International Journal of Energy Research

International Journal of Energy Research, Vol.45, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0363-907X (Print) 

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4827 - 4834 A perspective on the use of ammonia as a clean fuel: Challenges and solutions
Erdemir D, Dincer I
4835 - 4840 The German hydrogen regulation, codes and standards roadmap
Wurster R, Hof E
4841 - 4870 Different kinds of energy harvesters from human activities
Zhou X, Liu G, Han B, Liu XL
4871 - 4887 Advanced modification of scandia-stabilized zirconia electrolytes for solid oxide fuel cells application-A review
Zakaria Z, Kamarudin SK
4888 - 4931 Techno-economic planning of local energy systems through optimization models: a survey of current methods
Cuisinier E, Bourasseau C, Ruby A, Lemaire P, Penz B
4932 - 4966 A review on passive methods for thermal performance enhancement in parabolic trough solar collectors
Sharma M, Jilte R
4967 - 5005 Thermal behavior of lithium-ion battery in microgrid application: Impact and management system
Hasani AH, Mansor M, Kumaran V, Zuhdi AWM, Ying YJ, Hannan MA, Hamid FA, Rahman MSA, Salim NA
5006 - 5031 A comprehensive review of distribution generation integrated DC microgrid protection: issues, strategies, and future direction
Sarangi S, Sahu BK, Rout PK
5032 - 5057 Fuel cells as an advanced alternative energy source for the residential sector applications in Malaysia
Zakaria Z, Kamarudin SK, Abd Wahid KA
5058 - 5097 Review of vibration-based electromagnetic-piezoelectric hybrid energy harvesters
Ahmad MM, Khan FU
5098 - 5164 A comprehensive review of experimental investigation procedures and thermal performance enhancement techniques of solar air heaters
Chamarthi S, Singh S
5165 - 5176 Alkali metal modified iron-nickel oxygen carrier to produce hydrogen-rich synthesis gas by chemical looping gasification with pine sawdust
Wang PC, Pu G, Liu QW, Xiong WC
5177 - 5189 MgSO4 composites in a ferroaluminophosphate for enhancement of volumetric heat storage capacity at a low charging temperature
Nguyen GT, Hwang H, Park I
5190 - 5200 New insight on the open-circuit voltage of perovskite solar cells: The role of defect-density distribution and electric field in the active layer
Zarabinia N, Rasuli R, Mohajerani E
5201 - 5213 Performance evaluation of a high concentrator photovoltaic integrating a Fresnel lens in Saudi Arabia: A case study
Aldossary AS
5214 - 5223 Manganese and graphene oxide composite as highly effective sulfur host for enlightening electrochemical kinetics of lithium-sulfur batteries
Radhika G, Rajkumar P, Subadevi R, Sivakumar M
5224 - 5234 Co/Eu co-doped electron transport layer enhances charge extraction and light absorption for efficient carbon-based HTM-free perovskite solar cells
Zhang ZY, Qiu FZ, Shen T, Xu L, Ma JY, Qi JJ
5235 - 5247 Electrochemical behavior of a spinel zinc ferrite alloy obtained by a simple sol-gel route for Ni-MH battery applications
Zayani W, Azizi S, El-Nasser KS, Ali IO, Moliere M, Fenineche N, Mathlouthi H, Lamloumi J
5248 - 5262 Enhanced thermal energy storage of nitrate salts by silica nanoparticles for concentrating solar power
Xiong YX, Wang ZY, Sun MY, Wu YT, Xu P, Qian X, Li C, Ding YL, Ma CF
5263 - 5271 Shape stabilization of phase change material by polymerized high internal phase emulsion for thermal energy storage
Zhao JJ, Zhang W, Gao CQ, Yin DZ
5272 - 5282 Enhanced electrochemical performance of lanthanum ferrite decorated reduced graphene oxide nanocomposite electrodes prepared by in situ microwave irradiation for energy storage applications
Sivakumar N, Nagaraju P, Alsalme A, Alghamdi A, Jayavel R
5283 - 5292 Dual coating strategy of CoS2@Co@C toward fast insertion/extraction anode material for sodium-ion batteries
Abubshait HA, Alshahrani T, Alhashim HH, Flemban TH, Ali G, Mahmood Q, Laref A, Kattan NA
5293 - 5308 Role of SEI layer growth in fracture probability in lithium-ion battery electrodes
Ali Y, Iqbal N, Lee S
5309 - 5317 Experimental investigation of hydrogen insertion in copper oxide on photovoltaic performance of p-type dye-sensitized solar cell
Vajda M, Ursu D, Mosoarca C, Duteanu N, Miclau M
5318 - 5324 A selection strategy for enhancing exoelectrogenic consortium towards improved power generation in microbial fuel cells
Aiyer KS, Vijayakumar BS
5325 - 5336 Electrodeposited NiRh alloy as an efficient low-precious metal catalyst for alkaline hydrogen oxidation reaction
Tran DS, Park H, Kim H, Kim SK
5337 - 5346 Characterization of SrFe0.9-xCuxMo0.1O3-delta (x=0, 0.1 and 0.2) as cathode for intermediate-temperature solid oxide fuel cells
Yao CG, Yang JX, Zhang HX, Chen SG, Meng J, Cai KD
5347 - 5358 Thermal performance of a thermal management system with a thin plate and a slender tube for prismatic batteries
Tang ZG, Li J, Liu ZQ, Cheng JP
5359 - 5368 Design and experimental analysis of a dual-cavity high-concentration adaptive passive micro direct methanol fuel cell
Zuo KY, Yuan ZY
5369 - 5385 Energy management of islanded microgrid by coordinated application of thermal and electrical energy storage systems
Bagheri-Sanjareh M, Nazari MH, Hosseinian SH
5386 - 5398 Computational investigation and screening of [1,2,4]triazolo[4,3-b][1,2,4,5]tetrazine-based high energy materials
Liu LH, Jin XH, Zhou JH, Hu BC
5399 - 5411 Effect of coupling phase change materials and heat pipe on performance enhancement of Li-ion battery thermal management system
Yuan QQ, Xu XM, Tong GY, Ding H
5412 - 5422 Experimental evaluation of the dry coal deshaling by pneumatic vibrating FGX separator on the CO2 gasification process
Czerski G, Grzywacz P, Dziok T, Spiewak K, Makowska D
5423 - 5432 Microwave-assisted hydrothermal synthesis of Cu-doped TiO2 nanoparticles for efficient dye-sensitized solar cell with improved open-circuit voltage
Sahu K, Dhonde M, Murty VVS
5433 - 5448 An intelligent passivity-based backstepping approach for optimal control for grid-connecting permanent magnet synchronous generator-based tidal conversion system
Belkhier Y, Achour A
5449 - 5469 Combined systems based on OSOFC/HSOFC: Comparative analysis and multi-objective optimization of power and emission
Mojaver P, Khalilarya S, Chitsaz A
5470 - 5485 Research on matching design method of waste heat reuse system of fuel cell vehicle considering system energy consumption and waste heat exchange rate
Sun W, Yi FY, Hu DH, Zhou JM
5486 - 5499 Terephthalic acid-directed supramolecular Cu(II)-metallogel for photosensitive semiconducting Schottky diode with promising electronic charge transportation
Dhibar S, Dey A, Majumdar S, Ray PP, Dey B
5500 - 5516 Criterion analysis and experimental study of combustion mechanisms in a bidirectional swirling flow and their relationship with pollutants emission
Guryanov AI, Evdokimov OA, Guryanova MM, Veretennikov SV
5517 - 5526 High-performance all-solid-state supercapacitor with binder-free binary transition metal sulfide array as cathode
Li YN, Gong JW, Xing XL, Du JL, Xu PP, Cheng K, Ye K, Zhu K, Yan J, Cao DX, Wang GL
5527 - 5543 Energy quality factor and exergy destruction processes analysis for chemical looping hydrogen generation by coal
Zhang F, Zhu L, Wang Y, Sun L
5544 - 5554 High-efficiency solar energy conversion using infrared focusing and reflection system
Sadeghi H, Amrollahi R, Iraji D, Dabaghian S, Fazelpour S
5555 - 5566 Fabrication of perovskite solar cells using novel 2D/3D-blended perovskite single crystals
Younas M, Gondal MA, Dastageer MA
5567 - 5585 Design and demonstration of an islanded hybrid microgrid for an enormous motel with the appropriate solicitation of superfluous energy by using iHOGA and matlab
Shezan SA
5586 - 5601 State of charge estimation framework for lithium-ion batteries based on square root cubature Kalman filter under wide operation temperature range
Shen JW, Xiong J, Shu X, Li G, Zhang YJ, Chen Z, Liu YG
5602 - 5618 Hydrogen effects on ignition delay time of methyl butanoate in a rapid compression machine
Lee S, Song S
5619 - 5628 Tunable current duration in triboelectric generators via capacitive air gaps
Seo B, Cha Y, Kim S, Choi W
5629 - 5648 Parametric sensitivity analysis on the cold start process of a polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell
Niu HP, Ji CW, Wang SF, Wang D, Bai YY, Liang C
5649 - 5658 Location and orientation based LCOE: Simplified visual analysis and generalization of the levelized cost of electricity from storageless photovoltaic systems
Komilov A
5659 - 5678 A numerical study on convection and diffusion of mass transfer in proton exchange membrane fuel cells with orientated-type flow channels
Chen H, Guo H, Ye F, Ma CF
5679 - 5694 Solar-powered microwave pyrolysis of corn stover for value-added products and process techno-economic assessment
Fodah AEM, Ghosal MK, Behera D
5695 - 5709 Rapid measurement method for lithium-ion battery state of health estimation based on least squares support vector regression
Xiao B, Xiao B, Liu LS
5710 - 5729 Characterisation of La0.9Ce0.1Ni5 alloy for the development of single-stage thermally driven sorption hydrogen compressor
Gupta S, Sharma VK
5730 - 5746 An experimental study on the performance evaluation of a combined sensible-latent heat thermal energy storage
Suresh C, Saini RP
5747 - 5765 Machine learning-based model for lithium-ion batteries in BMS of electric/hybrid electric aircraft
Hashemi SR, Baghbadorani AB, Esmaeeli R, Mahajan A, Farhad S
5766 - 5780 Optimal energy management strategy for a renewable-based microgrid considering sizing of battery energy storage with control policies
Quynh NV, Ali ZM, Alhaider MM, Rezvani A, Suzuki K
5781 - 5794 Instability mechanism and control of hybrid electric vehicle in initial hybrid driving mode
Hu DH, He R, Wang J, Hu LL, He CK
5795 - 5805 Thermal runaway behavior of lithium-ion batteries in different charging states under low pressure
Xie S, Sun J, Chen XT, He YH
5806 - 5814 Improved Al2O3/SiNx and SiO2/SiNx stack passivation layer structure PERC sc-silicon solar cells on mass production line
Liu H, Wang Y, Dong LM, Wang H, Zhang ZZ
5815 - 5826 Graphene for hydrogen energy storage - A comparative study on GO and rGO employed in a modified reversible PEM fuel cell
Jindal H, Oberoi AS, Sandhu IS, Chitkara M, Singh B
5827 - 5840 Using the analytical heirarchy process to select specific methanation catalysts based on their extraction impacts
Duck G, Yu Y, Simakov DSA, Walker SB
5841 - 5851 Characterization and electrocatalytic properties of electrospun Pt-IrO2 nanofiber catalysts for oxygen evolution reaction
Wang ZM, Liu P, Cao YP, Ye F, Xu C, Du XZ
5852 - 5865 Effects of flue gas recirculation on energy, exergy, environment, and economics in oxy-coal circulating fluidized-bed power plants with CO2 capture
Kim S, Lim YI, Lee D, Seo MW, Mun TY, Lee JG
5866 - 5880 Network overloading management by exploiting the in-system batteries of electric vehicles
Rehman U, Feng DH, Su H, Numan M, Abbas F
5881 - 5893 Numerical analysis of a built-in thermal storage system of metal hydride and nanoparticles enhanced phase change material and nanofluid
Elarem R, Alqahtani T, Mellouli S, Edacherian A, Askri F, Jemni A
5894 - 5911 Energy absorption characteristics in hybrid composite materials for marine applications under impact loading: Case of tidal current turbine
Laaouidi H, Tarfaoui M, Nachtane M, Trihi M
5912 - 5921 Investigations on a platinum catalyzed membrane for electrolysis step of copper-chlorine thermochemical cycle for hydrogen production
Banerjee AM, Antony RP, Pai MR, Kumar A, Tripathi AK
5922 - 5938 Band gap engineering of ZnO by amino acid capping for optoelectronic and energy applications
Sherine J, Indubala E, Anish H, Seshadri H
5939 - 5963 Thermal performance of phase change material-based heat sink for passive cooling of electronic components: An experimental study
Kothari R, Sahu SK, Kundalwal SI, Mahalkar P
5964 - 5973 Chitosan-based fluorescein isothiocyanate film as a highly efficient metal-free photocatalyst for solar-light-mediated direct C-H arylation
Singh P, Yadav RK, Kim TW, Kumar A, Dwivedi DK
5974 - 5987 Combining design of experiments, machine learning, and principal component analysis for predicting energy consumption and product quality of a natural gas processing plant
Khoshnevisan L, Hourfar F, Alhameli F, Elkamel A
5988 - 6001 Metal-organic framework-derived carbon-cobalt oxysulfide nanocage heterostructure electrode for efficient hybrid supercapacitors
Ranjith KS, Raju GSR, Kwak CH, Ghoreishian SM, Huh YS, Im JS, Han YK
6002 - 6014 Enhanced performance of Li-S battery by constructing inner conductive network and outer adsorption layer sulfur-carbon composite
Zhu L, Hu RW, Xiang YH, Yang XX, Chen Z, Xiong LZ, Wu XW, He ZQ, Lei WX
6015 - 6031 Heat transfer study on flowing liquid film of SiO2-water nanofluid with surfactant confined by metallic foam
Zhang YS, Chen W
6032 - 6040 Improving the monocyclic aromatic hydrocarbons production from fast pyrolysis of biomass over Fe-modified ZSM-5 catalysts
Sun LZ, Wang ZB, Chen L, Yang SX, Xie XP, Zhao BF, Si HY, Li J, Hua DL
6041 - 6053 Excellent electrochemical performance of LiNi0.5Co0.2Mn0.3O2 with good crystallinity and submicron primary dispersed particles
Xie YF, Wu FZ, Dai XY, Mai Y, Gu YJ, Jin HX, Li JQ
6054 - 6066 Untangling the cobalt promotion role for ruthenium in sodium borohydride dehydrogenation with multiwalled carbon nanotube-supported binary ruthenium cobalt catalyst
Hansu TA, Sahin O, Caglar A, Kivrak HD
6067 - 6085 Resolving mode mixing in boiling water reactors instability analysis using variational mode decomposition
Montalvo C, Gavilan CJ, Garcia-Berrocal A, Torres LA
6086 - 6103 Experimental and numerical analysis of the multilayer distributed Joule-Thomson cooler with pillars
Geng H, Cui XY, She HL, Chang ZH
6104 - 6114 Honeycomb like copper-cobalt nanostructures and their synergy with carbon supports for electrooxidation of carbinol
Sesu DC, Swami A, Kakade B
6115 - 6138 State-of-charge estimation for LiNi0.6Co0.2Mn0.2O2/graphite batteries using the compound method with improved extended Kalman filter and long short-term memory network
Xu S, Zhou JX, Zhou F, Liu YC
6139 - 6151 Optimization under uncertainty for robust fuel cycle analyses
Skarbeli AV, Alvarez-Velarde F, Becares V
6152 - 6162 Intelligent optimization of bioleaching process for waste lithium-ion batteries: An application of support vector regression approach
Ruhatiya C, Gandra R, Kondaiah P, Manivas K, Samhith A, Gao L, Lam JSL, Garg A
6163 - 6173 A methanol fuel processing system with methanol steam reforming and CO selective methanation modules for PEMFC application
Wang YC, Wu Q, Mei DQ, Wang YD
6174 - 6197 Analysis of different operating strategies of thermal energy storage with radiant cooling system
Singh RVP, Mathur J, Bhandari M
6198 - 6212 An experimental investigation for a hybrid phase change material-liquid cooling strategy to achieve high-temperature uniformity of Li-ion battery module under fast charging
Chen SQ, Garg A, Gao L, Wei XZ
6213 - 6226 High-performance flexible piezoelectric nanogenerator based on necklace-like PZT particle chains
Zhang S, Lin XJ, Liu H, Yuan Z, Huan Y, Yuan X, Huang SF, Cheng X
6227 - 6238 Construction of N, S-co-doped graphene/polyaniline composite as free-standing electrode material
Du XX, Shi XJ, Li YL, Cao KS
6239 - 6249 Sol-gel synthesized lithium orthosilicate as a reusable solid catalyst for biodiesel production
Nguyen HC, Pan JW, Su CH, Ong HC, Chern JM, Lin JY
6250 - 6261 Co-N-doped hierarchically ordered macro/mesoporous carbon as bifunctional electrocatalyst toward oxygen reduction/evolution reactions
Meng ZH, Chen N, Cai SC, Wang R, Guo WB, Tang HL
6262 - 6272 Partial leaching effect to Pt decorated Pd-Fe/C nanoparticles for oxygen reduction reaction
Zhang LB, Wang XR, Bayati M, Xu B, Liu TX, Zhu H
6273 - 6284 Nanoporous structured Sn-MWCNT/Cu electrodes fabricated by electrodeposition-chemical dezincification for catalytic CO2 reduction
Shao XL, Zhang Q, Zhang XR, Yi J, Liu YY, Zhang JJ
6285 - 6292 Economical synthesis of highly efficient and tunable carbon aerogels for enhanced storage of CO2 emitted from energy sources
Bhatnagar A, Pandey AP, Hudson MSL, Soni PK, Verma SK, Shukla V, Sekkar V, Tripathi M, Srivastava ON
6293 - 6302 Feasibility study on a mini autonomous biosensor based on microbial fuel cell for monitoring hexavalent chromium in wastewater
Wang CT, Ubando AT, Katiyar V, Li TT, Lin YA, Culaba AB, Jang JH
6303 - 6319 Experimental investigation on gas-liquid flow distribution in downward parallel pipes of a 660 MW ultrasupercritical CFB boiler
Xin YF, Niu TT, Li YL, Yang D
6320 - 6332 The impact of COVID-19 on the electricity sector in Spain: An econometric approach based on prices
Norouzi N, de Rubens GZZ, Enevoldsen P, Forough AB
6333 - 6349 Hybrid heat sinks for thermal management of passively cooled battery chargers
Sodhi GS, Botting C, Lau E, Palanisamy M, Rouhani M, Bahrami M
6350 - 6359 Heat capacity and viscosity of ternary carbonate nanofluids
Rizvi SMM, El Far B, Shin DH
6360 - 6368 Photoelectrocatalytic hydrogen production on ternary Co-Pi/Ag/TiON nanotube array photocatalysts
Soliman KA, Mohamed AT, Aljaber AS, AlQaradawi SY, Allam NK
6369 - 6382 Elucidating the role of lattice thermal conductivity in pi-phases of IV-VI monochalcogenides for highly efficient thermoelectric performance
Rehman SU, Butt FK, Tariq Z, Zhang XM, Zheng J, Naydenov G, Ul Haq B, Li CB
6383 - 6394 Incorporation of heteroatoms into reticulated vitreous carbon foams derived from sucrose to improve its energy storage performance
Vazquez-Samperio J, Acevedo-Pena P, Guzman-Vargas A, Reguera E, Cordoba-Tuta E
6395 - 6404 Pencil-traced-graphite on cellulose: A rapid and solvent-less approach for solar steam generation
Tariq MZ, Hanif Z, La M, Choi D, Park SJ
6405 - 6417 Evaluating the drop of electrochemical performance of Ni/YSZ and Ni/ScSZ solid oxide fuel cells operated with dry biogas
Arifin NA, Shamsuddin A, Steinberger-Wilckens R
6418 - 6425 MoO2/C hybrid synthesized by a facile molten-salt-assisted approach for high-performance lithium-ion batteries
Gao SS, Tang YK, Zhao HY, Liu L, Gu YH, Sheng R
6426 - 6435 Optoelectronic and photo-charging properties of CH3NH3PbI3/LiFePO4 system
Qiang YH, Zhang L, Shao SF, Li JF
6436 - 6445 Bioremediation analysis of sediment-microbial fuel cells for energy recovery from microbial activity in soil
Bose D, Santra M, Sanka RVSP, Krishnakumar B
6446 - 6456 Design and development of a low-cost solar parabolic dish concentrator system with manual dual-axis tracking
Sahu SK, Singh KA, Natarajan SK
6457 - 6467 Sequential biofuel production from seaweeds enhances the energy recovery: A case study for biodiesel and bioethanol production
Elshobary ME, El-Shenody RA, Abomohra A