International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol.111 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0017-9310 (Print) 

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1 - 16 A numerical investigation in characteristics of flow force under cavitation state inside the water hydraulic poppet valves
Han MX, Liu YS, Wu DF, Zhao XF, Tan HJ
17 - 28 Experimental study of bubbling regimes on submerged micro-orifices
Qu C, Yu Y, Zhang J
29 - 40 Geyser boiling phenomenon in two-phase closed loop-thermosyphons
Tecchio C, Oliveira JLG, Paiva KV, Mantelli MBH, Galdolfi R, Ribeiro LGS
41 - 53 A numerical approach for obtaining type curves of superheated multi-component thermal fluid flow in concentric dual-tubing wells
Sun FR, Yao YD, Li XF, Yu PL, Zhao L, Zhang Y
54 - 64 Using cube models to understand trends in thermal accommodation coefficients at high surface temperatures
Sipkens TA, Daun KJ
65 - 82 Multi-objective shape optimization of a plate-fin heat exchanger using CFD and multi-objective genetic algorithm
Liu CB, Bu WY, Xu D
83 - 93 Modeling of temperature instabilities during condensation of R134a refirgerant in pipe minichannels
Kuczynski W, Charun H, Bohdal T
94 - 104 Characterising the heat and mass transfer coefficients for a crossflow interaction of air and water
Enayatollahi R, Nates RJ, Anderson T
105 - 114 Effect of an unsteady wake on the external heat transfer of 2nd stage rotor
Park JS, Choi SM, Cho HH
115 - 122 Improvement in pipe chilldown process using low thermal conductive layer
Takeda D, Fukiba K, Kobayashi H
123 - 137 Laminar flow and conjugate heat and mass transfer in a hollow fiber membrane bundle used for seawater desalination
Li GP, Zhang LZ
138 - 149 Electrothermal transport of nanofluids via peristaltic pumping in a finite micro-channel: Effects of Joule heating and Helmholtz-Smoluchowski velocity
Tripathi D, Sharma A, Beg OA
150 - 162 A comprehensive theoretical study of thermal relations in plant tissue following electroporation
Mahnic-Kalamiza S, Ulrih NP, Vorobiev E, Miklavcic D
163 - 170 Raman microspectroscopic detection of thermal denaturation associated with irreversible electroporation
Kurata K, Yoshii T, Deguchi Y, Takamatsu H
171 - 190 Consistent closures for Euler-Lagrange models of bi-disperse gas-particle suspensions derived from particle-resolved direct numerical simulations
Municchi F, Radl S
191 - 200 Theoretical solutions for power output of thermal-lag Stirling engine
Yang HS, Cheng CH
201 - 210 A heat transfer model for condensation accounting for non-equilibrium effects
Xiao JG, Hrnjak P
211 - 222 Numerical modelling of a direct contact condensation experiment using the AIAD framework
Hohne T, Gasiunas S, Seporaitis M
223 - 231 Non-invasive measurement of internal temperature of a cylindrical Li-ion cell during high-rate discharge
Anthony D, Wong D, Wetz D, Jain A
232 - 245 A coupled volume-of-fluid and level set (VOSET) method based on remapping algorithm for unstructured triangular grids
Cao ZZ, Sun DL, Yu B, Wei JJ
246 - 265 Computational modelling of flash boiling flows: A literature survey
Liao YX, Lucas D
266 - 278 Heat transfer deterioration of aviation kerosene flowing in mini tubes at supercritical pressures
Huang D, Li W
279 - 288 Does mathematics contribute to the nanofluid debate?
Myers TG, Ribera H, Cregan V
289 - 298 Multi-objective optimization of operating conditions and channel structure for a proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Liu ZC, Zeng XB, Ge Y, Shen J, Liu W
299 - 311 Improving the thermal hydraulic performance of a circular tube by using punched delta-winglet vortex generators
Lei YG, Zheng F, Song CF, Lyu YK
312 - 320 Migration and phase change phenomena and characteristics of molten salt leaked into soil porous system
Wu JQ, Ding J, Lu JF, Wang WL
321 - 328 On the discontinuity of the dissipation rate associated with the temperature variance at the fluid-solid interface for cases with conjugate heat transfer
Flageul C, Benhamadouche S, Lamballais E, Laurence D
329 - 345 MHD convection and entropy generation of nanofluid in a porous enclosure with sinusoidal heating
Malik S, Nayak AK
346 - 355 Influence of chemical reaction and heat source on dissipative MHD mixed convection flow of a Casson nanofluid over a nonlinear permeable stretching sheet
Ibrahim SM, Lorenzini G, Kumar PV, Raju CSK
356 - 366 Assessment of chemical kinetic models on hypersonic flow heat transfer
Wang XY, Yan C, Zheng YK, Li EL
367 - 373 A semi-analytical solution for 2-D axisymmetric modeling of repetitive pulse laser heating with body absorption
Chen GB, Bi J
374 - 385 Experimental and numerical study of a falling film absorber in an ammonia-water absorption chiller
Triche D, Bonnot S, Perier-Muzet M, Boudehenn F, Demasles H, Caney N
386 - 397 Mathematical modelling of cooling efficiency of ventilated packaging: Integral performance evaluation
Han JW, Qian JP, Zhao CJ, Yang XT, Fan BL
398 - 409 Three-phase computation of solidification in an open horizontal circular cylinder
410 - 418 Thermal performance analysis of solar thermochemical reactor for syngas production
Lougou BG, Shuai Y, Xing H, Yuan Y, Tan HP
419 - 428 Evaluation of enhanced nucleate boiling performance through wall-temperature distributions on PDMS-silica coated and non-coated laser textured stainless steel surfaces
Zupancic M, Moze M, Gregorcic P, Sitar A, Golobic I
429 - 441 Heat transfer and pressure drop in annuli with approximately uniform internal wall temperatures in the transitional flow regime
Ndenguma DD, Dirker J, Meyer JP
442 - 450 Nondestructive technique of measuring heat conductivity of thermal barrier coatings
Adamczyk WP, Kruczek T, Moskal G, Bialecki RA
451 - 466 A macroscopic filtration model for natural convection in a Darcy Maxwell nanofluid saturated porous layer with no nanoparticle flux at the boundary
Jaimala, Singh R, Tyagi VK
467 - 483 Summary and evaluation on the heat transfer enhancement techniques of gas laminar and turbulent pipe flow
Ji WT, Jacobi AM, He YL, Tao WQ
484 - 494 Single phase laminar flow and heat transfer characteristics of microgaps with longitudinal vortex generator array
Zhang JF, Joshi YK, Tao WQ
495 - 499 Effects of viscous dissipation on mixed convection in a vertical parallel-plate microchannel with asymmetric uniform wall heat fluxes: The slip regime
Altunkaya AN, Avci M, Aydin O
500 - 507 Experimental characterization of laminar forced convection of hBN-water nanofluid in circular pipe
Ilhan B, Erturk H
508 - 519 A new efficient and accurate procedure for solving heat conduction problems
Huang M, Tang JN, Zhao YY, Ouyang XP
520 - 531 Oxygen and nitrogen gases mixing in T-type micromixers visualized and quantitatively characterized using pressure-sensitive paint
Huang CY, Wan SA, Hu YH
532 - 539 Clustering of long flexible fibers in two-dimensional flow fields for different Stokes numbers
Martinez M, Vernet A, Pallares J
540 - 550 Numerical simulation of wickless gravity-assisted two-phase cooling system used in heavy duty extrusion pelleting line
Xia LZ, Dong DD, Zhang HC, Yu CY
551 - 558 Multiple scattering analytical method for apparent characteristics in multilayer media
Yuan Y, Zhang CX, Li LX, Dong SK, Tan HP
559 - 569 Investigation of the mutual diffusion coefficients of [mmim]DMP/H2O and [mmim]DMP/CH3OH at atmospheric pressure
Chen W, Zhang B, Liu ZG, Zhao MM, Miao ZL
570 - 581 Heat spreader with parallel microchannel configurations employing nanofluids for near-active cooling of MEMS
Maganti LS, Dhar P, Sundararajan T, Das SK
582 - 592 Solution of inverse radiation-conduction problems using a Kalman filter coupled with the recursive least-square estimator
Wen S, Qi H, Ren YT, Sun JP, Ruan LM
593 - 601 Studying the fan-assisted cooling using the Taguchi approach in open and closed data centers
Song ZH
602 - 607 Determination of characteristic desorption temperature by thermal-pulse regeneration: A case study of water-activated alumina system
Zhang PK, Wang L
608 - 613 The longitudinal cylindrical Couette problem for rarefied gas: Energy fluxes maximums
Abramov AA, Alexandrov VY, Butkovskii AV
614 - 623 Superhydrophobic Si nanowires for enhanced condensation heat transfer
Lu MC, Lin CC, Lo CW, Huang CW, Wang CC
624 - 630 Spontaneous cavitation in liquid n-butane at negative and positive pressures
Baidakov VG, Vinogradov VE, Pavlov PA
631 - 641 Dynamic measurement of the thermal conductivity of phase change materials in the liquid phase near the melting point
Zhou T, Liu X, Li Y, Sun ZQ, Zhou JM
642 - 642 Computation of total hemispherical emissivity from directional spectral models (vol 109, pg 894, 2017)
King JL, Jo HJ, Loyalka SK, Tompson RV, Sridharan K
643 - 650 Unsteady mixed convection over an exponentially decreasing external flow velocity
Patil PM, Shashikant A, Roy S, Momoniat E
651 - 656 Convection in a porous medium with variable internal heat source and variable gravity
Mahabaleshwar US, Basavaraja D, Wang SW, Lorenzini G, Lorenzini E
657 - 665 Numerical investigation into the effect of surface wettability in pool boiling heat transfer with a stochastic-automata model
Marcel C, Clausse A, Frankiewicz C, Betz A, Attinger D
666 - 666 Analysis of CHF enhancement by magnetite nanoparticle deposition in the subcooled flow boiling region (vol 109, pg 1191, 2017)
Choi YJ, Kam DH, Jeong YH
667 - 676 Peristaltic flow of an Eyring Prandtl fluid in a diverging tube with heat and mass transfer
Iftikhar N, Rehman A
677 - 695 Thermal analysis in a triple-layered skin structure with embedded vasculature, tumor, and gold nanoshells
Orndorff C, Ponomarev S, Dai WZ, Bejan A
696 - 708 Dynamic and heat transfer of a Pr < 1 thermal flow around a fin on the thermal wall
Ma J, Xu F
709 - 722 Modeling of thermal behavior and mass transport in multi-layer laser additive manufacturing of Ni-based alloy on cast iron
Gan ZT, Liu H, Li SX, He XL, Yu G
723 - 735 Extension of a coarse grained particle method to simulate heat transfer in fluidized beds
Lu LQ, Morris A, Li TW, Benyahia S
736 - 754 Asymptotic analysis of heat transfer in composite materials with nonlinear thermal properties
Andrianov IV, Topol H, Danishevskyy VV
755 - 770 Natural convection in a cold enclosure with four hot inner cylinders based on diamond arrays (Part-I: Effect of horizontal and vertical equal distance of inner cylinders)
Mun GS, Park YG, Yoon HS, Kim M, Ha MY
771 - 781 An improved modeling on convection heat transfer of supercritical fluids for several advanced energy systems
Li HZ, Zhang YF, Yao MY, Wang YM, Wang HJ, Yang Y, Gao W
782 - 794 A review on the use of carbon nanotubes nanofluid for energy harvesting system
Sidik NAC, Yazid MNAWM, Samion S
795 - 803 Experimental study on the thermal performance of loop heat pipe for the aircraft anti-icing system
Zhao Y, Chang S, Yang B, Zhang W, Leng M
804 - 816 The effect of Al2O3-water nanofluid on the heat transfer and entropy generation of laminar forced convection through isotropic porous media
Torabi M, Torabi M, Ghiaasiaan SM, Peterson GP
817 - 826 Sweating-boosted air cooling using nanoscale CuO wick structures
Wang PT, Dawas R, Alwazzan M, Chang W, Khan J, Li C
827 - 835 Buoyancy effects on nanofluid flow past a convectively heated vertical Riga-plate: A numerical study
Ahmad R, Mustafa M, Turkyilmazoglu M
836 - 841 Relationship between condensed droplet coalescence and surface wettability
Chu FQ, Wu XM, Zhu Y, Yuan ZP
842 - 851 Pore-scale simulation of dissolution-induced variations in rock mechanical properties
Liu M, Mostaghimi P
852 - 859 Scale effects on evaporative heat transfer in carbon nanotube wick in heat pipes
Chen Q, Huang YH
860 - 870 Experimental study of air accumulation in vapor condensation across horizontal tube
Zhang JX, Wang L
871 - 883 Interferometric investigation of methanol droplet combustion in varying oxygen environments under normal gravity
Yadav AK, Chowdhury A, Srivastava A
884 - 894 Transitions of deformation to bag breakup and bag to bag-stamen breakup for droplets subjected to a continuous gas flow
Yang W, Jia M, Che ZZ, Sun K, Wang TY
895 - 907 Computational/analytical study of the transient hot wire-based thermal conductivity measurements near phase transition
Nabil M, Khodadadi JM
908 - 916 A comparative study of oil sands preheating using electromagnetic waves, electrical heaters and steam circulation
Sadeghi A, Hassanzadeh H, Harding TG
917 - 932 Design and optimization of substrate placement for large-sized and high-quality fused silica glass by SiCl4 flame hydrolysis deposition
Huang YS, Zheng LL, Zhang H, Zhang GW, Jiang LX
933 - 942 Evolution and statistics of thermal plumes in tilted turbulent convection
Guo SX, Zhou SQ, Qu L, Cen XR, Lu YZ
943 - 952 Structure optimization of parallel air-cooled battery thermal management system
Chen K, Wang SF, Song MX, Chen L
953 - 961 Combined effects of different temperature and pressure loads on the "L"-type large-diameter buried pipeline
Xu Q, Feng JX, Zhang SC
962 - 981 Numerical investigation on heat transfer performance and flow characteristics in circular tubes with dimpled twisted tapes using Al2O3-water nanofluid
Zheng L, Xie YH, Zhang D
982 - 998 Determination of surface heat flux and temperature using in-depth temperature data - Experimental verification
Myrick JA, Keyhani M, Frankel JI
999 - 999 Experiment investigation on thermal performance of a large-scale oscillating heat pipe with self-rewetting fluid used for thermal energy storage (vol 108, pg 760, 2017)
Zhao JT, Qu J, Rao ZH
1000 - 1000 "Experiment study of oscillating heat pipe and phase change materials coupled for thermal energy storage and thermal management" (vol 99, pg 252, 2016)
Zhao JT, Rao ZH, Liu CZ, Li YM
1001 - 1006 Bioconvection in rotating system immersed in nanofluid with temperature dependent viscosity and thermal conductivity
Xun S, Zhao JH, Zheng LC, Zhang XX
1007 - 1018 Control of natural convection via inclined plate of CNT-water nanofluid in an open sided cubical enclosure under magnetic field
Kolsi L, Alrashed AAAA, Al-Salem K, Oztop HF, Borjini MN
1019 - 1022 A lattice Boltzmann model for heat transfer in porous media
Chen S, Yang B, Zheng CG
1023 - 1038 Spectral element simulations of three dimensional convective heat transfer
Liu D, Zheng YL, Moore A, Ferdows M
1039 - 1049 Forced convection of nanofluid in presence of constant magnetic field considering shape effects of nanoparticles
Sheikholeslami M, Bhatti MM
1050 - 1062 Numerical and experimental study of mixed convection heat transfer and fluid flow characteristics of plate-fin heat sinks
Chen HT, Tseng HC, Jhu SW, Chang JR
1063 - 1070 Instability of parallel buoyant flow in a vertical porous layer with an internal heat source
Barletta A, Celli M
1071 - 1078 A new scheme for reducing pressure drop and thermal resistance simultaneously in microchannel heat sinks with wavy porous fins
Lu G, Zhao J, Lin L, Wang XD, Yan WM
1079 - 1086 Study of predicting aerodynamic heating for hypersonic boundary layer flow over a flat plate
Liu C, Cao W
1087 - 1097 Estimation of heat transfer coefficients in continuous casting under large disturbance by Gaussian kernel particle swarm optimization method
Luo XC, Xie QQ, Wang Y, Yang CE
1098 - 1106 Unified analyses and optimization for achieving perfect absorption of layered absorbers with ultrathin films
Fang X, Zhao CY
1107 - 1111 Boiling crisis in cryogenic fluids during unsteady heat supply
Balakin BV, Delov MI, Kuzmenkov DM, Kutsenko KV, Lavrukhin AA, Marchenko AS
1112 - 1120 Thermal convection in a layer of magnetic colloid based on a single-component fluid
Kolchanov NV, Arefyev IM
1121 - 1128 Effect of gas properties on accelerated laminar boundary layer over a heated wall
Sakhnov AY
1129 - 1141 Numerical simulation of droplet transfer behavior in variable polarity gas metal arc welding
Zhao Y, Chung H
1142 - 1156 Thermal and electrical behavior of silicon rod with varying radius in a 24-rod Siemens reactor considering skin effect and wall emissivity
Nie ZF, Zhou YM, Deng JS, Wen SM, Hou YQ
1157 - 1171 Interface dynamics and pressure oscillation of stable steam jet condensation in water flow in a confined channel with the presence of non-condensable gas
Yang XP, Liu J, Liu JP, Chen NN, Yan JJ
1172 - 1180 Multiscale transport mechanism of shale gas in micro/nano-pores
Yu H, Chen J, Zhu YB, Wang FC, Wu HA
1181 - 1191 Transient convective heat transfer in a pipe due to impulsively initiated downward flow and/or heat flux
Fershtman A, Shemer L, Barnea D
1192 - 1205 Constructal design for an iron and steel production process based on the objectives of steel yield and useful energy
Feng HJ, Chen LG, Liu X, Xie ZH
1206 - 1217 Chebyshev collocation spectral method to solve radiative transfer equation in one-dimensional cylindrical medium
Zhou RR, Li BW
1218 - 1233 Analytical and experimental determination of slug flow parameters, pressure drop and heat transfer coefficient in micro-channel condensation
Liang GT, Mascarenhas N, Mudawar I
1234 - 1249 Heat transfer behaviour of a dilute impinging air-water mist jet at low wall temperatures
Quinn C, Murray DB, Persoons T
1250 - 1259 Periodic unsteady mixed convection in square enclosure induced by inner rotating circular cylinder with time-periodic pulsating temperature
Wang TS, Wang ZH, Xi G, Huang Z
1260 - 1271 Investigation on the natural convection in horizontal concentric annulus using the variable property-based lattice Boltzmann flux solver
Cao YH, Zhang Y
1272 - 1285 Thermal convection in a horizontal layer of fluid with conducting lid at bottom
Lee JR
1286 - 1295 Experimentally validated analytical expressions for the thermal efficiencies and thermal resistances of porous metal foam-fins
Stark JR, Prasad R, Bergman TL
1296 - 1313 On the role of extensional rheology and Deborah number on the neck-in phenomenon during flat film casting
Barborik T, Zatloukal M, Tzoganakis C
1314 - 1321 A modification of the narrow band-based WSGG regrouping method for computation time reduction in non-gray gas radiation analysis
Kang SH, Yoo CS
1322 - 1333 Subdiffusion in a system consisting of two different media separated by a thin membrane
Kosztolowicz T