International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol.104 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0017-9310 (Print) 

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1 - 6 The effect of solar radiation on temperature distribution in outdoor human-clothing-environment systems
Shimazaki Y, Goto S, Yoshida A, Yamamoto T
7 - 17 Melting of nanoparticle-enhanced paraffin wax in a rectangular enclosure with partially active walls
Arici M, Tutuncu E, Kan M, Karabay H
18 - 27 Numerical analyses of transient flow characteristics within each nozzle hole of an asymmetric diesel injector
Xue FY, Luo FQ, Cui HF, Moro A, Zhou LY
28 - 38 Numerical simulation of thermal behavior and multicomponent mass transfer in direct laser deposition of Co-base alloy on steel
Gan ZT, Yu G, He XL, Li SX
39 - 50 Effect of the grid geometry on the convective heat transfer of impinging jets
Cafiero G, Castrillo G, Greco CS, Astarita T
51 - 70 Coupling multicomponent droplet evaporation and tabulated chemistry combustion models for large-eddy simulations
Mahiques EI, Dederichs S, Beck C, Kaufmann P, Kok JBW
71 - 82 Thermal conductivity of cementitious composites containing microencapsulated phase change materials
Ricklefs A, Thiele AM, Falzone G, Sant G, Pilon L
83 - 97 Numerical analysis on effects of inlet pressure and temperature non-uniformities on aero-thermal performance of a HP turbine
Wang ZD, Wang D, Liu ZF, Feng ZP
98 - 111 A ghost-cell immersed boundary method for the simulations of heat transfer in compressible flows under different boundary conditions Part-II: Complex geometries
Luo K, Mao CL, Zhuang ZY, Fan JR, Haugen NEL
112 - 141 Laminar forced convection in power-law and Bingham plastic fluids in ducts of semi-circular and other cross-sections
Mukherjee S, Gupta AK, Chhabra RP
142 - 148 Modeling study on two-phase adiabatic expansion in a reciprocating expander
Kanno H, Shikazono N
149 - 162 Theoretical analysis and modeling of flow instability in a mini-channel evaporator
Kuang YW, Wang W, Miao JY, Yu XG, Zhuan R
163 - 177 Experimental and computational investigation of heat transfer in channels filled by woven spacers
Ponzio FN, Tamburini A, Cipollina A, Micale G, Ciofalo M
178 - 198 Investigation of coherent structures in a turbulent channel with built-in longitudinal vortex generators
Saha P, Biswas G, Mandal AC, Sarkar S
199 - 211 Numerical simulation of Bridgman solidification of binary alloys
Battaglioli S, McFadden S, Robinson AJ
212 - 226 Transient boiling crisis induced by heat-load step pulses in a helium vertically heated natural circulation loop with static initial condition
Furci H, Baudouy B, Four A
227 - 239 Characterization of gas transport behaviors in shale gas and tight gas reservoirs by digital rock analysis
Sun H, Yao J, Cao YC, Fan DY, Zhang L
240 - 246 Experimental determination of single-phase pressure drop and heat transfer in a horizontal internal helically-finned tube
Wang YH, Zhang JL, Ma ZX
247 - 259 PIV experimental investigation on shell-side flow patterns of shell and tube heat exchanger with different helical baffles
Wen J, Yang HZ, Wang SM, Gu X
260 - 266 About one splitting scheme for the nonlinear problem of thermal convection
Beisebay PB, Aruova AB, Akzhigitov E, Tilepiev MS
267 - 275 Steady and transient critical heat flux for subcooled water in a mini channel
Shibahara M, Fukuda K, Liu QS, Hata K
276 - 287 Study on flow boiling heat transfer characteristics of R161/oil mixture inside horizontal micro-fin tube
Han XH, Fang YB, Wu M, Qiao XG, Chen GM
288 - 300 Modeling heat transfer during friction stir welding using a meshless particle method
Xiao YH, Zhan HF, Gu YT, Li QH
301 - 309 Equilibrium and non-equilibrium thermodynamic analysis of high-order dual-phase-lag heat conduction
Askarizadeh H, Baniasadi E, Ahmadikia H
310 - 317 Correlation of keyhole exit deviation distance and weld pool thermo-state in plasma arc welding process
Liu ZM, Wu CS, Cui SL, Luo Z
318 - 327 Heat transfer and entropy generation analysis of HFE 7000 based nanorefrigerants
Helvaci HU, Khan ZA
328 - 336 Analysis of the anomalies in graphene thermal properties
Khanafer K, Vafai K
337 - 350 A lattice Boltzmann method for axisymmetric thermocapillary flows
Liu HH, Wu L, Ba Y, Xi G
351 - 361 Experimental study on flow boiling characteristics of pure refrigerant (R134a) and zeotropic mixture (R407C) in a rectangular micro-channel
Dang C, Jia L, Xu MC, Huang Q, Peng Q
362 - 373 Optical determination of temperature and concentrations of homogeneous turbulent gas mixtures
Ren T, Modest MF
374 - 391 Three-dimensional simulations of non-isothermal transient flow and flow-induced stresses during the viscoelastic fluid filling process
Zhuang X, Ouyang J, Li WM, Li YG
392 - 399 Influence of mixed convection in an exponentially decreasing external flow velocity
Patil PM, Ramane HS, Roy S, Hindasageri V, Momoniat E
400 - 408 Enhancement of thermal performance of micro heat pipes using wettability gradients
Singh M, Kondaraju S, Bahga SS
409 - 418 Effects of chemical reaction, heat and mass transfer and viscous dissipation over a MHD flow in a vertical porous wall using perturbation method
Ahmed S, Zueco J, Lopez-Gonzalez LM
419 - 437 Direct numerical simulations of particle sedimentation with heat transfer using the Lattice Boltzmann method
Yang B, Chen S, Liu K
438 - 455 Absolute instability: A toy model and an application to the Rayleigh-Benard problem with horizontal flow in porous media
Barletta A, Alves LSD
456 - 466 Influence of radiation effect on turbulent natural convection in cubic cavity at normal temperature atmospheric gas
Kogawa T, Okajima J, Sakurai A, Komiya A, Maruyama S
467 - 477 Experimental investigation on a novel multi-branch heat pipe for multi-heat source electronics
Cai YH, Li ZT, Zhai JM, Tang Y, Yu BH
478 - 488 Acoustic wave effect on a stability of convective flow in a horizontal channel subjected to the horizontal temperature gradient
Lyubimova TP, Skuridin RV
489 - 492 Effect of charging ratio on thermal performance of a miniaturized two-phase super-heat-spreader
Lv L, Li J
493 - 502 An investigation of anomalous time-fractional diffusion of isopropyl alcohol in mesoporous silica
Zhokh AA, Trypolskyi AI, Strizhak PE
503 - 509 An analytical solution for two-dimensional modeling of repetitive long pulse laser heating material
Chen GB, Wang YD, Zhang JJ, Bi J
510 - 516 Aircraft icing model considering both rime ice property variability and runback water effect
Zhang X, Wu XM, Min JC
517 - 532 Numerical investigation of the laminar natural convection heat transfer from two horizontally attached horizontal cylinders
Liu J, Liu H, Zhen Q, Lu WQ
533 - 536 Effects of particle diameter on flow characteristics in sand columns
Li ZX, Wan JW, Huang K, Chang W, He Y
537 - 543 Experimental investigation on stability and thermal conductivity of diathermic oil based TiO2 nanofluids
Wei BJ, Zou CJ, Li XK
544 - 558 A multiple-relaxation-time lattice Boltzmann model for the flow and heat transfer in a hydrodynamically and thermally anisotropic porous medium
Hu Y, Li DC, Shu S, Niu XD
559 - 565 Temperature distribution and Specific Absorption Rate inside a child's head
Stankovic V, Jovanovic D, Krstic D, Markovic V, Cvetkovic N
566 - 573 Thermal conductivity enhancement of clathrate hydrate with nanoparticles
Li DL, Peng H, Liang DQ
574 - 583 Pressure driven transport of neutral macro-solute in microchannel with porous wall at high surface potential
Mondal S, De S
584 - 594 Refrigeration of an array of cylindrical nanosystems by superfluid helium counterflow
Sciacca M, Sellitto A, Galantucci L, Jou D
595 - 606 Coupled heat conduction and multiphase change problem accounting for thermal contact resistance
Weisz-Patrault D
607 - 614 Effect of interface anisotropy on growth direction of tilted dendritic arrays in directional solidification of alloys: Insights from phase-field simulations
Xing H, Zhang LM, Song KK, Chen HM, Jin KX
615 - 626 Computational analysis of two-phase flow and heat transfer in parallel and counter flow double-pipe evaporators
Abishek S, King AJC, Narayanaswamy R
627 - 633 Fast collapse of a vapor bubble
Pavlov PA
634 - 643 Understanding of humping formation and suppression mechanisms using the numerical simulation
Wu DS, Hua XM, Ye DJ, Li F
644 - 649 Stability of a confined swirling annular liquid layer with heat and mass transfer
Fu QF, Jia BQ, Yang LJ
650 - 657 Liquid-solid mass transfer to a rotating mesh electrode in a rotor-stator spinning disc configuration
Mendoza PG, Weusten SJC, de Groot MT, Keurentjes JTF, Schouten JC, van der Schaaf J
658 - 664 Thermal energy storage enhancement of a binary molten salt via in-situ produced nanoparticles
Luo Y, Du XZ, Awad A, Wen DS
665 - 674 Selective laser melting of fused silica: Interdependent heat transfer and powder consolidation
Protasov CE, Khmyrov RS, Grigoriev SN, Gusarov AV
675 - 687 A novel lattice Boltzmann model for the solid-liquid phase change with the convection heat transfer in the porous media
Wu W, Zhang SL, Wang SF
688 - 692 Complex behaviour of a nanofluid near thermal convection onset: Its nature and features
Krauzina MT, Bozhko AA, Krauzin PV, Suslov SA
693 - 702 Marangoni convection in a thin layer of nanofluid: Application to combinations of water or ethanol with nanoparticles of alumina or multi-walled carbon nanotubules
Abdullah AA, Lindsay KA
703 - 717 A spectral element model for nonhomogeneous heat flow in shallow geothermal systems
BniLam N, Al-Khoury R
718 - 728 Condensation heat transfer of low GWP ORC working fluids in a horizontal smooth tube
Ghim G, Lee J
729 - 742 The electrically induced bubble behaviors considering different bubble injection directions
Wang QG, Zhang G, Wang C, Ma R, Yao W
743 - 748 Effect of high temperature environment on the performance of LiNi0.5Co0.2Mn0.3O2 battery
Situ WF, Yang XQ, Li XX, Zhang GQ, Rao MM, Wei C, Huang Z
749 - 758 Study on temperature distribution non-uniformity of inner grooved copper tubes during pit furnace annealing
Han Y, Yu EL, Han Z
759 - 773 Highly accurate two-phase species transfer based on ALE Interface Tracking
Weber PS, Marschall H, Bothe D
774 - 786 Real-time fouling characteristics of a typical heat exchanger used in the waste heat recovery systems
Wang FL, He YL, Tong ZX, Tang SZ
787 - 799 A heat and mass transfer study of coffee bean roasting
Fadai NT, Melrose J, Please CP, Schulman A, Van Gorder RA
800 - 812 The temperature jump at water - air interface during evaporation
Gatapova EY, Graur IA, Kabov OA, Aniskin VM, Filipenko MA, Sharipov F, Tadrist L
813 - 818 The effect of dilution on the dispersion with respect to microfluidic channel geometries
Lee J, Lee M, Kulla E, Tripathi A
819 - 834 Large eddy simulations of complex multicomponent diesel fuels in high temperature and pressure turbulent flows
Srivastava S, Jaberi F
835 - 851 Design explorations of heat conductive pathways
Manuel MCE, Lin PT
852 - 860 Hybrid nanofluids based on Al2O3, TiO2 and SiO2: Numerical evaluation of different approaches
Minea AA
861 - 870 Study on steady-state thermal conduction with singularities in multi-material composites
Hu XF, Gao HY, Yao WA, Yang ST
871 - 877 Molecular dynamics simulation of the interfacial thermal resistance between phosphorene and silicon substrate
Zhang JC, Hong Y, Liu MQ, Yue YN, Xiong QG, Lorenzini G
878 - 889 Magnetic field and internal heat generation effects on the free convection in a rectangular cavity filled with a porous medium saturated with Cu-water nanofluid
Rashad AM, Rashidi MM, Lorenzini G, Ahmed SE, Aly AM
890 - 896 Nanoparticle embedded double-layer coating for daytime radiative cooling
Huang ZF, Ruan XL
897 - 917 Three-dimensional numerical investigation on thermosolutal convection of power-law fluids in anisotropic porous media
Zhu QY, Zhuang YJ, Yu HZ
918 - 929 Fabrication and capillary characterization of micro-grooved wicks with reentrant cavity array
Zeng J, Lin L, Tang Y, Sun YL, Yuan W
930 - 942 Transient conjugate heat transfer in critical flow nozzles
Ding HB, Wang C, Wang G
943 - 951 Numerical investigation of desulfurization behavior in electroslag remelting process
Wang Q, He Z, Li GQ, Li BK, Zhu CY, Chen PJ
952 - 963 Numerical study of the thermal characteristics of a shallow tunnel section with a two-phase closed thermosyphon group in a permafrost region under climate warming
Zhang MY, Pei WS, Lai YM, Niu FJ, Li SY
964 - 978 Experimental and CFD prediction of heat transfer and friction factor characteristics in cross flow tube bank with integral splitter plate
Mangrulkar CK, Dhoble AS, Chakrabarty SG, Wankhede US
979 - 992 Analysis of temperature fluctuations caused by mixing of non-isothermal water streams at elevated pressure
Bergagio M, Thiele R, Anglart H
993 - 1007 Solution strategy for the inverse determination of the specially varying heat transfer coefficient
Hadala B, Malinowski Z, Szajding A
1008 - 1021 Combined three-color LIF-PDA measurements and infrared thermography applied to the study of the spray impingement on a heated surface above the Leidenfrost regime
Labergue A, Pena-Carillo JD, Gradeck M, Lemoine F
1022 - 1033 Heat rate distribution in converging and diverging microchannel in presence of conjugate effect
Duryodhan VS, Singh SG, Agrawal A
1034 - 1047 An experimental study of air-steam condensation on the exterior surface of a vertical tube under natural convection conditions
Lee YG, Jang YJ, Choi DJ
1048 - 1059 Mathematical model of parallel-plate-channeled electromagnetic-driven pulsating dream pipe for rapid heat removal
Furukawa M
1060 - 1068 Numerical study of thermal erosion behavior of RPV lower head wall impinged by molten corium jet with particle method
Li G, Liu M, Wang JS, Chong DT, Yan JJ
1069 - 1082 Study on continuous adjoint optimization with turbulence models for aerodynamic performance and heat transfer in turbomachinery cascades
Zhang PF, Lu J, Song LM, Feng ZP
1083 - 1089 Optimization of wick shape in a loop heat pipe for high heat transfer
Nishikawara M, Nagano H
1090 - 1109 Direct numerical simulation of the impact of a droplet onto a hot surface above the Leidenfrost temperature
Villegas LR, Tanguy S, Castanet G, Caballina O, Lemoine F
1110 - 1119 Forced convection condensation of steam in the presence of multicomponent noncondensable gases inside a horizontal tube
Xu HQ, Gu HF, Sun ZN
1120 - 1134 Experimental and numerical investigation of heat transfer and friction performance for turbine blade tip cap with combined pin-fin-dimple/protrusion structure
Xie YH, Shi DB, Shen ZY
1135 - 1144 Experimental study on flow condensation of mixture in a hydrophobic microchannel
Zhang CB, Shen CQ, Chen YP
1145 - 1151 Radial integration boundary element method for nonlinear heat conduction problems with temperature-dependent conductivity
Yang K, Wang J, Du JM, Peng HF, Gao XW
1152 - 1159 Pressure oscillation and a new method to calculate the heat transfer coefficient for steam jet condensation
Qiu BB, Yan JJ, Revankar ST, Wu XZ
1160 - 1176 Natural convective heat and moisture transfer in an inclined building enclosure with one slender wall of finite thickness: Analytical investigation and non-unique steady flow solutions
Hu JT, Ren XH, Liu D, Zhao FY, Wang HQ
1177 - 1188 Experimental and numerical study on the transient heat-transfer characteristics of circular air-jet impingement on a flat plate
Guo Q, Wen Z, Dou RF
1189 - 1201 Pore-scale study of thermal fields during evaporation from drying porous surfaces
Aminzadeh M, Or D
1202 - 1216 Flat plate convection heat transfer enhancement via a square rib
Fouladi F, Henshaw P, Ting DSK, Ray S
1217 - 1228 Effects of inclination angle and non-uniform heating on mixed convection of a nanofluid filled porous enclosure with active mid-horizontal moving
Nithyadevi N, Begum AS, Oztop HF, Al-Salem K
1229 - 1245 Laminar counterflow parallel-plate heat exchangers: An exact solution including axial and transverse wall conduction effects
Quintero AE, Vera M
1246 - 1258 Investigation on bubble morphological evolution and plastic part surface quality of microcellular injection molding process based on a multiphase-solid coupled heat transfer model
Zhang L, Zhao GQ, Wang GL, Dong GW, Wu H
1259 - 1267 An in-depth analysis of conjugate heat transfer process of impingement jet
Zhu XW, Zhu L, Zhao JQ
1268 - 1274 Generation of levitating droplet clusters above the locally heated water surface: A thermal analysis of modified installation
Fedorets AA, Dombrovsky LA
1275 - 1282 Thermal conductivity measurements of nanofluids
Pryazhnikov MI, Minakov AV, Rudyak VY, Guzei DV
1283 - 1299 On the role of discrete mass conservation for non-Boussinesq flow simulations in enclosures
Kumar M, Natarajan G
1300 - 1316 Thermal radiation modeling using the LES-ODT framework for turbulent combustion flows
Ben Rejeb S, Echekki T
1317 - 1324 Analysis of fading characteristics of a lithium ion battery based on an integration model
Zhao PJ, Li MF, Kang JQ, Rizzoni GG
1325 - 1340 Thermofluidic characteristics of combined electroosmotic and pressure driven flows in narrow confinements in presence of spatially non-uniform magnetic field
Sarkar S, Ganguly S, Dutta P
1341 - 1352 Self-similarity of heat transfer characteristics in laminar submerged and free-surface slot jet impingement
Bieber M, Kneer R, Rohlfs W
1353 - 1361 The study of boiling-up onset of highly superheated n-pentane in a glass capillary at different pressures. I. Visualization by high-speed video and nucleation sites
Lipnyagov EV, Parshakova MA, Perminov SA
1362 - 1371 The study of boiling-up onset of highly superheated n-pentane in a glass capillary at different pressures. II. Data processing
Lipnyagov EV, Parshakova MA, Perminov SA