International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol.103 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0017-9310 (Print) 

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1 - 13 Film cooling effectiveness measurements of a near surface streamwise diffusion hole
An BT, Liu JJ, Zhang XD, Zhou SJ, Zhang C
14 - 27 Enhanced nodal gradient 3D consecutive-interpolation tetrahedral element (CTH4) for heat transfer analysis
Nguyen MN, Bui TQ, Truong TT, Trinh NA, Singh IV, Yu TT, Doan DH
28 - 44 Accuracy of Eulerian-Eulerian, two-fluid CFD boiling models of subcooled boiling flows
Colombo M, Fairweather M
45 - 56 Heat transfer and pressure drop characteristics of gas-liquid Taylor flow in mini ducts of square and rectangular cross-sections
Zhang JZ, Fletcher DF, Li W
57 - 65 Experimental study on optimal spray parameters of piezoelectric atomizer based spray cooling
Chen H, Cheng WL, Peng YH, Zhang WW, Jiang LJ
66 - 76 Prediction of dryout and post-dryout wall temperature at different operating parameters for once-through steam generators
Shi JX, Sun BZ, Zhang GL, Song FY, Yang LB
77 - 86 Modeling of iron ore reactions in blast furnace
Fu D, Tang GW, Zhao YF, D'Alessio J, Zhou CQ
87 - 98 Statistical simulation of molecular diffusion effect on turbulent tetrad dispersion
Fei F, Liu ZH, Zheng CG
99 - 107 Inclined magnetic field and heat source/sink aspects in flow of nanofluid with nonlinear thermal radiation
Hayat T, Qayyum S, Alsaedi A, Shafiq A
108 - 124 Fully implicit Discontinuous Galerkin solver to study surface and volume ablation competition in atmospheric entry flows
Schrooyen P, Hillewaert K, Magin TE, Chatelain P
125 - 132 Transient characteristics of a loop heat pipe-based hydraulic temperature control technique
Joung W, Kim YG, Lee J
133 - 153 Time-averaged and transient pressure drop for flow boiling with saturated inlet conditions
O'Neill LE, Kharangate CR, Mudawar I
154 - 164 Experimental and modeling study of controller-based thermal management of battery modules under dynamic loads
Wang HT, He F, Ma L
165 - 172 Measurement of thermal contact conductance between round-shaped superconducting wires and rectangular slot in copper block for application to cryogenic transfer tube
Ki T, Yoshida M, Yang Y, Ogitsu T, Kimura N, Nakamoto T, Makida Y, Iio M
173 - 185 Model for blast waves of Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosions
Yakush SE
186 - 202 Transient characteristics of flow boiling in large micro-channel heat exchangers
Lee S, Mudawar I
203 - 210 Convection heat and mass transfer of fractional MHD Maxwell fluid in a porous medium with Soret and Dufour effects
Zhao JH, Zheng LC, Zhang XX, Liu FW
211 - 230 CFD investigation and assessment of wall heat flux partitioning model for the prediction of high pressure subcooled flow boiling
Murallidharan JS, Prasad BVSSS, Patnaik BSV, Hewitt GF, Badalassi V
231 - 241 Unsteady multi-phase mass transfer modeling and analysis for the process of the ammonia volatilization from yarn bobbin
Zhu HL, Meng Z, Sun YZ, Lu W, Zhu ZN
242 - 253 Numerical investigations into the effect of squealer-winglet blade tip modifications on aerodynamic and heat transfer performance
Yan X, Huang Y, He K, Li J, Feng ZP
254 - 264 Variable property-based lattice Boltzmann flux solver for thermal flows in the low Mach number limit
Cao YH
265 - 276 Influence of reservoir permeability on methane hydrate dissociation by depressurization
Zhao JF, Fan Z, Dong HS, Yang Z, Song YC
277 - 284 Effect of heater orientation on pool boiling heat transfer from sintered copper microporous coating in saturated water
Jun S, Kim J, You SM, Kim HY
285 - 290 A novel numerical method for solving heat conduction problems
291 - 297 A revised model to analyze the heat and mass transfer mechanisms in the flow of Carreau nanofluids
Hashim, Khan M
298 - 304 Evolution of convective plumes adjacent to localized heat sources of various shapes
Kondrashov A, Sboev I, Dunaev P
305 - 318 Velocity field characteristics of the turbulent jet induced by direct contact condensation of steam jet in crossflow of water in a vertical pipe
Xu Q, Guo LJ, Chang L, Wang YC
319 - 326 Experimental study of lean ignition and lean blowout performance improvement using an evaporation flameholder
Cheng XJ, Fan YX
327 - 335 Experimental techniques for thermal product determination of coaxial surface junction thermocouples during short duration transient measurements
Agarwal S, Sahoo N, Singh RK
336 - 340 MHD flow and heat transfer of Cu-water nanofluid in a semi porous channel with stretching walls
Raza J, Rohni AM, Omar Z
341 - 348 Heat transfer and thermo-elastic analysis of copper steel composite stave
Liu Q, Zhang P, Cheng SS, Niu JP, Liu DD
349 - 359 Design criteria for improving insulation effectiveness of multilayer walls
Gori P, Guattari C, Evangelisti L, Asdrubali F
360 - 369 Accurate empirical formulas for the evaluation of origin intensity factor in singular boundary method using time-dependent diffusion fundamental solution
Wang FJ, Chen W
370 - 381 Numerical simulation of flow instability and heat transfer of natural convection in a differentially heated cavity
Dou HS, Jiang G
382 - 389 Refrigeration mechanism of the gas parcels in pulse tube cryocoolers under different phase angles
Zhi XQ, Qiu LM, Pfotenhauer JM, Gan ZH, Yan Y
390 - 400 Simultaneous kHz-rate temperature and velocity field measurements in the flow emanating from angled and trenched film cooling holes
Schreivogel P, Abram C, Fond B, Strausswald M, Beyrau F, Pfitzner M
401 - 410 Effects of temperature-dependent properties on wire-coating from a bath of FENE-P fluid
Ali N, Javed MA
411 - 416 Bubble formation and interface phenomena of aqueous solution under microwave irradiation
Asakuma Y, Nakata R, Asada M, Kanazawa Y, Phan C
417 - 427 Molecular simulations of the thermal and transport properties of alkali chloride salts for high-temperature thermal energy storage
Pan GC, Ding J, Wang WL, Lu JF, Li J, Wei XL
428 - 434 Turbulent heat transfer with FC-72 in small diameter tubes
Li YT, Fukuda K, Liu QS, Shibahara M
435 - 442 Solving the multi-domain variable coefficient heat conduction problem with heat source by virtual boundary meshfree Galerkin method
Yang DS, Chen TY, Ling J, Wang XB, Zhao ZH, Mou HZ, Dai ZR
443 - 456 Improvements of film cooling effectiveness by using Barchan dune shaped ramps
Zhou WW, Hu H
457 - 467 Experimental investigation on the pressure drop and heat transfer characteristics of a recuperator with offset strip fins for a micro gas turbine
Do KH, Choi BI, Han YS, Kim T
468 - 477 Comments over homogenisation scales for interfacial emission and scattering by a divided medium: Beerian and non Beerian behaviours
Dauvois Y, Zarrouati M, Rochais D, Enguehard F, Taine J
478 - 485 Heat and mass transfer in fixed bed drying of non-deformable porous particles
Dobre T, Parvulescu OC, Stoica-Guzun A, Stroescu M, Jipa I, Al Janabi AAA
486 - 500 Overall heat transfer coefficient with considering thermal contact resistance in thermal recovery wells
Wang L, Liu HQ, Pang ZX, Lv XC
501 - 515 Determination of air-to-air energy wheels latent effectiveness using humidity step test data
Fathieh F, Nasr MR, Sadeh S, Besant RW, Evitts RW, Muller J, Simonson CJ
516 - 520 On the influence of microstructure on heat conduction in solids
Berezovski A
521 - 537 Three-dimensional numerical simulation of arc and metal transport in arc welding based additive manufacturing
Zhou XM, Zhang H, Wang G, Bai XW
538 - 547 Experimental investigation of heat transfer and friction characteristic of fully developed gas flow in single-start and three-start corrugated tubes
Harless A, Franz E, Breuer M
548 - 554 On Maxwell-Stefan diffusion in Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics
Hirschler M, Sackel W, Nieken U
555 - 563 A dissipative particle dynamics algorithm for fluid-solid conjugate heat transfer
Zhang YX, Yi HL, Tan HP
564 - 571 An investigation of layering phenomenon at the liquid-solid interface in Cu and CuO based nanofluids
Milanese M, Iacobazzi F, Colangelo G, de Risi A
572 - 581 Effects of approaching main flow boundary layer on flow and cooling performance of an inclined jet in cross flow
Zhong LX, Zhou C, Chen SY
582 - 593 An approximate analytical method for nonlinear transient heat transfer through a metallic thermal protection system
Gu LX, Wang YF, Shi SB, Dai CX
594 - 606 Gradient-based design of actively-cooled microvascular composite panels
Tan MHY, Najafi AR, Pety SJ, White SR, Geubelle PH
607 - 610 Experimental determination of the water vapor diffusion coefficient of autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) via a transient method: Effects of the porosity and temperature
Yi SY, Fan LW, Fu JH, Xu X, Yu ZT
611 - 618 Fractional diffusion modeling of heat transfer in porous and fractured media
Suzuki A, Fomin SA, Chugunov VA, Niibori Y, Hashida T
619 - 626 Numerical and experimental investigation of the stratified air-oil flow inside ball bearings
Wu W, Hu JB, Yuan SH, Hu CH
627 - 634 Tracer transport in naturally fractured reservoirs: Analytical solutions for a system of parallel fractures
Abbasi M, Hossieni M, Izadmehr M, Sharifi M
635 - 645 Numerical study on a heat transfer model in a Lagrangian fluid dynamics simulation
Takabatake K, Sun X, Sakai M, Pavlidis D, Xiang J, Pain CC
646 - 660 An experimental and numerical study of the evaporation and pyrolysis characteristics of lubricating oil droplets in the natural gas engine conditions
Yi P, Long WQ, Feng LY, Wang WY, Liu C
661 - 671 Time evolution of surface roughness in pipes due to mass transfer under different Reynolds numbers
Wang D, Ewing D, Ching CY
672 - 683 Various ways to take into account density change in solid-liquid phase change models: Formulation and consequences
Dallaire J, Gosselin L
684 - 700 A numerical investigation in effects of inlet pressure fluctuations on the flow and cavitation characteristics inside water hydraulic poppet valves
Liang J, Luo X, Liu Y, Li X, Shi T
701 - 714 Local measurements and a new flow pattern based model for subcooled and saturated flow boiling heat transfer in multi-microchannel evaporators
Huang HX, Thome JR
715 - 724 Design of microchannel heat sink with wavy channel and its time-efficient optimization with combined RSM and FVM methods
Zhou JD, Hatami M, Song DX, Jing DW
725 - 743 Lattice Boltzmann Method for simulation of mixed convection of a Bingham fluid in a lid-driven cavity
Kefayati GHR, Huilgol RR
744 - 752 Numerical study of gas purge in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell
Ding J, Mu YT, Zhai S, Tao WQ
753 - 772 An improved interface preserving level set method for simulating three dimensional rising bubble
Yu CH, Ye ZT, Sheu TWH, Lin YT, Zhao XZ
773 - 782 Thermodynamic analysis of gas flow and heat transfer in microchannels
Guo YY, Wang M
783 - 790 Thermoelastic damping in micro- and nanomechanical beam resonators considering size effects
Zhang H, Kim T, Choi G, Cho HH
791 - 806 High resolution local heat transfer and pressure drop infrared measurements of two-phase flow of R245fa within a compact plate heat exchanger
Amalfi RL, Thome JR, Solotych V, Kim JH
807 - 820 Electroosmotic flow in optimally operated micro heat pipes
Chang FL, Hung YM
821 - 831 Numerical simulation of dendritic growth in directional solidification of binary alloys using a lattice Boltzmann scheme
Sun DK, Pan SY, Han QY, Sun BD
832 - 846 Lattice Boltzmann modelling of electro-thermo-convection in a planar layer of dielectric liquid subjected to unipolar injection and thermal gradient
Luo K, Wu J, Yi HL, Tan HP
847 - 854 Visualization research on confined bubble growth feature and heat transfer characteristic in ultra-shallow micro channel
Hong SH, Tang YL, Lai YX, Wang SF, Zhang LZ
855 - 867 Numerical study of phase change material based orthotropic heat sink for thermal management of electronics components
Sahoo SK, Rath P, Das MK
868 - 878 Numerical investigation on heat transfer performance of planar elastic tube bundle by flow-induced vibration in heat exchanger
Duan DR, Ge PQ, Bi WB
879 - 885 Experimental hydrodynamics of high-porosity metal foam: Effect of pore density
Bagci O, Dukhan N
886 - 893 The impact and freezing processes of a water droplet on a cold surface with different inclined angles
Jin ZY, Zhang HH, Yang ZG
894 - 899 Dynamic response of a thermally activated paraffin actuator
Ho CJ, Wang WJ, Lai CM
900 - 913 Changes in porosity, permeability and surface area during rock dissolution: Effects of mineralogical heterogeneity
Min T, Gao YM, Chen L, Kang QJ, Tao WQ
914 - 919 Effects of surface modification on the pool boiling heat transfer of MWNTs/water nanofluids
Xing MB, Yu JL, Wang RX
920 - 930 Effects of solute concentration in liquid on pore shape in solid
Wei PS, Hsiao SY
931 - 939 Effects of mass transfer coefficient on pore shape in solid
Wei PS, Hsiao SY
940 - 954 Direct Quadrature Method of Moments with delumping for modeling multicomponent droplet vaporization
Singer SL
955 - 964 MHD free convection in a wavy open porous tall cavity filled with nanofluids under an effect of corner heater
Sheremet MA, Oztop HF, Pop I, Al-Salem K
965 - 973 A coupled velocity and temperature problem of the extruded spinning column in a micro-extrusion
Chan Y, Xia L, Ren Y, Li LD, Chen YT
974 - 983 Axial heat conduction effects in the thermal entrance region for flows in concentric annular ducts: Correlations for the local bulk-temperature and the Nusselt number at the outer wall
Axtmann M, Heier M, Hilali W, Weigand B
984 - 996 A theoretical model for the porosity-permeability relationship
Tang TT, McDonough JM
997 - 1007 Modeling controlled release from hollow porous nanospheres
Wang AL, Edwards BJ
1008 - 1016 Thermal safety of lithium-ion batteries with various cathode materials: A numerical study
Peng P, Jiang FM
1017 - 1028 A new approach to the analysis of heat and mass transfer characteristics for laminar air flow inside vertical plate channels with falling water film evaporation
Ren CQ, Wan YD
1029 - 1041 Numerical study and optimization of the cross-flow Maisotsenko cycle indirect evaporative air cooler
Pandelidis D, Anisimov S
1042 - 1052 Experimental study of heat transfer characteristics of high-velocity small slot jet impingement boiling on nanoscale modification surfaces
Wang XJ, Liu ZH, Li YY
1053 - 1057 Effect of inside heated cylinder on the natural convection heat transfer of nanofluids in a wavy-wall enclosure
Hatami M, Safari H
1058 - 1064 Molecular dynamics study on thermal transport at carbon nanotube interface junctions: Effects of mechanical force and chemical functionalization
Chen W, Zhang JC, Yue YA
1065 - 1074 Microwave and ultrasound enhancement of convective drying of strawberries: Experimental and modeling efficiency
Szadzinska J, Kowalski SJ, Stasiak M
1075 - 1083 Topology optimization for the conduction cooling of a heat-generating volume with orthotropic material
Page LG, Dirker J, Meyer JP
1084 - 1097 Entropy generation analysis of graphene-alumina hybrid nanofluid in multiport minichannel heat exchanger coupled with thermoelectric cooler
Ahammed N, Asirvatham LG, Wongwises S
1098 - 1107 Pore-scale simulation of shale gas production considering the adsorption effect
Zhao JL, Yao J, Zhang L, Sui HG, Zhang M
1108 - 1124 Taylor flow in intermediate diameter channels: Simulation and hydrodynamic models
Rattner AS, Garimella S
1125 - 1132 An investigation of convective heat transfer in microchannel with Piranha Pin Fin
Yu X, Woodcock C, Plawsky J, Peles Y
1133 - 1143 Influence of variable viscosity and radial magnetic field on peristalsis of copper-water nanomaterial in a non-uniform porous medium
Hayat T, Farooq S, Alsaedi A, Ahmad B
1144 - 1154 Drying of a tape-cast layer: Numerical modelling of the evaporation process in a graded/layered material
Jabbari M, Jambhekar VA, Hattel JH, Helmig R
1155 - 1165 Experimental and numerical investigation of constructal vascular channels for self-cooling: Parallel channels, tree-shaped and hybrid designs
Yenigun O, Cetkin E
1166 - 1175 Analysis on the fluid flow in vortex tube with vortex periodical oscillation characteristics
Zhang B, Guo XJ, Yang ZQ
1176 - 1180 Generalized variational principles for heat conduction models based on Laplace transforms
Li SN, Cao BY
1181 - 1190 Experimental study on heat transfer characteristics of a heat sink with multiple-orifice synthetic jet
Mangate LD, Chaudhari MB
1191 - 1197 An improved heat conduction model with Riesz fractional Cattaneo-Christov flux
Liu L, Zheng LC, Liu FW, Zhang XX
1198 - 1207 CFD analysis on flow resistance characteristics of six-start spirally corrugated tube
Jin ZJ, Liu BZ, Chen FQ, Gao ZX, Gao XF, Qian JY
1208 - 1213 The effect of pressure on thermal contact conductance of superalloys under high temperature
Tang QY, Zhang WF
1214 - 1224 Flow and heat transfer of Ostwald-de Waele fluid over a variable thickness rotating disk with index decreasing
Xun S, Zhao JH, Zheng LC, Chen XH, Zhang XX
1225 - 1242 An experimental study on terrestrial cryogenic transfer line chilldown I. Effect of mass flux, equilibrium quality, and inlet subcooling
Darr SR, Hu H, Glikin NG, Hartwig JW, Majumdar AK, Leclair AC, Chung JN
1243 - 1260 An experimental study on terrestrial cryogenic tube chilldown II. Effect of flow direction with respect to gravity and new correlation set
Darr SR, Hu H, Glikin N, Hartwig JW, Majumdar AK, Leclair AC, Chung JN
1261 - 1279 Effects of two-phase inlet quality, mass velocity, flow orientation, and heating perimeter on flow boiling in a rectangular channel: Part 1-Two-phase flow and heat transfer results
Kharangate CR, O'Neill LE, Mudawar I
1280 - 1296 Effects of two-phase inlet quality, mass velocity, flow orientation, and heating perimeter on flow boiling in a rectangular channel: Part 2-CHF experimental results and model
Kharangate CR, O'Neill LE, Mudawar I
1297 - 1312 Determination of modeled luminosity-based and pressure-based ignition delay times of turbulent spray combustion
Abianeh OS, Curtis N, Sung CJ
1313 - 1326 Thermal and thermodynamic performance, and pressure oscillations of refrigeration loop employing large micro-channel evaporators
Lee S, Mudawar I
1327 - 1334 Heat transfer and pressure drop of condensation from superheated vapor to subcooled liquid
Xiao JG, Hrnjak P
1335 - 1347 Effects of internal circulation and particle mobility during nanofluid droplet evaporation
Wei Y, Deng W, Chen RH
1348 - 1358 Quantitative electrical imaging of three-dimensional moisture flow in cement-based materials
Smyl D, Hallaji M, Seppanen A, Pour-Ghaz M
1359 - 1370 Embedded single phase microfluidic thermal management for non-uniform heating and hotspots using microgaps with variable pin fin clustering
Lorenzini D, Green C, Sarvey TE, Zhang XC, Hu YC, Fedorov AG, Bakir MS, Joshi Y
1371 - 1377 Thermal performance and orientation effect of an inclined cross-cut cylindrical heat sink for LED light bulbs
Park SJ, Jang D, Lee KS
1378 - 1379 Comment on "Performance of CNT-water nanofluid as coolant fluid in shell and tube intercooler of a LPG absorber tower"
Estelle P