International Journal of Energy Research

International Journal of Energy Research, Vol.45, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0363-907X (Print) 

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1157 - 1160 COVID-19 disease causes an energy supply deficit in a patient
Ozilgen M, Yilmaz B
1161 - 1169 A perspective on sustainable energy research efforts in Canada
Karaca AE, Dincer I
1170 - 1189 A comprehensive review of soft computing algorithms for optimal generation scheduling
Lolla PR, Rangu SK, Dhenuvakonda KR, Singh AR
1190 - 1226 Recent advancements inMOF-based catalysts for applications in electrochemical and photoelectrochemical water splitting: A review
Ali M, Pervaiz E, Noor T, Rabi O, Zahra R, Yang MH
1227 - 1245 Review of operating condition, design parameters and material properties for proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Ogungbemi E, Wilberforce T, Ijaodola O, Thompson J, Olabi AG
1246 - 1268 A review and comparative analysis on energy transition in major industrialized countries
Hou JC, Zhang RY, Liu PK, Zhou LY
1269 - 1308 A review of photovoltaic thermal systems: Achievements and applications
Al-Waeli AHA, Kazem HA, Chaichan MT, Sopian K
1309 - 1346 Carbon nanotube, graphene oxide and montmorillonite as conductive fillers in polymer electrolyte membrane for fuel cell: an overview
Musa MT, Shaari N, Kamarudin SK
1347 - 1374 Recent progress of graphene-based materials for efficient charge transfer and device performance stability in perovskite solar cells
Safie NE, Azam MA, Aziz MFA, Ismail M
1375 - 1395 Essential basics on biomass torrefaction, densification and utilization
Adeleke AA, Odusote JK, Ikubanni PP, Lasode OA, Malathi M, Paswan D
1396 - 1424 Carbon and graphene quantum dots in fuel cell application: An overview
Shaari N, Kamarudin SK, Bahru R
1425 - 1448 Efficient charge collection of photoanodes and light absorption of photosensitizers: A review
Pallikkara A, Ramakrishnan K
1449 - 1479 Integration of supercapacitors and batteries towards high-performance hybrid energy storage devices
Iqbal MZ, Faisal MM, Ali SR
1480 - 1495 Recent progresses in photocatalytic hydrogen production: design and construction of Ni-based cocatalysts
Liu XB, Zhuang HQ
1496 - 1516 An overview of the mathematical modelling of perovskite solar cells towards achieving highly efficient perovskite devices
Nkele AC, Ike IS, Ezugwu S, Maaza M, Ezema FI
1517 - 1534 Thermal management of wearable and implantable electronic healthcare devices: Perspective and measurement approach
Bahru R, Hamzah AA, Mohamed MA
1535 - 1549 Ignition of coal-water fuel droplets with addition of isopropyl alcohol
Gvozdyakov DV, Zenkov AV, Kuznetsov GV
1550 - 1575 Thermal conductivity, rheology and stability analysis of2Dtungsten disulphide-doped polyaniline-based nanofluids: An experimental investigation
Shah SNA, Shahabuddin S, Sabri MFM, Salleh MFM, Said SM, Khedher KM
1576 - 1586 Quantifying the performance advantage of using passive solar air heater with chimney for photovoltaic module cooling
Chandavar AU
1587 - 1598 Co-decorated reduced graphene/titanium nitride composite as an active oxygen reduction reaction catalyst with superior stability
Al-Dhaifallah M, Abdelkareem MA, Rezk H, Alhumade H, Nassef AM, Olabi AG
1599 - 1612 Transient thermal-hydraulic analysis of heat pipe cooled passive residual heat removal system of molten salt reactor
Wang CL, Yang YP, Liu MH, Zhang DL, Qiu SZ, Su GH, Tian WX, Deng J
1613 - 1626 Graphene-integratedCuCo(2)S(4)microspheres as a sustainable anode material for high-performance Li-ion batteries
Ahmed AA, Hou B, Pawar SM, Kim H, Im H
1627 - 1644 Design of a hybrid energy management system using designedrule-basedcontrol strategy and genetic algorithm for the series-parallel plug-in hybrid electric vehicle
Ding N, Prasad K, Lie TT
1645 - 1660 A compact model for the zigzag triboelectric nanogenerator energy harvester
Refaei A, Seleem M, Tharwat A, Mostafa H
1661 - 1672 Computational investigation of multi hydrogen jets at inclined supersonic flow
Gerdroodbary MB, Moradi R, Babazadeh H
1673 - 1684 PtCooncontinuous-phasegraphene asPEMfuel cell catalyst
San FGB, Dursun S, Yazici MS
1685 - 1702 Effect of the incorporation of reducibility promoters (Cu, Ce, Ag) in Co/CaSBA-15 catalysts for acetic acid steam reforming
Megia PJ, Calles JA, Carrero A, Vizcaino AJ
1703 - 1719 Monoclinic alpha-NaVOPO(4)as cathode materials for sodium-ions batteries: Experimental andDFTinvestigation
Iffer E, Belaiche M, Ferdi CA, Elansary M, Sunar AK, Wang YX, Cao YL
1720 - 1728 Fabrication and characterization oflead-free Cs(2)SnI(6)perovskite films for photovoltaic applications
Ullah S, Wang JM, Alvi MH, Chang RG, Yang PX, Liu LL, Yang SE, Xia TY, Guo HZ, Chen YS
1729 - 1747 Carbon aerogel and their polypyrrole composites used as capacitive materials
Samanci M, Das E, Yurtcan AB
1748 - 1760 Direct uranium recovery from brine concentrate using amidoxime adsorbents for possible future energy source
Wongsawaeng D, Wongjaikham W, Hosemann P, Swantomo D, Basuki KT
1761 - 1774 Maximum ramp rate estimation for active powers from generation units
Yang ZJ, Wang JD
1775 - 1788 Optimization of energy consumption and temperature fluctuations for a household freezer using non-toxic and non-flammable eutectic phase change materials with a cascade arrangement
Pirvaram A, Sadrameli SM, Abdolmaleki L
1789 - 1805 On- and off-design thermodynamic analysis of a hybrid polar solar thermal tower power plant
Merchan RP, Santos MJ, Medina A, Hernandez AC
1806 - 1817 Enhanced electrocatalytic performance of nitrogen- and phosphorous-functionalized carbon felt electrode forVO(2)(+)/VO(2)(+)redox reaction
Park SE, Lee K, Suharto Y, Kim KJ
1818 - 1835 Investigation of off-design characteristics of an improved recompression supercritical carbon dioxide cycle for concentrated solar power application
Ma YG, Morosuk T, Liu M, Liu JP
1836 - 1856 Design and analysis of metal hydride reactor embedded with internal copper fins and external water cooling
Gupta S, Sharma VK
1857 - 1866 Effects of bio-syngasCO(2)concentration on water-gas shift and side reactions withFe-Crbased catalyst
Shin J, Kang MS, Hwang J
1867 - 1878 Quality enhancement of fuel briquette from cornhusk and cassava peel blends for co-firing in coal thermal plant
Waheed MA, Akogun OA
1879 - 1891 Environmental and economic analysis of a photovoltaic assisted mixed mode solar dryer with thermal energy storage and exhaust air recirculation
Zachariah R, Maatallah T, Modi A
1892 - 1907 Oxy-fuel co-combustion performances and kinetics of bituminous coal and ultra-low volatile carbon-based fuels
Wang CA, Feng QQ, Mao QS, Wang CW, Li GY, Che DF
1908 - 1917 KesteriteCu(2)ZnSnS(4)thinfilms synthesized utilizing electrodeposition: Influence of metal doping on the properties
Mkawi EM
1918 - 1931 Direct electrodeposition ofNi-Co-Son carbon paper as an efficient cathode for anion exchange membrane water electrolysers
Guo WW, Kim J, Kim H, Ahn SH
1932 - 1947 Novel battery wear leveling method for large-scale reconfigurable battery packs
Carstoiu G, Micea MV, Ungurean L, Marcu M
1948 - 1958 Experimental investigation of premixed combustion and thermal efficiency in a porous heating burner
Omidi M, Emami MD
1959 - 1970 Available methane from anthracite by combining coal seam microflora andH(2)O(2)pretreatment
Guo HG, Han Q, Zhang JL, Liang WG, Huang ZX, Urynowicz M, Ali MI
1971 - 1987 Adsorption reverse electrodialysis driven by power plant waste heat to generate electricity and provide cooling
Olkis C, Brandani S, Santori G
1988 - 1998 Thermo-mechanical coupling analysis of a cylindrical lithium-ion battery with thermal radiation effect in generalized plane strain condition
Suo YH, Liu J
1999 - 2010 Hydrothermal synthesis of cerium-dopedCo(3)O(4)nanoflakes as electrode for supercapacitor application
Ali F, Khalid NR, Nabi G, Ul-Hamid A, Ikram M
2011 - 2022 Enhanced power generation from algal biomass using multi-anode membrane-less sediment microbial fuel cell
Taskan B, Bakir M, Taskan E
2023 - 2042 Selection of phase-change material for thermal management of electronic devices usingmulti-attributedecision-making technique
Kumar A, Kothari R, Sahu SK, Kundalwal SI
2043 - 2057 Laboratory study on the thermal performance of vertical U-tube ground heat exchanger during short-term borehole thermal energy storage (BTES) and heat extraction process
Wang R, Ni L, Yang CL, Yao Y
2058 - 2069 Shape-stabilized phase change material with enhanced thermal conductivity fabricated based on biomimetic polymerization and in situ reduction of Cu ions
Gao JK, Tang X, Chen Y, Liu Y
2070 - 2084 Numerical approach of liquid carbon dioxide injection in crushed coal and its experimental validation
Yu ZJ, Yang S, Gu Y, Deng J
2085 - 2099 IntegratedSnSSebulk and monolayer as industrial waste heat thermoelectric materials
Chang YHR, Yoon TL, Yeoh KH, Lim TL
2100 - 2115 Design of compensation battery for tidalpower-photovoltaics-SOFCmicrogrids in Ternate andPulau-TidoreIslands
Khodijah AS, Shiba M, Obara S
2116 - 2125 Self-template synthesis of hierarchical porous carbon for supercapacitors based on bituminous coal
Wang X, Qin ZH, Yang XQ, Chen Q, Lin Z
2126 - 2137 A green approach to fabricatebinder-free S-dopedgraphene oxide electrodes for vanadium redox battery
Ersozoglu MG, Gursu H, Gencten M, Sarac AS, Sahin Y
2138 - 2147 Triethanolamine borate as a surface stabilizing bifunctional additive for Ni-rich layered oxide cathode
Lim SH, Jung K, Lee KJ, Mun J, Han YK, Yim T
2148 - 2159 Highly efficient catalytic one-potbiofuel production from lignocellulosic biomass derivatives
Bendeddouche W, Bedrane S, Zitouni A, Bachir R
2160 - 2176 Effective energy management design of spent fuel dry storage based on hybrid controlrod-heatpipe
Kim KM, Bang IC
2177 - 2194 New passive thermal comfort system using three renewable energies: Wind catcher, solar chimney and earth to air heat exchanger integrated toreal-scaletest room in arid region (Experimental study)
Sakhri N, Moussaoui A, Menni Y, Sadeghzadeh M, Ahmadi MH
2195 - 2210 Co-useof organic herbal residue and red mud waste for syngas production by chemical looping gasification
Liu F, Wu X, Zhang X, Yang L, Liu Y, Song ZC
2211 - 2221 Experimental and numerical study on induction heating performance of quaternary nitrate-nitrite molten salt
Zhang CC, Wu YT, Lu YW
2222 - 2230 Optimized fast charging protocol for cylindricallithium-ionbattery based on constant incremental capacity algorithm
Lao L, Wu SQ, Zhang QC
2231 - 2244 Essential factors that affect bioelectricity generation byRhodopseudomonas palustrisstrainPS3in paddy soil microbial fuel cells
Liu CH, Lee SK, Ou IC, Tsai KJ, Lee Y, Chu YH, Liao YT, Liu CT
2245 - 2264 Potential ofNafion/eggshell composite membrane for application in direct methanol fuel cell
Hamid NSA, Kamarudin SK, Karim NA
2265 - 2276 Theoretical study on2Dphotoelectric emission ofGaNnanorod array and nanocone array photocathode
Zhang XY, Liu L, Lv ZS, Lu FF, Tian J
2277 - 2291 Porous polyether sulfone for direct methanol fuel cell applications: Structural analysis
Junoh H, Jaafar J, Nordin NAHM, Ismail AF, Othman MHD, Rahman MA, Aziz F, Yusof N, Daud SNSS
2292 - 2302 Dependence of Mg, Be and Al substitution on the hydrogen storage characteristics of ZrNiH3
Rkhis M, Alaoui-Belghiti A, Laasri S, Touhtouh S, Hlil E, Bououdina M, Zaidat K, Obbade S, Hajjaji A
2303 - 2320 Toward safe and rapid battery charging: Design optimal fast charging strategies thorough aphysics-basedmodel considering lithium plating
Liu CH, Gao Y, Liu L
2321 - 2333 Performance augmentation of a solar air heater using herringbone metal foam fins: An experimental work
Taha SY, Farhan AA
2334 - 2342 Salt-recrystallizationpreparation of metal organic framework derived porous carbon support forhighly-efficientproton exchange membrane fuel cell
Wu MJ, Xing YJ, Zeng LL, Guo W, Pan M
2343 - 2352 Nanofibers modified through carbon and nitrogen co-doping and phase transformation for application in pseudocapacitors
Sabaghian F, Mazloum-Ardakani M, Yavari M, Vajhadin F
2353 - 2366 Photocatalytic membrane reactor for simultaneous separation and photoreduction of CO2 to methanol
Baniamer M, Aroujalian A, Sharifnia S
2367 - 2382 Thermoeconomic analysis and inter-stage pressure ratio optimization of nuclear power supercriticalCO(2)multi-stage recompression
Du YD, Yang C, Hu CX, Zhang C
2383 - 2397 State of health prediction for lithium-ion batteries with a novel online sequential extreme learning machine method
Tian HX, Qin PL
2398 - 2415 Investigation on the properties ofCu(2)ZnSnSe(4)andCu(2)ZnSn(S,Se)(4)absorber films prepared by magnetron sputtering technique usingZnandZnStargets in precursor stacks
Akcay N, Gremenok VF, Zaretskaya EP, Ozcelik S
2416 - 2431 Development of inexpensive perovskiteMn-basedoxygen carriers using the waste manganese sand for chemical looping gasification
Ren T, An M, Hu XD, Ma JJ, Guo QJ
2432 - 2444 Effects of non-planar interface and electrode parameters on the residual stress of solid oxide fuel cell
Li QQ, Cao GL, Zhang XW, Ma YF, Li GJ
2445 - 2459 Structural and optical properties of Ti and Cu co-dopedZnOthin films for photovoltaic applications of dye sensitized solar cells
Mehmood B, Khan MI, Iqbal M, Mahmood A, Al-Masry W
2460 - 2473 Synergistic optimization of thermoelectric performance in cementitious composites by lithium carbonate and carbon nanotubes
Wei J, Zhang MJ, Wang Y, Qiao SS, Zhang H, Li XT
2474 - 2487 Effects of operating parameters and load mode on dynamic cell performance of proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Yang TF, Sheu BH, Ghalambaz M, Yan WM
2488 - 2497 Studies on thermal properties of microencapsulated eutectic phase change material incorporated different mortar mixes
Srinivasaraonaik NB, Singh LP, Sinha S, Tyagi I, Mittal G
2498 - 2510 S-doped 3D porous carbons derived from potassium thioacetate activation strategy for zinc-ion hybrid supercapacitor applications
Wang DW, Wang SY, Lu ZM
2511 - 2532 A novel hybrid deep neural network model for short-term electricity price forecasting
Huang CJ, Shen YM, Chen YH, Chen HC
2533 - 2559 Numerical study on sensitivity analysis of factors influencing liquid cooling with double cold-plate for lithium-ion pouch cell
Patil MS, Seo JH, Panchal S, Lee MY
2560 - 2580 Comparison of hybrid recurrent neural networks anddual-polarizationmodels of valve regulated lead acid battery
Chmielewski A, Mozaryn J, Piorkowski P, Dybala J
2581 - 2592 Direct conversion of methane to oxygenates catalyzed by iron(III) chloride in water at near ambient temperature
Zhang L, Sun ZX, Lang JY, Hu YH
2593 - 2609 Effect of airflow channel arrangement on the discharge of a composite metal foam-phase change material heat exchanger
Talebizadehsardari P, Mohammed HI, Mahdi JM, Gillott M, Walker GS, Grant D, Giddings D
2610 - 2628 Experimental investigation of air heated bubble column humidification dehumidification desalination system
Khan M, Antar MA, Khalifa AE, Zubair SM
2629 - 2643 Energy management strategy based on velocity prediction using back propagation neural network for a plug-in fuel cell electric vehicle
Lin XY, Wang ZR, Wu JY
2644 - 2667 Research on multi-train energy saving optimization based on cooperative multi-objective particle swarm optimization algorithm
Zhang Y, Zuo TT, Zhu MH, Huang C, Li J, Xu ZL
2668 - 2679 Homogenized pouch cell material modelling and a comparison study
Orhan O, Ozel A
2680 - 2693 A hybridanalytical-computationalmethod for three dimensional modeling of thermoelectric generators
Kohan HRF, Eslami M, Jafarpur K
2694 - 2708 A comparative study of energy harvesting performance of polymer-piezoceramic composites fabricated with different piezoceramic constituents
Mahale B, Kumar N, De A, Pandey R, Ranjan R
2709 - 2727 Energy management and techno-economic assessment of a predictive battery storage system applying a load levelling operational strategy in island systems
Iliadis P, Ntomalis S, Atsonios K, Nesiadis A, Nikolopoulos N, Grammelis P
2728 - 2738 Photo-synergetic nitrogen-dopedMXene/reduced graphene oxide sandwich-like architecture for high-performancelithium-sulfurbatteries
Wang Z, Li XY, Xuan CX, Li JJ, Jiang YL, Xiao JR
2739 - 2752 Enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen evolution from water splitting by Z-schemeCdS/BiFeO(3)heterojunction without using sacrificial agent
Kolivand A, Sharifnia S
2753 - 2765 DFT-based insight into the magnetic and thermoelectric characteristics ofXTaO(3)(X = Rb, Fr) ternary perovskite oxides for optoelectronic applications
Hussain MI, Khalil RMA, Hussain F, Rana AM
2766 - 2775 Electronic anti-injection effect for carbonyl in anchor group based on diphenylacetylene D-2-pi-A sensitizer in dye-sensitized solar cells
Chen SR, Pang ZH, Wu WJ
2776 - 2784 A novel flame-retardant electrolyte additive for safer lithium-ion batteries
Yan P, Zhu YC, Pan XH, Ji H
2785 - 2796 Template-free synthesis of one-dimensional cobalt sulfide nanorod array as an attractive architecture for overall water splitting
Patil SA, Rabani I, Vikraman D, Bathula C, Shrestha NK, Kim H, Hussain S, Im H
2797 - 2809 An investigation of photovoltaic devices based onp-typeCu(2)Oandn-type gamma-WO(3)junction through an electrolyte solution containing a redox pair
Resende ALS, Costa AGR, Lima AEB, Costa MJS, Longo E, Cavalcante LS, Santos RS
2810 - 2823 Synthesis of electroless Ni catalyst supported onSBA-15 for hydrogen and carbon production by catalytic decomposition of methane
Chen QQ, Lua AC
2824 - 2836 Determining the laminar burning velocity of nitrogen diluted dimethoxymethane (OME1) using the heat-flux burner method: Numerical and experimental investigations
Eckart S, Fritsche C, Krasselt C, Krause H
2837 - 2855 Effect of electrolyte thickness manipulation on enhancing carbon deposition resistance of methane-fueled solid oxide fuel cell
Ab Rahman M, Othman MHD, Wibisono Y, Harun Z, Omar AF, Shabri HA, Deraman S, Rahman MA, Jaafar J, Ismail AF
2856 - 2869 Performance assessment of a passive solar still integrated with thermal energy storage and nanoparticle stored in copper cylinders
Sonker VK, Singh RK, Chakraborty JP, Sarkar A
2870 - 2881 Experimental investigation on absorption and desorption characteristics ofLa(0.9)Ce(0.1)Ni(5)for hydrogen storage application
Jenne SP, Jana S, Palanisamy M
2882 - 2898 Improved hydrogen storage performances ofLiAlH(4)+ Mg(BH4)(2)composite withTiF(3)addition
Sulaiman NN, Ismail M, Timmiati SN, Lim KL
2899 - 2911 Oxygen-vacancy-rich hydrated bimetallic chloride for supercapacitor cathode with remarkable enhanced performance
Wang GR, Jin ZL, Zhao TS
2912 - 2930 Experimental study for thermal conductivity of water-based zirconium oxide nanofluid: Developing optimal artificial neural network and proposing new correlation
Colak AB
2931 - 2944 In-situ formation of an efficient trimetallic (Cu-Zn-Ag) electrocatalyst for water oxidation
Akbar M, Shah A, Iftikhar FJ, Ali G, Han H, Rahman G
2945 - 2958 Electrode protective barrier layers for molten carbonate confinement
Jamale A, Starykevich M, Marques FMB
2959 - 2979 Performance enhancement of concentrator photovoltaic systems using nanofluids
Elminshawy A, Morad K, Elminshawy NAS, Elhenawy Y
2980 - 2996 Proposal of new stableABC(2)type ternary semiconductor pnictidesK(3)Cu(3)P(2)andK(3)Ni(3)P(2): First-principles calculations and prospects for thermosphysical and optoelectronic applications
Irfan M, Azam S, Iqbal A
2997 - 3015 Comprehensive energy cooperative optimization model based on energy conversion efficiency considering investment benefit
Peng DX, Wu HL, Wang L
3016 - 3030 The nonlinear shift to renewable microgrids: Phase transitions in electricity systems
Sandler S, Williams E, Hittinger E, Elenes A
3031 - 3048 Performance investigation of a multi-nozzle ejector for proton exchange membrane fuel cell system
Han JQ, Feng JM, Hou TF, Peng XY
3049 - 3063 Operability of a premixed combustor holding hydrogen-enriched oxy-methane flames: An experimental and numerical study
Imteyaz B, Habib M, Nemitallah M, Abdelhafez A, Ben-Mansour R
3064 - 3074 Interconnected network-like single crystalline bimetallic carbonate hydroxide nanowires for high performance hybrid supercapacitors
Sivakumar P, Jana M, Nakhanivej P, Jung MG, Raj CJ, Park HS
3075 - 3088 Flexible supercapacitors based on mesoporous nanocrystalline cobalt ammonium phosphates and bacterial cellulose composite electrode
Wannasen L, Swatsitang E, Pinitsoontorn S
3089 - 3096 Synthesis ofTiO(2)nanostructures by green approach as photoanodes for dye-sensitized solar cells
Senthamarai R, Ramakrishnan VM, Palanisamy B, Kulandhaivel S
3097 - 3112 Modelling of high temperature direct methanol solid oxide fuel cells
Xu QD, Ni M
3113 - 3128 Deep learning networks for capacity estimation for monitoringSOHof Li-ion batteries for electric vehicles
Kaur K, Garg A, Cui XJ, Singh S, Panigrahi BK
3129 - 3141 Synthesis process and catalytic activity ofNb(2)O(5)hollow spheres for reversible hydrogen storage ofMgH(2)
Zhang XL, Wang K, Zhang X, Hu JJ, Gao MX, Pan HG, Liu YF
3142 - 3156 Interval optimization based operational strategy of integrated energy system under renewable energy resources and loads uncertainties
Li YM, Wang KK, Gao BT, Zhang B, Liu XF, Chen C
3157 - 3169 Extended state observer assisted Coulomb counting method for battery state of charge estimation
Lei ZL, Liu T, Sun XM, Xie H, Sun Q
3170 - 3184 Exploring the direct influence of control parameters of experimental facility for fuel cells based on improved generalized regression neural network
Li C, Pan MZ, Huang YT, Huang HZ, Lei H, Pan CJ, Wang QW
3185 - 3199 A non-tracking semi-circular trough solar concentrator
Ratismith W, Ali D, Briggs JS
3200 - 3213 Aergia number: A new non-dimensional group for gas turbine power estimation
Messina G, Bo A, Nobili M, Pagliari L
3214 - 3230 Topology optimization of microstructure of solid-oxide fuel cell anode to minimize thermal mismatch
Li QQ, Duan YQ, Chai D, Zhang XW, Min XT, Li GJ
3231 - 3241 Thermal energy storage characteristics of binary molten salt nanofluids: Specific heat and latent heat
Lee D, Jo B
3242 - 3256 High coolingperformances of H-shape heat sink for thermoelectric energy harvesting system (TEHs) at asphalt pavement
Khamil KN, Sabri MFM, Yusop AM, Sa'at FAM, Isa AN
3257 - 3268 Core@double-shell structured multifunctional phase change microcapsules based on modified graphene oxide Pickering emulsion
Wei H, Yang WB, He FF, Li YS, Lou L, Wang RC, He R, Fan JH, Zhang K
3269 - 3287 Optimal peak shifting of a domestic load connected to utility grid using storage battery based on deepQ-learningnetwork
Al-Gablawy M
3288 - 3304 Methanol steam reforming overCo-Cu-Zn/gamma-Al(2)O(3)catalyst: Kinetic andRSM-BBDmodeling approaches
Mosayebi A
3305 - 3314 Phase segregation mechanism ofNiFe(2)O(4)oxygen carrier in chemical looping process
Ma Z, Zhang S, Lu YG
3315 - 3326 Double deepQ-learningcoordinated control of hybrid energy storage system in island micro-grid
Yu YJ, Cai ZF, Liu YC
3327 - 3342 Analytical solutions of heat storage and heat transfer performance ofparallel-plateregenerators in Stirling cycle
Wang HG, Bao YH, Tang YM, Liu M, Zhang BL, Zhu S, Rao ZH
3343 - 3357 Development of effective bimetallic catalyst for high-temperaturePEMfuel cell to improveCOtolerance
Al-Tememy MGH, Devrim Y
3358 - 3364 Effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Brazilian electricity consumption patterns
Carvalho M, de Delgado DB, de Lima KM, de Cancela M, dos Siqueira CA, de Souza DLB
3365 - 3374 An experimental study of a two-degree-of-freedom galloping energy harvester
Hu GB, Wang JL, Qiao HW, Zhao LY, Li ZY, Tang LH
3375 - 3384 Polypyrrole nanowires as a cathode microporous layer for direct methanol fuel cell to enhance oxygen transport
Fu XD, Ni H, Zhang F, Yang Y, Shao XY, Huang Z, Zhang R, Liu QT, Hu SF
3385 - 3396 Selective methanation of carbonate@carbon composite formed by the reaction of carbon dioxide with alkali metals
Zhu W, Feng BQ, Zhang S, Zhao J, Kan XT, Teng YL
3397 - 3409 Impact of Covid19 on electricity load in Haryana (India)
Gulati P, Kumar A, Bhardwaj R
3410 - 3420 A full spectrumk-distribution-based weighted-sum-of-gray-gases model for pressurized oxy-fuel combustion
Guo JJ, Shen LQ, Wan JW, Li PF, Liu ZH
3421 - 3429 High rate and capacity performances of functionalized MXene/graphene heterostructure anodes for magnesium-ion batteries
Song DX, Du YZ, Ma WG, Zhang X
3430 - 3441 A sustainable approach for bioconversion of food and lignocellulosic wastes into liquid biofuel using a newMetschnikowia pulcherrimaisolate
Abomohra A, Wang QY, Huang J, Saad-Allah KM
3442 - 3451 High electrochemical performance small grain size vanadium pentoxide prepared by hydrothermal method and as high proportion sulfur supported matrix materials for lithium-sulfur batteries
Li L, Wang XX, Li YY, Lang XS, Cai KD, Zhang QG