International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol.108 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0017-9310 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Numerical model of thermal interactions between cylindrical cryoprobe and biological tissue using the dual-phase lag equation
Mochnacki B, Majchrzak E
11 - 31 A comprehensive review on heat transfer characteristics of TiO2 nanofluids
Yang L, Du K
32 - 40 An experimental investigation on wettability effects of nanoparticles in pool boiling of a nanofluid
Quan XJ, Wang DM, Cheng P
41 - 62 Lattice Boltzmann models for the convection-diffusion equation: D2Q5 vs D2Q9
Li LK, Mei RW, Klausner JF
63 - 78 Investigations on the effect of non-uniform temperature on fluid flow and heat transfer in a trapezoidal cavity filled with porous media
Aparna K, Seetharamu KN
79 - 89 Recent progress on the application of nanofluids in minimum quantity lubrication machining: A review
Sidik NAC, Samion S, Ghaderian J, Yazid MNAWM
90 - 96 Nondestructive evaluation of spatially varying internal heat transfer coefficients in a tube
Inglese G, Olmi R
97 - 127 Fundamental issues, mechanisms and models of flow boiling heat transfer in microscale channels
Cheng LX, Xia GD
128 - 135 Heat transfer characteristics of steam condensation flow in vacuum horizontal tube
Wang YX, Mu XS, Shen SQ, Zhang WJ
136 - 145 Heat transfer characteristics of evaporating thin liquid film in closed microcavity for self-rewetting binary fluid
Zhou SN, Zhou LP, Du XZ, Yang YP
146 - 155 Heat transfer and crisis phenomena at pool boiling of liquid nitrogen on the surfaces with capillary-porous coatings
Surtaev AS, Pavlenko AN, Kuznetsov DV, Kalita VI, Komlev DI, Ivannikov AY, Radyuk AA
156 - 171 Conjugate natural convection in a nanofluid filled partitioned horizontal annulus formed by two isothermal cylinder surfaces under magnetic field
Selimefendigil F, Oztop HF
172 - 180 Entropy generation of supercritical water in a vertical tube with concentrated incident solar heat flux on one side
Zhang G, Li Y, Ma JC, Wang RZ
181 - 190 Enhanced boiling heat transfer on plain and featured surfaces using acoustic actuation
Boziuk TR, Smith MK, Glezer A
191 - 198 The effect of surfactant and sonication time on the stability and thermal conductivity of water-based nanofluid containing Mg(OH)(2) nanoparticles: An experimental investigation
Asadi A, Asadi M, Siahmargoi M, Asadi T, Andarati MG
199 - 209 Towards enabling time-resolved measurements of turbulent convective heat transfer maps with IR thermography and a heated thin foil
Raiola M, Greco CS, Contino M, Discetti S, Ianiro A
210 - 219 Heat source layout optimization in two-dimensional heat conduction using simulated annealing method
Chen K, Xing JW, Wang SF, Song MX
220 - 231 Flow boiling heat transfer characteristics and pressure drop of ammonia-lithium nitrate solution in a smooth horizontal tube
Jiang JK, He GG, Liu YL, Liu Y, Cai DH
232 - 243 Experimental investigation of combined transpiration and film cooling for sintered metal porous struts
Jiang PX, Huang G, Zhu YH, Liao ZY, Huang Z
244 - 256 Numerical study of keyhole dynamics and keyhole-induced porosity formation in remote laser welding of Al alloys
Lin RQ, Wang HP, Lu FG, Solomon J, Carlson BE
257 - 270 Dielectric liquid pumping flow in optimally operated micro heat pipes
Chang FL, Hung YM
271 - 291 Numerical modeling of heat transfer and fluid motion in air gap between clothing and human body: Effect of air gap orientation and body movement
Udayraj, Talukdar P, Das A, Alagirusamy R
292 - 300 A 3D investigation of thermoacoustic fields in a square stack
El-Rahman AIA, Abdelfattah WA, Fouad MA
301 - 308 An experimental study on removal of exhaust gas recirculation cooler fouling using washer fluid steam
Woo S, Park S, Shon J, Lee K
309 - 321 Characteristics of steady and oscillating flows through regenerator
Xiao G, Peng H, Fan HT, Sultan U, Ni MJ
322 - 331 Numerical and analytical solutions for magneto-hydrodynamic 3D flow through two parallel porous plates
Ahmed S, Zueco J, Lopez-Gonzalez LM
332 - 340 Simulation of short-wave solar radiative transfer across a roadway embankment
Qin YH, Huang H, Ying JW, Yang T
341 - 350 Comparison of geometrical, momentum and mass transfer characteristics of real foams to Kelvin cell lattices for catalyst applications
Lucci F, Della Torre A, Montenegro G, Kaufmann R, Eggenschwiler PD
351 - 361 Numerical investigation on flow characteristic of supersonic steam jet condensed into a water pool
Zhou L, Chen WX, Chong DT, Liu JP, Yan JJ
362 - 373 Numerical flow and experimental heat transfer of S-shaped two-pass square channel with cooling applications to gas turbine blade
Wu PS, Chang S, Chen CS, Weng CC, Jiang YR, Shih SH
374 - 385 Steady and transient behavior of data centers with variations in thermal load and environmental conditions
Zhang JR, Jaluria Y
386 - 401 Three dimensional thermal diffusion in anisotropic heterogeneous structures simulated by a non-dimensional lattice Boltzmann method with a controllable structure generation scheme based on discrete Gaussian quadrature space and velocity
Su Y, Ng TNA, Zhang YP, Davidson JH
402 - 416 Non-linear interaction of buoyancy with von Karman's swirling flow in mixed convection above a heated rotating disc
Guha A, Sengupta S
417 - 422 A systematic investigation of thermal conductivities of transition metal dichalcogenides
Zhang ZW, Xie Y, Ouyang YL, Chen YP
423 - 433 Flow regime transition criteria for upward two-phase flow in vertical rod bundles
Liu H, Hibiki T
434 - 442 Time-varying characteristics of electromagnetic radiation during the coal-heating process
Kong BA, Wang EY, Li ZH, Niu Y
443 - 452 A new flow regime map and void fraction model based on the flow characterization of condensation
Xiao JG, Hrnjak P
453 - 467 On the flow boiling enhancement in interconnected reentrant microchannels
Deng DX, Xie YL, Huang QS, Wan W
468 - 489 Heat flow visualization during mixed convection within entrapped porous triangular cavities with moving horizontal walls via heatline analysis
Roy M, Biswal P, Roy S, Basak T
490 - 500 Investigations on driving flow expansion characteristics inside ejectors
Chen ZZ, Dang CB, Hihara E
501 - 511 Heat transfer characteristics of flow boiling in horizontal ultra-shallow microchannels
Hong SH, Tang YL, Wang SF, Kai C
512 - 518 The numerical boundary conditions of the wrapping pattern of thin insulation
Lubryka E, Malecha ZM
519 - 528 Efficient treatment of non-grey radiative properties of particles and gases in modelling of radiative heat transfer in combustion environments
Johansson R
529 - 536 Assessment of low-Reynolds number k-epsilon turbulence models against highly buoyant
Bae YY, Kim ES, Kim M
537 - 548 The effect of embedded objects on pool fire burning behavior
Sezer H, Arsava KS, Kozhumal SP, Rangwala AS
549 - 560 Geometrical optimization of nonuniform impingement cooling structure with variable-diameter jet holes
Chi ZR, Liu HQ, Zang SS
561 - 571 Transient spray cooling: Similarity of dynamic heat flux for different cryogens, nozzles and substrates
Tian JM, Chen B, Li D, Zhou ZF
572 - 576 Thermal transport in suspended SWCNTs at high heat fluxes
Liu JH, Xie HH, Hu YD, Zhang X, Zhang YY
577 - 584 A novel, state-of-the-art tubular architecture for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells: Performance enhancement, size and cost reduction
Pourmahmoud N, Sadeghifar H, Torkavannejad A
585 - 613 Frost formation and freeze protection with bypass for counter-flow recuperators
Jedlikowski A, Anisimov S, Danielewicz J, Karpuk M, Pandelidis D
614 - 626 A three-dimensional numerical simulation model for weld characteristics analysis in fiber laser keyhole welding
Ai YW, Jiang P, Shao XY, Li PG, Wang CM
627 - 644 Critical assessment of numerical algorithms for convective-radiative heat transfer in enclosures with different geometries
Parmananda M, Khan S, Dalal A, Natarajan G
645 - 657 Heat extraction performance of EGS with heterogeneous reservoir: A numerical evaluation
Huang WB, Cao WJ, Jiang FM
658 - 670 Numerical study of turbulent flow and heat transfer in cross-corrugated triangular ducts with delta-shaped baffles
Li ZX, Gao YY
671 - 679 Effect of topology on hybrid-linked jet impingement
Yang L, Parbat SN, Min Z, Chyu MK
680 - 690 Mass transfer performance enhancement by nanoemulsion absorbents during CO2 absorption process
Jeong M, Lee JW, Lee SJ, Kang YT
691 - 702 A modified lattice Bhatnagar-Gross-Krook model for axisymmetric thermal flow
Wang Z, Dang NN, Zhang JZ
703 - 711 An interfacial heat transfer in a countercurrent gas-liquid flow in a trickle bed reactor
Niegodajew P, Asendrych D
712 - 720 An alternative energy flow model for analysis and optimization of heat transfer systems
Chen Q, Hao JH, Zhao T
721 - 729 Application of the meshless generalized finite difference method to inverse heat source problems
Gu Y, Wang L, Chen W, Zhang CZ, He XQ
730 - 739 Distribution of nanoparticle depositions after a single breathing in a murine pulmonary acinus model
Sera T, Higashi R, Naito H, Matsumoto T, Tanaka M
740 - 748 Effect of end plates on heat transfer of plate heat exchanger
Jin SH, Hrnjak P
749 - 759 Molecular dynamics study on the role of hydroxyl groups in heat conduction in liquid alcohols
Matsubara H, Kikugawa G, Bessho T, Yamashita S, Ohara T
760 - 769 Experiment investigation on thermal performance of a large-scale oscillating heat pipe with self-rewetting fluid used for thermal energy storage
Zhao JT, Qu J, Rao ZH
770 - 783 Effect of continuous or discrete shock wave generators on supersonic film cooling
Peng W, Sun XK, Jiang PX, Wang J
784 - 800 Upward gas-liquid two-phase flow after a U-bend in a large-diameter serpentine pipe
Aliyu AM, Almabrok AA, Baba YD, Lao LY, Yeung H, Kim KC
801 - 811 Micro-tomography based analysis of thermal conductivity, diffusivity and oxidation behavior of rigid and flexible fibrous insulators
Panerai F, Ferguson JC, Lachaud J, Martin A, Gasch MJ, Mansour NN
812 - 821 Marangoni convection induced by simultaneous mass and heat transfer during evaporation of n-heptane/ether binary liquid mixture
Zhong YX, Zhuo YY, Wang ZF, Sha Y
822 - 829 Evaluation of clustering-role versus Brownian motion effect on the heat conduction in nanofluids: A novel approach
Daviran S, Kasaeian A, Tahmooressi H, Rashidi A, Wen DS, Mahian O
830 - 840 Experimental study of heat transfer between thin liquid films flowing down a vertical string in the Rayleigh-Plateau instability regime and a counterflowing gas stream
Zeng ZZ, Sadeghpour A, Warrier G, Ju YS
841 - 850 Graphics cards based topography artefacts simulations in Scanning Thermal Microscopy
Klapetek P, Martinek J, Grolich P, Valtr M, Kaur NJ
851 - 859 Effect of magnetic polaritons in SiC deep gratings on near-field radiative transfer
Yang Y, Sabbaghi P, Wang LP
860 - 867 Thermal tomography utilizing truncated Fourier series approximation of the heat diffusion equation
Toivanen JM, Tarvainen T, Huttunen JMJ, Savolainen T, Pulkkinen A, Orlande HRB, Kaipio JP, Kolehmainen V
868 - 879 Modeling heat transfer through chimney-structured porous deposit formed in pressurized water reactors
Yeo DY, No HC
880 - 900 A numerical investigation and design optimization of impingement cooling system with an array of air jets
Lam PAK, Prakash KA
901 - 906 Effects of included angle on pool boiling heat transfer of V-shape tubes in vertical alignment
Kang MG
907 - 917 Closed-form analytical solutions of transient heat conduction in hollow composite cylinders with any number of layers
Yang BG, Liu SB
918 - 932 Heat and mass transfer near contact lines on heated surfaces
Ajaev VS, Kabov OA
933 - 939 Discrete space-time model for heat conduction: Application to size dependent thermal conductivity in nano-films
Sobolev SL
940 - 944 The unexpected thermal conductivity from graphene disk, carbon nanocone to carbon nanotube
Ma DK, Ding HR, Wang XM, Yang N, Zhang X
945 - 960 A meshless method based on the method of fundamental solution for three-dimensional inverse heat conduction problems
Sun Y, He SN
961 - 971 Enhancing boiling and condensation co-existing heat transfer in a small and closed space by copper foam inserts
Liu ZL, Zheng FW, Li YX
972 - 987 An experimental investigation on the effect of Al2O3/distilled water nanofluid on the energy efficiency of evacuated tube solar collector
Ghaderian J, Sidik NAC
988 - 997 Experimental study on heat transfer characteristics of R134a flow boiling in "Omega"-shaped grooved tube with different flow directions
Cheng WL, Chen H, Yuan S, Zhong Q, Fan YF
998 - 1010 Effects of spent air removal scheme on internal-side heat transfer in an impingement-effusion system at low jet-to-target plate spacing
Singh P, Ekkad SV
1011 - 1025 Effects of pitch and corrugation depth on heat transfer characteristics in six-start spirally corrugated tube
Jin ZJ, Chen FQ, Gao ZX, Gao XF, Qian JY
1026 - 1035 Experimental investigation and development of new correlations for heat transfer enhancement and friction factor of BioGlycol/water based TiO2 nanofluids in flat tubes
Abdolbaqi MK, Mamat R, Sidik NAC, Azmi WH, Selvakumar P
1036 - 1047 An investigation of a multi-layered oscillating heat pipe additively manufactured from Ti-6A1-4V powder
Ibrahim OT, Monroe JG, Thompson SM, Shamsaei N, Bilheux H, Elwany A, Bian L
1048 - 1056 Interdroplet freezing wave propagation of condensation frosting on micropillar patterned superhydrophobic surfaces of varying pitches
Zhao YG, Wang RZ, Yang C
1057 - 1067 Natural convection heat transfer combined with melting process in a cubical cavity under the effects of uniform inclined magnetic field and local heat source
Bondareva NS, Sheremet MA
1068 - 1077 Heat transfer of single drop impact on a film flow cooling a hot surface
Gao X, Kong LJ, Li R, Han JT
1078 - 1088 A mathematical model of fluid flow in tight porous media based on fractal assumptions
Jin Y, Li X, Zhao MY, Liu XH, Li H
1089 - 1102 Numerical prediction on mist/steam cooling in a square ribbed channel at real gas turbine operational conditions
Gao TY, Zeng JX, Li J, Gong JY
1103 - 1114 A hydrodynamic analysis of thermocapillary convection in evaporating thin liquid films
Lim E, Hung YM, Tan BT
1115 - 1125 A radioisotope thermophotovoltaic converter with nanophotonic emitters and filters
Lee J, Cheon S, Hong S, Nam Y
1126 - 1139 Condensation on a horizontal surface with periodic asymmetrical structures - transient film growth
Natesh S, Truong E, Narayanan V, Bhavnani S
1140 - 1153 Exploring the potential of nanofluids for heat transfer augmentation in dimpled compact channels: Non-intrusive measurements
Sinha GK, Srivastava A
1154 - 1163 Numerical investigation on the effect of tumor on the thermal behavior inside the skin tissue
Fu ZJ, Xi Q, Ling L, Cao CY
1164 - 1196 Review of computational studies on boiling and condensation
Kharangate CR, Mudawar I
1197 - 1206 Numerical study on heat transfer and pressure drop in laminar-flow multistage mini-channel heat sink
Kim Y, Kim M, Ahn C, Kim HU, Kang SW, Kim T
1207 - 1219 Scale-resolved CFD modelling of single-phase hydrodynamics and conjugate heat transfer in solid sponges
Meinicke S, Wetzel T, Dietrich B
1220 - 1228 A multistage spray drying model for zeolite 4A-water suspensions in a counter-current spray dryer
Sagadin G, Hribersek M
1229 - 1236 Numerical solutions for a compressible dusty fluid flow along a vertical wavy cone
Al-Rashed AAAA, Siddiqa S, Begum N, Hossain MA
1237 - 1254 A hybrid LES-RANS study on square cylinder unsteady heat transfer
Chen X, Xia H
1255 - 1263 Heat/mass transfer over the cavity squealer tip equipped with a full coverage winglet in a turbine cascade: Part 1-Data on the winglet top surface
Joo JS, Lee SW
1264 - 1272 Heat/mass transfer over the cavity squealer tip equipped with a full coverage winglet in a turbine cascade: Part 2-Data on the cavity floor
Lee SW, Joo JS
1273 - 1278 A parameter optimization method for actual thermal system
Chen ZS, Wang G, Li C
1279 - 1284 Analysis of heat and mass transfer characteristics in vertical plate channels with falling film evaporation under uniform heat flux/uniform wall temperature boundary conditions
Wan YD, Ren CQ, Xing L, Yang Y
1285 - 1291 Detailed structure of microlayer in nucleate pool boiling for water measured by laser interferometric method
Chen ZH, Haginiwa A, Utaka Y
1292 - 1296 Nonstationary nucleation (explosive crystallization) in layers of amorphous ice prepared by low-temperature condensation of supersonic molecular beams
Faizullin MZ, Vinogradov AV, Tomin AS, Koverda VP
1297 - 1304 A thermal conductivity study of double-pore distributed powdered silica aerogels
Wei GS, Zhang YD, Xu C, Du XZ, Yang YP
1305 - 1313 Joule heating, viscous dissipation and convective heat transfer of pressure-driven flow in a microchannel with surface charge-dependent slip
Jing DL, Pan YL, Wang XM
1314 - 1319 Thermal conductivity of nanofluids based on hollow gamma-Al2O3 nanoparticles, and the influence of interfacial thermal resistance
Serebryakova MA, Zaikovskii AV, Sakhapov SZ, Smovzh DV, Sukhinin GI, Novopashin SA
1320 - 1323 Hydrate formation in the cyclic process of refrigerant boiling condensation in a water volume
Chernov AA, Elistratov DS, Mezentsev IV, Meleshkin AV, Pil'nik AA
1324 - 1334 Natural convection enhancement in a porous cavity with Al2O3-Ethylene glycol/water nanofluids
Solomon AB, Sharifpur M, Ottermann T, Grobler C, Joubert M, Meyer JP
1335 - 1339 Thermal and drainage performance of a louvered fin heat exchanger according to heat exchanger inclination angle under frosting and defrosting conditions
Park JS, Kim J, Lee KS
1340 - 1346 Buoyancy effects on the MHD nanofluid flow past a vertical surface with chemical reaction and activation energy
Mustafa M, Khan JA, Hayat T, Alsaedi A
1347 - 1356 Bubble-wake interactions of a sliding bubble pair and the mechanisms of heat transfer
Meehan RO, Donnelly B, Nolan K, Murray DB
1357 - 1363 Heat transport in semiconductor crystals under large temperature gradients
Ezzahri Y, Ordonez-Miranda J, Joulain K
1364 - 1373 Numerical simulations of a line plume impinging on a ceiling in cold fresh water
George AM, Kay A
1374 - 1382 Numerical analysis of novel SiC3D/Al alloy co-continuous composites ventilated brake disc
Nong XD, Jiang YL, Fang M, Yu L, Liu CY
1383 - 1392 An enthalpy method based on fixed-grid for quasi-steady modeling of solidification/melting processes of pure materials
Wu M, Liu LJ, Ding JL
1393 - 1405 Orientation effects on bubble dynamics and nucleate pool boiling heat transfer of graphene-modified surface
Kim T, Kim JM, Kim JH, Park SC, Ahn HS
1406 - 1417 A generic local thermal equilibrium model for porous reactive materials submitted to high temperatures
Lachaud J, Scoggins JB, Magin TE, Meyer MG, Mansour NN
1418 - 1427 Heat transfer performance in a rotating two-inlet cooling wedge-shaped channel with lateral inflow holes
Li Y, Deng HW, Tao Z, Xu GQ, Tian SQ
1428 - 1438 Non-Fourier effect of laser-mediated thermal behaviors in bio-tissues: A numerical study by the dual-phase-lag model
Zhang Y, Chen B, Li D
1439 - 1448 The effective thermal conductivity of open cell replicated aluminium metal sponges
Abuserwal AF, Luna EME, Goodall R, Woolley R
1449 - 1459 Optimization of the heat transfer coefficient and pressure drop of Taylor-Couette-Poiseuille flows between an inner rotating cylinder and an outer grooved stationary cylinder
Nouri-Borujerdi A, Nakhchi ME
1460 - 1465 Nanobubble nucleation studied using Fresnel fringes in liquid cell electron microscopy
Tomo Y, Takahashi K, Nishiyama T, Ikuta T, Takata Y
1466 - 1480 Experimental investigation of wet flue gas condensation using twisted tape insert
Famileh IZ, Esfahani JA
1481 - 1500 Mixed convection of non-Newtonian nanofluid in an enclosure using Buongiorno's mathematical model
Kefayati GHR
1501 - 1510 Simulation of double diffusive convection in fluid-saturated porous media by lattice Boltzmann method
Chen S, Yang B, Zheng CG
1511 - 1526 Experimental investigation of flow boiling performance in microchannels with and without triangular cavities - A comparative study
Li YF, Xia GD, Jia YT, Cheng Y, Wang J
1527 - 1534 Conductive heat transfer in a gas confined between two concentric spheres: From free-molecular to continuum flow regime
Yamaguchi H, Ho MT, Matsuda Y, Niimi T, Graur I
1535 - 1550 An efficient and accurate method for transient heat conduction in 1D periodic structures
Gao Q, Cui HC
1551 - 1559 Radial integration BEM for solving transient nonlinear heat conduction with temperature-dependent conductivity
Yang K, Peng HF, Wang J, Xing CH, Gao XW
1560 - 1572 Optimal design of plate-fin heat exchanger by combining multi-objective algorithms
Khan TA, Li W
1573 - 1578 Study on interfacial heat transfer behavior of TA15 titanium alloy and die materials
Xu M, Ling R, Zhang ZH, Xie JX
1579 - 1590 The mechanism of bubbly to slug flow regime transition in air-water two phase flow: A new transition criterion
Zhang MH, Pan LM, Ju P, Yang XH, Ishii M
1591 - 1601 Effect of non-linear flow behavior on heat transfer in a thermoacoustic engine core
Kuzuu K, Hasegawa S
1602 - 1609 Effect of local rearrangements in the particle bed on the stability of filtration combustion of solid fuel
Glazov SV, Kislov VM, Salgansky EA, Rabinovich OS, Malinouski AI, Salganskaya MV, Pilipenko EN, Kolesnikova YY
1610 - 1622 Convective drying of fruit: A deeper look at the air-material interface by conjugate modeling
Defraeye T, Radu A
1623 - 1633 Estimation of an aerosol source in forced ventilation through prior identification of a convolutive model
Chata F, Belut E, Maillet D, Keller FX, Taniere A
1634 - 1644 Theoretical accuracy of anisotropic thermal conductivity determined by transient plane source method
Zhang H, Li YM, Tao WQ
1645 - 1655 Experimental and numerical investigation on heat transfer characteristics of supercritical CO2 in the cooled helically coiled tube
Wang KZ, Xu XX, Liu C, Bai WJ, Dang CB
1656 - 1675 A dynamic subgrid-scale modeling framework for Boussinesq turbulence
Maulik R, San O
1676 - 1688 Experimental and numerical analysis of heat transfer to water at supercritical pressures
Shen Z, Yang D, Wang SY, Wang WY, Li YD
1689 - 1701 Two-dimensional porosity optimization of saturated porous media for maximal thermal performance under forced convection
Hobold GM, da Silva AK
1702 - 1713 Flow regimes and convective heat transfer of refrigerant flow boiling in ultra-small clearance microgaps
Nasr MH, Green CE, Kottke PA, Zhang XC, Sarvey TE, Joshi YK, Bakir MS, Fedorov AG
1714 - 1726 Hydrodynamics of droplet impingement on hot surfaces of varying wettability
Clavijo CE, Crockett J, Maynes D
1727 - 1739 Micromechanical modeling of the anisotropic thermal conductivity of ellipsoidal inclusion-reinforced composite materials with weakly conducting interfaces
Bonfoh N, Dreistadt C, Sabar H
1740 - 1749 Tomography based analysis of conduction anisotropy in fibrous insulation
Akolkar A, Rahmatian N, Unterberger SH, Petrasch J
1750 - 1763 An approach to the analysis of heat and mass transfer characteristics in indirect evaporative cooling with counter flow configurations
Wan YD, Ren CQ, Xing L
1764 - 1774 Elastic turbulence influences and convective heat transfer within a miniature viscous disk pump
Copeland D, Ren C, Su MY, Ligrani P
1775 - 1786 Entropy generation analysis for peristaltic flow of nanoparticles in a rotating frame
Hayat T, Rafiq M, Ahmad B, Asghar S
1787 - 1801 Flow boiling heat transfer and pressure drop characteristics of R134a, R1234yf and R1234ze in a plate heat exchanger for organic Rankine cycle units
Zhang J, Desideri A, Kaern MR, Ommen TS, Wronski J, Haglind F
1802 - 1818 Numerical investigation of convective heat transfer in pipeline flow of multi-sized mono dispersed fly ash-water slurry
Nayak BB, Chatterjee D
1819 - 1824 Enhancement of laminar film condensation with diversion panels for large space
Zhai SH, Bai C, Liu JQ, Luan T
1825 - 1838 Experimental study of interfacial characteristics of vertical upward air-water two-phase flow in 25.4 mm ID round pipe
Dang ZR, Wang GY, Ju P, Yang XH, Bean R, Ishii M, Bajorek S, Bernard M
1839 - 1849 Airside heat transfer and pressure loss characteristics of bare and finned tube heat exchangers used for aero engine cooling considering variable air properties
Gu LD, Min JC, Wu XM, Yang LJ
1850 - 1869 Numerical investigation of mixed convection of Bingham fluids in cylindrical enclosures with heated rotating top wall
Turan O, Yigit S, Chakraborty N
1870 - 1883 Numerical simulation of nanofluid forced convection heat transfer improvement in existence of magnetic field using lattice Boltzmann method
Sheikholeslami M, Hayat T, Alsaedi A
1884 - 1893 Geometrical evaluation of T-shaped high conductive pathway with thermal contact resistance for cooling of heat-generating medium
Lorenzini G, Barreto EX, Beckel CC, Schneider PS, Isoldi LA, dos Santos ED, Rocha LAO
1894 - 1900 Investigation into Au nanofluids for solar photothermal conversion
Chen MJ, He YR, Huang J, Zhu JQ
1901 - 1909 The role of surface energy in heterogeneous bubble growth on ideal surface
Kim SH, Lee GC, Kang JY, Moriyama K, Park HS, Kim MH
1910 - 1916 MHD nanofluid flow over a rotating disk with partial slip effects: Buongiorno model
Mustafa M
1917 - 1923 Fan characteristics of the self-support components of rotor ends and its performance matching
Ding SY, Liu JF, Zhang LY
1924 - 1940 Performance improvement of natural draft dry cooling system by water flow distribution under crosswinds
Wang XB, Yang LJ, Du XZ, Yang YP
1941 - 1946 Equilibrium and kinetics of CO2 adsorption onto activated carbon
Jribi S, Miyazaki T, Saha BB, Pal A, Younes MM, Koyama S, Maalej A
1947 - 1959 Numerical analysis of the two-phase flow characteristics in vertical downward helical pipe
Liu XF, Zhao DH, Liu YF, Jiang SA, Xiang HZ
1960 - 1968 Temperature effect on physical properties and surface morphology of printed silver ink during continuous laser scanning sintering
Lee IS, Ryu K, Park KH, Moon YJ, Hwang JY, Moon SJ
1969 - 1981 Heat transfer augmentation in a microchannel heat sink with sinusoidal CrossMark cavities and rectangular ribs
Ghani IA, Kamaruzaman N, Sidik NAC
1982 - 1990 A theoretical and numerical study on the gas-contributed thermal conductivity in aerogel
Li ZY, Zhu CY, Zhao XP
1991 - 2001 Mass transfer from single carbon dioxide bubbles in alcohol aqueous solutions in vertical pipes
Aoki J, Hori Y, Hayashi K, Hosokawa S, Tomiyama A
2002 - 2010 Development and heat transfer analysis of a new heat recovery system with thermoelectric generator
Demir ME, Dincer I
2011 - 2020 The behavior of pressurized liquefied CO2 in a vertical tube after venting through the top
Hansen PM, Gaathaug AV, Bjerketvedt D, Vaagsaether K
2021 - 2028 Numerical study of titanium melting by high frequency inductive heating
Lu LL, Zhang SM, Xu J, He HJ, Zhao XM
2029 - 2039 Numerical investigation of shell side performance of a double shell side rod baffle heat exchanger
Wang X, Zheng N, Liu P, Liu Z, Liu W
2040 - 2052 Large time steps in the explicit formulation of transient heat transfer
Li E, He ZC, Tang Q, Zhang GY
2053 - 2059 Formation of the unsteady thermocapillary structures in the residual layer of three-dimensional waves
Chinnov EA
2060 - 2071 The thermal diode and insulating potentials of a vertical stack of parallelogrammic air-filled enclosures
Villeneuve T, Boudreau M, Dumas G
2072 - 2087 Transient effects and mass convection in sessile droplet evaporation: The role of liquid and substrate thermophysical properties
Chen YH, Hu WN, Wang J, Hong FJ, Cheng P
2088 - 2099 Saturated vapour condensation of HFC404A inside a 4 mm ID horizontal smooth tube: Comparison with the long-term low GWP substitutes HC290 (Propane) and HC1270 (Propylene)
Longo GA, Mancin S, Righetti G, Zilio C
2100 - 2106 Atomistic-continuum hybrid simulations for compressible gas flow in a parallel nanochannel
Zhou WJ, Yu ZQ, Li ZZ, Wei JJ, Tao WQ
2107 - 2119 Ground experiment on the instability of buoyant-thermocapillary convection in large-scale liquid bridge with large Prandtl number
Wang J, Wu D, Duan L, Kang Q
2120 - 2129 Characteristics of heat transfer for CO2 flow boiling at low temperature in mini-channel
Jiang LL, Liu JH, Zhang L, Liu Q, Xu XJ
2130 - 2142 Experimental investigation of force balance at vapour condensation on a cylindrical fin
Glushchuk A, Minetti C, Machrafi H, Iorio CS
2143 - 2157 Analysis of local bifurcations in a channel subjected to non-uniform axial heating
Paul S, Singh S
2158 - 2168 A numerical study on the migration of a neutrally buoyant particle in a Poiseuille flow with thermal convection
Hu JJ, Guo ZL
2169 - 2180 Combining a distributed flow manifold and 3D woven metallic lattices to enhance fluidic and thermal properties for heat transfer applications
Zhao LY, Ryan SM, Lin S, Xue J, Ha SY, Igusa T, Sharp KW, Guest JK, Hemker KJ, Weihs TP
2181 - 2190 Mathematical modelling of heating and evaporation of a spheroidal droplet
Zubkov VS, Cossali GE, Tonini S, Rybdylova O, Crua C, Heikal M, Sazhin SS
2191 - 2197 Sweeping air membrane distillation: Conjugate heat and mass transfer in a hollow fiber membrane tube bank with an in-line arrangement
Huang SM, Yang ML, Tu JL, Shao YY, Zuo YZ
2198 - 2210 Experimental investigation for heat and mass transfer characteristics of R124-DMAC bubble absorption in a vertical tubular absorber
Jiang MN, Xu SM, Wu X
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