International Journal of Energy Research

International Journal of Energy Research, Vol.44, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0363-907X (Print) 

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2379 - 2425 Towards maximising the integration of renewable energy hybrid distributed generations for small signal stability enhancement: A review
Ajeigbe OA, Munda JL, Hamam Y
2426 - 2454 The synthesis and performance analysis of various biomass-based carbon materials for electric double-layer capacitors: A review
Li T, Ma R, Lin JH, Hu YP, Zhang PX, Sun SC, Fang L
2455 - 2470 Advances in reduction of total harmonic distortion in solar photovoltaic systems: A literature review
Alhafadhi L, Teh JS
2471 - 2498 Allotrope carbon materials in thermal interface materials and fuel cell applications: A review
Bahru R, Shaari N, Mohamed MA
2499 - 2516 A review of gas transport and adsorption mechanisms in two-component methane-carbon dioxide system
Guo CH, Li RJ, Sun JW, Wang X, Liu HJ
2517 - 2534 Efficient analysis of parametric sensitivity and uncertainty of fuel cell models with application to SOFC
Radaideh MI, Radaideh MI
2535 - 2548 Active cell balancing of lithium-ion battery pack based on average state of charge
Zhang ZY, Zhang LZ, Hu L, Huang CX
2549 - 2559 Tracking AdBlue properties during tests of selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems - the suitability of various analytical methods for urea content determination
Fojt?kov? P, Kahoun D, Bocek J, Burian M, Kupka R, Schwarz J
2560 - 2579 How to select regenerative configurations of CO2 transcritical Rankine cycle based on the temperature matching analysis
Tian H, Xu ZQ, Liu P, Wang X, Shu GQ
2580 - 2593 Analysis and design of multilayer multiphase interleaved converter for battery pack equalization based on graph theory
Shan ZF, Dai SL, Wei YW, Sun YX
2594 - 2603 Electronic structure, thermomechanical and phonon properties of inverse perovskite oxide (Na3OCl): An ab initio study
Khandy SA, Islam I, Laref A, Gogolin M, Hafiz AK, Siddiqui AM
2604 - 2616 An optimal electrolyte addition strategy for improving performance of a vanadium redox flow battery
Lu MY, Yang WW, Deng YM, Xu Q
2617 - 2633 Novel nanocomposite membranes based on PBI and doped-perovskite nanoparticles as a strategy for improving PEMFC performance at high temperatures
Hooshyari K, Moradi M, Salarizadeh P
2634 - 2651 Holistic methodological framework for assessing the benefits of delivering industrial excess heat to a district heating network
Pettersson K, Axelsson E, Eriksson L, Svensson E, Berntsson T, Harvey S
2652 - 2664 Assessment of low-rank coal and biomass co-pyrolysis system coupled with gasification
Lyu S, Cao TS, Zhang L, Liu J, Li GY, Ren XH
2665 - 2681 Numerical investigation on erosion of hydrogen stratification by steam jet within a local compartment
Tong LL, Deng J, Cao XW
2682 - 2692 Performance of an air-cooled looped thermoacoustic engine capable of recovering low-grade thermal energy
Tan JQ, Luo JQ, Wang Y, Wei JJ, Jin T
2693 - 2703 Maximum efficiency point tracking for an ocean thermal energy harvesting system
Xia QC, Chen YH, Yang CJ, Chen BZ, Muhammad G, Ma XX
2704 - 2725 Performance and economic investigation of a combined phosphoric acid fuel cell/organic Rankine cycle/electrolyzer system for sulfuric acid production; Energy-based organic fluid selection
Sadeghi S, Askari IB
2726 - 2739 A semi-analytical solution for time-varying latent heat thermal energy storage problems
Safdari M, Sadeghzadeh S, Ahmadi R
2740 - 2753 The special route toward conversion of methane to methanol on a fluffy metal-free carbon nitride photocatalyst in the presence of H2O2
Shi SL, Sun ZX, Bao CY, Gao TS, Hu YH
2754 - 2767 The steam reforming of guaiacol for hydrogen via Ni/Al2O3: The influence of dispersion
Wang JM, Sun Y, Wu YJ, Shen XW, Tu R, Jiang EC, Xu XW
2768 - 2782 Preparation and characterization of Pt nanoparticles supported on a Fe-doped hydroxyapatite-activated Vulcan XC72 composite material
Cheng YC, Chen YW, Chang TC, Yen SK
2783 - 2800 Simultaneous improvement of ionic conductivity and oxidative stability of sulfonated poly(ether ether ketone) nanocomposite proton exchange membrane for fuel cell application
Sarirchi S, Rowshanzamir S, Mehri F
2801 - 2818 Aging model development based on multidisciplinary parameters for lithium-ion batteries
Garg A, Shaosen S, Gao L, Peng XB, Baredar P
2819 - 2832 Experimental study on the performance of air source heat pump system with multiple parallel outdoor units
Niu JH, Ma GY, Xu SX
2833 - 2844 Facile electrochemical preparation of nonprecious Co-Cu alloy catalysts for hydrogen production in proton exchange membrane water electrolysis
Kim H, Park H, Oh S, Kim SK
2845 - 2863 Investigations on the hydrolysis step of copper-chlorine thermochemical cycle for hydrogen production
Singh RV, Pai MR, Banerjee AM, Patkare GR, Pai RV, Kumar A, Yadav AK, Phaphale S, Tripathi AK
2864 - 2874 Synthesis of porous flower-like Ni-Co-Mo-S nanostructures on Ni foam for battery-supercapacitor hybrid devices
Zhu JH, Wang Y, Xu Y, Li SQ, Ren JW, Cai WF
2875 - 2888 Engineering MIL-88B crystallites for enhanced H-2 uptake capacity: The role of ultramicropores
Yurdusen A, Yurum A, Yurum Y
2889 - 2908 Towards impedance-based temperature estimation for Li-ion battery packs
Beelen H, Shivakumar KM, Raijmakers L, Donkers MCF, Bergveld HJ
2909 - 2924 Assessing the sustainable abilities of a pilot hybrid solar-pyrolysis energy system using emergy synthesis
Cheng J, Zhang CG, Sun JM, Qiu L
2925 - 2940 Thermodynamic and heat-hydrogen transfer analyses of novel multistage hydrogen-alloy sorption heat pump
Syed SN, Sharma VK, Emadabathuni AK
2941 - 2951 Hydrogen absorption/desorption properties of light metal hydroxide systems
Tanaka F, Nakagawa Y, Isobe S, Hashimoto N
2952 - 2965 An experimental study of single unconventional biomass pellets: Ignition characteristics, combustion processes, and artificial neural network modeling
Bi HB, Lin QZ, Wang CX, Jiang XD, Jiang CL, Bao L
2966 - 2983 Ocean thermal energy utilization process in underwater vehicles: Modelling, temperature boundary analysis, and sea trail
Zhang HW, Liu CY, Yang YN, Wang SX
2984 - 2997 Dynamic behavior and modeling of prismatic lithium-ion battery
Chen XP, Wang T, Zhang Y, Ji HB, Ji YP, Yuan Q, Li L
2998 - 3007 Optimization of electromagnetic and vibration energy harvesters utilizing flexible piezoelectric cantilever beams
Noras MA, Vo MN
3008 - 3019 Seasonal thermal performance analysis of glazed window filled with paraffin including various nanoparticles
Zhang GJ, Wang ZM, Li D, Wu YY, Arici M
3020 - 3032 An experimental investigation of liquid cooling scheduling for a battery module
Chen SQ, Bao NS, Gao L, Peng XB, Garg A
3033 - 3048 Experimental investigations on start-up performance of static nuclear reactor thermal prototype
Tang SM, Wang CL, Liu X, Tian ZX, Su GH, Tian WX, Qiu SZ
3049 - 3065 Research on the mechanism of heat transfer enhancement in microchannel heat sinks with micropin fins
Xie H, Yang B, Zhang SY, Song MR
3066 - 3081 Systematic understanding of f-electron-based semiconducting actinide perovskites Ba2MgMO6 (M = U, Np) from DFT ab initio calculations
Khandy SA, Gupta DC
3082 - 3097 Instantaneous estimation of internal temperature in lithium-ion battery by impedance measurement
Wang LM, Lu D, Song MC, Zhao XL, Li GC
3098 - 3109 MoOx/Ag/MoOx multilayers as hole transport transparent conductive electrodes for n-type crystalline silicon solar cells
Akdemir O, Borra MZ, Nasser H, Turan R, Bek A
3110 - 3121 Freestanding graphitic carbon nitride-based carbon nanotubes hybrid membrane as electrode for lithium/polysulfides batteries
Wu ZZ, Yao SS, Guo RD, Li YY, Zhang CJ, Shen XQ, Li TB, Qin SB
3122 - 3133 Hierarchitecture Co-2(OH)(3)Cl@FeCo2O4 composite as a novel and high-performance electrode material applied in supercapacitor
Wang ZD, Hong P, Peng SJ, Zhang X, Zou T, Yang Y, Zhao RJ, Wang YD
3134 - 3147 Experimental investigation on the essential cause of the degrading performances for an overcharging ternary battery
Zhang JY, Li XX, Zhang GQ, Guo JW, Huang QQ, Wang CH, Zhou DQ, Wei DY
3148 - 3159 Carbon nanoflake hybrid for biohydrogen CO2 capture: Breakthrough adsorption test
Anuar SA, Isahak WNRW, Masdar MS
3160 - 3170 Facile fabrication of low-cost low-temperature carbon-based counter electrode with an outstanding fill factor of 73% for dye-sensitized solar cells
Altinkaya C, Atli A, Atilgan A, Salimi K, Yildiz A
3171 - 3182 Form-stable Na2SO4 center dot 10H(2)O-Na2HPO4 center dot 12H(2)O eutectic/hydrophilic fumed silica composite phase change material with low supercooling and low thermal conductivity for indoor thermal comfort improvement
Fang YT, Su JM, Tang YF, Liang XH, Wang SF, Gao XN, Zhang ZG
3183 - 3191 Fuzzy-based nuclear analysis segregation model for distinguishing the properties of repository liquids and gas in gas storage
Deng R, Meng QW
3192 - 3202 Conjugated NiO-ZnO/GO nanocomposite powder for applications in supercapacitor electrodes material
Obodo RM, Nwanya AC, Arshad M, Iroegbu C, Ahmad I, Osuji RU, Maaza M, Ezema FI
3203 - 3214 Construction of symmetric supercapacitors using anhydrous electrolytes containing heterocyclic oligomeric structures
Cevik E, Gunday ST, Anil I, Alagha O, Bozkurt A
3215 - 3223 Facile preparation of NaV3O8/polytriphenylamine composites as cathode materials towards high-performance sodium storage
Zhu LM, Ding GC, Xie LL, Yang Q, Yang XL, Cao XY
3224 - 3230 Facile synthesis of MoS2 QDs/TiO2 nanosheets via a self-assembly strategy for enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen production
Zhuang HQ, Chen WJ, Xu WT, Liu XB
3231 - 3240 Multi-functional TiO2 nanosheets/carbon nanotubes modified separator enhanced cycling performance for lithium-sulfur batteries
Chen P, Wang ZX, Zhang BY, Zhao JX, Liu H, Guo X, Liu WQ, Su ZM
3241 - 3252 Power generation potential of liquified natural gas regasification terminals
Cengel YA
3253 - 3259 Li-doping stabilized P2-Li0.2Na1.0Mn0.8O2 sodium ion cathode with oxygen redox activity
Zhu YH, Nie WY, Chen PP, Zhou YF, Xu Y
3260 - 3265 Electricity generation using membrane-less microbial fuel cell powered by sludge supplemented with lignocellulosic waste
Makhtar MMZ, Tajarudin HA