International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol.100 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0017-9310 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Algorithms for the estimation of transient surface heat flux during ultra-fast surface cooling
Zhou ZF, Xu TY, Chen B
11 - 23 On the numerical prediction of channel segregation
Plotkowski A, Krane MJM
24 - 33 Identification of the thermal conductivity coefficients of 3D anisotropic media by the singular boundary method
Chen B, Chen W, Cheng AHD, Sun LL, Wei X, Peng HM
34 - 38 Image-based multi-scale simulation and experimental validation of thermal conductivity of lanthanum zirconate
Guo XY, Hu B, Wei CD, Sun JG, Jung YG, Li L, Knapp J, Zhang J
39 - 47 CO2 absorption enhancement by nanoabsorbents in Taylor-Couette absorber
Pineda IT, Kang YT
48 - 57 Boiling from liquid drops impact on a heated wall
Liang GT, Shen SQ, Guo YL, Zhang JL
58 - 64 A Fickian model for temperature-dependent sorption hysteresis in hygrothermal modeling of wood materials
Zhang XB, Kunzel HM, Zillig W, Mitterer C, Zhang X
65 - 78 Experimental investigation of spray impingement hydrodynamic on a hot surface at high flow rates using phase Doppler analysis and infrared thermography
Labergue A, Gradeck M, Lemoine F
79 - 88 Time-fractional heat transfer equations in modeling of the non-contacting face seals
Blasiak S
89 - 97 Entropy generation analysis of a nanofluid flow in MHD porous microchannel with hydrodynamic slip and thermal radiation
Ibanez G, Lopez A, Pantoja J, Moreira J
98 - 110 Condensation heat transfer in rectangular microscale geometries
Garimella S, Agarwal A, Fronk BM
111 - 120 A new analytical solution for horizontal geothermal heat exchangers with vertical spiral coils
Wang DQ, Lu L, Cui P
121 - 130 Unsteady simulations of mixed convection heat transfer in a 3D closed lid-driven cavity
Kareem AK, Gao SA, Ahmed AQ
131 - 138 Temperature distribution in bottomless electromagnetic cold crucible applied to directional solidification
Yang JR, Chen RR, Guo JJ, Fu HZ
139 - 149 Hydrocarbon mixture condensation inside horizontal smooth tubes
Macdonald M, Garimella S
150 - 164 Condensation of carbon dioxide in microchannels
Fronk BM, Garimella S
165 - 177 Hybrid ballistic-diffusive solution to the frequency-dependent phonon Boltzmann Transport Equation
Allu P, Mazumder S
178 - 190 Form drag effect on the onset of non-linear convection and Hopf bifurcation in binary fluid saturating a tall porous cavity
Rebhi R, Mamou M, Vasseur P, Alliche M
191 - 198 Determination of the relative significance of material parameters for concrete exposed to fire
Guo FD, Yuan Y, Mang HA
199 - 207 A numerical study on the air-side heat transfer of perforated finned-tube heat exchangers with large fin pitches
Liu XQ, Yu JL, Yan G
208 - 214 A new model for the processes of droplet condensation and evaporation on solid surface
Luo XS, Fan Y, Qin FH, Gui HQ, Liu JG
215 - 223 Two-phase heat and mass transfer of phase change materials in thermal management systems
Libeer W, Ramos F, Newton C, Alipanahrostami M, Depcik C, Li XL
224 - 230 Solvent effects in the thermal decomposition reaction of ammonium carbamate: A computational molecular dynamics study of the relative solubilities of CO2 and NH3 in water, ethylene glycol, and their mixtures
Iskrenova EK, Patnaik SS
231 - 242 Modeling of void fraction covariance in two-phase flows with phase change
Dandekar AV, Brooks CS
243 - 249 UO2 bicrystal phonon grain-boundary resistance by molecular dynamics and predictive models
Kim WK, Shim JH, Kaviany M
250 - 266 DNS of conjugate heat transfer in presence of rough surfaces
Orlandi P, Sassun D, Leonardi S
267 - 275 Development of a new heat transfer optimization method for compressible fluid flows and it numerical verifications
Sun MH, Zhang XR, Chen L
276 - 286 MD simulation on nano-scale heat transfer mechanism of sub-cooled boiling on nano-structured surface
Wang WR, Huang SH, Luo XS
287 - 294 Importance of viscoelastic and interface bonding effects in the thermal boundary conductance of solid-water interfaces
Merabia S, Lombard J, Alkurdi A
295 - 302 Effect of wall surface roughness on mass transfer in a nano channel
Zhang YB
303 - 319 Fluid-solid interaction in natural convection heat transfer in a square cavity with a perfectly thermal-conductive flexible diagonal partition
Jamesahar E, Ghalambaz M, Chamkha AJ
320 - 331 Numerical and experimental study of natural convection heat transfer characteristics for vertical plate fin and tube heat exchangers with various tube diameters
Chen HT, Lin YS, Chen PC, Chang JR
332 - 346 A RANS model for heat transfer reduction in viscoelastic turbulent flow
Masoudian M, Pinho FT, Kim K, Sureshkumar R
347 - 354 Improvement in field synergy principle: More rigorous application, better results
Zhu XW, Zhao JQ
355 - 361 A numerical investigation on the heat conduction in high filler loading particulate composites
Tong Z, Liu M, Bao H
362 - 377 Transient heat conduction problem with radiation boundary condition of statistically inhomogeneous materials by second-order two-scale method
Yang ZQ, Cui JZ, Sun Y
378 - 385 Experimental study on the heat transfer performance of an oscillating heat pipe with self-rewetting nanofluid
Su XJ, Zhang M, Han W, Guo XM
386 - 395 Development of a dry patch model for critical heat flux prediction
Choi JY, No HC, Kim J
396 - 406 Experimental study on critical heat flux of highly efficient soft hydrophilic CuO-chitosan nanofluid templates
Cheedarala RK, Park E, Kong K, Park YB, Park HW
407 - 427 Enhanced thermal energy transport using adiabatic block inside lid-driven cavity
Biswas N, Manna NK, Mahapatra PS
428 - 432 Mass transfer behaviors of oxygen during cold crucible continuous casting silicon
Huang F, Chen RR, Ding HS, Su YQ
433 - 444 Nu and Sh correlations for LiCl solution and moist air in plate type dehumidifier
Lee JH, Jung CW, Chang YS, Chung JT, Kang YT
445 - 450 Performance of a novel solar assisted Bian stone thermal therapy
Wu C, Chen XH, Zhou XP
451 - 463 Thermally developing combined magnetohydrodynamic and electrokinetic transport in narrow confinements with interfacial slip
Sarkar S, Ganguly S, Dutta P
464 - 481 Laminar forced convection effectiveness of Al2O3-water nanofluid flow in a circular tube at various operation temperatures: Effects of temperature-dependent properties
Ho CJ, Chang CY, Cheng CY, Cheng SJ, Guo YW, Hsu ST, Yan WM
482 - 489 Thermal diffusion and diffusion-thermo effects on mixed convection from an exponentially impermeable stretching surface
Patil PM, Roy S, Momoniat E
490 - 496 Thermal conductivity of bulk electrodeposited nanocrystalline nickel
Cho HJ, Wang S, Zhou Y, Palumbo G, Erb U
497 - 507 The loss in charge process and effects on performance of wave rotor refrigerator
Hu DP, Li RF, Liu PQ, Zhao JQ
508 - 521 Principle-based design of distributed multiphase segmented flow
Stafford J
522 - 535 GPU accelerated numerical study of PCM melting process in an enclosure with internal fins using lattice Boltzmann method
Ren Q, Chan CL
536 - 549 A simplified elliptic paraboloid heat source model for autogenous GTAW process
Garcia-Garcia V, Camacho-Arriaga JC, Reyes-Calderon F
550 - 558 Experimental study on thermo-hydrodynamic behaviors in miniaturized two-phase thermosyphons
Chen YP, Yu FW, Zhang CB, Liu XD
559 - 565 Characteristics analysis of water film in transpiring wall reactor
Xu DH, Huang CB, Wang SZ, Guo Y
566 - 572 On magnetohydrodynamic three-dimensional flow of nanofluid over a convectively heated nonlinear stretching surface
Hayat T, Aziz A, Muhammad T, Alsaedi A
573 - 581 An algorithm to calculate interfacial area for multiphase mass transfer through the volume-of-fluid method
Soh GY, Yeoh GH, Timchenko V
582 - 589 The influence of fin structure and fin density on the condensation heat transfer of R134a on single finned tubes and in tube bundles
Al-Badri AR, Bar A, Gotterbarm A, Rausch MH, Froba AP
590 - 598 Numerical analysis of twin-roll casting to fabricate a laminated sheet from melts
Park JJ
599 - 607 An analytical method to estimate spatially-varying thermal contact conductances using the reciprocity functional and the integral transform methods: Theory and experimental validation
Padilha RS, Colaco MJ, Orlande HRB, Abreu LAS
608 - 614 Experimental investigation of the convective heat transfer coefficient for open-cell porous metal fins at low Reynolds numbers
Park SH, Kim TH, Jeong JH
615 - 626 Evaporation of a bicomponent droplet during depressurization
Liu L, Liu Y, Mi ML, Wang Z, Jiang LL
627 - 633 Temperature dependent thermal conductivity determination and source identification for nonlinear heat conduction by means of the Trefftz and homotopy perturbation methods
Grysa K, Maciag A
634 - 645 An investigation into flow and heat transfer for a slot impinging synthetic jet
Ghaffari O, Solovitz SA, Arik M
646 - 660 Effects of varying oblique angles on flow boiling heat transfer and pressure characteristics in oblique-finned microchannels
Law M, Kanargi OB, Lee PS
661 - 671 A novel thermal-hydraulic-mechanical model for the enhanced geothermal system heat extraction
Cao WJ, Huang WB, Jiang FM
672 - 679 Effect of wall surface modification in the combined Couette and Poiseuille flows in a nano channel
Zhang YB
680 - 690 Macrosegregations in Sn-3 wt%Pb alloy solidification: Experimental and 3D numerical simulation investigations
Boussaa R, Hachani L, Budenkova O, Botton V, Henry D, Zaidat K, Ben Hadid H, Fautrelle Y
691 - 703 Heat transfer and friction factor of multi-walled carbon nanotubes-Fe3O4 nanocomposite nanofluids flow in a tube with/without longitudinal strip inserts
Sundar LS, Otero-Irurueta G, Singh MK, Sousa ACM
704 - 717 Thermal performance of two-phase reciprocating anti-gravity closed thermosyphon
Chang SW, Liou TM, Ji Y, Jiang YR
718 - 727 Analytical solution of forced convective heat transfer in parallel-plate channel partially filled with metallic foams
Lu W, Zhang T, Yang M
728 - 736 Enthalpic lattice Boltzmann formulation for unsteady heat conduction in heterogeneous media
Rihab H, Moudhaffar N, Sassi B, Patrick P
737 - 746 Temperature-gradient-aware bionic optimization method for heat source distribution in heat conduction
Chen K, Wang SF, Song MX
747 - 757 Numerical modeling and experimental validation of anomalous time and space subdiffusion for gas transport in porous coal matrix
Kang JH, Zhou FB, Xia TQ, Ye GB
758 - 766 Comparison of various methods for evaluating the membrane-type total heat exchanger performance
Min JC, Duan JF
767 - 778 Localized lattice Boltzmann equation model for simulating miscible viscous displacement in porous media
Meng XH, Guo ZL
779 - 789 Effect of swelling on the onset of buoyancy-driven convection during the CO2 dissolution process in a porous medium
Kim MC
790 - 799 Mixed convolved action variational principles in heat diffusion
Dargush GF, Apostolakis G, Darrall BT, Kim J
800 - 809 Evaporation of binary mixtures and precision measurement by crystal resonator
Song HY, He CR, Basdeo C, Li JQ, Ye DZ, Kalonia D, Li SY, Fan TH
810 - 824 Experimental investigation of ablation and pyrolysis processes of carbon-phenolic ablators in atmospheric entry plasmas
Helber B, Turchi A, Scoggins JB, Hubin A, Magin TE
825 - 834 Two-phase pressure drop prediction in helically coiled steam generators for nuclear power applications
Cioncolini A, Santini L
835 - 850 Heatline visualization of conjugate natural convection in a square cavity filled with nanofluid with sinusoidal temperature variations on both horizontal walls
Alsabery AI, Chamkha AJ, Saleh H, Hashim I
851 - 860 Microscale wall heat transfer and bubble growth in single bubble subcooled boiling of water
Yabuki T, Nakabeppu O
861 - 875 Effects of heating intensity on the transient natural convection flows in open cavities
Zamora B, Sancho G
876 - 891 Large scale three-dimensional topology optimisation of heat sinks cooled by natural convection
Alexandersen J, Sigmund O, Aage N
892 - 898 Effect of C60 nanofluid on the thermal performance of a flat-plate pulsating heat pipe
Wu QP, Xu RJ, Wang RX, Li YZ
899 - 907 Numerical investigation of the phase change process of low melting point metal
Yang XH, Tan SC, Liu J
908 - 917 Film boiling of subcooled liquids. Part I: Leidenfrost phenomenon and experimental results for subcooled water
Yagov VV, Lexin MA, Zabirov AR, Kaban'kov ON
918 - 926 Film boiling of subcooled liquids. Part II: Steady regimes of subcooled liquids film boiling
Yagov VV, Leksin MA, Zabirov AR, Denisov MA
927 - 937 Two-dimensional mesoscale simulations of saturated pool boiling from rough surfaces. Part I: Bubble nucleation in a single cavity at low superheats
Gong S, Cheng P, Quan XJ
938 - 948 Two-dimensional mesoscale simulations of saturated pool boiling from rough surfaces. Part II: Bubble interactions above multi-cavities
Gong S, Cheng P
949 - 957 Impacts of torch moving on phase change and fluid flow in weld pool of SMAW
Tong LG, Gu JC, Yin SW, Wang L, Bai SW