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International Journal of Energy Research, Vol.45, No.5 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0363-907X (Print) 

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6475 - 6482 A journey of wastewater to clean hydrogen: A perspective
Rashwan SS, Dincer I, Mohany A
6483 - 6488 COVID-19 transmission in cold chain: A safe and green new-generation cold chain is demanded
Zhang XR
6489 - 6494 Novel energy station by natural fluid CO2
Zhang XR
6495 - 6517 Experimental and simulation study of liquid coolant battery thermal management system for electric vehicles: A review
Kalaf O, Solyali D, Asmael M, Zeeshan Q, Safaei B, Askir A
6518 - 6549 Organic solar cells: Current perspectives on graphene-based materials for electrodes, electron acceptors and interfacial layers
Muchuweni E, Martincigh BS, Nyamori VO
6550 - 6583 Recent progress in development of efficient electrocatalyst for methanol oxidation reaction in direct methanol fuel cell
Yaqoob L, Noor T, Iqbal N
6584 - 6643 Recent developments in metal-free organic sensitizers derived from carbazole, triphenylamine, and phenothiazine for dye-sensitized solar cells
Devadiga D, Selvakumar M, Shetty P, Santosh MS, Chandrabose RS, Karazhanov S
6644 - 6688 Progress and challenges: Review for direct liquid fuel cell
Shaari N, Kamarudin SK, Bahru R, Osman SH, Ishak NAIM
6689 - 6697 Numerical analysis of wave-shaped flow field plate for proton-exchange membrane fuel cell
Hu H, Xu XM, Mei N, Li C
6698 - 6707 Bifunctional mesoporous CoO/nitrogen-incorporated graphene electrocatalysts for high-power and long-term stability of rechargeable zinc-air batteries
Park TH, Yeon JS, Sivakumar P, Kim Y, Park HS
6708 - 6726 State of charge estimation of a Li-ion battery based on extended Kalman filtering and sensor bias
Al-Gabalawy M, Hosny NS, Dawson JA, Omar AI
6727 - 6744 Open center tidal turbine: How a new mooring system concept affects the performances
Lo Zupone G, Barbarelli S, Liu CJ, Yan JY, Liang B
6745 - 6764 Analysis of solar and wind energy installations at electric vehicle charging stations in a region in Brazil and their impact on pricing using an optimized sale price model
dos Santos PD, de Souza ACZ, Bonatto BD, Mendes TP, Neto JAS, Botan ACB
6765 - 6783 A GBDT-SOA approach for the system modelling of optimal energy management in grid-connected micro-grid system
Arumugam P, Kuppan V
6784 - 6799 Numerical and experimental study of a compact 100-W-class beta-type Stirling engine
Cheng CH, Phung DT
6800 - 6815 Decentralized scheduling optimization for charging-storage station considering multiple spatial-temporal transfer factors of electric vehicles
Cheng S, Wei ZB, Zhao ZK
6816 - 6830 Study on performance and liquid film distribution of a two-stage evaporator for heating and dehumidification integrated heat pump
Du AR, Long JB, Zhang RC, Lu J
6831 - 6849 Experimental investigation of the thermal performance of a radiator using various nanofluids for automotive PEMFC applications
Bargal MHS, Souby MM, Abdelkareem MAA, Sayed M, Tao Q, Chen M, Wang YP
6850 - 6862 Synergistic effect of Ag/MoS2/TiO2 heterostructure arrays on enhancement of photoelectrochemical and photocatalytic performance
Liu Z, Xu K, Yu H, Sun ZQ
6863 - 6875 Electrochemical recovery of metal copper in microbial fuel cell using graphene oxide/polypyrrole cathode catalyst
Rikame SS, Mungray AA, Mungray AK
6876 - 6887 Enhanced electrochemical properties and interfacial stability of poly(ethylene oxide) solid electrolyte incorporating nanostructured Li1.3Al0.3Ti1.7(PO4)(3) fillers for all solid state lithium ion batteries
Zhao EQ, Guo YD, Xin Y, Xu GR, Guo XW
6888 - 6906 Degradation pathways dependency of a lithium iron phosphate battery on temperature and compressive force
Kim JH, Kwak E, Oh KY
6907 - 6921 Structural and thermal analysis of an innovative baking furnace for carbon anode production
Zheng SY, Rao ZH, Liao SM
6922 - 6942 A novel approach for PEM fuel cell parameter estimation using LSHADE-EpSin optimization algorithm
Fathy A, Aleem SHEA, Rezk H
6943 - 6957 Thermodynamic analysis of autothermal steam-reforming of methane for ammonia production
Bodhankar P, Patnaik S, Kale GR
6958 - 6965 Quartic anharmonicity and ultra-low lattice thermal conductivity of alkali antimonide compounds M3Sb (M = K, Rb and Cs)
Zhong Q, Dai ZH, Wang WQ, Zhao YC, Meng S
6966 - 6984 Unveiling the impact of Cu content on the physical properties and photovoltaic performance of solution-processed Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 solar cell absorber
Marasamy L, Chettiar ADR, de Moure-Flores F, Subramaniam V
6985 - 7017 Optimal planning of multi-energy microgrid with different energy storages and demand responsive loads utilizing a technical-economic-environmental programming
Nosratabadi SM, Hemmati R, Gharaei PK
7018 - 7037 Manufacturing surface active shell and bisphenol A free thermochromic acrylic microcapsules for textile applications
Tozum MS, Aksoy SA, Alkan C
7038 - 7056 Electrochemical prospects and potential of hausmannite Mn3O4 nanoparticles synthesized through microplasma discharge for supercapacitor applications
Kavitha ER, Meiyazhagan S, Yugeswaran S, Balraju P, Suresh K
7057 - 7069 A novel single-body system for direct-drive wave energy converter
Liu C, Chen RW, Zhang YX, Wang LP, Qin JC
7070 - 7081 Metal-free Al-air microfluidic paper fuel cell to power portable electronic devices
Rao LT, Dubey SK, Javed A, Goel S
7082 - 7092 N, S self-doped porous carbon with enlarged interlayer distance as anode for high performance sodium ion batteries
Li Q, Zhang YN, Feng S, Liu D, Wang GX, Tan QL, Jiang ST, Yuan JN
7093 - 7107 Simulation and analysis of thermochemical seasonal solar energy storage for district heating applications in China
Li ZC, Xu M, Huai XL, Huang CF, Wang KJ
7108 - 7119 Feasible synthesis of NCM811 cathodes with controllable Li/Ni cationic mixing for enhanced electrochemical performance via a nano grinding assisted solid-state approach
He HH, Dong J, Zhang DY, Hang DJ, Zhu XJ, Chang CK
7120 - 7128 Hollow N-doped carbon sphere synthesized by MOF as superior oxygen electrocatalyst for Li-O-2 batteries
He ML, Jia J, Sun Q, Zhang WX
7129 - 7144 Preparation and characterization of composite hydrate salt PCM of industrial grade disodium hydrogen phosphate with sodium carbonate
Zheng MS, Peng XJ, Liu J, Zhang S, Zhang X
7145 - 7160 Optimal operations of energy storage systems in multi-application scenarios of grid ancillary services based on electricity price forecasting
Han XJ, Hong ZP, Su Y, Wang ZR
7161 - 7176 Thermochemical conversion characteristics of a single wood pellet in a convective low-temperature air environment
Lin HT, Chen GB, Chao YC
7177 - 7192 Two-step onboard hydrogen generation from Black Sea H2S reserves
Kilkis B, Taseli BK
7193 - 7203 Study of Fe-Ni-Mg catalytic activities for hydrogen-rich gas production from biomass pyrolysis
Lu QX, Zhang X, Yuan SF, Xie XG
7204 - 7221 Development of deep learning-based equipment heat load detection for energy demand estimation and investigation of the impact of illumination
Wei SY, Calautit J
7222 - 7234 Small-band gap halide double perovskite for optoelectronic properties
Nabi M, Gupta DC
7235 - 7255 An investigation into size-dependent dynamic thermo-electromechanical response of piezoelectric-laminated sandwich smart nanocomposites
Li CL, Tian XG, He TH
7256 - 7269 Assessing the impact of current control on the thermal management performance of thermoelectric cooling systems
Liu ZY, Tang AK, Shan CX, Yuan XZ, Li JM
7270 - 7278 Theoretical study on the optoelectronic properties of GaAs nanostructures with Al component gradient change
Sun Y, Liu L, Lv ZS, Zhangyang XY, Lu FF, Tian J
7279 - 7292 Numerical investigation of two discharging procedures of a metal hydride-hydrogen storage tank
Askri F, Bouzgarrou F
7293 - 7314 Hydrothermal synthesis of reduced graphene oxide-anatase titania nanocomposites for dual application in organic solar cells
Shoyiga HO, Martincigh BS, Nyamori VO
7315 - 7325 Tailoring the oxygen content in lithiated silicon oxide for lithium-ion batteries
Moon J
7326 - 7340 Online internal short circuit detection method considering equalization electric quantity for lithium-ion battery pack in electric vehicles
Lai X, Yi W, Li HL, Han XB, Feng XN, Li SC, Zhou L, Zheng YJ
7341 - 7351 Role of thermal energy storage for enhancing thermal performance of evacuated tube with compound parabolic concentrator collector
Christopher S, Kumaresan V, Raghavan KS
7352 - 7365 Design and analysis of a multi-stage axial turbine for gasified coal-water power system
Zhang M, Liu Y, Yang JG, Jiang XW, Shao WY, Wang XF
7366 - 7379 Microwave-assisted synthesis of cobalt-polyoxometalate@carbon black nanocomposites and their electrocatalytic ability toward oxygen reduction reaction
Ingavale S, Patil I, Prabakaran K, Swami A
7380 - 7403 Enhanced performance of methanol oxidation reaction via green synthesis of platinum electro-catalyst from sugar cane bagasse
Ishak NAIM, Kamarudin SK, Timmiati SN, Karim N, Basri S
7404 - 7420 Redundant energy combination and recovery scheme for dual fuel carriers based on thermoelectric harvesting with a large temperature range
Wang Z, Han FH, Ji YL, Li WH
7421 - 7435 Investigation on performance of CdTe solar cells with CdS and bilayer ZnS/CdS windows grown by thermal evaporation technique
Keshav R, Mahesha MG
7436 - 7446 Efficient photoselectrochemical hydrogen production utilizing of APbI(3) (A = Na, Cs, and Li) perovskites nanorods
Shaban M, Rabia M, Eldakrory MG, Maree RM, Ahmed AM
7447 - 7456 Revealing the sodium-storage performance enhancement of adsorption-type carbon materials after ammonia treatment: Active nitrogen dopants or specific surface area?
Li GZ, Yu YG, Huang B, Chen PL, Shao ZP, An L
7457 - 7475 Frequency stabilization in deregulated energy system using coordinated operation of fuzzy controller and redox flow battery
Sharma M, Dhundhara S, Arya Y, Prakash S
7476 - 7486 A new maximum power point tracking algorithm based on power differentials method for thermoelectric generators
Yahya K, Alomari O
7487 - 7500 Effects of reaction conditions on one-step synthesis of methylal via methanol oxidation catalyzed by Mo:Fe(2)/HZSM-5 catalyst
Tian YY, Yuan M, Li S, Tang RY, Zong PJ, Qiao YY
7501 - 7520 Smart system management and techno-environmental optimal sizing of a desalination plant powered by renewables with energy storage
Affi S, Cherif H, Belhadj J
7521 - 7534 Robust bi-level programming for renewable energy location
Lotfi R, Mardani N, Weber GW
7535 - 7548 Novel reusable pH-responsive photocatalyst polymeric microcapsules for dye treatment
Srisawang N, Chaiyasat A, Ngernchuklin P, Chaiyasat P
7549 - 7560 Experimental investigation of state-of-power measurement for lithium-ion batteries
Jin CY, Sun YD, Zheng YJ, Yang XB, Lai X, Gu HH, Feng XN
7561 - 7571 The snowflake-like structured NiO-Cu2O@Fe/Ru catalyst for hydrogen fuel production
Farsak M, Aydin O
7572 - 7587 Day-ahead renewable scenario forecasts based on generative adversarial networks
Jiang CM, Mao YF, Chai Y, Yu MB
7588 - 7604 Numerical and experimental study of a concentrated solar thermal receiver for a solar heating system with seasonal storage
Li XX, Wang ZF, Li JP, Chen LF, Bai YK, Yang M, Guo MH, Sun FH, Yuan GF
7605 - 7616 Be, Li and Sc functionalized borane B6H6 and carborane C2B4H6 for hydrogen storage: A comparison using first principles approach and molecular dynamics simulations
Konda R, Titus E, Chaudhari A
7617 - 7630 Effects of flow field on thermal management in proton exchange membrane fuel cell stacks: A numerical study
Peng YM, Yan XH, Lin C, Shen SY, Yin JW, Zhang JL
7631 - 7650 Implications of boundary conditions on natural convective heat transfer of molten phase change material inside enclosures
Arici M, Yildiz C, Nizetic S, Shahsavar A, Campo A
7651 - 7662 Battery state of health estimation method based on sparse auto-encoder and backward propagation fading diversity among battery cells
Sun YN, Zhang JL, Zhang KF, Qi HH, Zhang CJ
7663 - 7674 Approaching high performance PVDF-HFP based solid composite electrolytes with LLTO nanorods for solid-state lithium-ion batteries
Li JL, Zhu L, Zhang JW, Jing MX, Yao SS, Shen XQ, Li SJ, Tu FY
7675 - 7688 Polyethylene glycol-based functional composite phase change materials with excellent electrical and thermal conductivities
Sun QR, Zhang N, Yu XP, Ju FL, Szilagyi IM, Yuan YP
7689 - 7702 Effect of pore size distribution in the gas diffusion layer adjusted by composite carbon black on fuel cell performance
Lin GY, Liu SY, Qu GK, Song YJ, Li TY, Liu FM, Hu YF
7703 - 7718 Different physical properties of bi-alkali pnictogen compounds using density functional theory
Khan Z, Murtaza G, Khan AA, Laref A, Kattan NA, Haneef M
7719 - 7731 Numerical investigation into the effect of serpentine flow channel with a variable cross-section on the performance of proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Li C, Xu XM, Hu H, Mei N, Yang Y
7732 - 7740 A practical approach to predict volume deformation of lithium-ion batteries from crystal structure changes of electrode materials
Ren DS, Xie LQ, Wang L, He XM
7741 - 7763 Experimental study of the performance of concentrator photovoltaic/thermoelectric generator system integrated with a new 3D printed microchannel heat sink
Abdo A, Saito T, Ookawara S, Radwan A, Ahmed M
7764 - 7782 Alternative low-cost photon sensitizer for dye-sensitized solar cells using less explored natural fabric dyes
Peter IJ, Vijaya S, Anandan S, Ramachandran K, Nithiananthi P
7783 - 7796 Preparation and optimization of thermosensitive hydrogels for inhibiting coal oxidation
Guo SL, Yuan SJ, Geng WL, Dong ZW
7797 - 7805 Synthesis, electrochemical, photophysical, and photovoltaic properties of new fluorescent compounds: 3H-benzofuro[2,3-b]pyrazolo[4,3-f]quinoline
Ghamati Z, Pordel M, Davoodnia A, Beyramabadi SA
7806 - 7813 New 3,8-difluoro indoloindole-based copolymers for organic solar cell
Lee GS, Shin HJ, Shome S, Park JH, Ko SJ, Choi H, Kim YH
7814 - 7828 Study on the steam gasification reaction of biomass char under the synergistic effect of Ca-Fe: Analysis of kinetic characteristics
Wu YT, Pang YJ, Chen YS, Zhai MS, Zheng MJ
7829 - 7839 In situ synthesizing C-CuO composite for efficient photo-thermal conversion and its application in solar-driven interfacial evaporation
Cao HX, Jiao SK, Zhang S, Xu JG, Wang HY, Guo CL
7840 - 7850 Parametric study on minor actinides transmutation in a graphite-moderated thorium-based molten salt reactors
Zou CY, Yu CG, Wu JH, Cai XZ, Chen JG
7851 - 7869 Performance comparison between H-2-metal hydrides and CO2-adsorbents-based sorption refrigeration systems
Syed SN, Sharma VK
7870 - 7883 Exploring n-type SiC film with ultralow work function Cs coating surface for solar cell anode
Liu L, Diao Y, Xia SH
7884 - 7902 Tailoring the life cycle of lithium-ion batteries with a passive cooling system: A comprehensive dynamic model
Safdari M, Sadeghzadeh S, Ahmadi R
7903 - 7917 Combination effects of flow field structure and assembly force on performance of high temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Zhang TY, Li J, Li Q, Yu MF, Sun H
7918 - 7932 Lithium-plating-free fast charging of large-format lithium-ion batteries with reference electrodes
Liu JH, Chu ZY, Li HL, Ren DS, Zheng YJ, Lu LG, Han XB, Ouyang MG
7933 - 7960 An intelligent two-level control of Ultrabattery for improved automatic generation control of a multi-source deregulated power system
Hajam FH, Mufti MUD
7961 - 7973 Computer-assisted demand-side energy management in residential smart grid employing novel pooling deep learning algorithm
Jeyaraj PR, Nadar ERS
7974 - 7986 The synergetic effect of air pollutants and metal ions on performance of a 5 kW proton-exchange membrane fuel cell stack
Xie M, Zhang Q, Yang DJ, Chu TK, Li B, Ming PW, Zhang CM
7987 - 7997 Solution-phase-reconstructed Zn-based nanowire electrocatalysts for electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide to carbon monoxide
Kim J, Kim H, Han GH, Ahn SH
7998 - 8007 Random copolymerization of polythiophene for simultaneous enhancement of in-plane and out-of-plane charge transport for organic transistors and perovskite solar cells
Ko SY, Nketia-Yawson B, Ahn H, Jo JW, Ko MJ
8008 - 8017 Na2TiV(PO4)(3)@C composite with excellent Na-storage performance based on a solid-state polymer electrolyte membrane
Gao W, Du GY, Qi YR, Yang QJ, Du WY, Xu MW
8018 - 8029 Lignin-derived carbon nanofibers-laminated redox-active-mixed metal sulfides for high-energy rechargeable hybrid supercapacitors
Ranjith KS, Raju GSR, Chodankar NR, Ghoreishian SM, Cha YL, Huh YS, Han YK
8030 - 8040 Comparison of constant volume energy storage systems based on compressed air
Salyga S, Szablowski L, Badyda K
8041 - 8048 An acid-doped ice membrane for selective proton transport
Sleutels T, Kaniadakis I, Oladimeji O, van der Kooij H, ter Heijne A, Saakes M
8049 - 8060 First-principles study of Cs2Ti1-xMxBr6 (M = Pb, Sn) and numerical simulation of the solar cells based on Cs2Ti0.25Sn0.75Br6 perovskite
Shrivastava P, Kavaipatti B, Bhargava P
8061 - 8072 Highly stable electrochromic cells based on amorphous tungsten oxides prepared using a solution-annealing process
Van Nguyen T, Huynh KA, Le QV, Kim H, Ahn SH, Kim SY
8073 - 8082 A hybrid disassembly framework for disassembly of electric vehicle batteries
Tan WJ, Chin CMM, Garg A, Gao L
8083 - 8090 From green tide to biochar: Thermal decomposition kinetics and TG-FTIR study of microalgae from Chaohu Lake
Ye LH, Wang RR, Ji GB, Wu HH, Qu H, Wang L, Liu J
8091 - 8102 Metal-oxide nanomaterials recycled from E-waste and metal industries: A concise review of applications in energy storage, catalysis, and sensing
Bhattacharya G, Fishlock SJ, McLaughlin JA, Roy SS
8103 - 8115 Syngas production from gasification and co-gasification of oil palm trunk and frond uing a down-draft gasifier
Umar HA, Sulaiman SA, Said MA, Gungor A, Ahmad RK, Inayat M
8116 - 8116 Optimal peak shifting of a domestic load connected to utility grid using storage battery based on deep Q-learning network (vol 45, pg 3269, 2021)
Al-Gabalawy M