International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol.118 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0017-9310 (Print) 

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1 - 13 Influence of Reynolds number synthetic jet dynamic in crossflow configuration on heat transfer enhancement
Giachetti B, Fenot M, Couton D, Plourde F
14 - 26 Improvement of heat transfer analytical models for thermoplastic injection molding and comparison with experiments
Pignon B, Sobotka V, Boyard N, Delaunay D
27 - 39 Thermally assisted restart of gelled pipelines: A weakly compressible numerical study
Majidi S, Ahmadpour A
40 - 47 Heat transfer measurment in water based nanofluids
Ahmadi M, Willing G
48 - 57 Thermos-physical properties and heat transfer characteristics of water/anti-freezing and Al2O3/CuO based nanofluid as a coolant for car radiator
Tijani AS, bin Sudirman AS
58 - 65 Stationary convective regimes in a thin vertical layer under the local heating from below
Kondrashov A, Burkova E
66 - 74 Two-phase natural convection dusty nanofluid flow
Siddiqa S, Begum N, Hossain MA, Gorla RSR, Al-Rashed AAAA
75 - 87 Experimental study of heat transfer to non-Newtonian fluids inside a scraped surface heat exchanger using a generalization method
Crespi-Llorens D, Vicente P, Viedma A
88 - 102 Numerical analysis of a GPHE's hydrodynamic and thermal characteristics, by applying an iterative procedure for the thermal boundary conditions
Chapaloglou S, Nikolopoulos A, Nikolopoulos N, Karellas S, Vourliotis P
103 - 115 A full spectrum k-distribution based non-gray radiative property model for fly ash particles
Guo JJ, Hu F, Luo W, Li PF, Liu ZH
116 - 128 Mass transport across porous wall of a microtube: A facile way to diagnosis of diseased state
Bhattacharjee S, De S
129 - 153 Optimization of thermal design of heat sinks: A review
Ahmed HE, Salman BH, Kherbeet AS, Ahmed MI
154 - 164 Time periodic evaporation heat transfer of R-134a in a narrow annular duct due to mass flow rate oscillation
Chen CA, Lin TF, Yan WM, Amani M
165 - 170 Anti-freezing operation strategies of natural draft dry cooling system
Wang WJ, Huang XW, Yang LJ, Du XZ, Yang YP
171 - 181 Partially metal foam wrapped tube bundle as a novel generation of air cooled heat exchangers
Alvandifar N, Saffar-Avval M, Amani E
182 - 192 Numerical analysis of Fe3O4-H2O nanofluid flow in permeable media under the effect of external magnetic source
Sheikholeslami M, Shehzad SA
193 - 200 Simulation analysis of solution transportation absorption chiller with a capacity from 90 kW to 3517 kW
Enoki K, Watanabe F, Tanaka S, Akisawa A, Takei T
201 - 207 Evolution of the interfacial shape in dissolutive wetting: Coupling of wetting and dissolution
Yang JH, Yuan QZ, Zhao YP
208 - 222 Semi-analytic solution of three-dimensional temperature distribution in multilayered materials based on explicit frequency response functions
Zhang HB, Wang WZ, Zhang SG, Zhao ZQ
223 - 234 Comparison between vortex flow and bottom-supply flow on contaminant removal in a ventilated cavity
Cao ZX, Wang Y, Wang M
235 - 246 Transient flows on an evenly heated wall with a fin
Ma J, Nie BC, Xu F
247 - 256 An experimental study of flow boiling frictional pressure drop of R134a in a horizontal 1.002 mm tube under hypergravity
Li GH, Fang XD, Yuan YL, Chen YY, Wang L, Xu Y
257 - 274 Inlet tube spacing and protrusion inlet effects on multiple circular tubes in the laminar, transitional and turbulent flow regimes
Meyer JP, Everts M, Hall ATC, Mulock-Houwer FA, Joubert M, Pallent LMJ, Vause ES
275 - 288 A smoothed void fraction method for CFD-DEM simulation of packed pebble beds with particle thermal radiation
Wu H, Gui N, Yang XT, Tu JY, Jiang SY
289 - 296 Thermodynamical estimation of the bounds on performance of irreversible binary distillation
Tsirlin AM, Grigorevskiy IN, Schwalbe K
297 - 303 Experimental study on laminar pulsating flow and heat transfer of nanofluids in micro-fins tube with magnetic fields
Naphon P, Wiriyasart S
304 - 315 Effects of wavy channel configurations on thermal-hydraulic characteristics of Printed Circuit Heat Exchanger (PCHE)
Aneesh AM, Sharma A, Srivastava A, Chaudhury P
316 - 326 The power flow topology of heat transfer systems at supercritical conditions for performance analysis and optimization
Chen Q, Zhao SY, Chen X, Li X
327 - 339 Experimental investigation of variability in bubble departure characteristics between nucleation sites in subcooled boiling flow
Ooi ZJ, Kumar V, Bottini JL, Brooks CS
340 - 348 A new mechanism for buoyancy driven convection in pulsating viscous flows: A theoretical study
Celli M, Kuznetsov AV
349 - 354 Characterization of a porous transducer using a capillary bundle model: Permeability and streaming potential prediction
Cheng SY, Fu MY, Kulacki FA
355 - 367 Correlation for sessile drop evaporation over a wide range of drop volatilities, ambient gases and pressures
Kelly-Zion PL, Pursell CJ, Wassom GN, Mandelkorn BV, Nkinthorn C
368 - 377 Permeability prediction of numerical reconstructed multiscale tight porous media using the representative elementary volume scale lattice Boltzmann method
Zhao TY, Zhao HW, Ning ZF, Li XF, Wang Q
378 - 387 MHD mixed convective stagnation point flow and heat transfer of an incompressible nanofluid over an inclined stretching sheet with chemical reaction and radiation
Gupta S, Kumar D, Singh J
388 - 401 Detached eddy simulation of turbulent flow and heat transfer in cooling channels roughened by variously shaped ribs on one wall
Ruck S, Arbeiter F
402 - 415 Tomography-based analysis of apparent directional spectral emissivity of high-porosity nickel foams
Li Y, Xia XL, Sun C, Ai Q, Liu B, Tan HP
416 - 428 Pitch and aspect ratio effects on single-phase heat transfer through microscale pin fin heat sinks
Rasouli E, Naderi C, Narayanan V
429 - 438 Critical heat flux enhancement by a two-layer structured honeycomb porous plate in a saturated pool boiling of water
Mori S, Maruoka N, Okuyama K
439 - 454 Microscale phase separation condensers with varied cross sections of each fluid phase: Heat transfer enhancement and pressure drop reduction
Yu XJ, Xu JL, Yuan JD, Zhang W
455 - 461 The mathematical model of the gas hydrate deposit development in permafrost
Musakaev NG, Khasanov MK, Borodin SL
462 - 470 Synthesis of multiple cross-section pin fin heat sinks using multiobjective evolutionary algorithms
Ramphueiphad S, Bureerat S
471 - 479 Numerical investigation on phase change cooling and crystallization of a molten blast furnace slag droplet
Ding B, Zhu X, Wang H, He XY, Tan Y
480 - 491 Numerical investigation on time-dependent flow of Williamson nanofluid along with heat and mass transfer characteristics past a wedge geometry
Hashim, Khan M, Hamid A
492 - 497 Phase detection aided thermometry (PDaT) for two-phase flow
Takeyama M, Kunugi T, Yokomine T, Kawara Z
498 - 509 Anisotropic thermal conductivity of composites with ellipsoidal inclusions and highly conducting interfaces
Bonfoh N, Sabar H
510 - 517 Vertically aligned graphene film/epoxy composites as heat dissipating materials
Zhang YF, Ren YJ, Bai SL
518 - 526 Thermal assessment of sublimation cooling with dry-ice sprays
Panao MRO, Costa JJ, Bernardo MRF
527 - 537 Mixed convection of Al2O3-water nanofluid in a lid-driven cavity having two porous layers
Astanina MS, Sheremet MA, Oztop HF, Abu-Hamdeh N
538 - 550 Study of buoyancy driven heat transport in silicone oils and in liquid nitrogen in view of cooling applications
Satpathy K, Duchesne A, Dubois C, Fagnard JF, Caps H, Vanderbemden P, Vanderheyden B
551 - 561 Investigations of flow structures and heat transfer in a swirl chamber with different inlet chambers and various aerodynamic parameters
Luan YX, Du CH, Fan XJ, Wang JF, Li L
562 - 569 A model to calculate the laser absorption property of actual surface
Wang HZ, Kawahito Y, Yoshida R, Nakashima Y, Shiokawa K
570 - 586 Analysis of the characteristic perturbations spectrum of the exact invariant solution of the microconvection equations
Bekezhanova VB
587 - 601 Annularly arranged air-cooled condenser to improve cooling efficiency of natural draft direct dry cooling system
Kong YQ, Wang WJ, Huang XW, Yang LJ, Du XZ
602 - 616 Fin-and-tube heat exchanger enhancement with a combined herringbone and vortex generator design
Valikangas T, Singh S, Sorensen K, Condra T
617 - 627 Experimental investigation of nanoparticle mixture ratios on TiO2-SiO2 nanofluids heat transfer performance under turbulent flow
Hamid KA, Azmi WH, Nabil MF, Mamat R
628 - 636 Modelling the effect of variable density and diffusion coefficient on heat and mass transfer from a single component spherical drop evaporating in high temperature air streams
Cossali GE, Tonini S
637 - 650 Research on condensation heat transfer characteristics of R447A, R1234ze, R134a and R32 in multi-port micro-channel tubes
Li MX, Guo Q, Lv JT, Li DR
651 - 662 Analytical inverse heat transfer method for temperature-sensitive-coating measurement on a finite base
Liu TS, Montefort J, Stanfield S, Palluconi S, Crafton J, Cai ZM
663 - 670 The effect of a bifurcation structure on the heat transfer and temperature distribution of pulsatile blood flow
Zhang Y, Xie HW
671 - 685 Three-dimensional transient thermodynamic analysis of laser surface treatment for a fiber laminated plate with a coating layer
Jiang HJ, Liang LH, Xiao YL, Chen J, Xu YJ, Wang XG
686 - 707 Analysis of entropy generation in combined buoyancy-Marangoni convection of power-law nanofluids in 3D heterogeneous porous media
Zhuang YJ, Zhu QY
708 - 719 A point sink superposition method for predicting droplet interaction effects during vapor-diffusion-driven dropwise condensation in humid air
Castillo JE, Weibel JA
720 - 733 Spatial temperature resolution in single-phase micro slot jet impingement cooling
Vutha AK, Rozenfeld T, Shin JH, Rao S, Wang YY, Ziskind G, Peles Y
734 - 745 Multiquadric RBF-FD method for the convection-dominated diffusion problems base on Shishkin nodes
Li N, Su HY, Gui DW, Feng XL
746 - 757 Study of pool boiling process for the refrigerant R11, isopropanol and isopropanol/Al2O3 nanofluid
Nikulin A, Khliyeva O, Lukianov N, Zhelezny V, Semenyuk Y
758 - 772 Modelling enhancement of cross-ventilation in sheltered buildings using stochastic optimization
Shirzadi M, Mirzaei PA, Naghashzadegan M, Tominaga Y
773 - 784 Heat transfer analysis of CuO-water enclosed in a partially heated rhombus with heated square obstacle
Rizwan-ul-Haq, Soomro FA, Hammouch Z
785 - 801 Hydrodynamics and heat transfer in an inclined bubbly flow
Chinak AV, Gorelikova AE, Kashinsky ON, Pakhomov MA, Randin VV, Terekhov VI
802 - 811 Effect of surface roughness on pool boiling heat transfer of water on hydrophobic surfaces
Kim JS, Girard A, Jun SC, Lee J, You SM
812 - 822 Flow structure and flow regime transitions of downward two-phase flow in large diameter pipes
Li ZX, Wang GY, Yousaf M, Yang XH, Ishii M
823 - 831 Numerical simulation for impact of Coulomb force on nanofluid heat transfer in a porous enclosure in presence of thermal radiation
Sheikholeslami M, Rokni HB
832 - 846 Experimental study on the effect of perforations shapes on vertical heated fins performance under forced convection heat transfer
Ibrahim TK, Mohammed MN, Mohammed MK, Najafi G, Sidik NAC, Basrawi F, Abdalla AN, Hoseini SS
847 - 856 A multiple model adaptive inverse method for nonlinear heat transfer system with temperature-dependent thermophysical properties
Wang GJ, Lv C, Chen H, Wan SB, Zhang DQ
857 - 871 Numerical investigation on convective heat transfer to aviation kerosene flowing in vertical tubes at supercritical pressures
Pu H, Li SF, Jiao S, Dong M, Shang Y
872 - 878 Heat transfer analysis of microencapsulated phase change material slurry flow in heated helical coils: A numerical and analytical study
Languri EM, Rokni HB, Alvarado J, Takabi B, Kong M
879 - 889 Determining the heat flux distribution of laminar plasma jet impinging upon a flat surface: An indirect method using surface transformation hardening
Xiang Y, Yu DP, Liu FY, Lv C, Yao J
890 - 899 Chromia coating with nanofluid deposition and sputtering for accident tolerance, CHF enhancement
Son GM, Kim KM, Bang IC
900 - 910 Capillary filling under nanoconfinement: The relationship between effective viscosity and water-wall interactions
Feng D, Li XF, Wang XZ, Li J, Zhang X
911 - 918 Improving wettability and preventing Li-ion batteries from thermal runaway using microchannels
Mohammadian SK, Zhang YW
919 - 930 Experimental study on vertical downward air-water two-phase flow in a large diameter pipe
Wang GY, Li ZX, Yousaf M, Yang XH, Ishii M
931 - 947 Numerical study of mixed convection heat transfer for vertical annular finned tube heat exchanger with experimental data and different tube diameters
Chen HT, Chang YL, Lin PY, Chiu YJ, Chang JR
948 - 960 Fractal models for gas slippage factor in porous media considering second-order slip and surface adsorption
Song WH, Yao J, Li Y, Sun H, Yang YF
961 - 975 Natural convection in a cubical cavity with a coaxial heated cylinder
Aithal SM
976 - 988 Optimization of the wire electrode height and pitch for 3-D electrohydrodynamic enhanced water evaporation
Leu JS, Jang JY, Wu YH
989 - 996 Numerical simulation of thermal property effect of heat transfer plate on bubble growth with microlayer evaporation during nucleate pool boiling
Chen ZH, Wu FF, Utaka Y
997 - 1011 Experimental study on thermal performance of high-temperature molten salt cascaded latent heat thermal energy storage system
Yuan F, Li MJ, Ma Z, Jin B, Liu ZB
1012 - 1021 Phase state control model of supercritical CO2 fracturing by temperature control
Wang JT, Sun BJ, Li H, Wang X, Wang ZY, Sun XH
1022 - 1039 Effects of geometric structures of air deflectors on thermo-flow performances of air-cooled condenser
Huang XW, Chen L, Kong YQ, Yang LJ, Du XZ
1040 - 1045 Experimental study of flow boiling instabilities in horizontal tubes under gas-liquid stratification condition: Effects of heat flux and inlet subcooling degree
Zhang L, Wang YF, Yu ZT
1046 - 1055 Experimental investigation of the effect of natural convection on the evaporation characteristics of small fuel droplets at moderately elevated temperature and pressure
Verwey C, Birouk M
1056 - 1068 Onset of heat transfer deterioration in vertical pipe flows of CO2 at supercritical pressures
Kline N, Feuerstein F, Tavoularis S
1069 - 1079 Heatlines and other visualization techniques for confined heat transfer systems
Mahapatra PS, Mukhopadhyay A, Manna NK, Ghosh K
1080 - 1089 Inverse radiation analysis for simultaneous reconstruction of temperature and volume fraction fields of soot and metal-oxide nanoparticles in a nanofluid fuel sooting flame
Liu GN, Liu D
1090 - 1097 Heat transfer in generalized vortex flow over a permeable surface
Rahman M, Andersson HI
1098 - 1114 Large eddy simulation of a transitional, thermal Blasius flow at low Reynolds number
Ojofeitimi A
1115 - 1127 Fluid flow mechanisms and heat transfer characteristics of gas recovery from gas-saturated and water-saturated hydrate reservoirs
Wang Y, Feng JC, Li XS, Zhang Y, Chen ZY
1128 - 1142 Surrogate based modeling and optimization of plasmonic thin film organic solar cells
Kaya M, Hajimirza S
1143 - 1151 Molecular dynamics simulation of bubble nucleation on nanostructure surface
Chen YJ, Zou Y, Sun DL, Wang Y, Yu B
1152 - 1159 Artificial neural network analysis the pulsating Nusselt number and friction factor of TiO2/water nanofluids in the spirally coiled tube with magnetic field
Naphon P, Wiriyasart S, Arisariyawong T
1160 - 1168 Dynamic Leidenfrost temperature increase of impacting droplets containing high-alcohol surfactant
Chen H, Cheng WL, Peng YH, Jiang LJ
1169 - 1179 Optical thermogeneration induced enhanced evaporation kinetics in pendant nanofluid droplets
Harikrishnan AR, Dhar P
1180 - 1189 Integral equation solutions using radial basis functions for radiative heat transfer in higher-dimensional refractive media
Hong YB, Wu CY
1190 - 1204 Optimization design of waste heat power generation systems for cement plants based on the thermal resistances analyses
Yin Q, Du WJ, Cheng L
1205 - 1217 Effect of slot-jet position on the cooling performance of the hybrid trapezoid channel and impingement module
Zhang YJ, Wang SF, Chen K, Ding PX
1218 - 1230 Enhancement and suppression of mixing and diffusion in an axisymmetric jet by half delta-wing tabs
Ito Y, Miura K, Sakai Y, Iwano K
1231 - 1242 Infrared thermal image and heat transfer characteristics of coal injected with liquid nitrogen under triaxial loading for coalbed methane recovery
Qin L, Zhai C, Liu SM, Xu JZ
1243 - 1256 Boundary layer instabilities in mixed convection and diffusion flames with an unheated starting length
Miller CH, Tang W, Sluder E, Finney MA, McAllister SS, Forthofer JM, Gollner MJ
1257 - 1263 A phase-slip moment method for condensing flows
Luo XS, Cao Y, Qin FH
1264 - 1275 Extended proper orthogonal decomposition of non-homogeneous thermal fields in a turbulent pipe flow
Antoranz A, Ianiro A, Flores O, Garcia-Villalba M
1276 - 1283 High power density air-cooled microchannel heat exchanger
Kwon B, Maniscalco NI, Jacobi AM, King WP
1284 - 1292 A peridynamic framework and simulation of non-Fourier and nonlocal heat conduction
Wang LJ, Xu JF, Wang JX
1293 - 1306 Blasting type penetrating characteristic in variable polarity plasma arc welding of aluminum alloy of type 5A06
Chen SJ, Xu B, Jiang F
1307 - 1315 Experiments on laminar cooling characteristics of a phase change nanofluid flow through an iso-flux heated circular tube
Ho CJ, Lee CY, Yamada M
1316 - 1324 Measurement of water phase permeability in the methane hydrate dissociation process using a new method
Chen BB, Yang MJ, Zheng JN, Wang DY, Song YC
1325 - 1339 The impact of sample size on transport properties of carbon-paper and carbon-cloth GDLs: Direct simulation using the lattice Boltzmann model
Gao Y, Hou Z, Wu XY, Xu P
1340 - 1356 A flapping vortex generator for heat transfer enhancement in a rectangular airside fin
Li Z, Xu XC, Li KJ, Chen YY, Huang GL, Chen CL, Chen CH
1357 - 1372 Detection of vapor released from sublimating materials encased in porous medium
Zhang WS, Zussman E, Yarin AL
1373 - 1373 Laser-doppler measurements of the turbulent mixing of two rectangular water jets impinging on a stationary pool (vol 92, pg 206, 2016)
Wang HH, Lee S, Hassan YA, Ruggles AE
1374 - 1374 Numerical modelling of metal droplet cooling and solidification (Retraction of Vol 51, Pg 4121, 2008)
Zeoli N, Gu S, Kamnis S