International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol.116 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0017-9310 (Print) 

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1 - 8 Entropy generation minimization for isothermal crystallization processes with a generalized mass diffusion law
Chen LG, Xia SJ, Sun FR
9 - 15 The evolutionary design of cooling a plate with one stream
Almerbati A, Lorente S, Bejan A
16 - 29 Numerical study of oscillatory flow instability in upward flow of supercritical water in two heated parallel channels
Li S, Chatoorgoon V, Ormiston SJ
30 - 49 Discretization and implementation of a sharp interface model for interfacial heat and mass transfer during bubble growth
Perez-Raya I, Kandlikar SG
50 - 60 An experimental study and development of new correlation for condensation heat transfer coefficient of refrigerant inside a multiport minichannel with and without fins
Rahman MM, Kariya K, Miyara A
61 - 72 The characteristics of heat transfer and flow resistance in a rectangular channel with vortex generators
Xu ZM, Han ZM, Wang JT, Liu ZD
73 - 83 Experimental research of the critical geometric parameters on subcooled flow boiling in confined microchannels
Hong SH, Tang YL, Dang CB, Wang SF
84 - 92 Thermal expansion and thermal fluctuation effects in a binary granular mixture
Wang XL, Bai DY
93 - 103 Enhanced tunneled surfaces for water pool boiling heat transfer under low pressure
Halona T, Zajaczkowski B, Michaie S, Rulliere R, Bonjour J
104 - 114 Break-off model for CaCO3 fouling in heat exchangers
Babuska I, Silva RS, Actor J
115 - 126 Numerical investigation of tube-side fully developed turbulent flow and heat transfer in outward corrugated tubes
Wang W, Zhang YN, Li BX, Li YJ
127 - 135 Solutions of supercritical CO2 flow through a convergent-divergent nozzle with real gas effects
Raman SK, Kim HD
136 - 151 ONB, OSV, and OFI for subcooled flow boiling through a narrow rectangular channel heated on one-side
Al-Yahia OS, Jo D
152 - 165 Effect of rib orientation on thermal and fluid-flow features in a two-pass parallelogram channel with abrupt entrance
Liou TM, Chang SW, Chan SP
166 - 172 Optimization of the one-dimensional transient heat conduction problems using extended entransy analyses
Hua YC, Zhao T, Guo ZY
173 - 184 Thermo-flow performances of natural draft direct dry cooling system at ambient winds
Kong YQ, Wang WJ, Yang LJ, Du XZ, Yang YP
185 - 193 Turbulent Rayleigh-Benard convection of cold water near its maximum density in a vertical cylindrical container
Huang XJ, Li YR, Zhang L, Wu CM
194 - 207 Thermal performance of peripheral-finned tube evaporators under frosting
Timmermann MAS, Kaviany M, Barbosa JR
208 - 217 Enhanced flow boiling in microchannels using auxiliary channels and multiple micronozzles (I): Characterizations of flow boiling heat transfer
Li WM, Yang FH, Alam T, Qu XP, Peng BL, Khan J, Li C
218 - 230 Assessing the effect of flashing on steady state behavior and Ledinegg instability of a two phase rectangular natural circulation loop
Dewangan KK, Das PK
231 - 247 Simulation of Taylor flow evaporation for bubble-pump applications
Rattner AS, Garimella S
248 - 258 Adsorption and mass transfer in granular porous membranes/media due to inserted volatile materials
Zhang W, Vilensky R, Zussman E, Yarin AL
259 - 272 Conjugate analysis of wall conduction effects on the thermal characteristics of impinging jets
Nasif G, Balachandar R, Barron RM
273 - 291 Frequency analysis of pressure oscillations in large length-to-diameter two-phase micro-channel heat sinks
Lee S, Devandhanush VS, Mudawar I
292 - 305 Effects of nanoparticle shapes on laminar forced convective heat transfer in curved ducts using two-phase model
Liu F, Cai Y, Wang LQ, Zhao J
306 - 313 Modeling ablation of laminated composites: A novel manual mesh moving finite element analysis procedure with ABAQUS
Wang YQ, Pasiliao CL
314 - 328 Reflection and refraction of a thermal wave at an ideal interface
Nie BD, Cao BY
329 - 345 Eulerian-Eulerian numerical simulation for a flue gas desulfurization tower with perforated sieve trays
Tseng CC, Li CJ
346 - 351 Heat transfer from moving exponential fins exposed to heat generation
Turkyilmazoglu M
352 - 361 Effect of jet-plate spacing to jet diameter ratios on nanofluids heat transfer in a mini-channel heat sink
Nakharintr L, Naphon P, Wiriyasart S
362 - 370 Performance of low GWP R1234yf/R134a mixture as a replacement for R134a in automotive air conditioning systems
Meng ZF, Zhang H, Lei MJ, Qin YB, Qiu JY
371 - 376 Selection of convective moisture transfer driving potential and its impacts upon porous plate air-drying characteristics
Tang YC, Min JC, Wu XM
377 - 392 A CFD-DEM study of hydrodynamics with heat transfer in a gas-solid fluidized bed reactor for solar thermal applications
Bellan S, Matsubara K, Cho HS, Gokon N, Kodama T
393 - 416 A numerical and experimental investigation of heat transfer and fluid flow characteristics of an air-cooled oblique-finned heat sink
Kanargi B, Lee PS, Yap C
417 - 431 Bayesian inferences of the thermal properties of a wall using temperature and heat flux measurements
Iglesias M, Sawlan Z, Scavino M, Tempone R, Wood C
432 - 444 A hybrid numerical scheme for aeroheating computation of hypersonic reentry vehicles
Gao ZX, Xue HC, Zhang ZC, Liu HP, Lee CH
445 - 457 Impact of a single bubble rising near a wall on the wall-to-liquid heat flux
Bhuvankar P, Dabiri S
458 - 470 Transient film thickness and microscale heat transfer during flow boiling in microchannels
Sun YH, Guo CH, Jiang YY, Wang T, Zhang L
471 - 483 Fluid flow and heat transfer across a curved hollow fiber membrane tube bank (CHFMTB): Effects of the tube deformations
Huang SM, Qiu D, Wu ZH, Yang ML, Zeng SH, Chen YH
484 - 495 Multiscale mass transfer coupling of triple-continuum and discrete fractures for flow simulation in fractured vuggy porous media
Zhang N, Wang YT, Sun Q, Wang YH
496 - 506 Electrothermal studies of GaN-based high electron mobility transistors with improved thermal designs
Hao Q, Zhao HB, Xiao Y, Kronenfeld MB
507 - 511 Study of thermal conductive enhancement mechanism and selection criteria of carbon-additive for composite phase change materials
Cheng WL, Li WW, Nian YL, Xia WD
512 - 519 Experimental evaluation of metallic phase change materials for thermal transient mitigation
Gonzalez-Nino D, Boteler LM, Ibitayo D, Jankowski NR, Urciuoli D, Kierzewski IM, Quintero PO
520 - 531 A multiscale modeling of fixed bed catalytic reactors
Park HM
532 - 548 Magnetohydrodynamic in partially heated square cavity with variable properties: Discrepancy in experimental and theoretical conductivity correlations
Astanina MS, Riahi MK, Abu-Nada E, Sheremet MA
549 - 556 Effective permeability of fractal fracture rocks: Significance of turbulent flow and fractal scaling
Zhu JT, Cheng YY
557 - 568 Flow boiling characteristics in microchannels with half-corrugated bottom plates
Wan ZP, Wang YN, Wang XW, Tang Y
569 - 580 Numerical analysis on spatial universality of similarity technique inside molten salt reactor system
Seo SB, Shin Y, Bang IC
581 - 586 A new hydrodynamic boundary condition simulating the effect of rough boundaries on the onset of Rayleigh-Benard convection
Celli M, Kuznetsov AV
587 - 598 Solving inverse coefficient problems of non-uniform fractionally diffusive reactive material by a boundary functional method
Liu CS
599 - 608 Characterization of thermal transport properties of Ag/BaTiO3 composites using hot disk: Numerical simulations
Xing J, Muliana A, Radovic M
609 - 616 The role of disturbance waves in nucleate boiling in annular flow
Yang JF, Sebilleau F, Hewitt GF
617 - 620 Experimental studies on frost and defrost of fine tube bundles under coolant temperature between-20 and-58 degrees C
Jia YT, Xu XH, Li YL, Liang XG, Yao MP
621 - 634 Study on the consistency between field synergy principle and entransy dissipation extremum principle
Yu ZQ, Wang P, Zhou WJ, Li ZY, Tao WQ
635 - 641 Flow transition and hydrothermal wave instability of thermocapillary-driven flow in a free rectangular liquid film
Watanabe T, Kowata Y, Ueno I
642 - 654 Experimental study on the flow boiling pressure drop characteristics in parallel multiple microchannels
Pan LM, Yan RG, Huang HJ, He H, Li PF
655 - 666 Convection characteristics in a closed vessel in the presence of exothermic combustion and ambient temperature oscillations
Roy NC
667 - 674 Evaporation and heat and mass transfer of a sessile drop of aqueous salt solution on heated wall
Misyura SY
675 - 684 The influences of the inclination angle and evaporator wettability on the heat performance of a thermosyphon by simulation and experiment
Xu Z, Zhang YN, Li BX, Wang CC, Li YJ
685 - 693 An experimental investigation on combined sublimation and transpiration cooling for sintered porous plates
Wu N, Wang JH, Dong WJ, Ding R
694 - 702 An optical-thermal model for laser-excited remote phosphor with thermal quenching
Ma YP, Lan W, Xie B, Hu R, Luo XB
703 - 714 Evaporation of water at high mass-transfer rates by natural convection air flow with application to spent-fuel pools
Brewster MQ
715 - 724 Numerical predictions of laminar and turbulent forced convection: Lattice Boltzmann simulations using parallel libraries
Basha M, Sidik NAC
725 - 742 Conjugated heat transfer improvement on leading edge of a conical wall using center-satellite hot-jet orifices
Guan T, Zhang JZ, Lv YW, Shan Y, Tan XM
743 - 750 Application of entransy-dissipation-based thermal resistance for performance optimization of spiral-wound heat exchanger
Wang SM, Jian GP, Wang JR, Sun LJ, Wen J
751 - 761 Natural convection in an inclined cavity with time-periodic temperature boundary conditions using nanofluids: Application in solar collectors
Sheremet MA, Pop I, Mahian O
762 - 812 Double-diffusive natural convection and entropy generation of Bingham fluid in an inclined cavity
Kefayati GHR
813 - 816 The convective heat transfer of branched structure
Luo L, Tian F, Cai JC, Hu XY
817 - 824 Regimes during single water droplet impacting on hot ethanol surface
Xu MJ, Li CH, Wu CP, Chen X, Lu SX
825 - 832 A numerical study on effects of surrounding medium, material, and geometry of nanoparticles on solar absorption efficiencies
Wang ZL, Zhang ZMM, Quan XJ, Cheng P
833 - 839 Two-sided thermal resistance estimates for heat transfer through an anisotropic solid of complex shape
Zarubin VS, Kuvyrkin GN, Savelyeva IY
840 - 857 On the role of axial wall conduction in mini/micro counterflow heat exchangers
Vera M, Quintero AE
858 - 870 Effect of aluminum oxide and reduced graphene oxide mixtures on critical heat flux enhancement
Kim JH, Kim JM, Jerng DW, Kim EY, Ahn HS
871 - 888 Experimental study of flow structures near the merging point of two parallel plane jets using PIV and POD
Lee S, Hassan YA
889 - 896 Generalized heat conduction model involving imperfect thermal contact surface: Application of the GSSSS-1 differential-algebraic equation time integration
Xue T, Zhang XB, Tamma KK
897 - 908 Experimental study on thermal flow characteristics in square serpentine heat exchangers mounted with louver-type turbulators
Liou TM, Chang SW, Chan SP
909 - 919 Simulation of CuO-water nanofluid heat transfer enhancement in presence of melting surface
Sheikholeslami M, Sadoughi MK
920 - 930 Experimental investigation on flow condensation in horizontal tubes filled with annular metal foam
Shi J, Zheng GH, Chen ZQ
931 - 939 Experimental transfer functions identification: Thermal impedance and transmittance in a channel heated by an upstream unsteady volumetric heat source
Hadad W, Maillet D, Jannot Y
940 - 950 Cellular automaton modeling of dendritic growth of Fe-C binary alloy with thermosolutal convection
Luo S, Wang WL, Zhu MY
951 - 968 Non-dimensional numerical study of droplet impacting on heterogeneous hydrophilicity/hydrophobicity surface
Xu JL, Chen YY, Xie J
969 - 976 Lattice Boltzmann simulation of shear viscosity of suspensions containing porous particles
Xu A, Shi L, Zhao TS
977 - 993 Screening improved recovery methods in tight-oil formations by injecting and producing through fractures
Singh H, Cai JC
994 - 1002 Dynamic behavior with rapid evaporation of an inkjet water droplet upon collision with a high-temperature solid above the limit of liquid superheat
Okuyama K, Yoshida K
1003 - 1015 Heat transfer enhancement by asymmetrically clamped flexible flags in a channel flow
Lee JB, Park SG, Sung HJ
1016 - 1025 Spectral-brightness pyrometry: Radiometric measurements of non-uniform temperature distributions
Gulyaev IP, Dolmatov AV
1026 - 1035 Experimental study on flow and heat transfer characteristics of oil-in-water emulsions in microchannels
Nomura K, Kumano H
1036 - 1043 Entropy generation analysis of nanofluid flow over a spherical heat source inside a channel with sudden expansion and contraction
Nouri D, Pasandideh-Fard M, Oboodi MJ, Mahian O, Sahin AZ
1044 - 1053 Gas-assisted evaporation and boiling in minichannels
Fu BR, Chen YC, Ho MX, Pan C
1054 - 1063 Constructal design applied to elliptic tubes in convective heat transfer cross-flow of viscoplastic fluids
Hermany L, Lorenzini G, Klein RJ, Zinani FF, dos Santos ED, Isoldi LA, Rocha LAO
1064 - 1073 A new device for measuring the thermal conductivity of heterogeneous multicomponent thin samples: Development and application to polymer composites
Gannoum M, Xydas P, Triantafyllidis K, Karapantsios TD, Kostoglou M
1074 - 1084 Experimental study on mixed convection in an asymmetrically heated, inclined, narrow, rectangular channel
Tian CP, Wang JJ, Cao XX, Yan CQ, Ala AA
1085 - 1095 Experimental study on heat transfer and pressure drop characteristics of fin-and-tube surface with four convex-strips around each tube
Li XY, Li ZH, Tao WQ
1096 - 1107 Analysis of the local temperature distribution in color conversion elements of phosphor converted light-emitting diodes
Nicolics J, Fulmek P, Nemitz W, Wenzl FP
1108 - 1123 A "poor man's approach" to topology optimization of cooling channels based on a Darcy flow model
Zhao X, Zhou MD, Sigmund O, Andreasen CS
1124 - 1142 Exergy analysis for unsteady-state heat conduction
Choi W, Ooka R, Shukuya M
1143 - 1152 Experimental investigation of thermal conductivity and dynamic viscosity on nanoparticle mixture ratios of TiO2-SiO2 nanofluids
Hamid KA, Azmi WH, Nabil MF, Mamat R, Sharma KV
1153 - 1162 Annular flow stability within small-sized channels
Giannetti N, Kunita D, Yamaguchi S, Saito K
1163 - 1178 Upstream penetration behavior of the developed counter flow jet resulting from multiple jet impingement in the crossflow of cylindrical duct
Kartaev EV, Emelkin VA, Ktalkherman MG, Aulchenko SM, Vashenko SP
1179 - 1191 Theoretical model of linear instability for condensation flow in circular channels
Wang J, Wang J, Liu N, Li JM
1192 - 1203 Research on temperature and pressure responses in the rapid mold heating and cooling method based on annular cooling channels and electric heating
Wang GL, Hui Y, Zhang L, Zhao GQ
1204 - 1212 Design of flow configuration for parallel air-cooled battery thermal management system with secondary vent
Hong SH, Zhang XQ, Chen K, Wang SF
1213 - 1224 Inverse analysis of laser surface heating from thermal strain measurements
1225 - 1236 Detecting longitudinal damages in the internal coating of a tube
Inglese G, Olmi R
1237 - 1249 Mixed convection of Water-Aluminum oxide nanofluid in an inclined lid-driven cavity containing a hot elliptical centric cylinder
Karbasifar B, Akbari M, Toghraie D
1250 - 1259 Large eddy simulation of round impinging jet with one-equation subgrid scale model
Taghinia J, Rahman MM
1260 - 1265 Diffusion and mass transfer mechanisms during frictional selective transfer
Ilie F
1266 - 1281 Fluid-to-fluid scaling criteria development for modeling high pressure steam condensation in horizontal tubes
Khasawneh K, Jeong YH
1282 - 1291 Influence of the external magnetic field on fluid flow, temperature profile and humping bead in high speed gas metal arc welding
Wang L, Wu CS, Chen J, Gao JQ
1292 - 1303 The effect of the Prandtl number on magnetoconvection in a horizontal fluid layer
Hudoba A, Molokov S
1304 - 1313 Investigation on the weld bead profile transformation with the keyhole and molten pool dynamic behavior simulation in high power laser welding
Gao ZM, Jiang P, Mi GY, Cao LC, Liu W
1314 - 1325 Thermal conductivity and viscosity models of metallic oxides nanofluids
Alawi OA, Sidik NAC, Xian HW, Kean TH, Kazi SN
1326 - 1340 Effect of the discharge constriction in DBD plasma actuator on the laminar boundary layer
Moralev I, Sherbakova V, Selivonin I, Bityurin V, Ustinov M
1341 - 1351 Hydrodynamics of nucleate boiling on downward surface with various orientation. Part I: Departure diameter, frequency, and escape speed of the slug
Kim JM, Kim JH, Ahn HS
1352 - 1360 Optimal design of tree-shaped inverted fins
Hajmohammadi MR
1361 - 1369 Design and performance evaluation of a multilayer fixed-bed binder-free desiccant dehumidifier for hybrid air-conditioning systems: Part I - experimental
Shamim JA, Hsu WL, Kitaoka K, Paul S, Daiguji H
1370 - 1378 Design and performance evaluation of a multilayer fixed-bed binder-free desiccant dehumidifier for hybrid air-conditioning systems: Part II - Theoretical analysis
Hsu WL, Paul S, Shamim JA, Kitaoka K, Daiguji H
1379 - 1379 Quasi-steady front in quench subcooled-jet impingement boiling: Experiment and analysis (vol 113, pg 622, 2017)
Lee SG, Kaviany M, Kim CJ, Lee J