International Journal of Energy Research

International Journal of Energy Research, Vol.44, No.5 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0363-907X (Print) 

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3270 - 3294 Alkane isomerization over sulfated zirconia solid acid system
Wang PZ, Yue YY, Wang TH, Bao XJ
3295 - 3315 The multiscale thermal-hydraulic simulation for nuclear reactors: A classification of the coupling approaches and a review of the coupled codes
Zhang KL
3316 - 3346 Polyoxometalates: Tailoring metal oxides in molecular dimension toward energy applications
Zhang L, Chen ZQ
3347 - 3364 Distributed generation hybrid AC/DC microgrid protection: A critical review on issues, strategies, and future directions
Sarangi S, Sahu BK, Rout PK
3365 - 3394 A review on the performance of photovoltaic/thermoelectric hybrid generators
Sahin AZ, Ismaila KG, Yilbas BS, Al-Sharafi A
3395 - 3411 Thermoeconomic analysis on a molten salt parabolic trough-based concentrated solar organic Rankine cycle system
Li JF, Guo H, Meng QP, Wu YT, Ye F, Ma CF
3412 - 3425 Performance evaluation and optimization of a novel plug-in power-reflux hybrid electric vehicle powertrain
Sun GL, Sun DY, Liu JL, Ma K
3426 - 3445 Thermal performance of a solar-assisted heat pump drying system with thermal energy storage tank and heat recovery unit
Ismaeel HH, Yumrutas R
3446 - 3457 Holey graphene/MnO2 nanosheets with open ion channels for high-performance solid-state asymmetric supercapacitors
Li X, Gao AM, Shu D, Yang KM, Zhou XP, Zhu ZH, Yi FY, Zeng RH
3458 - 3477 A novel renewable energy-based integrated system with thermoelectric generators for a net-zero energy house
Islam S, Dincer I, Yilbas BS
3478 - 3496 Combination of double and single cyclic pressure alternation technique to increase CO2 sequestration with heat mining in enhanced geothermal reservoirs by thermo-hydro-mechanical coupling method
Sun ZX, Bongole K, Yao J, Wang YY, Mboje J, Seushi K, Jiang CY, Wang T
3497 - 3509 Effect of interface morphology on the residual stress distribution in solid oxide fuel cell
Li QQ, Li GJ, Cao GL, Zhang XW, Cheng MC, Ma YF
3510 - 3525 A normal-gamma-based adaptive dual unscented Kalman filter for battery parameters and state-of-charge estimation with heavy-tailed measurement noise
Hou J, Yang Y, Gao T
3526 - 3546 Comparative assessment of different air-conditioning systems for nearly/net zero-energy buildings
Singh G, Das R
3547 - 3557 Atomistic simulations of anisotropic mechanical behavior in non-stoichiometric gadolinia-doped ceria solid electrolytes
Guan TY, Yang ZQ, Sun Y, Jing YH, Guo WF
3558 - 3573 A novel interval-based approach for quantifying practical parameter identifiability of a lithium-ion battery model
Zhou W, Huang RJ, Liu K, Zhang WG
3574 - 3586 Movable injection point-based syngas production in the context of underground coal gasification
Kashyap S, Vairakannu P
3587 - 3606 Gasification of wastes: The impact of the feedstock type and co-gasification on the formation of volatiles and char
Esmaeili V, Ajalli J, Faramarzi A, Abdi M, Gholizadeh M
3607 - 3625 Thermal safety study of Li-ion batteries under limited overcharge abuse based on coupled electrochemical-thermal model
Zeng GH, Bai ZH, Huang PF, Wang QS
3626 - 3639 Preparation and characterization of urea/ammonia bromide composite phase change material
Liu B, Zhang XL, Ji J, Hua WS, Mao F
3640 - 3656 Simplification strategy research on hard-cased Li-ion battery for thermal modeling
Cui XF, Zeng J, Zhang HL, Yang JH, Qiao J, Li J, Li WX
3657 - 3673 Operational reliability and economy evaluation of reusing retired batteries in composite power systems
Chen XL, Tang JJ, Li WY, Xie L
3674 - 3686 Adjustable insulation for enhancing the performance of phase change materials in buildings
Gong JK, Zheng ML, Yu ZT, Liu XL
3687 - 3696 Solar vapor generation optimization of a carbon-black/wood-flour system with strength enhanced by polystyrene
Huang QQ, Huang CL, Liu S, Wang FC, Guo CW
3697 - 3710 Numerical investigation of ejector transient characteristics for a 130-kW PEMFC system
Liu ZR, Liu Z, Jiao K, Yang ZR, Zhou X, Du Q
3711 - 3723 Design, modeling, and optimization of a dual reflector parabolic trough concentration system
Maatallah T, Ammar R
3724 - 3736 Simulation studies on photovoltaic response of ultrathin CuSb(S/Se)(2) ternary compound semiconductors absorber-based single junction solar cells
Gupta GK, Dixit A
3737 - 3748 Cd(Zn, S)Se quaternary thin films for electrochemical photovoltaic cell application
Chavan GT, Prakshale VM, Kamble SS, Pawar ST, Sikora A, Cho EC, Yi JS, Deshmukh LP
3749 - 3761 Application of the meta-heuristics for optimizing exergy of a HT-PEMFC
Lin D, Han YH, Khodaei H
3762 - 3777 Bluff body with built-in piezoelectric cantilever for flow-induced energy harvesting
Zhang M, Hu GB, Wang JL
3778 - 3789 Active equalization control strategy of Li-ion battery based on state of charge estimation of an electrochemical-thermal coupling model
Lin YZ, Xu X, Wang F, Xu QL
3790 - 3800 Bauxite waste with low Fe2O3 and high Na concentration as a promising oxygen carrier in chemical looping combustion
Liu F, Yang L, Wu X, Zhang X, Liu Y
3801 - 3820 Modeling and comparative analysis of a lithium-ion hybrid capacitor under different temperature conditions
Li XY, Huang ZJ, Tian Y, Tian JD
3821 - 3838 Techno-economic analysis of a novel hybrid heat pump system to recover waste heat and condensate from the low-temperature boiler exhaust gas
Jamil SR, Wang LM, Che DF
3839 - 3853 Investigations on physicochemical properties and electrochemical performance of graphite felt and carbon felt for iron-chromium redox flow battery
Zhang H, Chen N, Sun CY, Luo XD
3854 - 3864 Microencapsulation of a eutectic PCM using in situ polymerization technique for thermal energy storage
Srinivasaraonaik B, Singh LP, Tyagi I, Rawat A, Sinha S
3865 - 3882 Kinetic and thermodynamic analysis of iron oxide reduction by graphite for CO2 mitigation in chemical-looping combustion
Ubando AT, Chen WH, Show PL, Ong HC
3883 - 3892 Nickel cobalt oxide nanowires-modified hollow carbon tubular bundles for high-performance sodium-ion hybrid capacitors
Zhao J, Zhou CL, Li YJ, Cheng K, Zhu K, Ye K, Yan J, Cao DX, Xie Y, Wang GL
3893 - 3904 Performance optimization of microfluidic paper fuel-cell with varying cellulose fiber papers as absorbent pad
Rao LT, Rewatkar P, Dubey SK, Javed A, Goel S
3905 - 3921 Radionuclide transport in a long-term operation supercritical CO2-cooled direct-cycle small nuclear reactor
Son S, Kwon J, Oh BS, Cho SK, Lee JI
3922 - 3933 Designing behenic acid microcapsules as novel phase change material for thermal energy storage applications at medium temperature
Sahan N, Paksoy H
3934 - 3953 Adjoint-based sensitivity analysis of circulating liquid fuel system for the multiphysics model of molten salt reactor
Jeong YS, Cervi E, Cammi A, Ninokata H, Bang IC
3954 - 3975 Challenges in data-based degradation models for lithium-ion batteries
Galatro D, Silva CD, Romero DA, Trescases O, Amon CH
3976 - 3989 Thermal energy storage properties of polyethylene glycol grafted styrenic copolymer as novel solid-solid phase change materials
Sari A, Bicer A, Alkan C
3990 - 4007 Transformative multivalue business models: A bottom-up perspective on the hydrogen-based green transition for modern wind power cooperatives
Rasmussen NB, Enevoldsen P, Xydis G
4008 - 4014 Development of nickel-based cable batteries with carbon nanotube and polytetrafluoroethylene enhanced flexible electrodes
Meng XY, Wang ZQ, Di Benedetto G, Zunino JL, Mitra S
4015 - 4025 Comparative analysis of direct-absorption parabolic-trough solar collectors considering concentric nanofluid segmentation
Qin CY, Kim JB, Lee J, Lee BJ
4026 - 4037 Sulfur-doped shaddock peel-derived hard carbons for enhanced surface capacity and kinetics of lithium-ion storage
Li RZ, Huang JF, Li JY, Cao LY, Li XY, Lu GX, Yu AM
4038 - 4047 Multi-walled carbon nanotubes incorporation into cross-linked novel alkaline ion-exchange membrane for high efficiency all-solid-state supercapacitors
Guo XJ, Wang M, Li J, Wei YN, Lian K, Qiao JL
4048 - 4062 Integrated bidding strategy of distributed energy resources based on novel prediction and market model
Lin XY, Chen C, Gauzily S