International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol.126 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0017-9310 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Implementation of a new thermal model and static calibration of a wedge-shaped hot-film probe in a constant-temperature
Krause M, Gaisbauer U, Kraemer E, Kosinov AD
1 - 8 Determination of the thermal cycle during flash lamp annealing without a direct temperature measurement
Rebohle L, Neubert M, Schumann T, Skorupa W
9 - 14 Flow boiling of water and emulsions with a low-boiling disperse phase in minichannels
Gasanov BM
10 - 31 Detailed parametric investigations on drag and heat flux reduction induced by a combinational spike and opposing jet concept in hypersonic flows
Ou M, Yan L, Huang W, Li SB, Li LQ
15 - 25 Numerical study of steam condensation inside a long, inclined, smooth tube at different saturation temperatures
Abadi SMANR, Mehrabi M, Meyer JP
26 - 38 Condensation heat transfer characteristics of low-GWP refrigerants in a smooth horizontal mini tube
Guo Q, Li MX, Gu HX
32 - 38 Surface tension driven flow forming aluminum oxide microtubes
Coutinho IT, Neves AAR, Sombrio G, Souza JA
39 - 51 The interfacial dynamics of the micrometric droplet diameters during the impacting onto inclined hot surfaces
Deendarlianto, Takata Y, Widyatama A, Majid AI, Wiranata A, Widyaparaga A, Kohno M, Hidaka S, Indarto
39 - 47 Design and analysis of a gas heating/cooling sorption refrigeration system with multi-salt solid sorbent of CaCl2 and MnCl2
Gao J, Wang LW, Gao P, An GL, Lu HT
48 - 65 An investigation on convective heat transfer performance around piezoelectric fan vibration envelope in a forced channel flow
Li XJ, Zhang JZ, Tan XM
52 - 60 Study on gas-droplet heat and mass transfers in oscillating flows
Li Q, Yang WJ
61 - 71 Simulation on a gravity-driven dripping of droplet into micro-channels using the lattice Boltzmann method
Chen HY, Zhang JY, Zhang YX, Wei ZC
66 - 80 Influence of natural and forced gravity conditions during directional columnar solidification
Battaglioli S, Robinson AJ, McFadden S
72 - 94 Progress on numerical simulation of yield stress fluid flows (Part I): Correlating thermosolutal coefficients of Bingham plastics within a porous annulus of a circular shape
Ragui K, Boutra A, Bennacer R, Benkahla YK
81 - 94 Constructal design of a semi-elliptical fin inserted in a lid-driven square cavity with mixed convection
Razera AL, da Fonseca RJC, Isoldi LA, dos Santos ED, Rocha LAO, Biserni C
95 - 102 Linear stability of thermal-bioconvection in a suspension of gyrotactic micro-organisms
Zhao ML, Xiao Y, Wang SW
95 - 108 Evolution to chaotic natural convection in a horizontal annulus with an internally slotted circle
Zhao M, Yu DM, Zhang YW
103 - 115 Flow boiling of R134a in an open-cell metal foam mini-channel evaporator
Gao WH, Xu XH, Liang XG
109 - 117 Quantitative analysis of anti-freezing characteristics of superhydrophobic surfaces according to initial ice nuclei formation time and freezing propagation velocity
Kim J, Jeon J, Kim DR, Lee KS
116 - 122 Thermal performance enhancement of vapor chamber by coating mini-channel heat sink with porous sintering media
Wiriyasart S, Naphon P
118 - 127 Flow pattern transition and destabilization mechanism of thermocapillary convection for low Prandtl number fluid in a deep annular pool with surface heat dissipation
Zhang L, Li YR, Wu CM, Liu QS
123 - 138 Separation of heat transfer components from impinging methane diffusion flames
Raj VC, Kuntikana P, Sreedhara S, Prabhu SV
128 - 146 Bubble breakup and coalescence models for bubbly flow simulation using interfacial area transport equation
Liu H, Hibiki T
139 - 150 Experimental investigation and radial basis function network modeling of direct evaporative cooling systems
Kavaklioglu K, Koseoglu MF, Caliskan O
147 - 155 Numerical simulation of unsteady triple diffusive mixed convection in NaCl-water and Sucrose-water solutions
Patil PM, Shashikant A, Momoniat E, Harley C
151 - 160 A pore structure based real gas transport model to determine gas permeability in nanoporous shale
Song WH, Yao J, Ma JS, Li Y, Han WC
156 - 163 Nanofluid heat transfer augmentation and exergy loss inside a pipe equipped with innovative turbulators
Sheikholeslami M, Jafaryar M, Saleem S, Li ZX, Shafee A, Jiang Y
161 - 168 Evaporation modes of LiBr, CaCl2, LiCl, NaCl aqueous salt solution droplets on aluminum surface
Kuznetsov GV, Feoktistov DV, Orlova EG, Misyura SY, Morozov VS, Islamova AG
164 - 172 Oblate spheroidal droplet evaporation in an acoustic levitator
Al Zaitone B
169 - 190 Numerical investigations of impingement cooling performance on flat and non-flat targets with dimple/protrusion and triangular rib
Jing Q, Zhang D, Xie YH
173 - 183 Natural convection in a square enclosure with different positions and inclination angles of an elliptical cylinder Part I: A vertical array of one elliptical cylinder and one circular cylinder
Park SH, Seo YM, Ha MY, Park YG
184 - 191 Natural convection of Al2O3/H2O nanofluid in an open inclined cavity with a heat-generating element
Miroshnichenko IV, Sheremet MA, Oztop HF, Abu-Hamdeh N
191 - 200 Heat transfer characteristics of a natural circulation separate heat pipe under various operating conditions
Bai Y, Wang L, Zhang S, Xie NN, Chen HS
192 - 205 Effects of film cooling hole locations on flow and heat transfer characteristics of impingement/effusion cooling at turbine blade leading edge
Zhou JF, Wang XJ, Li J, Li YD
201 - 210 Influence of channel scale on the convective heat transfer of CO2 at supercritical pressure in vertical tubes
Zhao CR, Zhang Z, Jiang PX, Xu RN, Bo HL
206 - 220 Dynamic of plumes and scaling during the melting of a Phase Change Material heated from below
Madruga S, Curbelo J
211 - 234 Thermal conductivity of hybrid nanofluids: A critical review
Sajid MU, Ali HM
221 - 236 Analysis of mixed convection flow in an inclined lid-driven enclosure with Buongiorno's nanofluid model
Yu Q, Xu H, Liao SJ
235 - 242 Analysis of the interfacial instability and the patterns of rollover in multi-component layered system
Sha W, Ren JJ, Zhang H, Bo YF, Bi MS
237 - 244 Investigation on the temperature dependence of filling ratio in cryogenic pulsating heat pipes
Sun X, Pfotenhauer J, Jiao B, Fonseca LD, Han DY, Gan ZH
243 - 255 Influences of the perforation on effective transport properties of gas diffusion layers
Fang WZ, Tang YQ, Chen L, Kang QJ, Tao WQ
245 - 256 Effect of fin shape on the thermal performance of nanofluid-cooled micro pin-fin heat sinks
Ambreen T, Kim MH
256 - 280 A comparative study of passive control on flow structure evolution and convective heat transfer enhancement for impinging jet
Du XZ, Yang ZG, Jin ZY, Xia C, Bao D
257 - 266 Thermal characteristic and analysis of closed loop oscillation heat pipe/phase change material (CLOHP/PCM) coupling module with different working media
Zhao JT, Qu J, Rao ZH
267 - 276 Parametric study on the hydrocarbon fuel flow rate distribution and cooling effect in non-uniformly heated parallel cooling channels
Jiang YG, Qin J, Chetehouna K, Gascoin N, Bao W
277 - 286 A renovated Buongiorno's model for unsteady Sisko nanofluid with fractional Cattaneo heat flux
Shen M, Chen LL, Zhang MC, Liu FW
281 - 292 An iterative finite-element algorithm for solving two-dimensional nonlinear inverse heat conduction problems
Bergagio M, Li HP, Anglart H
287 - 296 Boiling heat transfer enhancement with stable nanofluids and laser textured copper surfaces
Karthikeyan A, Coulombe S, Kietzig AM
293 - 305 Numerical simulation of thermal flow of power-law fluids using lattice Boltzmann method on non-orthogonal grids
Dong B, Zhou X, Zhang YJ, Chen C, Li WZ
297 - 311 An experimental study of vapor bubbles dynamics at water and ethanol pool boiling at low and high heat fluxes
Surtaev A, Serdyukov V, Zhou JJ, Pavlenko A, Tumanov V
306 - 316 Prediction of temperature and damage in an irradiated human eye during retinal photocoagulation
Semenyuk V
312 - 333 Heat transfer and flow characteristics of U-shaped cooling channels with novel wavy ribs under stationary and rotating conditions
Wang LF, Wang ST, Wen FV, Zhou X, Wang ZQ
317 - 330 A "2.5-D" modeling approach for single-phase flow and heat transfer in manifold microchannels
Mandel R, Shooshtari A, Ohadi M
331 - 341 Interplay of confinement and density on the heat transfer characteristics of nanoscale-confined gas
Rabani R, Heidarinejad G, Harting J, Shirani E
334 - 341 Experimental analysis of the evaporation regimes of an axially grooved heat pipe at small tilt angles
Yu FW, Yu C, Cao JG, Chen YP
342 - 352 The modeling of the formation of technogenic thermal pollution zones in large reservoirs
Lyubimova T, Lepikhin A, Parshakova Y, Lyakhin Y, Tiunov A
342 - 352 Influence analysis of radiative properties and flame temperature reconstruction based on optical tomography
Yuan Y, Li TJ, Zhu YL, Shuai Y, Tan HP
353 - 361 Feasibility study of carbon dioxide separation from gas mixture by vortex tube
Yun J, Kim Y, Yu S
353 - 362 A molecular dynamics study on thermal and rheological properties of BNNS-epoxy nanocomposites
Liu Z, Li JH, Zhou C, Zhu WH
362 - 379 An investigation of non-equilibrium heat transport in a gas system under external force field
Xiao TB, Xu K, Cai QD, Qian TZ
363 - 376 Enhancement mechanism of high alcohol surfactant on spray cooling: Experimental study
Zhang WW, Li YY, Long WJ, Cheng WL
377 - 389 Local heat transfer of vortex cooling with multiple tangential nozzles in a gas turbine blade leading edge cooling passage
Fan XJ, Li L, Zou JS, Wang JF, Wu F
380 - 390 Determination of mass transfer parameters and swelling factor of CO2-oil systems at high pressures
Rezk MG, Foroozesh J
390 - 399 Experimental investigation of the effects of mass fraction and temperature on the viscosity of microencapsulated PCM slurry
Dutkowski K, Fiuk JJ
391 - 400 A novel model and sensitive analysis for productivity estimate of nitrogen assisted cyclic steam stimulation in a vertical well
Wu ZB, Liu HQ, Zhang ZQ, Wang X
400 - 410 Horizontal convection driven by nonuniform radiative heating in liquids with different surface behavior
Vinnichenko NA, Pushtaev AV, Plaksina YY, Rudenko YK, Uvarov AV
401 - 413 Heat transfer correlations for jet impingement boiling over micro-pin-finned surface
Zhang YH, Liu B, Wei JJ, Sunden B, Wu Z
411 - 415 Nucleation temperature under various heating rates
Bar-Kohany T, Amsalem Y
414 - 420 The application of liquid metals in cooling systems: A study of the thermophysical properties of eutectic Ga-Sn-Zn with Al additions
Dobosz A, Plevachuk Y, Sklyarchuk V, Sokoliuk B, Gancarz T
416 - 424 Effect of hydrate on permeability in porous media: Pore-scale micro-simulation
Hou J, Ji YK, Zhou K, Liu YG, Wei B
421 - 430 A pressure drop model for condensation accounting for non-equilibrium effects
Xiao JG, Hrnjak P
425 - 431 Modification of SIMPLE algorithm to handle supercritical natural circulation in a loop
Asako Y, Sharma M
431 - 441 Numerical and experimental investigation of flat-plate pulsating heat pipes with extra branches in the evaporator section
Sedighi E, Amarloo A, Shafii B
432 - 447 Microstructure-based fractal models for heat and mass transport properties of cement paste
Yu P, Duan YH, Chen E, Tang SW, Wang XR
442 - 451 Freezing delay, frost accumulation and droplets condensation properties of micro- or hierarchically-structured silicon surfaces
Yue XF, Liu WD, Wang Y
448 - 456 Exergy of air, CO2, and H2O for use as geothermal fluids
Phuoc TX, Massoudi M, Wang P, Mckoy ML
452 - 465 An efficient multi-grid finite element fictitious boundary method for particulate flows with thermal convection
Walayat K, Wang ZK, Usman K, Liu MB
457 - 473 Transient behavior near liquid-gas interface at supercritical pressure
Poblador-Ibanez J, Sirignano WA
466 - 478 An analytical solution to the dynamic behavior of heat exchanger networks
Chen JX, Cui GM, Xiao Y
474 - 484 Analytical study on thermal conductivity enhancement of hybrid-filler polymer composites under high thermal contact resistance
Ngo IL, Byon C, Lee BJ
479 - 488 The effect of conducting bounding horizontal plates on species separation in porous cavity saturated by a binary mixture
Mojtabi A, Ouattara B, Rees DAS, Charrier-Mojtabi MC
485 - 492 Thermodynamic modeling and sensitivity analysis of ejector in refrigeration system
Liu JP, Wang L, Jia L, Wang XL
489 - 503 Double MRT Lattice Boltzmann simulation of 3-D MHD natural convection in a cubic cavity with sinusoidal temperature distribution utilizing nanofluid
Sajjadi H, Delouei AA, Atashafrooz M, Sheikholeslami M
493 - 507 Numerical investigation of heat transfer and pressure drop in nuclear fuel rod with three-dimensional surface roughness
Tikadar A, Najeeb U, Paul TC, Oudah SK, Salman AS, Abir AM, Carrilho LA, Khan JA
504 - 508 Bidispersive double diffusive convection
Straughan B
508 - 530 MHD thermosolutal natural convection and entropy generation of Carreau fluid in a heated enclosure with two inner circular cold cylinders, using LBM
Kefayati GHR, Tang H
509 - 520 The effect of engine operating conditions on exhaust gas recirculation cooler fouling
Lance MJ, Mills ZG, Seylar JC, Storey JME, Sluder CS
521 - 535 Constructal Design of triangular arrangements of square bluff bodies under forced convective turbulent flows
Teixeira FB, Lorenzini G, Errera MR, Rocha LAO, Isoldi LA, dos Santos ED
531 - 543 Experimental and numerical investigation of a thermal management system for a Li-ion battery pack using cutting copper fiber sintered skeleton/paraffin composite phase change materials
Pan MQ, Zhong YJ
536 - 544 Thermohydraulic characteristics of a multi-string direct-contact heat exchanger
Zeng ZZ, Sadeghpour A, Ju YS
544 - 570 Numerical investigation on heat transfer and flow characteristics in helically coiled mini-tubes equipped with dimples
Zheng L, Xie YH, Zhang D
545 - 556 Vibration effect on a stability of stationary flow of pseudoplastic fluid in vertical slot
Lyubimova TP, Perminov AV
557 - 566 A numerical modeling for the steady-state performance of a micro heat pipe using thin liquid film theory
Jung EG, Boo JH
567 - 579 Wettability-independent critical heat flux during boiling crisis in foaming solutions
Raza MQ, Kumar N, Raj R
571 - 578 Can the melting behaviors of solid-liquid phase change be improved by inverting the partially thermal-active rectangular cavity?
Hong YX, Ye WB, Huang SM, Du J
579 - 588 Estimation of finish cooling temperature by artificial neural networks of backpropagation during accelerated control cooling process
Lim HS, Kang YT
580 - 590 Experimental and theoretical study of density fluctuations near the stack ends of a thermoacoustic prime mover
Gong LJ, Penelet G, Picart P
589 - 602 Modeling and computation of turbulent slot jet impingement heat transfer using RANS method with special emphasis on the developed SST turbulence model
Huang HK, Sun TZ, Zhang GY, Sun L, Zong Z
591 - 617 Review on flow boiling of refrigerants R236fa and R245fa in mini and micro channels
Sandler S, Zajaczkowski B, Krolicki Z
603 - 612 Heat transfer in counter-current two phase flow applied to feasibility study of harvesting natural gas from seabed hydrates
Guo BY, Shan LQ
613 - 624 Modelling the efficiency of a low-profile nanofluid-based direct absorption parabolic trough solar collector
O'Keeffe GJ, Mitchell SL, Myers TG, Cregan V
618 - 638 Reynolds number effect on the fluid flow and heat transfer around a harbor seal vibrissa shaped cylinder
Kim HJ, Yoon HS
625 - 635 Non-invasive measurement of effective thermal conductivity of human skin with a guard-heated thermistor probe
Okabe T, Fujimura T, Okajima J, Aiba S, Maruyama S
636 - 648 Numerical analysis of cooling effect of hybrid cooling clothing incorporated with phase change material (PCM) packs and air ventilation fans
Wan XF, Wang FM, Udayraj
639 - 651 A practical evaluation of the performance of Al2O3-water, TiO2-water and CuO-water nanofluids for convective cooling
Alkasmoul FS, Al-Asadi MT, Myers TG, Thompson HM, Wilson MCT
649 - 659 Asymmetric heat transfer characteristics of a double droplet impact on a moving liquid film
Wang YB, Wang XD, Wang TH, Yan WM
652 - 666 Filmwise condensation of steam on vertical plates with novel pin fin arrays produced by selective laser melting
Ho JY, Wang XW, Leong KC
660 - 669 The transient separation of multicomponent mixtures in a cylindrical thermogravitational column
Kozlova SV, Ryzhkov II
667 - 676 Wettability-confined liquid-film convective cooling: Parameter study
Koukoravas TP, Mahapatra PS, Ganguly R, Megaridis CM
670 - 680 Thermal and flow characteristics of helical coils with reversed loops
Wang Y, Alvarado JL, Terrell W
677 - 682 Determination of natural convection heat transfer coefficient over the fin side of a coil system
Ghahfarokhi PS, Kallaste A, Vaimann T, Rassolkin A, Belahcen A
681 - 699 A novel truncated cone helix energy pile: Numerical and laboratory investigations of thermal performance
Liu YJ, Huang GQ, Lu J, Yang XF, Zhuang CL
683 - 702 Thermal storage characteristics for rectangular cavity with partially active walls
Hong YX, Ye WB, Huang SM, Yang ML, Du J
700 - 714 Combined effects of magnetohydrodynamic and temperature dependent viscosity on peristaltic flow of Jeffrey nanofluid through a porous medium: Applications to oil refinement
Hasona WM, El-Shekhipy AA, Ibrahim MG
703 - 714 Suppression of forest fuel thermolysis by water mist
Zhdanova AO, Volkov RS, Voytkov IS, Osipov KY, Kuznetsov GV
715 - 720 Depinning of bubble contact line on a biphilic surface in subatmospheric boiling: Revisiting the theories of bubble departure
Shen B, Yamada M, Mine T, Hidaka S, Kohno M, Takahashi K, Takata Y
715 - 724 Investigation on heat transfer characteristics of falling liquid film by planar laser-induced fluorescence
Xue T, Zhang SZ
721 - 729 Experimental study on heat and mass transfer of falling liquid films in converging-diverging tubes with water
Huang K, Hu YK, Deng XH
725 - 739 Leakage reduction by optimisation of the straight-through labyrinth seal with a honeycomb and alternative land configurations
Wroblewski W, Fraczek D, Marugi K
730 - 745 Heat transfer in counterflow fluidized bed of oxide particles for thermal energy storage
Miller DC, Pfutzner CJ, Jackson GS
740 - 752 Conjugate heat transfer in artificial ground freezing using enthalpy-porosity method: Experiments and model validation
Alzoubi MA, Nie-Rouquette A, Sasmito AP
746 - 760 Near-wall resolution requirement for direct numerical simulation of turbulent flow using multidomain Chebyshev grid
Ghiasi Z, Li DR, Komperda J, Mashayek F
753 - 764 Thermal effects on the sedimentation behavior of elliptical particles
Xu A, Shi L, Zhao TS
761 - 772 Slippage in shale based on acyclic pore model
Tran H, Sakhaee-Pour A
765 - 778 Heat and mass transfer modeling and assessment of a new battery cooling system
Al-Zareer M, Dincer I, Rosen MA
773 - 782 Lattice Boltzmann simulation of co-existing boiling and condensation phase changes in a confined micro-space
Wu SC, Yu C, Yu FW, Chen YP
779 - 789 Experimental and numerical analysis of molten pool and keyhole profile during high-power deep-penetration laser welding
Ai YW, Jiang P, Wang CM, Mi GY, Geng SN
783 - 795 Discontinuous finite element method with a local numerical flux scheme for radiative transfer with strong inhomogeneity
Feng YY, Wang CH
790 - 799 Analytical investigation of peristaltic nanofluid flow and heat transfer in an asymmetric wavy wall channel (Part I: Straight channel)
Mosayebidorcheh S, Hatami M
796 - 807 Simulation of a closed low-pressure honeycomb adsorber for thermal energy storage
Schaefer M, Thess A
800 - 808 Analytical investigation of peristaltic nanofluid flow and heat transfer in an asymmetric wavy wall channel (Part II: Divergent channel)
Mosayebidorcheh S, Hatami M
808 - 815 Microfluidic effects on the heat transfer enhancement and optimal design of microchannels heat sinks
Hajmohammadi MR, Alipour P, Parsa H
809 - 822 A new method on fluid-to-fluid scaling for heat transfer in tubes at supercritical pressures
Yu GJ, Jiang CF, Wang L, Su GH, Qiu SZ
816 - 829 Effect of dissolved gas on bubble growth on a biphilic surface: A diffuse-interface simulation approach
Shen BA, Liu JW, Shiomi J, Amberg G, Minh DQ, Kohno M, Takahashi K, Takata Y
823 - 830 Heat transfer at cooling high-temperature bodies in subcooled liquids
Yagov VV, Zabirov AR, Kanin PK
830 - 835 Thermal conductivity of deca-nanometric patterned Si membranes by multiscale simulations
Zaoui H, Palla PL, Giordano S, Cleri F, Verdier M, Lacroix D, Robillard JF, Termentzidis K, Martin E
831 - 842 Numerical investigation on the effects of steam and water parameters on steam jet condensation through a double-hole nozzle
Wang LT, Yue XY, Zhao QB, Chong DT, Yan JJ
836 - 847 Numerical investigation of entropy generation of turbulent flow in a novel outward corrugated tube
Wang W, Zhang YN, Liu J, Li BX, Sunden B
843 - 853 Numerical study on the characteristics of solute distribution and the formation of centerline segregation in continuous casting (CC) slab
Chen HB, Long MJ, Chen DF, Liu T, Duan HM
848 - 854 Constructal optimization for line-to-line vascular based on entropy generation minimization principle
Shi HN, Xie ZH, Chen LG, Sun FR
854 - 860 Bouncing characteristics of an elliptical footprint drop on a solid surface
Yun S, Choi W, Choi DS
855 - 863 Thermal performance characteristics of a pulsating heat pipe at various nonuniform heating conditions
Jang DS, Chung HJ, Jeon Y, Kim Y
861 - 870 Manipulation and control of the electrokinetic motion of a non-conductive micro-particle in microchannel by generating lateral temperature gradient
Shojayian M, Irannezhad A, Amani E, Riehn R, Movahed S
864 - 876 Optimization of skin cooling by computational modeling for early thermographic detection of breast cancer
Zhou Y, Herman C
871 - 893 Parametric study on rectangular finned elliptical tube heat exchangers with the increase of number of rows
Zhao LP, Wang RJ, Gu XT, Yang ZG
877 - 887 Metal transfer in wire feeding-based electron beam 3D printing: Modes, dynamics, and transition criterion
Hu RZ, Chen X, Yang G, Gong SL, Pang SY
888 - 898 Heat and mass transfer in a polymeric electrolyte membrane-based electrochemical air dehumidification system: Model development and performance analysis
Qi RH, Li DJ, Li HY, Wang HH, Zhang LZ
894 - 910 Experimental and numerical investigation of natural convection in a discretely heated vertical channel: Effect of the blockage ratio of the heat sources
Sarper B, Saglam M, Aydin O
899 - 907 Numerical solutions of free convection flow of nanofluids along a radiating sinusoidal wavy surface
Siddiqa S, Begum N, Hossain MA, Gorla RSR
908 - 925 Unified framework for buoyancy induced radiative-convective flow and heat transfer on hybrid unstructured meshes
Parmananda M, Dalal A, Natarajan G
911 - 923 Establishment of non-Fourier heat conduction model for an accurate transient thermal response in wet fins
Wankhade PA, Kundu B, Das R
924 - 932 Continuous nanofluids jet impingement heat transfer and flow in a micro-channel heat sink
Naphon P, Nakharintr L, Wiriyasart S
926 - 934 Evolutionary design of conducting layers with fins and freedom
Matsushima H, Almerbati A, Bejan A
933 - 940 Unsteady stagnation-point flow of Williamson fluid generated by stretching/shrinking sheet with Ohmic heating
Hamid A, Hashim, Khan M, Hafeez A
935 - 945 Temperature field sensing of a thin-wall component during machining: Numerical and experimental investigations
Elsheikh AH, Guo JJ, Huang Y, Ji JJ, Lee KM
941 - 948 Change in viscosity of Williamson nanofluid flow due to thermal and solutal stratification
Khan M, Salahuddin T, Malik MY, Mallawi FO
946 - 956 Drift-flux model of sub-channel in vertical rod bundles with spacer grids
Ren QY, Pan LM, Zhou WX, Liu H, Ye TP
949 - 962 Condensation heat transfer and pressure drop characteristics of R-134a in horizontal smooth tubes and enhanced tubes fabricated by selective laser melting
Wang XW, Ho JY, Leong KC, Wong TN
957 - 968 A numerical investigation on the physical mechanisms of single track defects in selective laser melting
Tang C, Tan JL, Wong CH
963 - 973 Heat transfer enhancement of micro-scale backward-facing step channel by using turbulators
Ahmed HE, Kherbeet AS, Ahmed MI, Salman BH
969 - 979 Convective heat transfer in circular and chevron impinging synthetic jets
Crispo CM, Greco CS, Cardone G
974 - 979 Buongiorno model in a nanofluid filled asymmetric channel fulfilling zero net particle flux at the walls
Turkyilmazoglu M
980 - 992 Numerical modelling of multiphase flow and heat transfer within an induction skull melting furnace
Bulinski P, Smolka J, Golak S, Przylucki R, Palacz M, Siwiec G, Melka B, Blacha L
980 - 988 Modeling of frost layer growth considering frost porosity
Lee J, Kim J, Kim DR, Lee KS
989 - 1006 Heat transfer and flow characteristics in a circular tube fitted with rectangular winglet vortex generators
Liu HL, Li H, He YL, Chen ZT
993 - 1001 Numerical simulation on heat transfer characteristics of rectangular vortex generators with a hole
Han ZM, Xu ZM, Wang JT
1002 - 1019 Numerical study on cooling heat transfer of turbulent supercritical CO2 in large horizontal tubes
Wang JY, Guan ZQ, Gurgenci H, Veeraragavan A, Kang X, Sun YB, Hooman K
1007 - 1018 Transport capacity of gas confined in nanoporous ultra-tight gas reservoirs with real gas effect and water storage mechanisms coupling
Sun Z, Shi JT, Wu KL, Xu BX, Zhang T, Chang YC, Li XF
1019 - 1033 Pool boiling heat transfer of FC-72 on pin-fin silicon surfaces with nanoparticle deposition
Cao Z, Liu B, Preger C, Wu Z, Zhang YH, Wang XL, Messing ME, Deppert K, Wei JJ, Sunden B
1020 - 1030 Simulation and experimental studies of R134a flow condensation characteristics in a pump-assisted separate heat pipe
Zhang DD, Li G, Liu YQ, Tian XL
1031 - 1034 On the theory of nonstationary growth of particulate assemblages in a supercooled liquid
Alexandrov DV, Alexandrova IV, Ivanov AA
1034 - 1042 Melting heat transfer analysis of Sisko fluid over a moving surface with nonlinear thermal radiation via Collocation method
Soomro FA, Usman M, Ul Haq R, Wang W
1035 - 1047 Additive Manufactured open cell polyhedral structures as substrates for automotive catalysts
Papetti V, Eggenschwiler PD, Della Torre A, Lucci F, Ortona A, Montenegro G
1043 - 1048 High-temperature evaporation of water emulsion droplets used in thermal fluid treatment
Vysokomornaya OV, Voytkov IS, Kuznetsov GV, Abramova AV
1048 - 1056 Analysis of the thermal response and requirement for power dissipation in magnetic hyperthermia with the effect of blood temperature
Liu KC, Chen TM
1049 - 1058 Mechanism study of departure of nucleate boiling on forced convective channel flow boiling
Kim SH, Chu IC, Choi MH, Euh DJ
1057 - 1066 A convolution modeling method for pore plugging impact on transpiration cooling configurations perforated by straight holes
Yang L, Chen W, Chyu MK
1059 - 1070 An immersed boundary-discrete unified gas kinetic scheme for simulating natural convection involving curved surfaces
Li C, Wang LP
1067 - 1078 A new heat transfer model for flow boiling of refrigerants in micro-fin tubes
Tang WY, Li W
1071 - 1082 Numerical study of high-speed two-phase ejector performance with R134a refrigerant
Baek S, Ko S, Song S, Ryu S
1079 - 1086 Applicability of connectionist methods to predict thermal resistance of pulsating heat pipes with ethanol by using neural networks
Ahmadi MH, Tatar A, Nazari MA, Ghasempour R, Chamkha AJ, Yan WM
1083 - 1093 Heat extraction mechanism in a geothermal reservoir with rough-walled fracture networks
Chen Y, Ma GW, Wang HD
1087 - 1098 Drag and heat reduction mechanism of the porous opposing jet for variable blunt hypersonic vehicles
Li SB, Huang W, Lei J, Wang ZG
1094 - 1103 Transient hygrothermoelastic response in a cylinder considering non-Fourier hyperbolic heat-moisture coupling
Peng Y, Zhang XY, Xie YJ, Li XF
1099 - 1112 Experimental and numerical study on the effects of rib orientation angle on film cooling performance of compound angle holes
Ye L, Liu CL, Liu HY, Zhu HR, Luo JX
1104 - 1110 Non-equilibrium microsecond pulsed spark discharge in liquid as a source of pressure waves
Taylor ND, Fridman G, Fridman A, Dobrynin D
1111 - 1119 Numerical solution of multi-dimensional transient nonlinear heat conduction problems with heat sources by an extended element differential method
Cui M, Xu BB, Lv J, Gao XW, Zhang Y
1113 - 1122 Theoretical investigation of natural convection heat transfer in inclined and fully divided CO2 enclosures on Mars
Sun Y, Lin GP, Yu J, Wen DS, Bai LZ
1120 - 1128 Effective thermal conductivity of rectangular nanowires based on phonon hydrodynamics
Calvo-Schwarzwalder M, Hennessy MG, Torres P, Myers TG, Alvarez FX
1123 - 1133 Quantification of heat transfer phenomena within the melt pool during the plasma arc re-melting of titanium alloys
Yao L, Maijer DM, Cockcroft SL, Fiore D, Tripp DW
1129 - 1137 Liquid - Solid mass transfer behaviour of heterogeneous reactor made of a rotating tubular packed bed of spheres
Abdel-Aziz MH, Nirdosh I, Sedahmed GH
1134 - 1142 Study on a PEG/epoxy shape-stabilized phase change material: Preparation, thermal properties and thermal storage performance
Wu B, Jiang YY, Wang YJ, Zhou CL, Zhang X, Lei JX
1138 - 1149 A novel hybrid approach for in-situ determining the thermal properties of subsurface layers around borehole heat exchanger
Akhmetov B, Georgiev A, Popov R, Turtayeva Z, Kaltayev A, Ding YL
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