International Journal of Energy Research

International Journal of Energy Research, Vol.45, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0363-907X (Print) 

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3457 - 3463 COVID-19 pandemic facilitating energy transition opportunities
Klemes JJ, Van Fan Y, Jiang P
3464 - 3494 Biomass-based gaseous fuel for hybrid renewable energy systems: An overview and future research opportunities
Malik P, Awasthi M, Sinha S
3495 - 3522 From non-renewable energy to renewable by harvesting salinity gradient power by reverse electrodialysis: A review
Zoungrana A, Cakmakci M
3523 - 3547 The implementation framework of a microgrid: A review
Chandak S, Rout PK
3548 - 3568 A review of thermal interface material fabrication method toward enhancing heat dissipation
Bahru R, Zamri MFMA, Shamsuddin A, Shaari N, Mohamed MA
3569 - 3589 Titanium dioxide nanostructures as efficient photocatalyst: Progress, challenges and perspective
Ijaz M, Zafar M
3590 - 3614 Smart and intelligent energy monitoring systems: A comprehensive literature survey and future research guidelines
Hussain T, Ullah FUM, Muhammad K, Rho S, Ullah A, Hwang E, Moon J, Baik SW
3615 - 3642 Modelling, applications, and evaluations of optimal sizing and placement of distributed generations: A critical state-of-the-art survey
Yang B, Yu L, Chen YX, Ye HY, Shao RN, Shu HC, Yu T, Zhang XS, Sun LM
3643 - 3670 Energy and exergy analysis for stationary solar collectors using nanofluids: A review
Eltaweel M, Abdel-Rehim AA
3671 - 3697 Identification and analysis of impact factors on the economic feasibility of wind energy investments
Azevedo RD, Rotela P, Chicco G, Aquila G, Rocha LCS, Peruchi RS
3698 - 3749 Desalination process using humidification-dehumidification technique: A detailed review
Mohamed ASA, Ahmed MS, Maghrabie HM, Shahdy AG
3750 - 3760 Kinetic study of CO2 gasification on coal char and extraction residue char from direct coal liquefaction
An HQ, Liu Z, Fang XH, Feng ZY, Duan XL
3761 - 3779 Materials for the design and construction of household biogas digesters for biogas production: A review
Obileke K, Onyeaka H, Nwokolo N
3780 - 3800 A review of gas diffusion layer properties and water management in proton exchange membrane fuel cell system
Okonkwo PC, Otor C
3801 - 3820 Conceptual design and performance analysis of a novelCHPsystem integrated with solid oxide fuel cell and supercriticalCO(2)partial preheating cycle
Zhong LK, Yao ER, Dang Z, Hu Y, Zou HS, Xi G
3821 - 3837 Structural design and its thermal management performance for battery modules based on refrigerant cooling method
Wang Y, Gao Q, Wang HW
3838 - 3851 Comparative study of oxidizing ambient infused with varying nitrogen flow rates for fabrication of ternary nitridedAlZrObasedMOScapacitor
Quah HJ, Hassan Z, Lim WF
3852 - 3869 Investigation of sewage sludge and peanut shells co-combustion using thermogravimetric analysis and artificial neural network
Bi HB, Wang CX, Jiang XD, Jiang CL, Bao L, Lin QZ
3870 - 3882 Catalytic combustion characteristics of CH4 in the micro cavity-combustor under different types of air inlet distribution
Yan YF, Gao W, Guo HY, Yan HY, Shen KM, Zhang L, Yang ZQ
3883 - 3898 Optimization and characterization of bioethanol production fromAbrusseed flour
Obeta JC, Ossai EC, Njoku OU
3899 - 3912 Valuation of catalytic activity of nickel-zirconia-based catalysts using lanthanum co-support for dry reforming of methane
El-Salamony RA, El-Temtamy SA, El Naggar AMA, Ghoneim SA, Abd El-Hafiz DR, Ebiad MA, Gendy T, Al-Sabagh AM
3913 - 3928 Stress and its influencing factors in positive particles of lithium-ion battery during charging
Li QF, Wang YN, Li H, Lian C, Wang ZK
3929 - 3937 Effect of Yttrium on antioxidant process ofMg-Ni-Znphase change thermal storage alloys
Chen HX, Li JJ, Li YY, Cheng XM
3938 - 3954 Thermo-economic optimization and comparison study of LiBr-H2O and LiCl-H2O working pair in absorption cooling systems based on genetic algorithm
Bhowmick A, Kundu B
3955 - 3965 SmFeO3 and SmFe1-xErxO3 based perovskite nanorods for improved oxygen and hydrogen evolution functions
Ilanchezhiyan P, Kumar GM, Siva C, Kang TW, Kim DY
3966 - 3978 Synthesis and electrochemical properties of cation-disordered rock-salt xLi(3)NbO(4)center dot(1-x) NiO compounds for Li-ion batteries
Wu ZJ, Luo Q, Lin L, Yang W, Zou HB, Yu HJ, Chen SZ
3979 - 3987 The influence of the bandgap on the photovoltaic-thermoelectric hybrid system
Zhang J, Zhang J, Qian YR, Dong JC
3988 - 3998 Synthesis of magnetic carboxymethyl cellulose/graphene oxide nanocomposites for adsorption of copper from aqueous solution
Chen Y, Cui JJ, Liang YN, Chen XS, Li Y
3999 - 4013 Study on suitability of laponite-based aqueousNa(2)SO(4)solution incorporated foam as latent heat storage medium
Purohit BK, Sistla VS
4014 - 4025 Structural, electronic and optoelectronic properties ofAB(5)C(8)(A = Cu/Ag; B = In and C = S, Se and Te) compounds
Begum Y, Khan S, Reshak AH, Laref A, Amir Z, Murtaza G, Bila J, Johan MR, Al-Noor TH
4026 - 4035 Preparation and application of sulfonated polysulfone in an electrochemical hydrogen storage system
Salehabadi A, Ismail N, Morad N, Rafatullah M, Ahmad MI
4036 - 4047 Simulation study of proton exchange membrane fuel cell cross-convection self-humidifying flow channel
Tong GY, Xu XM, Yuan QQ, Yang Y, Tang W, Sun XD
4048 - 4067 PEI modifiednatural sands of Florida as catalysts for hydrogen production from sodium borohydride dehydrogenation in methanol
Inger E, Demirci S, Can M, Sunol AK, Philippidis G, Sahiner N
4068 - 4080 Experimental and theoretical study on hydrogen production by using Ag nanoparticle-decorated graphite/Ni cathode
Yildiz R, Mert BD, Karazehir T, Gurdal Y, Doslu ST
4081 - 4097 Stochastic model predictive control operation strategy of integrated energy system based on temperature-flowrate scheduling model considering detailed thermal characteristics
Wei SS, Li YG, Sun L, Zhang JL, Shen J, Li ZY
4098 - 4111 CO2 absorption into aqueous solutions of N-methyl-1,3-propane-diamine and its blends with N,N-diethylethanolamine-New kinetic data
Kruszczak E, Kierzkowska-Pawlak H
4112 - 4132 Numerical investigation of ice accretion on an offshore composite wind turbine under critical loads
Lagdani O, Tarfaoui M, Nachtane M, Trihi M, Laaouidi H
4133 - 4144 Machine learning approach in exploring the electrolyte additives effect on cycling performance of LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 cathode and graphite anode-based lithium-ion cell
Van Duong M, Van Tran M, Garg A, Van Nguyen H, Huynh TTK, Le MLP
4145 - 4154 Fabrication of novel perovskite oxideBa(x)Mn(1-x)O(3)electrode for supercapacitors
Rafique M, Hajra S, Iqbal MZ, Nabi G, Gillani SSA, Tahir MB
4155 - 4169 A study on half-cell equivalent circuit model of lithium-ion battery based on reference electrode
Zhao TZ, Zheng YJ, Liu JH, Zhou X, Chu ZY, Han XB
4170 - 4183 Effect of zinc oxide quantum dots on the photovoltaic properties of natural dye-sensitized solar cells
Peymannia M, Gharanjig K, Arabi AM
4184 - 4196 Experimental study on cascade utilization of ship's waste heat based on TEG-ORC combined cycle
Liu CX, Ye WX, Li HA, Liu JH, Zhao C, Mao ZF, Pan XX
4197 - 4213 Modeling of the dynamic characteristics and performance of a four-cylinder double-acting Stirling engine
Cheng CH, Yang HS, Tan YH, Li JH
4214 - 4223 Organic Solar Cell Performance of Musa acuminata bracts Extract by Microwave Irradiation Treatment
Madnasri S, Ati L
4224 - 4238 Robustthree-dimensionallyprinted polypropylene/highly sulfonated polysulfone composites for potential applications in fuel cells
Mohammadi M, Mehdipour-Ataei S
4239 - 4264 A dynamic electro-thermal coupled model for temperature prediction of a prismatic battery considering multiple variables
Li W, Xie Y, Zhang YJ, Lee KN, Liu JY, Mou LS, Chen B, Li YL
4265 - 4284 Enhanced dynamic simulation approach towards the efficient mining thermal energy supply with improved operational flexibility
Rosado-Tamariz E, Genco F, Campos-Amezcua A, Markou G, Batres R
4285 - 4302 Credit risk analysis of electricity retailers based on cloud model and intuitionistic fuzzy analytic hierarchy process
Yu XB, Zheng DD, Zhou LY
4303 - 4313 Dual-purposethermal management of Li-ion cells usingsolid-statethermoelectric elements
Mostafavi A, Jain A
4314 - 4330 Investigating the effect of single and hybrid nanoparticles on melting of phase change material in a rectangular enclosure with finite heat source
Faraji H, El Alami M, Arshad A
4331 - 4344 Nanosized Ti4O7 supported on carbon nanotubes composite modified separator for enhanced electrochemical properties of lithium sulfur battery
Wu X, Li SW, Yao SS, Liu MQ, Pang SL, Shen XQ, Li TB, Qin SB
4345 - 4356 A synergistic effect of lithium titanate/pristine graphene composite with enhanced lithium storage capability
Liu K, Wang JA, Man JZ, Zhao DQ, Yang J, Han HX, Chen PY, Sun JC
4357 - 4369 Effects of Mn(II) on nano silicon@polyaniline electrodes in both half and full cells
Chen HH, Xu HY, Zeng YY, Cai JH, Liu LM, Ma TY, Wang F, Qiu XP
4370 - 4384 Experimental study on thermal conductivity of mono and hybridAl(2)O(3)-TiO(2)nanofluids for concentrating solar collectors
Gulzar O, Qayoum A, Gupta R
4385 - 4395 Highly porous honeycomb-like activated carbon derived using cellulose pulp for symmetric supercapacitors
Hiremath V, Lim AC, Seo JG
4396 - 4409 Investigation on preparation, thermal, and mechanical properties of carbon fiber decorated with hexagonal boron nitride/silicone rubber composites for battery thermal management
Meng ZZ, Dai ZT, Chen K, Wang SF
4410 - 4428 A fast-validated computational model for cylindrical lithium-ion batteries under multidirectional mechanical loading
Xia X, Tang L
4429 - 4442 Study onCO(2)gasification kinetics of biomass char based on pore structure analysis: Theoretical modelling of structural parameter psi in random pore model
Song QS, Wang XH, Gu CH, Li HW, Huo JP
4443 - 4465 Thermodynamic and thermoeconomic analyses of an ejector/booster enhanced heat pump system with zeotropic mixture
Cao Y, Parikhani T, Bahman AM
4466 - 4478 Vapor condensation in reconstructed gas diffusion layers of proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Jiao DK, Jiao K, Du Q
4479 - 4494 Pure hydrogen production by steam-iron process: The synergic effect of MnO2 and Fe2O3
De Filippis P, D'Alvia L, Damizia M, de Caprariis B, Del Prete Z
4495 - 4507 Electronic, optical, and thermoelectric properties of perovskite variants A(2)BX(6): Insight and design via first-principles calculations
Faizan M, Khan SH, Khachai H, Seddik T, Bin Omran S, Khenata R, Xie JH, AL-Anazy MM
4508 - 4518 Catalytic conversion of corncob biomass into bioethanol
Rekha B, Saravanathamizhan R
4519 - 4533 Improvement of oxidation stability of fatty acid methyl esters derived from soybean oil via partial hydrogenation using dielectric barrier discharge plasma
Kongprawes G, Wongsawaeng D, Hosemann P, Ngaosuwan K, Kiatkittipong W, Assabumrungrat S
4534 - 4542 Na3V2(PO4)(3)/C composites as low-cost and high-performance cathode materials for sodium-ion batteries
Zhu LM, Ding GC, Sun QC, Xie LL, Cao XY
4543 - 4564 Thermal and thermodynamic comparison of smooth and convergent-divergent parabolic trough absorber tubes with the application of mono and hybrid nanofluids
Khan MS, Abid M, Yan M, Ratlamwala TAH, Mubeen I
4565 - 4580 Liquid CO2 high-pressure fracturing of coal seams and gas extraction engineering tests using crossing holes: A case study of Panji Coal Mine No. 3, Huainan, China
Cheng XJ, Wen H, Fan SX, Chen J, Zhai XW, Yu ZJ, Tong XZ, Lei CX, Xu YH, Cheng BK, Li RK
4581 - 4612 Multistep energy consumption forecasting by metaheuristic optimization of time-series analysis and machine learning
Chou JS, Truong DN
4613 - 4629 A comprehensive study of pin fins cooling channel for a single-cell concentration photovoltaic system under ultra-high concentration ratios
Maatallah TS
4630 - 4651 Coupled optical and thermal analysis of large aperture parabolic trough solar collector
Malan A, Kumar KR
4652 - 4668 Current research and future prospective of cobalt-based Heusler alloys as thermoelectric materials: A density functional approach
Sofi SA, Gupta DC
4669 - 4680 Performance and comparison of equalization methods for lithium ion batteries in series
Lv J, Song WJ, Feng ZP, Li YL, Ding YL
4681 - 4693 Effect of introduced-electrode on phenanthrene degradation in the soil microbial electrochemical remediation
Li XJ, Zhang XL, Chen XD, Zhao LX, Sun Y, Rushimisha IE, Li YT
4694 - 4708 Parameters determination of proton exchange membrane fuel cell stack electrical model by employing the hybrid water cycle moth-flame optimization algorithm
Ben Messaoud R
4709 - 4717 Generation of hydrogen upon immersion of Mg in Mn(Ac)(2) and the reaction mechanism
Xu TT, Wang N, Chai YJ
4718 - 4726 Stable fast-charging electrodes derived from hierarchical porous carbon for lithium-ion batteries
Hwang SY, Lee HR, Lee YK, Lee GB, Lee S, Kim HJ, Joh HI
4727 - 4734 The external electric-field-induced Schottky-to-ohmic contact transition in graphene/As2S3 interface: A study by the first principles
Liu XF, Zhang ZC, Lv B, Ding Z, Luo ZJ
4735 - 4745 Urchin-like CoP nanomaterial as an electrocatalyst for efficient hydrogen evolution reaction
Miao MX, Zhang LL, Zheng JY, Ma W, Li HR, Jiang SY, Yu XM, Huang YF, Gao J, Han GH
4746 - 4754 Thermochemical heat storage ability of ZnSO4 center dot 7H(2)O as potential long-term heat storage material
Rehman AU, Shah MZ, Ali A, Zhao TY, Shah R, Ullah I, Bilal H, Khan AR, Iqbal M, Hayat A, Zheng MS
4755 - 4764 Enhanced sodium storage performance of silk fibroin-derived hollow iron sulfide with potential window control
Kim JC, Kang W, Kim DW
4765 - 4781 A comparative study on synthesis and characterization of biochars derived from lignocellulosic biomass for their candidacy in agronomy and energy applications
Muigai HH, Bordoloi U, Hussain R, Ravi K, Moholkar VS, Kalita P
4782 - 4792 Self-template porous carbon by direct activation of high-ash coal liquefaction residue for high-rate supercapacitor electrodes
Wang XL, Li YZ, Yang C, Cao YL, Su XT, Tahir MU
4793 - 4810 The structural stability, lattice dynamics, electronic, thermophysical, and mechanical properties of the inverse perovskites A(3)OX: A comparative first-principles study
Sattar MA, Javed M, Benkraouda M, Amrane N
4811 - 4820 Cobalt-based metal organic framework (Co-MOFs)/graphene oxide composites as high-performance anode active materials for lithium-ion batteries
Lang XS, Wang XX, Liu Y, Cai KD, Li L, Zhang QG