International Journal of Energy Research

International Journal of Energy Research, Vol.45, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0363-907X (Print) 

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5 - 5 Smart energy technologies
Nizetic S
6 - 35 A review on modeling of solar photovoltaic systems using artificial neural networks, fuzzy logic, genetic algorithm and hybrid models
Garud KS, Jayaraj S, Lee MY
36 - 64 Progress on the demand side management in smart grid and optimization approaches
Sarker E, Halder P, Seyedmahmoudian M, Jamei E, Horan B, Mekhilef S, Stojcevski A
65 - 102 Vibration-based piezoelectric, electromagnetic, and hybrid energy harvesters for microsystems applications: A contributed review
Iqbal M, Nauman MM, Khan FU, Abas PE, Cheok Q, Iqbal A, Aissa B
103 - 117 Review and clustering of optimal energy management problem studies for industrial microgrids
Bektas Z, Kayakutlu G
118 - 140 Energy harvesting in wireless sensor networks: A taxonomic survey
Singh J, Kaur R, Singh D
141 - 150 Photobiostimulation of anaerobic digestion by laser irradiation and photocatalytic effects of trace metals and nanomaterials on biogas production
Abdelsalam EM, El-Hussein A, Samer M
151 - 166 Alternative storage options for solar thermal systems
Kyriaki E, Stergiopoulos S, Papadopoulos AM
167 - 188 An assessment study of evaporation rate models on a water basin with floating photovoltaic plants
Scavo FB, Tina GM, Gagliano A, Nizetic S
203 - 219 A methodology for detection and classification of power quality disturbances using a real-time operating system in the context of home energy management systems
Rodrigues WL, Borges FAS, Rabelo RDL, Rodrigues JJPC, Fernandes RAS, da Silva IN
220 - 230 Hausmannite Mn3O4 as a positive active electrode material for rechargeable aqueous Mn-oxide/Zn batteries
Stosevski I, Bonakdarpour A, Fang BZ, Voon ST, Wilkinson DP
254 - 268 Analysis of diabatic compressed air energy storage systems with artificial reservoir using the levelized cost of storage method
Salvini C, Giovannelli A, Sabatello D
269 - 282 A proper spent nuclear fuel management strategy could enhance the continuity of nuclear power in the Spanish energy mix
Rodriguez-Penalonga L, Moratilla-Soria BY
283 - 296 Bioenergy carbon emissions footprint considering the biogenic carbon and secondary effects
Van Fan Y, Klemes JJ, Ko CH
316 - 341 Three-level energy flexible management strategy for micro energy grids considering multiple uncertainties at different time scales
Ju LW, Huang LL, Tan QL, Mei SF, Li N, Wang W
342 - 354 Performance improvement of microbial fuel cell through artificial intelligence
Ghasemi M, Nassef AM, Al-Dhaifallah M, Rezk H
355 - 378 Design of power-blocks for medium-scale supercritical carbon dioxide plants
Giovannelli A, Archilei EM, Di Lorenzo G, Salvini C, Bashir MA, Messina G
379 - 395 A data-driven approach to study the role of interconnectors in a future low-carbon electricity supply system
Rafiee A, Qadrdan M, Jenkins N
396 - 412 Evaluation of PV output in terms of environmental impact based on mathematical and artificial neural network models
Kazem HA
429 - 452 Modeling, design, and optimization of a cost-effective and reliable hybrid renewable energy system integrated with desalination using the division algorithm
Kiehbadroudinezhad M, Rajabipour A, Cada M, Khanali M
453 - 477 Correlation analysis andMLP/CMLPfor optimum variables to predict orientation and tilt angles in intelligent solar tracking systems
AL-Rousan N, Isa NAM, Desa MKM
478 - 500 An experimental study on the comparative analysis of the effect of the number of data on the error rates of artificial neural networks
Colak AB
501 - 520 Electric vehicle energy consumption modelling and estimation-A case study
Miri I, Fotouhi A, Ewin N
521 - 540 Zero non-detection zone assessment for anti-islanding protection in rotating machines based distributed generation system
Abd-Elkader AG, Saleh SM
541 - 553 Enhancing stability region oftime-delayedsmart power grids bynon-integercontrollers
Yildirim B, Khooban MH
554 - 567 Investigation effects of environmental and operating factors onPVpanel efficiency using by multivariate linear regression
Kaya F, Sahin G, Alma MH
568 - 589 Optimal design and4Eassessment of typical combined cooling, heating and power systems considering the effects of energy price fluctuation
Zhou L, Zhang WJ, Liu X, Cao W
590 - 604 Artificial electric field algorithm to extract nine parameters of triple-diode photovoltaic model
Selem SI, El-Fergany AA, Hasanien HM
605 - 625 Optimal sizing of autonomous hybrid energy system using supply-demand-based optimization algorithm
Alturki FA, Al-Shamma'a AA, Farh HMH, AlSharabi K
626 - 641 A novel real-time energy management strategy for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles based on equivalence factor dynamic optimization method
Deng T, Tang P, Luo JL
642 - 660 Master-slave game optimization method of smart energy systems considering the uncertainty of renewable energy
Han XJ, Wang H, Liang DX
661 - 690 Design and analysis of a new wave energy converter based on a point absorber and a hydraulic system harvesting energy from waves near the shore in calm seas
Barbarelli S, Amelio M, Castiglione T, Florio G, Scornaienchi NM
691 - 702 Different diode models comparison using Lambert W function for extracting maximum power fromBIPVmodules
Sarkar D, Kumar A, Sadhu PK
703 - 726 A novel decentralized method based on the system engineering concept for reliability-security constraint unit commitment in restructured power environment
Malekshah S, Ansari J
727 - 744 An improved particle swarm optimisation for unit commitment in microgrids with battery energy storage systems considering battery degradation and uncertainties
Jordehi AR
745 - 758 Nothing to regret: Reconciling renewable energies with human wellbeing and nature in the German Energy Transition
Wiehe J, Thiele J, Walter A, Hashemifarzad A, Zum Hingst J, von Haaren C
759 - 771 A new integrated single-diode solar cell model for photovoltaic power prediction with experimental validation under real outdoor conditions
Malik P, Chandel SS
772 - 785 Performance improvement study of an integrated photovoltaic system for offshore power production
Al-Zareer M, Dincer I, Rosen MA
786 - 798 Performance evaluation and degradation analysis of different photovoltaic technologies under arid conditions
Chawla S, Tikkiwal VA
799 - 806 Design and optimization ofGaN-based betavoltaic cell for enhanced output power density
Yoon YJ, Lee JS, Kang IM, Lee JH, Kim DS
807 - 823 Battery control for leveling the amount of electricity purchase in smart-energy houses
Hirasawa T, Yoshida M, Obara S
824 - 840 A smart and transparent district heating mode based on industrial Internet of things
Liu LB, Zhang HB, Liu YM
841 - 863 A centralized vehicle-to-grid scheme with distributed computing capacity engaging internet of smart charging points: Case study
Shang YT, Liu M, Shao ZY, Jian LN
864 - 878 Influence of photovoltaic generation model and time resolution on the reliability evaluation of distribution systems
de Oliveira R, Borges CLT
879 - 893 Steam consumption prediction of a gas sweetening process with methyldiethanolamine solvent using machine learning approaches
Moghadasi M, Ozgoli HA, Farhani F
894 - 907 Optimal centralized integrated energy station site approach based on energy transmission loss analysis
Chen DW, Abbas Z, Li Y, Hu X, Zeng SQ, Liu YQ
908 - 919 First-principlesspectroscopic screening of hybrid perovskite (CH3CH2NH3PbI3) with fundamental physical properties: A potential photovoltaic absorber
Joshi TK, Shukla A, Sharma G, Verma AS
920 - 937 Future changes in wind energy resource over the Northwest Passage based on the CMIP6 climate projections
Qian H, Zhang R
938 - 960 Operational scheduling of responsive prosumer farms for day-ahead peak shaving by agricultural demand response aggregators
Golmohamadi H
961 - 974 Estimation of target station data using satellite data and deep learning algorithms
Yayla S, Harmanci E
975 - 990 Online parameters identification and state of charge estimation for lithium-ion batteries using improved adaptive dual unscented Kalman filter
Peng N, Zhang SZ, Guo X, Zhang XW
991 - 1006 Stochastic distributed optimization of shapeable energy resources in low voltage distribution networks under limited communications
Wei BY, Claeys S, Almasalma H, Deconinck G
1007 - 1022 Internet of things and cloud computing-based energy management system for demand side management in smart grid
Hashmi SA, Ali CF, Zafar S
1023 - 1037 Multi-phase method of estimation and adaptation of parameters of electrical battery models
Binelo MFB, Sausen ATZR, Sausen PS, Binelo MO, de Campos M
1038 - 1054 A stackelberg game approach for heterogeneous energy market in integrated energy system
Liu XF, Wang Q, Wu C
1055 - 1068 A machine learning-based operational control framework for reducing energy consumption of an amine-based gas sweetening process
Moghadasi M, Ozgoli HA, Farhani F
1069 - 1096 Three-level interactive energy management strategy for optimal operation of multiple virtual power plants considering different time scales
Li N, Tan CX, Lin HY, Ma X, Zhang XC
1097 - 1127 Wind farm site selection from the perspective of sustainability: A novel satisfaction degree-based fuzzy axiomatic design approach
Feng JH
1128 - 1141 GGlueVaR-based participation of electric vehicles in automatic demand response for two-stage scheduling
Gao JW, Yang Y, Ma ZY, Gao FJ
1142 - 1149 Antireflection layer of ZnO nanorod embedded in PDMS film for enhancing omnidirectional photovoltaic performance of CIGS photovoltaic cell
Lai FI, Hsieh MY, Yang JF, Hsu YC, Kuo SY