International Journal of Energy Research

International Journal of Energy Research, Vol.44, No.6 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0363-907X (Print) 

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4067 - 4109 Energy management system for smart grid: An overview and key issues
Rathor SK, Saxena D
4110 - 4131 Hydrogen from solar energy, a clean energy carrier from a sustainable source of energy
Hosseini SE, Wahid MA
4132 - 4162 Limitations, challenges, and solution approaches in grid-connected renewable energy systems
Basit MA, Dilshad S, Badar R, Rehman SMSU
4163 - 4195 Review on solar thermal energy storage technologies and their geometrical configurations
Suresh C, Saini RP
4196 - 4210 Comparative study on the multistage solar still performance utilizing PCM in variable thicknesses
Ghadamgahi M, Ahmadi-Danesh-Ashtiani H, Delfani S
4211 - 4223 Wet-chemistry synthesis of Li4Ti5O12 as anode materials rendering high-rate Li-ion storage
Wang R, Cao XY, Zhao DX, Zhu LM, Xie LL, Liu JP, Liu Y
4224 - 4234 The optimization of electrolyte flow management to increase the performance of Zn-air fuel cells
Yang CJ, Chen PT, Huang KD
4235 - 4248 Novel cement slurry containing micro-encapsulated phase change materials: Characterization, application and mechanism analysis
Huo JH, Peng ZG, Yang SS
4249 - 4259 Controllable constructing alloy dendrites with fractal structure as free-standing electrode for enhanced oxygen evolution
Zhang XL, Liu RL
4260 - 4268 Improved potassium ion storage performance of graphite by atomic layer deposition of aluminum oxide coatings
Chen JF, He XD, Li DJ, Feng JM
4269 - 4278 Indirect thermosiphon flat-plate solar collector performance based on twisted tube design heat exchanger filled with nanofluid
Eltaweel M, Abdel-Rehim AA, Hussien H
4279 - 4297 How mushy zone evolves and affects the thermal behaviours in latent heat storage and recovery: A numerical study
Yang B, Bai FW, Wang Y, Wang ZF
4298 - 4308 Preparation and performances of palmitic acid/diatomite form-stable composite phase change materials
Jia WB, Wang CM, Wang TJ, Cai ZY, Chen K
4309 - 4320 Design of high-performance flexible symmetric supercapacitors energized by redox-mediated hydrogels including metal-doped acidic polyelectrolyte
Cevik E, Bozkurt A
4321 - 4334 Multi-parameter structure design of parallel mini-channel cold plate for battery thermal management
Chen K, Chen YM, Song MX, Wang SF
4335 - 4351 Preparation of activated biomass carbon from pine sawdust for supercapacitor and CO2 capture
Quan C, Su RR, Gao NB
4352 - 4365 Temperature control strategy for polymer electrolyte fuel cells
Qi YX, Li XF, Li SA, Li TS, Espinoza-Andaluz M, Tunestal P, Andersson M
4366 - 4375 Effect of storage tanks on solar-powered absorption chiller cooling system performance
Toprak K, Ouedraogo KE
4376 - 4394 Improving a battery charger architecture for electric vehicles with photovoltaic system
Yilmaz U, Turksoy O, Teke A
4395 - 4410 Splitting the dynamic exergy destruction within a building energy system into endogenous and exogenous parts using measured data from the building automation system
Sayadi S, Tsatsaronis G, Morosuk T
4411 - 4425 Thermal performance of finned aluminum heat sink filled with ERG aluminum foam: Experimental and numerical approach
Bayomy AM, Saghir Z
4426 - 4437 Carbon nanocomposites self-assembly UiO-66-doped chitosan proton exchange membrane with enhanced proton conductivity
Cui FY, Wang WY, Liu CN, Chen XY, Li N
4438 - 4448 Water transport in the gas diffusion layer of proton exchange membrane fuel cell under vibration conditions
Jiao DK, Jiao K, Niu ZQ, Zhong SH, Du Q
4449 - 4463 From basil seed to flexible supercapacitors: Green synthesis of heteroatom-enriched porous carbon by self-gelation strategy
Yang HW, Zhou J, Wang MQ, Wu SJ, Yang W, Wang H
4464 - 4474 Multifunctional phase change microcapsules based on graphene oxide Pickering emulsion for photothermal energy conversion and superhydrophobicity
Zhao QH, Yang WB, Li YS, He ZY, Li YJ, Zhou YL, Wang RC, Fan JH, Zhang K
4475 - 4492 Machine learning-based optimization for hydrogen purification performance of layered bed pressure swing adsorption
Xiao JS, Li CL, Fang L, Bower P, Wark M, Benard P, Chahine R
4493 - 4504 Analysing consequence of solar irradiance on amorphous silicon solar cell in variable underwater environments
Enaganti PK, Dwivedi PK, Srivastava AK, Goel S
4505 - 4515 Ag-doped PbS thin films by nebulizer spray pyrolysis for solar cells
Rosario SR, Kulandaisamy I, Kumar KDA, Ramesh K, Ibrahium HA, Awwad NS
4516 - 4528 Equivalent circuit representation of a vortex-induced vibration-based energy harvester using a semi-empirical lumped parameter approach
Wang JL, Tang LH, Zhao LY, Hu GB, Song RJ, Xu K
4529 - 4542 Degradation analysis of a heavy-duty gas turbine engine under full and part load conditions
Najjar YSH, Alalul OFA, Abu-Shamleh A
4543 - 4555 Discharge performance of Zn-air fuel cells under the influence of Carbopol 940 thickener
Sangeetha T, Yang CJ, Chen PT, Yan WM, Huang KD
4556 - 4567 Synthesis and characterisation of amorphous MnO2/CNT via solid-state microwave for high-performance supercapacitors
Tan XQ, Liu SX, Guo QP, Zhang J, Liang SJ, He MY, Luo JJ
4568 - 4585 One-pot solvent-free transformation of natural triglycerides to ester and amide derivatives over CaO@KC nanostructured catalysts
Kumar D, Park CH, Kim CS
4586 - 4594 Na3V2(PO4)(3)@NC composite derived from polyaniline as cathode material for high-rate and ultralong-life sodium-ion batteries
Zhu LM, Sun QH, Xie LL, Cao XY
4595 - 4604 Simulation and experiment of a PV-MCHP-TE system and ambient parameters impacts
Li GQ, Zhou K, Liu HW
4605 - 4615 Carbon nanofiber activated by molybdenum disulfide as an effective binder-free composite anode for highly reversible lithium storage
Wu MM, Liu C, Sun R, Yu TJ, Li YH, Yang G
4616 - 4628 Enhance photocatalytic hydrogen evolution by using alkaline pretreated corn stover as a sacrificial agent
Zhou YL, Ye XY, Lin DY
4629 - 4640 Parameters extraction of PEMFC's model using manta rays foraging optimizer
Selem SI, Hasanien HM, El-Fergany AA
4641 - 4651 Durable ultra-low-platinum ionomer-free anode catalyst for hydrogen proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Ostroverkh A, Dubau M, K?s P, Haviar S, V?clavu M, Sm?d B, Fiala R, Yakovlev Y, Ostroverkh Y, Joh?nek V
4652 - 4663 Sucrose-nitrate auto combustion synthesis of Ce(0.85)Ln(0.10)Sr(0.05)O(2-delta) (Ln = La and Gd) electrolytes for solid oxide fuel cells
Vijaykumar V, Nirala G, Yadav D, Kumar U, Upadhyay S
4664 - 4676 Experimental study on thermal performance of a pumped two-phase battery thermal management system
Zhu Y, Fang YD, Su L, Fei Y
4677 - 4686 Alkali-doped hyperbranched cross-linked polybenzimidazoles containing benzyltrimethyl ammoniums with improved ionic conductivity as alkaline direct methanol fuel cell membranes
Gao CM, Hu MH, Fang ML, Chen JL, Wang L
4687 - 4702 What are the resource benefits of circulating fluidized bed power generation technology? Take some key thermal power units in China as an example
Huang YS, Shi MS, Zhu C
4703 - 4716 A new power/cooling cogeneration system using R1234ze(E)/ionic liquid working fluid
Song C, Liu XY, Ye Z, He MG
4717 - 4726 Surface homogenizing heterostructure coatings induced by Ti3C2Tx MXene for enhanced cycle performance of lithium-rich cathode materials
Liu YY, Li JL, Yu Y, Huo XG, Zhong JJ, Yang Z, Li RR
4727 - 4742 Performance of a liquid cooling-based battery thermal management system with a composite phase change material
Zhao YQ, Li Q, Zou BY, Zhang TT, Jin L, Qiao G, Nie BJ, Huang Y, Ding YL
4743 - 4758 Thermal performance of sensible and latent heat thermal energy storage systems
Suresh C, Saini RP
4759 - 4772 Combined heat and power generation via hybrid data center cooling-polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell system
Kanbur BB, Wu CL, Duan F
4773 - 4783 H-2-induced thermal treatment significantly influences the development of a high performance low-platinum core-shell PtNi/C alloyed oxygen reduction catalyst
Zhao Q, Wang C, Wang HF, Wang JL, Tang YP, Mao ZQ, Sasaki K
4784 - 4799 Rapid degradation characteristics of an air-cooled PEMFC stack
Luo LZ, Huang B, Cheng ZY, Jian QF
4800 - 4811 Role of tree-shaped fins in charging performance of a latent heat storage unit
Wu SC, Huang YP, Zhang CB, Chen YP
4812 - 4826 Equalization of series connected lithium-ion batteries based on back propagation neural network and fuzzy logic control
Wang B, Qin FF, Zhao XB, Ni XP, Xuan DJ
4827 - 4836 Electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution properties of anionic NiS2-Ni(OH)(2) nanosheets produced on the surface of nickel foam
Sun MJ, Wang Z, Gao BX, Wang SJ, Wang C, Song XC, Lin DY
4837 - 4850 Design and analysis of a CPV/T solar receiver with volumetric absorption combined spectral splitter
Han XY, Sun Y, Huang J, Zheng J
4851 - 4860 High-performance N, P-CNL nanocomposites as catalyst for oxygen reduction reaction in fuel cell
Han XP, Huang Y, Gao XG, Zhao M, Gao Q
4861 - 4874 Synthesis of Ti(C, O, N) from ilmenite at low temperature by a novel reducing and carbonitriding approach
Fan GQ, Dang J, Zhang R, Lv ZP
4875 - 4887 One-pot synthesis of high N-doped porous carbons derived from a N-rich oil palm biomass residue in low temperature for CO2 capture
Yang ZX, Guo XF, Zhang GJ, Xu Y
4888 - 4909 Energy station and distribution network collaborative planning of integrated energy system based on operation optimization and demand response
Liu XO
4910 - 4918 A novel flower-like metal-based oxides with cross-linked networks for rapid lithium-ion storage
Huang Y, Wang MY, Zhu YD, Feng XS, Ding L, Guang ZX, Li Y, Zhang HM, Zhang N
4919 - 4932 Redox reactivity of titania-doped YSZ-promoted iron-based oxygen carrier over multiple redox cycles for chemical looping reforming of methane and hydrogen production
Lee JK, Lee HI, Cho HS, Kim CH, Cho WC
4933 - 4943 Improve redox activity and cycling stability of the lithium-sulfur batteries via in situ formation of a sponge-like separator modification layer
Li SW, Pang SL, Wu X, Qian XY, Yao SS, Jing MX, Li TB, Chen CL, Shen XQ
4944 - 4960 Enhancement of thermal interface material properties using carbon nanotubes through simple electrophoretic deposition method
Bahru R, Mohamed MA
4961 - 4968 N-Doped graphene embellished with Co9S8 enable advanced sulfur cathode for high-performance lithium-sulfur batteries
Chen L, Wang JP, Ren YY, Zeng WJ
4969 - 4976 Effect of crystalline phases of aluminum hydroxide catalysts on Al-water reaction
Gai WZ, Zhang XH, Yang Y, Deng ZY
4977 - 4985 Jaya algorithm-based energy management system for battery- and ultracapacitor-powered ultralight electric vehicle
Demircali A, Koroglu S
4986 - 4996 TiNb2O7 microsphere anchored by polydopamine-modified graphene oxide as a superior anode material in lithium-ion batteries
Kim H, Lee Y, Byun D, Choi W
4997 - 5007 Exploring the novel structure, transportable capacity and thermodynamic properties of TiH2 hydrogen storage material
Pan Y, Chen S
5008 - 5016 Controlling mechanism of coal chemical structure on biological gas production characteristics
Gao ZX, Guo HY, Liu XL, Wang Q, Lv JH, Liu S, Yu HF, Yin XJ
5017 - 5025 Channel formation and visualization of melting and crystallization behaviors in direct-contact latent heat storage systems
Kunkel S, Schutz P, Wunder F, Krimmel S, Worlitschek J, Repke JU, Radle M
5026 - 5034 Influence of TiO2/TiC composite materials with different crystal structures on the electrochemical properties as sulfur-loaded matrix for lithium-sulfur batteries
Cai KD, Zhao YL, Lang XS, Li L, Zhang QG