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International Journal of Energy Research, Vol.44, No.7 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0363-907X (Print) 

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5039 - 5070 Free piston Stirling engines: A review
Zare S, Tavakolpour-Saleh A
5071 - 5092 Biophotonics for improving algal photobioreactor performance: A review
Sero ET, Siziba N, Bunhu T, Shoko R, Jonathan E
5093 - 5116 Patent-based trend analysis for advanced thermal energy storage technologies and their applications
Abbas Z, Yong L, Li Y, Wang RZ
5117 - 5164 An extensive review of various technologies for enhancing the thermal and optical performances of parabolic trough collectors
Abed N, Afgan I
5165 - 5176 Heat dissipation analysis of different flow path for parallel liquid cooling battery thermal management system
Yang Y, Li WC, Xu XM, Tong GY
5177 - 5196 Experimental and numerical assessment of using coconut oil as a phase-change material for unconditioned buildings
Alqahtani T, Mellouli S, Bamasag A, Askri F, Phelan PE
5197 - 5208 Development of a beta-type Stirling heat pump with rhombic drive mechanism by a modified non-ideal adiabatic model
Cheng CH, Yang HS, Chen HX
5209 - 5222 Numerical analysis of cycling performance of vanadium redox flow battery
Jeong D, Jung S
5223 - 5230 Plasma treatment of zinc oxide-nanoparticles:polyaniline blend as an active layer for the hybrid bulk heterojunction solar cell applications
Farzin BZ, Parhizkar M, Bidadi H
5231 - 5242 Energy theory of periodic economic growth
Bejan A, Errera MR, Gunes U
5243 - 5258 An analytical model to estimate the state of charge and lifetime for batteries with energy harvesting capabilities
Rodrigues LM, Bitencourt NL, Rech L, Montez C, Moraes R
5259 - 5271 Effect of NiO on organic framework functionalized ZnO nanoparticles for energy storage application
Shaheen I, Ahmad KS, Zequine C, Gupta RK, Thomas AG, Malik MA
5272 - 5286 Application of ANFASO for optimal power flow management of MG-connected system with energy storage
Roy K, Mandal KK, Mandal AC
5287 - 5304 Dynamic simulation and experimental verification on absorption refrigeration driven by vehicle waste heat
Li JB, Liu K, Han XL, Zhang C, Yin L, Kong XQ
5305 - 5319 Sub-channel-based multiscale thermal-hydraulic analysis of a medium-power, lead-cooled fast reactor
Cao LK, Zhang XL, Chen HL
5320 - 5333 Core temperature estimation based on electro-thermal model of lithium-ion batteries
Chen LG, Hu MH, Cao KB, Li SX, Su Z, Jin GQ, Fu CY
5334 - 5342 Effect of expander shape on cooling characteristics by using a model pulse tube refrigerator
Mori Y, Hiratsuka Y, Hamaguchi K
5343 - 5359 Device-level thermodynamic model for an electrocaloric cooler
Gong J, McGaughey AJH
5360 - 5384 Optimal design and operation of ammonia decomposition reactors
Badescu V
5385 - 5396 Potassium sulphate (K2SO4) activation of chestnut shell to oxygen-enriched porous carbons with enhanced capacitive properties
Hong P, Liu X, Zhang X, Peng SJ, Zou T, Wang ZD, Yang Y, Zhao RJ, Chen YH, Wang YD
5397 - 5411 A comparative study of the behavior of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii and Spirulina platensis in solar catalytic pyrolysis
Andrade LA, Barbosa JM, Barrozo MAS, Vieira LGM
5412 - 5424 Halide perovskite nanotube toward energy applications: A first-principles investigation
Zhang L, Qiang YH, Yu FX
5425 - 5440 A prediction-based optimization strategy to balance the use of diesel generator and emergency battery in the microgrid
Liu ZH, Zhang HH, Dong JC, Yu H
5441 - 5454 Lignin-retaining porous bamboo-based reversible thermochromic phase change energy storage composite material
Heng YQ, Feng NR, Liang YX, Hu DY
5455 - 5467 Influence of metal (Fe/Zn) modified ZSM-5 catalysts on product characteristics based on the bench-scale pyrolysis and Py-GC/MS of biomass
Fang SQ, Shi C, Jiang LY, Li P, Bai J, Chang C
5468 - 5476 Research on microstructure and catalysis effects on hydrogen storage alloy of nanosized three ions co-doped Ce1-3xCuxFexZnxO2
Zhang GF, Li YM, Hu F, Xv JY, Liu ZC, Zhang YH
5477 - 5487 Thermal runaway behavior and features of LiFePO4/graphite aged batteries under overcharge
Wang CJ, Zhu YL, Gao F, Qi C, Zhao PL, Meng QF, Wang JY, Wu QB
5488 - 5499 Evaluation of chemical effects on fuel assembly blockage following a loss of coolant accident in nuclear power plants
Wang D, Chang BC, Zhang TY, Tan SC, Niu FL
5500 - 5515 Steam methane reforming on LaNiO3 perovskite-type oxide for syngas production, activity tests, and kinetic modeling
Mosayebi A, Nasabi M
5516 - 5526 Improvement of solid oxide fuel cell performance by a core-shell structured catalyst using low concentration coal bed methane fuel
Yan J, Guo WH, Chen HL, Shi J, Cheng FQ, Li SD, Shao ZP
5527 - 5544 Performance enhancement of a direct absorption solar collector using copper oxide porous foam and nanofluid
Esmaeili M, Karami M, Delfani S
5545 - 5563 A hybrid piezoelectric nanogenerator comprising of KNN/ZnO nanorods incorporated PVDF electrospun nanocomposite webs
Bairagi S, Ali SW
5564 - 5581 Cross-regional integrated energy system scheduling optimization model considering conditional value at risk
Yu XB, Zheng DD
5582 - 5595 Optimal research of annular baffle for heat-discharging performance of single thermal storage tank with molten salt
Zhang CC, Lu YW, Shi SL, Wu YT, Ma CF
5596 - 5608 Thermodynamic analysis of rhombic-driven and crank-driven beta-type Stirling engines
Alfarawi S
5609 - 5620 Increasing capacity of a nuclear power plant unit using the hydrogen-fueled feedwater heating system
Aminov R, Egorov A
5621 - 5633 Thermal properties and characterization of palmitic acid/nano silicon dioxide/graphene nanoplatelet for thermal energy storage
Lin YX, Cong RS, Chen YK, Fang GY
5634 - 5648 Pre-adsorption of low-grade waste steam for high-temperature steam generation by using composite zeolite and long-term heat storage salt of MgSO4
Zhang LS, Ye S, Xue B, Wei XL, Nakaso K, Fukai J
5649 - 5658 An exploration of stabilization mechanisms in a novel vortex-tube combustor with localized stratified peculiarity
Ren SJ
5659 - 5674 Self-learning energy management for plug-in hybrid electric bus considering expert experience and generalization performance
Guo HQ, Zhao FR, Guo HL, Cui QH, Du EL, Zhang K
5675 - 5695 Machine learning predictive models for optimal design of building-integrated photovoltaic-thermal collectors
Shahsavar A, Moayedi H, Al-Waeli AHA, Sopian K, Chelvanathan P
5696 - 5712 Fibrous spherical Ni-M/ZSM-5 (M: Mg, Ca, Ta, Ga) catalysts for methane dry reforming: The interplay between surface acidity-basicity and coking resistance
Hambali U, Jalil AA, Abdulrasheed AA, Siang TJ, Abdullah TAT, Ahmad A, Vo DVN
5713 - 5729 Comparison of homogeneous and heterogeneous thorium fuel blocks with four drivers in advanced high temperature reactors
Attom AM, Wang JC, Huang J, Yan CQ, Ding M
5730 - 5748 Numerical thermal analysis of nanofluid flow through the cooling channels of a polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell filled with metal foam
Saeedan M, Ziaei-Rad M, Afshari E
5749 - 5764 Development of activated biochar supported Ni catalyst for enhancing toluene steam reforming
Quan C, Wang HH, Gao NB
5765 - 5778 Effect of Sr substitution on the property and stability of CH3NH3SnI3 perovskite: A first-principles investigation
Jia YF, Zeng YL, Li XY, Meng LP
5779 - 5790 The effective light-harvesting performance of graded compositional AlxGa1-xN nano-cone arrays photocathode for ultraviolet detector-A numerical investigation and simulation
Liu L, Lu FF, Tian J, Zhangyang XY, Lv ZS
5791 - 5805 Hydrate salt/self-curing acrylic resin form-stable phase change materials with enhanced surface stability and thermal properties via the incorporation of graphene oxide
Liu YS, Yu KY, Xie MJ, Lu S, Yang YZ, Wang H, Jia HX
5806 - 5818 Effect of heat extraction optimization with supercritical carbon dioxide on transcritical power cycle
Hsieh JC
5819 - 5840 High performance cooling of a HVDC converter using a fatty acid ester-based phase change dispersion in a heat sink with double-layer oblique-crossed ribs
Li Q, Fischer L, Qiao G, Mura E, Li C, Ding YL
5841 - 5855 Small-batch-size convolutional neural network based fault diagnosis system for nuclear energy production safety with big-data environment
Yao YT, Wang J, Long PC, Xie M, Wang JY
5856 - 5865 Solvent treatment inducing ultralong cycle stability poly (3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene):poly(styrenesulfonic acid) fibers as binding-free electrodes for supercapacitors
Liu GQ, Jiang FX, Liu J, Liu CC, Xu JK, Jiang QL, Zheng N, Nie GM, Liu PP
5866 - 5880 Numerical investigation of pressure drop characteristics of gas channels and U and Z type manifolds of a PEM fuel cell stack
Asgharian H, Afshari E, Baniasadi E
5881 - 5894 Structural evolution of chemically deposited binary stacks of Sb2S3-CuS to phase-pure CuSbS2 thin films and evaluation of device parameters of CuSbS2/CdS heterojunction
Pal M, Diliegros-Godines CJ, Gupta GK, Mathews NR, Dixit A
5895 - 5904 Investigation on water vapor adsorption performance of LiCl@MIL-100(Fe) composite adsorbent for adsorption heat pumps
Luo YS, Tan BQ, Liang XH, Wang SF, Gao XN, Zhang ZG, Fang YT
5905 - 5916 Experimental analysis of a pulse tube based new prototype for cells cryopreservation
Cipri K, Cioccolanti L, Naldi R
5917 - 5935 Catalytic copyrolysis of metal impregnated biomass and plastic with Ni-based HZSM-5 catalyst: Synergistic effects, kinetics and product distribution
Zheng YW, Wang JD, Liu C, Lu Y, Lin X, Li WB, Zheng ZF
5936 - 5946 Phonon phase stability, structural, mechanical, electronic, and thermoelectric properties of two new semiconducting quaternary Heusler alloys CoCuZrZ (Z = Ge and Sn)
Mushtaq M, Sattar MA, Dar SA
5947 - 5967 Defining indispensability of storage for raised renewable penetration in conventional and thermoelectric coupled microgrid: Modeling, analysis and validation
Jena S, Kar SK
5968 - 5976 Polarization and power density trends of a soil-based microbial fuel cell treated with human urine
Simeon MI, Asoiro FU, Aliyu M, Raji OA, Freitag R
5977 - 5989 A new method for improving the tritium breeding and releasing performance of China Fusion Engineering Test Reactor phase II helium-cooled ceramic breeder blanket
Cui SJ, Zhang DL, Lang YH, Jiang XY, Tian WX, Su GH, Cao QX, Wu XH, Zhao FC, Li JG
5990 - 6001 Catalytic activity of metal-free amine-modified dextran microgels in hydrogen release through methanolysis of NaBH4
Inger E, Sunol AK, Sahiner N
6002 - 6014 A new duplex Stirling engine concept for solar-powered cooling
Daoud JM, Friedrich D
6015 - 6022 Investigation of germanium selenide electrodes for the integrated photo-rechargeable battery
Ren CW, Zhou QH, Jiang WH, Li JF, Guo C, Zhang L, Su J
6023 - 6034 Criticality of incorporating explicit in-situ measurement of temperature-dependent heat generation for accurate design of thermal management system for Li-ion battery pack
Jindal P, Bhattacharya J
6035 - 6048 Experimental research on titanium dioxide nanofluid in vacuum flash evaporation
Zheng QY, Zhang XL, Zhou XC
6049 - 6057 On the volume power density of radial thermoelectric generators
Han M, Wee D
6058 - 6067 Theoretical research on p-type doping two-dimensional GaN based on first-principles study
Tian J, Liu L, Lu FF
6068 - 6077 Thermodynamic analysis of high energy density conversion type cathode materials for Na- and K-ion batteries
Lee Y, Kim SO, Kim HS, Yu S
6078 - 6087 Identification of new critical points for logistics model in cumulative methane yield curves after co-digestion of apple pulp and chicken manure with sulphuric acid pretreatment and a new modelling study
Senol H
6088 - 6088 Identification of spatial temperature gradient in large format lithium battery using a multilayer thermal model (vol 44, pg 282, 2020)
Li DD, Yang L