, Rabinskiy LN, Solyaev YO
248 - 269 Flow deflectors to release the negative defect of natural wind on large scale dry cooling tower
Wu T, Ge ZH, Yang LJ, Du XZ
270 - 278 Investigation of wave interference effect in Si/Ge superlattices with interfering Monte Carlo method
Yu JC, Li Q, Ye WJ
279 - 289 Heat transfer of laminar pulsating flow in a rectangular channel
Blythman R, Persoons T, Jeffers N, Murray DB
290 - 318 Influence of heating surface characteristics on flow boiling in a copper microchannel: Experimental investigation and assessment of correlations
Jayaramu P, Gedupudi S, Das SK
319 - 334 Forced convection heat transfer from a circular cylinder with a flexible fin
Sun X, Ye ZH, Li JJ, Wen K, Tian H
335 - 343 Image-based numerical prediction for effective thermal conductivity of heterogeneous materials: A quadtree based scaled boundary finite element method
He YQ, Guo J, Yang HT
344 - 353 New model for heat transfer calculation during film condensation inside pipes
Camaraza-Medina Y, Hernandez-Guerrero A, Luviano-Ortiz JL, Mortensen-Carlson K, Cruz-Fonticiella OM, Garcia-Morales OF
354 - 362 Developing laminar natural convection of power law fluids in vertical open ended channel
Zhou EG, Bayazitoglu Y
363 - 377 Elliptical double corrugated tubes for enhanced heat transfer
Navickaite K, Cattani L, Bahl CRH, Engelbrecht K
378 - 391 The normal spectral emission characteristics of Ni-based alloys during oxidation at high temperatures
Zhao SN, Li XF, Huai XL, Zhou XM, Cheng KY
392 - 400 Experimental research on the effective heating strategies for a phase change material based power battery module
Lv YF, Yang XQ, Zhang GQ, Li XX
401 - 417 Water functionalized CuO nanoparticles filled in a partially heated trapezoidal cavity with inner heated obstacle: FEM approach
ul Haq R, Aman S
418 - 430 Experimental study of saturated pool boiling heat transfer with FeCrAl- and Cr-layered vertical tubes under atmospheric pressure
Son HH, Cho YS, Kim SJ
431 - 442 Local heat transfer characteristics of natural circulation flow inside an 8 x 8 partial spent fuel assembly under dry storage
Shin D, Kwon JS, Kim T, Kim SJ
443 - 449 X-ray imaging analysis on behaviors of boiling bubbles in nanofluids
Park H, Lee SJ, Jung SY
450 - 458 Experimental investigations on pressure oscillation induced by steam-air mixture gas sonic jets in subcooled water
Li WC, Meng ZM, Wang JJ, Liu JQ, Sun ZN
459 - 468 Numerical analysis of droplet impact and heat transfer on an inclined wet surface
Li DS, Duan XL
469 - 478 Heat flux reconstruction by inversion of experimental infrared temperature measurements - Application to the impact of a droplet in the film boiling regime
Chaze W, Caballina O, Castanet G, Pierson JF, Lemoine F, Maillet D
479 - 491 Non-Oberbeck-Boussinesq effects due to large temperature differences in a differentially heated square cavity filled with air
Wang Q, Xia SN, Yan R, Sun DJ, Wan ZH
492 - 503 Numerical modeling and experimental validation of fractional heat transfer induced by gas adsorption in heterogeneous coal matrix
Kang JH, Zhang D, Zhou FB, Li HJ, Xi TQ
504 - 515 Ultra-high heat flux dissipation with Piranha Pin Fins
Woodcock C, Ng'oma C, Sweet M, Wang YY, Peles Y, Plawsky J
516 - 525 Analytical solutions and numerical simulations of radiative property in the two-layer concentrically spherical large particle
Zhu KY, Li SL, Huang Y
526 - 535 Optimization of influence factors for water cooling of high temperature plate by accelerated control cooling process
Lim HS, Kang YT
536 - 549 A lattice Boltzmann model for multi-component two-phase gas-liquid flow with realistic fluid properties
Deng H, Jiao K, Hou YZ, Park JW, Du Q
550 - 561 Electrostatic-induced coalescing-jumping droplets on nanostructured superhydrophobic surfaces
Traipattanakul B, Tso CY, Chao CYH
562 - 569 Component level modelling of heat transfer during vapour phase soldering with finite difference ADI approach
Bozsoki I, Geczy A, Illes B
570 - 580 Performance of pool boiling with 3D grid structure manufactured by selective laser melting technique
Zhang C, Zhang L, Xu H, Li P, Qian B
581 - 600 Efficient uncertainty quantification of stochastic heat transfer problems by combination of proper orthogonal decomposition and sparse polynomial chaos expansion
Mohammadi A, Raisee M
601 - 612 A decoupling penalty finite element method for the stationary incompressible MagnetoHydroDynamics equation
Deng JE, Si ZY
613 - 622 Carbon/carbon high thickness shell for advanced space vehicles
Albano M, Alifanov OM, Budnik SA, Morzhukhina AV, Nenarokomov AV, Titov DM, Gabrielli A, Ianelli S, Marchetti M
623 - 633 Experimental evaluation of transient heat and mass transfer during regeneration in multilayer fixed-bed binder-free desiccant dehumidifier
Shamim JA, Paul S, Kitaoka K, Hsu WL, Daiguji H
634 - 648 Thermohydraulic performance of microchannel heat sinks with triangular ribs on sidewalls - Part 2: Average fluid flow and heat transfer characteristics
Chai L, Wang L, Bai X
649 - 667 Two-phase frictional pressure drop in a thin mixed-wettability microchannel
Lewis JM, Wang Y
668 - 678 Optical properties and transmittances of ZnO-containing nanofluids in spectral splitting photovoltaic/thermal systems
Liang HX, Wang FQ, Li D, Zhu J, Tan JY
679 - 687 A new modelling method for superalloy heating in resistance furnace using FLUENT
Fu ZL, Yu XH, Shang HL, Wang ZZ, Zhang ZY
688 - 699 Effects of temperature-dependent properties on natural convection of power-law nanofluids in rectangular cavities with sinusoidal temperature distribution
Wang L, Huang CS, Yang XG, Chai ZH, Shi BC
700 - 714 Gravity effects on subcooled flow boiling heat transfer
Lebon MT, Hammer CF, Kim J
715 - 727 Air-side heat transfer enhancement in plate-fin channel with an airfoil-based self-agitator
Li KJ, Xu XC, Li Z, Chen HH, Chen YY, Wang S, Ke ZQ, Huang GL, Chen CL, Chen CH
728 - 738 Experimental research on condensation of R134a and R404A refrigerants in mini-channels during impulsive instabilities. Part I
Kuczynski W
739 - 747 Research on the three-dimensional wall temperature distribution and low-temperature corrosion of quad-sectional air preheater in larger power plant boilers
Zhang QN, Sun FZ, Chen CX
748 - 761 An experimental study on the effects of frosting conditions on frost distribution and growth on finned tube heat exchangers
Zhang L, Jiang YQ, Dong JK, Yao Y, Deng SM
762 - 772 Effects of magnetic field on the pool boiling heat transfer of water-based alpha-Fe2O3 and gamma-Fe2O3 nanofluids
Li SY, Ji WT, Zhao CY, Zhang H, Tao WQ
773 - 782 Experimental research on condensation of R134a and R404A refrigerants in tubular mini-channels during impulsive instabilities. Part II
Kuczynski W
783 - 793 Experimental investigation of condensation heat transfer and pressure drop of R-134a flowing inside dimpled tubes with different dimpled depths
Aroonrat K, Wongwises S
794 - 806 Investigation on optimization of the thermal performance for compressible laminar natural convection flow in open-ended vertical channel
Talukdar D, Li CG, Tsubokura M
807 - 816 Phonon backscatter, trapping, and misalignment effects on microscale thermal conductance below the Casimir limit
VanGessel FG, Chung PW
817 - 824 Validation of numerical models for cryogenic-liquid pool spreading and vaporization on solid ground
Nguyen LD, Kim M, Choi B, Chung K
825 - 835 Sensitivity analysis and application of machine learning methods to predict the heat transfer performance of CNT/water nanofluid flows through coils
Baghban A, Kahani M, Nazari MA, Ahmadi MH, Yan WM
836 - 848 Ice formation modes during flow freezing in a small cylindrical channel
Jain A, Miglani A, Huang YH, Weibel JA, Garimella SV
849 - 859 An analytical technique for the optimal designs of tube-in-tank thermal energy storage systems using PCM
Fang YH, Niu JL, Deng SM
860 - 864 Influence factors of the evaporation rate of a solar steam generation system: A numerical study
Zhong JX, Huang CL, Wu DX, Lin ZZ
865 - 874 A new algorithm for solving an inverse transient heat conduction problem by dividing a complex domain into parts
Duda P, Konieczny M
875 - 884 Numerical investigation on heat transfer of the supercritical fluid upward in vertical tube with constant wall temperature
Yang Z, Cheng X, Zheng XH, Chen HS
885 - 891 An analysis of the droplet support fiber effect on the evaporation process
Chauveau C, Birouk M, Halter F, Gokalp I
892 - 933 Review of pool boiling enhancement by surface modification
Liang GT, Mudawar I
934 - 953 Flow patterns of vertically upward and downward air-water two-phase flow in a narrow rectangular channel
Chalgeri VS, Jeong JH
954 - 963 The effect of fin oscillation in heat transfer enhancement in separated flow over a backward facing step
Kumar S, Vengadesan S
964 - 975 Parameterising continuum models of heat transfer in heterogeneous living skin using experimental data
McInerney S, Carr EJ, Simpson MJ
976 - 979 Comments on "'Combined effects of magnetohydrodynamic and temperature dependent viscosity on peristaltic flow of Jeffrey nanofluid through a porous medium: Application to oil refinement' by WM Hasona, AA El-Shekhipy and MG Ibrahim, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 2018, 126: 700-714"
Elogail MA
980 - 990 Optimized inlet geometry of a laidback fan-shaped film cooling hole - Experimental study of film cooling performance
Fraas M, Glasenapp T, Schulz A, Bauer HJ
991 - 998 Simulation on falling film absorption based on lattice Boltzmann method at moderate Reynolds number
Shi YQ, Chen GM, Wang Q, Chen Q
999 - 1016 Cascaded lattice Boltzmann method based on central moments for axisymmetric thermal flows including swirling effects
Hajabdollahi F, Premnath KN, Welch SWJ
1017 - 1025 Passive production of synthesis gas from liquid methanol using a packed bed of porous material particles
Okuyama K, Ichimi K, Takazawa M, Natori A, Tanaka M
1026 - 1032 Mathematical modelling of frequency and force impacts on averaged metal flows in alternating magnetic field
Nikulin IL, Perminov AV
1033 - 1047 Local end-wall heat transfer enhancement by jet impingement on a short pin-fin
Schekman S, Atkins MD, Kim T
1048 - 1063 Spatio-temporal identification of heat flux density using reduced models. Application to a brake pad
Carmona S, Rouizi Y, Quemener O
1064 - 1071 Mass transfer characteristics of CO2 absorption into 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium tetrafluoroborate aqueous solution in microchannel
Chu CY, Zhang FB, Zhu CY, Fu TT, Ma YG
1072 - 1080 Effect of evaporator tilt on a loop heat pipe with non-condensable gas
Wang HF, Lin GP, Shen XB, Bai LZ, Wen DS
1081 - 1094 Flow boiling heat transfer in mini channel with serrated fins: Experimental investigation and development of new correlation
Wen T, Zhan HB, Zhang DL
1095 - 1101 Identification of nucleate boiling as the dominant heat transfer mechanism during confined two-phase jet impingement
Clark MD, Weibel JA, Garimella SV
1102 - 1113 Modelling sorption equilibria and kinetics in numerical simulations of dynamic sorption experiments in packed beds of salt/zeolite composites for thermochemical energy storage
Lehmann C, Kolditz O, Nagel T
1114 - 1124 Effective and uniform cooling on a porous micro-structured surface with visualization of liquid/vapor interface
Noh H, Yoo J, Kim JO, Park HS, Hwang DK, Kim DP, Kim MH
1125 - 1135 Dynamic evolution of the CO2-brine interfacial area during brine imbibition in porous media
Jiang LL, Wu BH, Liu Y, Suekane T, Wang DY
1136 - 1148 Physical absorption of CO2 and H2S from synthetic biogas at elevated pressures using hollow fiber membrane contactors: The effects of Henry's constants and gas diffusivities
Tantikhajorngosol P, Laosiripojana N, Jiraratananon R, Assabumrungrat S
1149 - 1156 A fractal model of effective thermal conductivity for porous media with various liquid saturation
Qin X, Cai JC, Xu P, Dai S, Gan Q
1157 - 1167 Some features of solving an inverse problem on identification of material properties of functionally graded pyroelectrics
Vatulyan A, Nesterov S, Nedin R
1168 - 1174 Study on the characteristics of GDL with different PTFE content and its effect on the performance of PEMFC
Chen T, Liu SH, Zhang JW, Tang MN
1175 - 1183 Nucleate boiling heat transfer model based on fractal distribution of bubble sizes
Qi BJ, Wang Y, Wei JJ, Zhang YH, Yu T
1184 - 1200 Impact of an oscillating guide vane on the thermo-hydraulic fields in a square cavity with single inlet and outlet ports
Shih YC, Khodadadi JM, Nien SW, Zeng Y, Huang XL
1201 - 1205 Thin reaction zones in highly turbulent medium
Sabelnikov VA, Yu R, Lipatnikov AN
1206 - 1217 Experimental investigation on the Leidenfrost phenomenon of droplet impact on heated silicon carbide surfaces
Wang ZF, Xiong JB, Yao WY, Qu WH, Yang YH
1218 - 1228 Numerical simulation of enhancing shale gas recovery using electrical resistance heating method
Wang YD, Liao B, Qiu L, Wang DS, Xue QZ
1229 - 1244 Cell transport and suspension in high conductivity electrothermal flow with negative dielectrophoresis by immersed boundary-lattice Boltzmann method
Ren QL, Meng FL, Chan CL
1245 - 1262 A finite particle method with particle shifting technique for modeling particulate flows with thermal convection
Zhang ZL, Walayat K, Huang C, Chang JZ, Liu MB
1263 - 1279 Contact line dynamics of two-dimensional evaporating drops on heated surfaces with temperature-dependent wettabilities
Ye XM, Zhang XS, Li ML, Li CX, Dong S
1280 - 1295 Analytical solutions of fluid flow and heat transfer in a partial porous channel with stress jump and continuity interface conditions using LTNE model
Li Q, Hu PF
1296 - 1306 Modeling Leidenfrost drops over heated liquid substrates
Qiao L, Zeng Z, Xie HQ, Liu H, Zhang LQ
1307 - 1321 Advective-diffusive-reactive solute transport due to non-Newtonian fluid flows in a fracture surrounded by a tight porous medium
Dejam M
1322 - 1343 A thermal non-equilibrium approach on thermo-solutal natural convection due to the lateral flux of heat and solute on enclosure walls: Multi-solutions and oscillations
Bera P, Pippal S, Khan A
1344 - 1350 Reexamination of Murray's law for tree-like rectangular microchannel network with constant channel height
Jing DL, Song SY, He L