International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol.127 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0017-9310 (Print) 

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1 - 6 Surface tension convection caused by free surface deformation in KTa1-xNbxO3 melts
Li SH, Pan XH, Ai F, Liu Y, Zhang MH
1 - 10 Elaboration of the continuous method for degassing hydrocarbon fuels and the installation for its implementation
Boryaev AA
7 - 15 Numerical investigation of blunt body's heating load reduction with combination of spike and opposing jet
Qu F, Sun D, Bai JQ, Zuo G, Yan C
11 - 20 Investigation on flow and heat transfer characteristics of ice slurry without additives in a plate heat exchanger
Mi S, Cai LL, Ma KB, Liu ZQ
16 - 20 Investigation on effects of upstream flow on submerged jet flow from short cylindrical orifice in common-rail injector
Qiu T, Wang KX, Lei Y, Wu CL, Guo P
21 - 31 Turbulent Rayleigh-Benard convection in a cubical container filled with cold water near its maximum density
Huang XJ, Li YR, Zhang L, Hu YP
21 - 28 Mathematical model for carbon dioxide injection into porous medium saturated with methane and gas hydrate
Khasanov MK, Stolpovsky MV, Gimaltdinov IK
29 - 38 A three-dimensional approach to model steam chamber expansion and production performance of SAGD process
Huang SJ, Xia Y, Xiong H, Liu H, Chen X
32 - 40 Efficient three-dimensional topology optimization of heat sinks in natural convection using the shape-dependent convection model
Joo Y, Lee I, Kim SJ
39 - 50 Pool boiling heat transfer enhancement with segmented finned microchannels structured surface
Gouda RK, Pathak M, Khan MK
41 - 54 Interfacial wave behavior and its effect on the flow and condensation heat transfer in a microtube
Wu CX, Li JM
51 - 60 Optimization and thermal characterization of uniform silicon micropillar based evaporators
Wei MY, He B, Liang Q, Somasundaram S, Tan CS, Wang EN
55 - 58 Effect of a ribbed surface on the water transfer characteristics of a porous plate
Zhao YL, Yue LK, Wang SX, Li LJ, Wang F
59 - 67 Estimating the transient thermal boundary conditions with an improved space marching technique
Li R, Huang ZW
61 - 74 Heat transfer and fluid flow analysis of porous medium solar thermochemical reactor with quartz glass cover
Lougou BG, Shuai Y, Pan RM, Chaffa G, Tan HP
68 - 79 Analysis of the unsteady heat and mass transfer processes in a Ranque-Hilsch vortex tube: Tube optimization criteria
Guo XJ, Zhang B
75 - 83 Influence of external conditions on the solidification process in saturated porous flat layers
Partyka J, Lipnicki Z
80 - 88 Heat transfer in the evaporation zone of aluminum grooved heat pipes
Pis'mennyi EN, Khayrnasov SM, Rassamakin BM
84 - 91 A novel heat pump system using a multi-stage Knudsen compressor
Kugimoto K, Hirota Y, Yamauchi T, Yamaguchi H, Niimi T
89 - 101 Heat flow coupling characteristics analysis and heating effect evaluation study of crude oil in the storage tank different structure coil heating processes
Sun W, Cheng QL, Zheng AB, Gan YF, Gao W, Liu Y
92 - 106 Heating and evaporation of suspended water droplets: Experimental studies and modelling
Strizhak PA, Volkov RS, Castanet G, Lemoine F, Rybdylova O, Sazhin SS
102 - 110 Design of a microchannel-based reactor module for thermally coupled reactions: Oxidative coupling and steam reforming of methane
Son M, Park SJ, Lee YJ, Park MJ
107 - 115 Numerical prediction of thin liquid film near the solid wall for hydraulic cavitating flow in microchannel by a multiphase lattice Boltzmann model
Cai J, Huai XL, Liu B, Cui ZD
111 - 129 Effect of the dimple location and rotating number on the heat transfer and flow structure in a pin finned channel
Du W, Luo L, Wang ST, Zhang XH
116 - 125 Numerical simulation of bubble collapse between two parallel walls and saturated film boiling on a sphere
Phan TH, Ha CT, Park WG
126 - 137 A novel flux splitting scheme with robustness and low dissipation for hypersonic heating prediction
Chen SS, Yan C, Zhong K, Xue HC, Li EL
130 - 135 Observation of a mixed regime for an impinging droplet on a sessile droplet
Moon JH, Choi CK, Allen JS, Lee SH
136 - 140 A multicomponent multiphase enthalpy-based lattice Boltzmann method for droplet solidification on cold surface with different wettability
Xu P, Xu SC, Gao Y, Liu PC
138 - 144 Thermal conductivity of suspension fluids of fine carbon particles: Influence of sedimentation and aggregation diameter
Ueki Y, Ueda K, Shibahara M
141 - 145 Condensation heat transfer in horizontal three dimensional two-layer two-side enhanced tubes
Sun ZC, Li W, Guo RH, He Y, Kukulka DJ
145 - 153 Investigation on fabrication and capillary performance of multi-scale composite porous wick made by alloying-dealloying method
Li H, Fang XT, Li GF, Zhou GF, Tang Y
146 - 159 Effects of twisted tape structures on thermo-hydraulic performances of nanofluids in a triangular tube
Qi C, Liu MN, Luo T, Pan YH, Rao ZH
154 - 160 Combination of laser interferometric and laser extinction methods for precise thickness measurement of liquid film between coalescing twin air bubbles
Morokuma T, Ohara T, Utaka Y
160 - 171 Experimental study on two-phase flow pressure drop during ethanol-water vapor mixture condensation in microchannels
Jiang R, Lan Z, Sun T, Zheng Y, Wang K, Ma XH
161 - 163 A Non-linear Autoregressive External Inputs (NARX) model for estimating the mixing volumes between batches in TRANSMIX
Riverol C, Harrilal S
164 - 171 Fill ratio effects on vapor chamber thermal resistance with different configuration structures
Wiriyasart S, Naphon P
172 - 182 Convection-condensation heat transfer characteristics of air/water vapor mixtures with ash particles along horizontal tube bundles
Qin YZ, Dai HB, Wang JS, Liu M, Yan JJ
172 - 178 Impact dynamics of egg-shaped drops on a solid surface for suppression of the bounce magnitude
Yun S
179 - 192 An experimental study of microwave drying under low pressure to accelerate the curing of Portland cement pastes using a combined unsymmetrical double-fed microwave and vacuum system
Makul N, Vongpradubchai S, Rattanadecho P
183 - 187 Regularities of filtration combustion of bidisperse fuel mixtures in an inclined rotary reactor
Podlesniy DN, Zaichenko AY, Salgansky EA, Salganskaya MV
188 - 199 Numerical analysis of aerodynamic characteristics of high-speed train with different train nose lengths
Niu JQ, Wang YM, Zhang L, Yuan YP
193 - 202 On the numerical modeling of supercooled micro-droplet impact and freezing on superhydrophobic surfaces
Tembely M, Attarzadeh R, Dolatabadi A
200 - 209 Topology optimization for heat conduction by combining level set method and BESO method
Xia Q, Shi TL, Xia L
203 - 208 Numerical simulation of PV cooling by using single turn pulsating heat pipe
Alizadeh H, Ghasempour R, Shafii MB, Ahmadi MH, Yan WM, Nazari MA
209 - 223 Hydrodynamic considerations and design concepts for optimal thermal compressors
Staedter MA, Keniar K, Garimella S
210 - 221 Numerical investigation of an interaction between shock waves and bubble in a compressible multiphase flow using a diffuse interface method
Yoo YL, Sung HG
222 - 233 Heat transfer coefficient measurement of LN2 and GN(2) in a microchannel at low Reynolds flow
Baek S, Bradley PE, Radebaugh R
224 - 236 Lattice Boltzmann method for thermomagnetic convection and entropy generation of paramagnetic fluid in porous enclosure under magnetic quadrupole field
Zhang D, Peng H, Ling X
234 - 243 A pseudopotential multiphase lattice Boltzmann model based on high-order difference
Qin ZR, Zhao WL, Chen YY, Zhang CY, Wen BH
237 - 243 Molecular dynamics simulation of carbon nanotube-enhanced laser-induced explosive boiling on a free surface of an ultrathin liquid film
Tang YZ, He Y, Ma LX, Zhang XG, Xue J
244 - 254 Analysis of evaporation characteristics and heat transfer for flash-boiling sprays
Li TY, Dong X, Hung DLS, Li XS, Xu M
244 - 252 Phase transition induced by localized surface plasmon resonance of nanoparticle assemblies
Ren YT, Chen Q, Qi H, Ruan LM, Dai JM
253 - 266 A coupled Volume Penalization-Thermal Lattice Boltzmann method for thermal flows
Cui XW, Yao XL, Wang ZK, Liu MH
255 - 265 Simulation on PCM melting enhancement with double-fin length arrangements in a rectangular enclosure induced by natural convection
Ji CZ, Qin Z, Dubey S, Choo FH, Duan F
266 - 279 Investigation of the thermal-hydraulic non-equilibrium in a 7 x 7 rod bundle during reflood
Jin Y, Cheung FB, Bajorek SM, Tien K, Hoxie CL
267 - 277 Study of natural convection in a heated cavity with magnetic fields normal to the main circulation
Chen L, Liu BQ, Ni MJ
278 - 285 A novel fractal model for permeability of damaged tree-like branching networks
Miao TJ, Chen AM, Zhang LW, Yu BM
280 - 288 Wetting transition of sessile and condensate droplets on copper-based superhydrophobic surfaces
Zhao YG, Zhang H, Wang W, Yang C
286 - 295 Experimental investigation of heat transfer to supercritical R245fa flowing vertically upward in a circular tube
He JC, Dang CB, Hihara E
289 - 301 Fluid flow and mass transfer in an industrial-scale hollow fiber membrane contactor scaled up with small elements
He K, Chen SQ, Huang CC, Zhang LZ
296 - 302 Towards enhancement of carbon capture by Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell through controlled thermodiffusion
Das SK
302 - 312 A numerical study of a liquid drop solidifying on a vertical cold wall
Duy VN, Vu TV
303 - 318 A three-dimensional phonon energy transport model based on the non dimensional lattice Boltzmann method
Su Y, Davidson JH
313 - 321 Bubble growth inside an evaporating liquid droplet introduced in an immiscible superheated liquid
Emery TS, Raghupathi PA, Kandlikar SG
319 - 325 Cryoprotective mechanism of using Ficoll for cell cryopreservation at non-cryogenic temperatures: A molecular dynamics study
Mao YJ, Han X, Zhang YW
322 - 331 Theoretical and experimental study of low conducting fluid MHD flow in an open annular channel
Valenzuela-Delgado M, Ortiz-Perez AS, Flores-Fuentes W, Bravo-Zanoguera ME, Acuna-Ramirez A, Ocampo-Diaz JD, Hernandez-Balbuena D, Rivas-Lopez M, Sergiyenko O
326 - 338 A dynamic detached-eddy simulation model for turbulent heat transfer: Impinging jet
He CX, Liu YZ
332 - 344 Thermoelectric currents and thermoelectric-magnetic effects in full-penetration laser beam welding of aluminum alloy with magnetic field support
Chen JC, Wei YH, Zhan XH, Gu C, Zhao XY
339 - 348 Lattice-Boltzmann simulations of particle transport in a turbulent channel flow
Jebakumar AS, Magi V, Abraham J
345 - 358 The influence of low Prandtl numbers on the turbulent mixed convection in an horizontal channel flow: DNS and assessment of RANS turbulence models
De Santis D, De Santis A, Shams A, Kwiatkowski T
349 - 361 DNS of thermal channel flow up to Re-tau=2000 for medium to low Prandtl numbers
Alcantara-Avila F, Hoyas S, Perez-Quiles MJ
359 - 380 Heat and mass transfer for compact heat exchanger (CHXs) design: A state-of-the-art review
Awais M, Bhuiyan AA
362 - 372 Inverse conduction and advection in a flat channel with transient external thermal excitation and observation
Al Hadad W, Maillet D, Jannot Y, Schick V
373 - 384 Electro-thermo-convective flow of a dielectric liquid due to nonautonomous injection of charge by an elliptical electrode
Luo K, Li TF, Wu J, Yi HL, Tan HP
381 - 393 Copper foam/PCMs based heat sinks: An experimental study for electronic cooling systems
Tauseef-ur-Rehman, Ali HM, Saieed A, Pao W, Ali M
385 - 392 Effect of nanoparticles on the mass transfer process of removal of hydrogen sulfide in biogas by MDEA
Ma MY, Zou CJ
393 - 401 Design of the cell spacings of battery pack in parallel air-cooled battery thermal management system
Chen K, Chen YM, Li ZY, Yuan F, Wang SF
394 - 402 Effects of aluminum concentration on the formation of inhibition layer during hot-dip galvanizing
Min T, Gao YM, Huang XY, Gong ZP, Li KM, Ma SQ
402 - 413 Numerical study on flow characteristics and heat transfer enhancement of oscillatory flow in a spirally corrugated tube
Xin F, Liu ZC, Zheng NB, Liu P, Liu W
403 - 412 Numerical study of turbulent heat transfer of nanofluids containing eco-friendly treated carbon nanotubes through a concentric annular heat exchanger
Hosseini M, Abdelrazek AH, Sadri R, Mallah AR, Kazi SN, Chew BT, Rozali S, Yusoff N
413 - 421 Study on Leidenfrost effect of cryoprotectant droplets on liquid nitrogen with IR imaging technology and non-isothermal crystallization kinetics model
Feng HK, Xu Y, Yang TT
414 - 421 Minimum heat flux (MHF) behavior with different surface characteristics including structured surfaces and different surface energies
Jo HJ, Yeom H, Yoon DS, Duarte JP, Corradini ML
422 - 429 Mixed convective three-dimensional flow of Williamson nanofluid subject to chemical reaction
Hayat T, Kiyani MZ, Alsaedi A, Khan MI, Ahmad I
422 - 435 Effectiveness analysis of solar flat plate collector with Al2O3 water nanofluids and with longitudinal strip inserts
Sundar LS, Kirubeil A, Punnaiah V, Singh MK, Sousa ACM
430 - 437 Acoustic investigation of CO2 mass transfer into oil phase for vapor extraction process under reservoir conditions
Czarnota R, Janiga D, Stopa J, Wojnarowski P
436 - 443 High temperature heat extraction from counterflow porous burner
Banerjee A, Saveliev AV
438 - 449 Nonlinear convection regimes in superposed fluid and porous layers under vertical vibrations: Negative porosity gradients
Kolchanova EA, Kolchanovc NV
444 - 447 Notes on factitious shear work of slip flow in a channel
Asako Y, Hong C
448 - 464 Convective dropwise condensation out of humid air inside a horizontal channel - Experimental investigation of the condensate heat transfer resistance
Eimann F, Zheng SF, Philipp C, Fieback T, Gross U
450 - 457 Experimental study on thermal conductivity of stabilized Al2O3 and SiO2 nanofluids and their hybrid
Moldoveanu GM, Huminic G, Minea AA, Huminic A
458 - 473 A coupled LES-ODT model for spatially-developing turbulent reacting shear layers
Hoffie AF, Echekki T
465 - 472 A study on heat transfer characteristics of quinary molten salt mixture
Kim H, Kim H, Lee S, Kim J
473 - 482 Snowflake shaped high-conductivity inserts for heat transfer enhancement
Konan HC, Cetkin E
474 - 484 Simulation of interaction between a freely moving solid particle and a freely moving liquid droplet by lattice Boltzmann method
Yang B, Chen S
483 - 496 Numerical study on natural convection heat transfer of annular finned tube heat exchanger in chimney with experimental data
Chen HT, Chou HY, Tseng HC, Chang JR
485 - 496 Variable gas density effects on transport from interacting evaporating spherical drops
Cossali GE, Tonini S
497 - 506 Lattice Boltzmann simulation of melting in a cubical cavity with a local heat-flux source
Zhao Y, Shi BC, Chai ZH, Wang L
497 - 502 Multiple-relaxation-time lattice Boltzmann model for simulating double-diffusive convection in fluid-saturated porous media
Liu Q, He YL
503 - 512 Drag and heat flux reduction induced by the pulsed counterflowing jet with different periods on a blunt body in supersonic flows
Zhang RR, Huang W, Li LQ, Yan L, Moradi R
507 - 514 On the quenching of stainless steel rods with a honeycomb porous plate on a nanoparticle deposited surface in saturated water
Yokomatsu F, Fogaca W, Mori S, Tanaka M
513 - 525 Natural convection of a chemically reacting fluid in a concentric annulus filled with non-Darcy porous medium
Roy NC, Gorla RSR
515 - 525 Experimental investigation and prediction of post-dryout heat transfer for steam-water flow in helical coils
Xiao Y, Hu ZX, Chen S, Gu HY
526 - 534 Thermal characteristics of silicon wafer-based TVCs (thin vapor chambers) with disk-shape using DI water
Kim SB, Kim KH, Jang SP, Kedzierski MA
526 - 540 Heat transfer and pressure drop of R32 evaporating in one pass microchannel tube with parallel channels
Li HP, Hrnjak P
535 - 543 On a theory for system-level cooling of close electronics enclosures by PCM-filled heat sinks Exact solution and second law performance limits
Naaktgeboren C, Franco AT, Junqueira SLM
541 - 554 Numerical simulation of natural convection heat transfer for annular elliptical finned tube heat exchanger with experimental data
Chen HT, Hsieh YL, Chen PC, Lin YF, Liu KC
544 - 552 CFD modeling and sensitivity analysis of heat transfer enhancement of a ferrofluid flow in the presence of a magnetic field
Ghorbani B, Ebrahimi S, Vijayaraghavan K
553 - 565 Experimental investigation of single bubble growth in the boiling of the superheated liquid mixed refrigerants
He JJ, Liu JP, Xu XW
555 - 567 Experimental study of buoyancy effect and its criteria for heat transfer of supercritical R134a in horizontal tubes
Tian R, Zhang Y, Ma YZ, Li H, Shi L
566 - 572 Temperature fluctuations in a nonisothermal mercury pipe flow affected by a strong transverse magnetic field
Belyaev I, Frick P, Razuvanov N, Sviridov E, Sviridov V
568 - 578 Numerical simulation of air-steam mixture condensation flows in a vertical tube
Phan TH, Won SS, Park WG
573 - 584 Comparative evaluation of heat conduction and radiation models for CFD simulation of heat transfer in packed beds
Qian YN, Han ZN, Zhan JH, Liu XX, Xu GW
579 - 588 Critical properties (T-c, P-c) of shale gas at the core scale
Tran H, Sakhaee-Pour A
585 - 597 Effects of hole shape on impingement jet array heat transfer with small-scale, target surface triangle roughness
McInturff P, Suzuki M, Ligrani P, Nakamata C, Lee DH
589 - 596 Heat transfer analysis of Casson dusty fluid flow along a vertical wavy cone with radiating surface
Siddiqa S, Begum N, Ouazzi A, Hossain MA, Gorla RSR
597 - 610 3D numerical simulation of heat and mass transfer of fin-and-tube heat exchanger under dehumidifying conditions
Li MJ, Zhou WJ, Wei JJ, Tao WQ
598 - 606 Numerical and experimental investigation of the heat exchanger with trapezoidal baffle
Gu X, Luo YK, Xiong XC, Wang K, Wang YQ
607 - 613 Thermal illusion with twinborn-like heat signatures
Zhou SL, Hu R, Luo XB
611 - 621 A mass transfer model for hydrate formation in bubbly flow considering bubble-bubble interactions and bubble-hydrate particle interactions
Fu WQ, Wang ZY, Sun BJ, Chen LT
614 - 622 Numerical modeling for alumina nanofluid magnetohydrodynamic convective heat transfer in a permeable medium using Darcy law
Sheikholeslami M, Shehzad SA, Li ZX, Shafee A
622 - 642 Thermosolutal hydromagnetic convection of power law fluids in an enclosure with periodic active zones
Haque A, Nayak AK, Soni B, Majhi M
623 - 630 Response surface analysis of the dimensionless heat and mass transfer parameters of Medium Density Fiberboard
Trabelsi A, Slimani Z, Virgone J
631 - 636 Analytic solution of Guyer-Krumhansl equation for laser flash experiments
Kovacs R
637 - 644 Theoretical and experimental study of a membrane-based microfluidics for loading and unloading of cryoprotective agents
Zhou XM, Liang XM, Wang J, Du PA, Gao DY
643 - 657 Size distribution of pores in metal melts at non-equilibrium cavitation and further stretching, and similarity with the spall fracture of solids
Mayer PN, Mayer AE
645 - 659 Experimental and numerical investigation on the role of holes arrangement on the heat transfer in impingement/effusion cooling schemes
Andreini A, Cocchi L, Facchini B, Mazzei L, Picchi A
658 - 676 Simulation of motion, deformation, break-up and deposition of copper droplets transported in internal compressible flow including phase change effects
Florio LA
660 - 664 Suppression of the condensational growth of droplets of a levitating cluster using the modulation of the laser heating power
Fedorets AA, Aktaev NE, Dombrovsky LA
665 - 674 Lorentz forces effect on NEPCM heat transfer during solidification in a porous energy storage system
Sheikholeslami M, Li ZX, Shafee A
675 - 686 An experimental investigation of flow boiling heat transfer coefficient and pressure drop of R410A in various minichannel multiport tubes
Chien NB, Choi KI, Oh JT, Cho H
677 - 682 The influence of liquid pool temperature on the critical impact Weber number for surface bubble formation
Xu MJ, Zhang JQ, Li Q, Lu SX
683 - 700 Large eddy simulation of forced convection heat transfer from wavy cylinders with different wavelengths
Kim MI, Yoon HS
687 - 702 Modeling and parametric study of the ultrasonic atomization regeneration of desiccant solution
Li W, Pan Y, Yao Y, Dong MC
701 - 713 Modeling hysteresis in the phase transition of industrial-grade solid/liquid PCM for thermal energy storages
Barz T, Sommer A
703 - 716 Assessment of nonequilibrium air-chemistry models on species formation in hypersonic shock layer
Niu QL, Yuan ZC, Dong SK, Tan HP
714 - 727 Numerical investigation of PCM solidification in a finned rectangular heat exchanger including natural convection
Jmal I, Baccar M
717 - 729 Square array of air-cooled condensers to improve thermo-flow performances under windy conditions
Jin RN, Yang XR, Yang LJ, Du XZ, Yang YP
728 - 745 Experimental and numerical research on the axial and radial concentration distribution feature of miscible fluid interfacial mixing process in products pipeline for industrial applications
He GX, Lin MH, Wang BY, Liang YT, Huang QY
730 - 739 Condensation heat transfer characteristics of R245fa in a shell and plate heat exchanger for high-temperature heat pumps
Lim J, Song KS, Kim D, Lee D, Kim Y
740 - 750 Differential heat and mass transfer rate influences on the activation efficiency of laminar flow condensation particle counters
Thomas JM, Chen XS, Maisser A, Hogan CJ
746 - 757 Experimental study on thermal performance of SMD-LED chips under the effects of electric wire pattern and LED arrangement
Ngo IL, Jang H, Byon C, Lee BJ
751 - 767 Heat transfer enhancement on a surface of impinging jet by increasing entrainment using air-augmented duct
Nuntadusit C, Wae-hayee M, Kaewchoothong N
758 - 768 Experimental study on flow boiling heat transfer for pure and zeotropic refrigerants in multi-microchannels with segmented configurations
Dang C, Jia L, Peng Q, Yin LF, Qi ZL
768 - 780 Convective stagnation point flow of a MHD non-Newtonian nanofluid towards a stretching plate
Tian XY, Li BW, Hu ZM
769 - 783 Experimental and numerical investigation on heat transfer of ultra-supercritical water in vertical upward tube under uniform and non-uniform heating
Qu MF, Yang D, Liang ZY, Wan L, Liu D
781 - 795 A translucent honeycomb solar collector and thermal storage module for building facades
Egolf PW, Amacker N, Gottschalk G, Courret G, Noume A, Hutter K
784 - 798 Density-driven convection in an inhomogeneous geothermal reservoir
Soboleva EB
796 - 805 Investigation of bubble departure diameter in horizontal and vertical subcooled flow boiling
Du JY, Zhao CR, Bo HL
799 - 812 Experimental investigation of flow boiling heat transfer characteristics in smooth horizontal tubes using NH3/NaSCN solution as working fluid
Cai DH, Liu Y, Liang X, Jiang JK, Fan MJ, He GG
806 - 817 Influence of wettability due to laser-texturing on critical heat flux in vertical flow boiling
Bottini JL, Kumar V, Hammouti S, Ruzic D, Brooks CS
813 - 828 Two-phase frictional pressure drop and water film thickness in a thin hydrophilic microchannel
Lewis JM, Wang Y
818 - 833 A comparative study of experimental flow boiling heat transfer and pressure drop characteristics in porous-wall microchannel heat sink
Jia YT, Xia GD, Zong LX, Ma DD, Tang YX
829 - 837 Entropy optimization and quartic autocatalysis in MHD chemically reactive stagnation point flow of Sisko nanomaterial
Khan MI, Hayat T, Alsaedi A, Qayyum S, Tamoor M
834 - 842 Influence of heat exchangers blockage ratio on the performance of thermoacoustic refrigerator
Belaid KN, Hireche O
838 - 856 Recent advances on thermal conductivity enhancement of phase change materials for energy storage system: A review
Qureshi ZA, Ali HM, Khushnood S
843 - 856 Development of correlations for effective thermal conductivity of a tetrakaidecahedra structure in presence of combined conduction and radiation heat transfer
Patel VM, Mendes MAA, Talukdar P, Ray S
857 - 869 Experimental investigation of geyser boiling in a two-phase closed loop thermosyphon with high filling ratios
Liu Y, Li ZG, Li YH, Kim S, Jiang YY
857 - 866 Pool boiling in deep and shallow vessels and the effect of surface nano-texture and self-rewetting
Sankaran A, Zhang WS, Yarin AL
867 - 879 Length to diameter ratio effect on heat transfer performance of simple and compound angle holes in thin-wall airfoil cooling
Li WH, Li XY, Ren J, Jiang HD
870 - 884 Line by line based band identification for non-gray gas modeling with a banded approach
Bordbar H, Hyppanen T
880 - 889 Analysis of thermally developing forced convection heat transfer in a porous medium under local thermal non-equilibrium condition: A circular tube with asymmetric entrance temperature
Li PC, Zhong JL, Wang KY, Zhao CY
885 - 900 Effect of solid-to-fluid conductivity ratio on mixed convection and entropy generation of a nanofluid in a lid-driven enclosure with a thick wavy wall
Pal SK, Bhattacharyya S, Pop I
890 - 900 Real-time temperature predictions in IT server enclosures
Moazamigoodarzi H, Pal S, Ghosh S, Puri IK
901 - 913 Entropy generation of electromagnetohydrodynamic (EMHD) flow in a curved rectangular microchannel
Liu YB, Jian YJ, Tan WC
901 - 907 Numerical simulations of flow and mass transfer during large-scale potassium dihydrogen phosphate crystal growth via three-dimensional motion growth method
Wang PF, Li MW, Zhou C, Hu ZT, Yin HW
908 - 916 Predicting the effective thermal conductivities of composite materials and porous media by machine learning methods
Wei H, Zhao SS, Rong QY, Bao H
914 - 926 Nanofluid unsteady heat transfer in a porous energy storage enclosure in existence of Lorentz forces
Li ZX, Sheikholeslami M, Samandari M, Shafee A
917 - 932 Numerical simulations of two-phase flow in open-cell metal foams with application to aero-engine separators
Nie ZW, Lin YY, Tong QB
927 - 947 Mixed convective vertically upward flow past side-by-side square cylinders at incidence
Patel CG, Sarkar S, Saha SK
933 - 942 Entropy generation in dissipative flow of Williamson fluid between two rotating disks
Qayyum S, Khan MI, Hayat T, Alsaedi A, Tamoor M
943 - 956 Investigation of flow characteristics from an inclined jet on a heated rotating disk
Lai WC, Yin P, Liu YH
948 - 960 A modified Lie-group shooting method for multi-dimensional backward heat conduction problems under long time span
Chen YW
957 - 964 The development of simple correlation for carbon particles dissolving into liquid metal by using numerical models
Hsu SY, Liu YC
961 - 974 A continuum thermomechanical model of in vivo electrosurgical heating of hydrated soft biological tissues
Karaki W, Rahul, Lopez CA, Borca-Tasciuc DA, De S
965 - 974 High-order effects of thermal lagging in deformable conductors
Chirita S
975 - 985 Simulation and experiment on supercooled sessile water droplet freezing with special attention to supercooling and volume expansion effects
Zhang X, Liu X, Wu XM, Min JC
975 - 988 Analytical solution to heat transfer in compressible laminar flow in a flat minichannel
Bao C, Jiang ZY, Zhang XX, Irvine JTS
986 - 995 Modeling of pressure drop in two-phase flow of mono-sized spherical particle beds
Park JH, Park HS, Lee M, Moriyama K
989 - 1000 Liquid-liquid phase separation heat transfer in advanced micro structure
Xing W, Plawsky J, Woodcock C, Yu XF, Ullmann A, Brauner N, Peles Y
996 - 1003 Instability mechanisms for thermocapillary flow in an annular pool heated from inner wall
Liu H, Zeng Z, Yin LM, Qiao L, Zhang LQ
1001 - 1013 Thermal enhancement of fin and tube heat exchanger with guiding channels and topology optimisation
Sun C, Lewpiriyawong N, Khoo KL, Zeng S, Lee PS
1004 - 1013 Understanding of the thermo-hydrodynamic coupling in a micro pulsating heat pipe
Yoon A, Kim SJ
1014 - 1022 A hybrid phonon Monte Carlo-diffusion method for ballistic-diffusive heat conduction in nano- and micro- structures
Li HL, Hua YC, Cao BY
1014 - 1024 Heat transfer measurement and flow regime visualization of two-phase pulsating flow in an evaporator
Yang P, Zhang YH, Wang XF, Liu YW
1023 - 1030 Churning losses analysis on the thermal-hydraulic model of a high-speed electro-hydrostatic actuator pump
Zhang JH, Li Y, Xu B, Chen X, Pan M
1025 - 1040 Flow condensation in a mini channel with serrated fins with jet impingement cooling: Experimental study and development of new correlation
Wen T, Zhan HB, Zhang DL
1031 - 1047 Effect of internal heat generation/absorption on Rayleigh-Benard convection in water well-dispersed with nanoparticles or carbon nanotubes
Kanchana C, Zhao Y
1041 - 1052 Melting of phase change material from an isothermal vertical wall in a semi-enclosure
Li SW, Sun ZQ, Xu B, Hong Y
1048 - 1069 Silver nanopaste: Synthesis, reinforcements and application
Zhang P, Jiang X, Yuan P, Yan HD, Yang DG
1053 - 1063 Influence of capillary pressure gradient on connectivity of flow through a porous medium
Tsypkin GG, Shargatov VA
1064 - 1075 Estimation of space-dependent thermophysical properties in participating media by using a Lie-group shooting method
He MJ, Qi H, Zhang WW, Islam MA, Ren YT, Ruan LM
1070 - 1081 On the analytical modelling of the initial ice growth in a supercooled liquid droplet
Schulte K, Weigand B
1076 - 1083 EIS and local resolved current density distribution analysis on effects of MPL on PEMFC performance at varied humidification
Shan J, Lin R, Chen XD, Diao XY
1082 - 1091 Numerical investigation of heat transfer and flow inner tube with periodically cosine oscillation
Rui L, Tao HZ
1084 - 1094 Fusion zone geometries, cooling rates and solidification parameters during wire arc additive manufacturing
Ou W, Mukherjee T, Knapp GL, Wei Y, DebRoy T
1092 - 1098 Analyses of coupled steady heat transfer processes with entropy generation minimization and entransy theory
Cheng XT, Liang XG
1095 - 1100 Ultrasonic characterization of dry and wet nanosecond laser ablation of solids
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1343 - 1346 Comments on the statement that the temperature difference field uniformity principle is a duplicate of the principle, Delta T/T = const, for balanced counter-flow heat exchangers
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