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International Journal of Energy Research, Vol.44, No.8 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0363-907X (Print) 

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6093 - 6097 Covid-19 coronavirus: Closing carbon age, but opening hydrogen age
Dincer I
6098 - 6127 A comprehensive review on modeling and performance optimization of Stirling engine
Ahmed F, Huang HL, Ahmed S, Wang X
6128 - 6148 Review on multi-power sources dynamic coordinated control of hybrid electric vehicle during driving mode transition process
Wang JJ, Cai YF, Chen L, Shi DH, Wang RC, Zhu Z
6149 - 6169 Performance enhancement of photovoltaic modules by nanofluid cooling: A comprehensive review
Kumar R, Deshmukh V, Bharj RS
6170 - 6222 Inorganic thermoelectric materials: A review
Hasan MN, Wahid H, Nayan N, Ali MSM
6223 - 6239 A review of quaternized polyvinyl alcohol as an alternative polymeric membrane in DMFCs and DEFCs
Zakaria Z, Kamarudin SK
6240 - 6258 Intensification of biogas production using various technologies: A review
Koniuszewska I, Korzeniewska E, Harnisz M
6259 - 6268 Lead and tungsten double stabilizing cobalt-based perovskite oxygen permeation membranes for clean energy delivery
Zhang K, Liu M, Zhao L, Yan JC, Wang ZT
6269 - 6284 Metal-organic frameworks-derived titanium dioxide-carbon nanocomposite for supercapacitor applications
Shrivastav V, Sundriyal S, Kim KH, Sinha RK, Tiwari UK, Deep A
6285 - 6296 Modeling and experimental assessment of the novel HI-I-2-H2O electrolysis for hydrogen generation in the sulfur-iodine cycle
Ying Z, Wang YB, Zheng XY, Geng Z, Dou BL, Cui GM
6297 - 6312 Optimization of cable layout designs for large offshore wind farms
Ulku I, Alabas-Uslu C
6313 - 6324 Experimental study on water recovery and SO2 permeability of ceramic membranes with different pore sizes
Cheng C, Zhang H, Chen HP
6325 - 6337 Thermo-catalytic conversion of greenhouse gases (CO2 and CH4) to CO-rich hydrogen by CeO2 modified calcium iron oxide supported nickel catalyst
Hossain MA, Ayodele BV, Ong HR, Mustapa SI, Cheng CK, Khan MR
6338 - 6349 An online state of health estimation method based on battery management system monitoring data
Liu F, Liu XY, Su WX, Lin H, Chen HN, He MW
6350 - 6362 Co-pyrolysis characteristics of polysaccharides-cellulose and the co-pyrolyzed compound distributions over two kinds of zeolite catalysts
Cao B, Sun YK, Yuan JP, Wang S, Gong X, Barati B, Zheng AN, Jiang D, Hu YM, Yuan C, He ZX
6363 - 6382 Dynamic characteristics and operation strategy of the discharge process in compressed air energy storage systems for applications in power systems
Li P, Yang C, Sun L, Xiang JY, Wen XK, Zhong JL, Deng TT
6383 - 6395 Effects of reciprocating liquid flow battery thermal management system on thermal characteristics and uniformity of large lithium-ion battery pack
Chang GF, Cui X, Li YY, Ji YK
6396 - 6416 Humidification-dehumidification water desalination system integrated with multiple evaporators/condensers heat pump unit
Elattar HF, Nada SA, Al-Zahrani A, Fouda A
6417 - 6429 A cascaded thermoelectric generation system for low-grade heat harvesting
Shen R, Gou XL, Xu HY, Qiu KR
6430 - 6451 Novel integrated helium extraction and natural gas liquefaction process configurations using absorption refrigeration and waste heat
Zaitsev A, Mehrpooya M, Ghorbani B, Sanavbarov R, Naumov F, Shermatova F
6452 - 6462 Effects of surface lithiated TiO2 nanorods on room-temperature properties of polymer solid electrolytes
Hua S, Li JL, Jing MX, Chen F, Ju BW, Tu FY, Shen XQ, Qin SB
6463 - 6482 Conceptual design of long-cycle boron-free small modular pressurized water reactor with control rod operation
Jang J, Choe J, Choi S, Lemaire M, Lee DJ, Shin HC
6483 - 6501 Forecasting the value of battery electric vehicles compared to internal combustion engine vehicles: The influence of driving range and battery technology
Woo J, Magee CL
6502 - 6510 State of health prediction model based on internal resistance
Ji H, Zhang W, Pan XH, Hua M, Chung YH, Shu CM, Zhang LJ
6511 - 6521 Dynamic model of a novel thermogravity rotary actuator for solar energy harvesting
Muhammad W, Irshad MJ, Miran S, Haider MS
6522 - 6530 High-performance counter electrode based on nitrogen-doped porous carbon nanoribbons for quantum dot-sensitized solar cells
Dong WN, Liu JQ, Wang GQ
6531 - 6554 Thermodynamic analysis of a novel compressed carbon dioxide energy storage system with low-temperature thermal storage
Zhang Y, Yao ER, Zhang XL, Yang K
6555 - 6566 Effect of pressure equalization on methane enrichment from stranded natural gas using PSA with amorphous Kenaf and microporous palm kernel shell adsorbents
Law LC, Abdullah A, Idris I, Othman MR
6567 - 6582 Unsteady performance and thermodynamic analysis of aero-engine compressor at different water ingestion conditions
Yang L, Zheng Q, Lin AQ, Luo MC
6583 - 6594 PolyHIPE composite based-form stable phase change material for thermal energy storage
Mert HH
6595 - 6607 Confining FeS in graphitized carbon with void space for high and stable electrochemical storage performance of Na+ and K+
Wang R, Cao LY, Li JY, Huang JF, Xu ZW, Guo PH, Chen SY
6608 - 6622 Ultra-long cycle life and high rate performance subglobose Na3V2(PO4)(2)F-3@C cathode and its regulation
Zhan WX, Fan CL, Zhang WH, Yi GD, Chen H, Han SC, Liu JS
6623 - 6630 Global sensitivity analysis of two-stage thermoelectric refrigeration system based on response variance
Zhang F, Xu XY, Wang L, Liu ZB, Zhang L
6631 - 6650 Augmentation of solar-assisted humidification-dehumidification water desalination system using heat recovery and thermal energy storage system
Fouda A, Nada SA, Bin Mahfouz AS, Al-Zahrani A, Elattar HF
6651 - 6659 Surface-modified polyethylene separator with hydrophilic property for enhancing the electrochemical performance of lithium-ion battery
Ahn YK, Kwon YK, Kim KJ
6660 - 6673 Experimental study of a direct evaporative cooling approach for Li-ion battery thermal management
Zhao R, Liu J, Gu JJ, Zhai L, Ma F
6674 - 6684 Transesterification reaction for biodiesel production from soybean oil using Ni0.5Zn0.5Fe2O4 nanomagnetic catalyst: Kinetic study
Mapossa AB, Dantas J, Costa ACFM
6685 - 6696 Rational design and fabrication of frame-structured doped bismuth vanadate nanoarchitectures as a polysulfide shield to boost the performance of lithium-sulfur batteries
Xie RS, Liu HF, Huang HY, Pan XQ, Chi FT, Luo F, Guo ZC, Guo BG, Ma YJ, Li YL
6697 - 6708 Economic model for an electric vehicle charging station with vehicle-to-grid functionality
Mercan MC, Kayalica MO, Kayakutlu G, Ercan S
6709 - 6724 Thermodynamic performance evaluation of the CO2 parallel compression supermarket refrigeration system with a subcooler
Wang Z, Zhao HX, Wang XL, Han JT, Lai YH
6725 - 6744 Crystalline ZnO and ZnO/TiO2 nanoparticles derived from tert-butyl N-(2 mercaptoethyl)carbamatozinc(II) chelate: Electrocatalytic studies for H-2 generation in alkaline electrolytes
Ibrahim MM, Mezni A, Alsawat M, Kumeria T, Alrooqi A, Shaltout AA, Ahmed SI, Boukherroub R, Amin MA, Altalhi T
6745 - 6757 Electrical and thermal interplay in lithium-ion battery internal short circuit and safety protection
Chen MB, Lin SL, Song WJ, Lv J, Feng ZP
6758 - 6766 Catalytic hydrolysis of alkaline sodium borohydride solution for hydrogen evolution in a micro-scale fluidized bed reactor
Zhang XL, Cheng Y, Li CH, Guo QJ, Meng XC
6767 - 6777 Online state of health prediction method for lithium-ion batteries, based on gated recurrent unit neural networks
Ungurean L, Micea MV, Carstoiu G
6778 - 6791 A study of external surface pressure effects on the properties for lithium-ion pouch cells
Zhou L, Xing LC, Zheng YJ, Lai X, Su JH, Deng C, Sun T
6792 - 6803 Transformation of GO to rGO due to 8.0 MeV carbon (C plus plus ) ions irradiation and characteristics performance on MnO2-NiO-ZnO@GO electrode
Obodo RM, Nwanya AC, Iroegbu C, Ahmad I, Ekwealor ABC, Osuji RU, Maaza M, Ezema FI
6804 - 6818 Corrosion characteristics and fuel cell performance of a cost-effective high Mn-Low Ni austenitic stainless steel as an alternative to SS 316L bipolar plate
Kumar N, Shaik GP, Pandurangan S, Khalkho B, Neelakantan L, Chetty R
6819 - 6827 Highly efficient overall water splitting performance of gadolinium-indium-zinc ternary oxide nanostructured electrocatalyst
Ilanchezhiyan P, Kumar GM, Tamilselvan S, Kang TW, Kim DY
6828 - 6842 Energy performance enhancement of solar thermal power plants by solar parabolic trough collectors and evacuated tube collectors-based preheating units
Alsagri AS
6843 - 6859 Optimal day-ahead coordination on wind-pumped-hydro system by using multiobjective multistage model
Yao LM, He LH, Chen XD, Xiao AR, Wang HL
6860 - 6872 A novel predicting method on degree of catalytic reaction in fuel cells
Pan MZ, Li C, Pan CJ, Lei H, Huang HZ
6873 - 6884 Photo-thermal conversion and heat storage characteristics of multi-walled carbon nanotubes dispersed magnetic phase change microcapsules slurry
Gao GR, Zhang TX, Guo CL, Jiao SK, Rao ZH
6885 - 6893 Effect of porosity and crack on the thermoelectric properties of expanded graphite/carbon fiber reinforced cement-based composites
Wei J, Wang Y, Li XT, Jia ZY, Qiao SS, Zhang Q, Du J
6894 - 6916 A vibration-based electromagnetic and piezoelectric hybrid energy harvester
Khan FU
6917 - 6926 Stabilization performances and mechanisms of a diffusion-like vortex-tube combustor for oxygen-enriched combustion
Ren SJ, Jiang LQ, Yang HL, Zhao DQ, Wang XH
6927 - 6938 Hydrogen-rich gas production with CO2 capture from steam gasification of pine needle using calcium oxide: Experimental and modeling study
Kumari P, Mohanty B
6939 - 6949 Experimental and modeling study on ignition delay of ammonia/methane fuels
Xiao H, Lai SN, Valera-Medina A, Li JY, Liu JY, Fu HD
6950 - 6963 Parametric study of asymmetric thermoelectric devices for power generation
Luo D, Wang RC, Yu W, Zhou WQ
6964 - 6980 Numerical investigation of drop dynamics in presence of wettability gradient inside a serpentine channel of proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Malhotra S, Ghosh S
6981 - 6990 Hydration performance and cycling stability of three TCM: MgSO4, ZnSO4 and FeSO4
Rehman AU, Zheng MS, Hayat A
6991 - 6999 Synthesis and experimental study of novel double perovskite Ba2NixCo2-xO6 as promising oxygen carrier materials for CO2 capture application
Shen QW, Jiang YH, Li S, Lv XR, Yang GG, Sunden B
7000 - 7014 Electrospun core-shell nanofibers based on polyethylene oxide reinforced by multiwalled carbon nanotube and silicon dioxide nanofillers: A novel and effective solvent-free electrolyte for lithium ion batteries
Banitaba SN, Semnani D, Heydari-Soureshjani E, Rezaei B, Ensafi AA
7015 - 7025 Sun drying of cocoa with firebrick thermal storage materials
Komolafe CA, Waheed MA, Kuye SI, Adewumi BA, Oluwaleye IO, Olayanju TMA
7026 - 7034 Synergistic enhancements in the performances of dye-sensitized solar cells by the scattering and plasmon resonance of Au-nanoparticle multi-shell hollow nanospheres
Bai LH, Liu JX, Tang YW, Wang C, Wen JQ, Wu H, He WL, Sun RJ
7035 - 7046 A highly efficient surface modified separator fabricated with atmospheric atomic layer deposition for high temperature lithium ion batteries
Lee JW, Soomro AM, Waqas M, Khalid MAU, Choi KH
7047 - 7056 Passive room conditioning using phase change materials-Demonstration of a long-term real size experiment
Sonnick S, Erlbeck L, Gaedtke M, Wunder F, Mayer C, Krause MJ, Nirschl H, Radle M
7057 - 7067 NiS-FeS/N, S co-doped carbon hybrid: Synergistic effect between NiS and FeS facilitating electrochemical oxygen evolution reaction
He XB, Zhao XR, Yin FX, Chen BH, Li GR, Yin HQ
7068 - 7081 Chemo-mechanical coupling model of solid oxide fuel cell under high-temperature oxidation
Chen YP, Hao WQ, Wang FH
7082 - 7092 Layered molybdenum disulfide coated carbon hollow spheres synthesized through supramolecular self-assembly applied to supercapacitors
Yang KM, Gao AM, Wu HJ, Yi FY, Shu D, Li X, Xie L
7093 - 7102 Performance parameters analysis of reverse electrodialysis process: Sensitive to the repeating unit pairs, inflow velocity and feed concentration
Fu LJ, Ji ZY, Tumba K, Yang FJ, Liu J, Zhao YY, Yuan JS
7103 - 7103 TiNb2O7 microsphere anchored by polydopamine-modified graphene oxide as a superior anode material in lithium-ion batteries (vol 44, pg 4986, 2020)
Kim H, Lee Y, Byun D, Choi W