International Journal of Energy Research

International Journal of Energy Research, Vol.44, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0363-907X (Print) 

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1307 - 1336 Smart grid lab research in Europe and beyond
Jansen LL, Andreadou N, Papaioannou I, Marinopoulos A
1337 - 1369 Review of supercritical CO2 power cycles integrated with CSP
Yin JM, Zheng QY, Peng ZR, Zhang XR
1370 - 1407 Recapitulation on latent heat hybrid buildings
Anand A, Shukla A, Sharma A
1408 - 1463 Review of carbon dioxide (CO2) based heating and cooling technologies: Past, present, and future outlook
Dilshad S, Kalair AR, Khan N
1464 - 1487 Role of graphene and transition metal dichalcogenides as hole transport layer and counter electrode in solar cells
Iqbal MZ, Nabi JU, Siddique S, Awan HTA, Haider SS, Sulman M
1488 - 1505 Energy and economic evaluation and multicriteria optimization of different arrangements of integrated photovoltaic thermal and heat recovery wheel system
Shahsavar A, Khanmohammadi S
1506 - 1518 Performance investigation in modified and improved augmented power generation Kalina cycle using Python
Maheswari GU, Ganesh NS
1519 - 1534 Enhancement of biogas/air combustion by hydrogen addition at elevated temperatures
Nurmukan D, Chen TJM, Hung YM, Ismadi MZ, Chong CT, Tran MV
1535 - 1545 Thermal safety studies of high energy density lithium-ion batteries under different states of charge
Liu SQ, Xu DP, Ma TY, Wei Z, Lin CJ, Bai GL, Gao XL, Shen JJ, Huang WL, Wang F, Shan ZQ
1546 - 1566 Experimental performance comparison and trade-off among air-based precooling methods for postharvest apples by comprehensive multiscale thermodynamic analyses
Wang GB, Zhang XR
1567 - 1579 Microencapsulation of phase change material in water dispersible polymeric particles for thermoregulating rubber composites-A holistic approach
Khan A, Saikia P, Saxena R, Rakshit D, Saha S
1580 - 1593 Estimation of electrochemical charge storage capability of ZnO/CuO/reduced graphene oxide nanocomposites
Asgar H, Deen KM, Haider W
1594 - 1606 Optimal roof structure with multilayer cooling function materials for building energy saving
Zhang YX, Huang JC, Fang XM, Ling ZY, Zhang ZG
1607 - 1623 Application of a novel PUB enhanced semi-interpenetrating chitosan-based anion exchange membrane
Zhou TC, Cai L, Qiao JL
1624 - 1635 A two-dimensional material for high capacity supercapacitors: S-doped graphene
Arvas MB, Gencten M, Sahin Y
1636 - 1653 A novel integrated hydrogen and natural gas liquefaction process using two multistage mixed refrigerant refrigeration systems
Melupooya M, Sadaghiani MS, Hedayat N
1654 - 1672 Insight into various properties of rare-earth-based inverse perovskites Gd3AlX (X = B, N)
Nabi M, Gupta DC
1673 - 1684 Improving the performance of sulfonated polymer membrane by using sulfonic acid functionalized hetero-metallic metal-organic framework for DMFC applications
Neelakandan S, Ramachandran R, Fang ML, Wang L
1685 - 1697 A novel vacuum wastewater treatment plant integrated with a solar absorption system
Saleh A, Al-Nimr MA
1698 - 1708 Microwave-mediated noncatalytic synthesis of ethyl levulinate: A green process for fuel additive production
Nguyen HC, Ong HC, Pham TTT, Dinh TKK, Su CH
1709 - 1723 Techno-economic assessment on the implementation of biomass gasifier in conventional parboiling rice mills
Wincy WB, Edwin M
1724 - 1734 Remaining useful life prediction of lithium-ion battery based on extended Kalman particle filter
Duan B, Zhang Q, Geng F, Zhang CH
1735 - 1750 Technological and economic analyses on power generation from the waste heat in a modified aluminum smeltingpot
Pan Q, Zhao RJ, Jiang QF, Gosselin L
1751 - 1760 Comparison of quantum and collection efficiency of field-assisted uniform-doping and exponential-doping GaN nanowire cathodes
Lu FF, Liu L, Tian J
1761 - 1774 Noble-free oxygen reduction reaction catalyst supported on Sengon wood (Paraserianthes falcataria L.) derived reduced graphene oxide for fuel cell application
Sudarsono W, Wong WY, Loh KS, Majlan EH, Syarif N, Kok KY, Yunus RM, Lim KL
1775 - 1788 Effect of charge rate on capacity degradation of LiFePO4 power battery at low temperature
Wu XG, Wang WB, Du JY
1789 - 1797 NiFeCo oxide as an efficient and sustainable catalyst for the oxygen evolution reaction
Inamdar AI, Chavan HS, Pawar SM, Kim H, Im H
1798 - 1811 Fabrication of FeO@CuCo2S4 multifunctional electrode for ultrahigh-capacity supercapacitors and efficient oxygen evolution reaction
Ahmed AA, Pawar SM, Inamdar AI, Im H, Kim H
1812 - 1827 Performance optimization of a photovoltaic/thermal collector using microencapsulated phase change slurry
Jia YT, Zhu CQ, Fang GY
1828 - 1842 Optimizing the preparation of Ni-Ce-Pr catalysts for efficient hydrogen production by n-dodecane steam reforming
Xiao ZR, Zhang XW, Wang L, Li GZ
1843 - 1857 Optimization of biohydrogen production using acid pretreated corn stover hydrolysate followed by nickel nanoparticle addition
Sun Y, Wang YS, Yang G, Sun Z
1858 - 1874 Energy performance and numerical optimization of a screw expander-based solar thermal electricity system in a wide range of fluctuating operating conditions
Iodice P, Langella G, Amoresano A
1875 - 1885 The synthesis of a Zirfon-type porous separator with reduced gas crossover for alkaline electrolyzer
Lee HI, Dung DT, Kim J, Pak JH, Kim SK, Cho HS, Cho WC, Kim CH
1886 - 1898 Numerical investigation on ignition intensification of n-butane with tert-butyl hydroperoxide (TBHP) addition
Zhou GZ, Jiang LQ, Zhao DQ, Wang XH
1899 - 1908 Amine functionalized homoleptic ruthenium(II) sensitizer for dye-sensitized solar cells: A combined effect of ancillary ligands and co-sensitization
Athanas AB, Subramaniam K, Thangaraj S, Kalaiyar S
1909 - 1919 Enhanced thermal conductivity of copper-doped polyethylene glycol/urchin-like porous titanium dioxide phase change materials for thermal energy storage
Hou JY, Wang YY, Liu JC, Zhao JG, Long SF, Hao JJ
1920 - 1929 High-temperature conductive binder for an integrated electrode bipolar plate and its application in vanadium redox flow battery
You DJ, Lou JY, Kang LT
1930 - 1950 High-performance activated carbons for electrochemical double layer capacitors: Effects of morphology and porous structures
Sun W, Zhang YL, Yang ZX, Yang FQ
1951 - 1970 Rose pattern for heliostat field optimization with a dynamic speciation-based mutation differential evolution
Deng LB, Wu YR, Guo S, Zhang LL, Sun HL
1971 - 1985 Novel investigation strategy for mini-channel liquid-cooled battery thermal management system
Wang JG, Lu S, Wang YZ, Ni YL, Zhang SD
1986 - 1998 Synthesised spirobichroman-based polyimide functionalized by pyridine: Effects of substituent position on gas separation and thermal properties
Wang SL, Jin SZ, Wang CB, Li L, Zhao XG, Chen CH
1999 - 2010 Development of perfluorosulfonic acid polymer-based hybrid composite membrane with alkoxysilane functionalized polymer for vanadium redox flow battery
Sadhasivam T, Dhanabalan K, Thong PT, Kim JY, Roh SH, Jung HY
2011 - 2022 Development of the inorganic composite phase change materials for passive thermal management of Li-ion batteries: material characterization
Galazutdinova Y, Al-Hallaj S, Grageda M, Ushak S
2023 - 2036 Optimization study on a solar-assisted air source heat pump system with energy storage based on the economics methodKeywords
Wei B, Wang YZ, Liu ZJ, Liu BX
2037 - 2060 An improved electrothermal-coupled model for the temperature estimation of an air-cooled battery pack
Xie Y, Zheng JT, Li W, Lee KN, Zhang YJ, Liu JY, Dan D, Wu CX, Wang PZ
2061 - 2071 Preparation of ammonium aluminum sulfate dodecahydrate/stearic acid composite material and its phase-change heat-transfer characteristics
Zhu CH, Li BG, Yang HF, Luo QQ
2072 - 2083 Solar energy harvesting and a water droplet cleaning of micropost arrays surfaces
Yilbas BS, Al-Sharafi A, Sahin AZ
2084 - 2099 A novel flame energy grading conversion system: Preliminary experiment and thermodynamic parametric analysis
Shan SQ, Zhou ZJ, Wang ZH, Cen KF
2100 - 2109 Carbon paper decorated with tin dioxide particle via in situ electrodeposition as bifunctional electrode for vanadium redox flow battery
He XK, He ZX, Zou QT, Wu LY
2110 - 2125 Role of metal foam in solidification performance for a latent heat storage unit
Yu C, Huang YP, Zhang CB
2126 - 2136 A microporous carbon derived from metal-organic frameworks for long-life lithium sulfur batteries
Li GC, Jiang XL, Liu C, Song MC, Yang SL, Lian JB, Lee JY
2137 - 2149 Exploration of electronic structure, mechanical stability, magnetism, and thermophysical properties of L2(1) structured Co2XSb (X = Sc and Ti) ferromagnets
Sofi SA, Gupta DC
2150 - 2163 Preparation of floatable TiO2/poly(vinyl alcohol)-alginate composite for the photodegradation of ammonia wastewater
Zendehzaban M, Ashjari M, Sharifnia S
2164 - 2172 Cobalt-based coordination polymer as high activity electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reaction: Catalysis by novel active site CoO4N2
Chen X, Ge F, Lai NJ
2173 - 2182 Experimental analysis of defrosting and heating performance of a solar-assisted heat pump integrated phase change energy storage
Chen HF, Li GQ, Wang YJ, Zhang FW, Badiei A, Lu T, Yang J, Jiang LL, Zhang Y
2183 - 2195 A cycling study for reliability, chemical stability and thermal durability of polyethylene glycols of molecular weight 2000 and 10000 as organic latent heat thermal energy storage materials
Ansu AK, Sharma RK, Tyagi VV, Sari A, Ganesan P, Tripathi D
2196 - 2207 Boosting the energy storage performance of cobalt molybdate microspheres constructed from urotropin-induced ultrathin nanosheets
Xu XY, Wei T, Zhang XJ, Xing XT, Liang LA, Wang HF, Zhao Y
2208 - 2225 Exergetic and performance analyses of two-layered packed bed latent heat thermal energy storage system
Saha SK, Das RB
2226 - 2242 Synthesis of "walnut-like" BiOCl/Br solid solution photocatalyst by electrostatic self-assembly method
Gao YH, Yang W, Shan XY, Chen Y
2243 - 2251 A membraneless microfluidic fuel cell with continuous multistream flow through cotton threads
Wu R, Ye DD, Chen R, Zhang B, Zhu X, Guo H, Liu ZL
2252 - 2263 Performance investigation of a new renewable energy-based carbon dioxide capturing system with aqueous ammonia
Siddiqui O, Ishaq H, Chehade G, Dincer I
2264 - 2277 Farm-scale bio-power-to-methane: Comparative analyses of economic and environmental feasibility
Bekkering J, Zwart K, Martinus G, Langerak J, Tideman J, van der Meij T, Alberts K, van Steenis M, Nap JP
2278 - 2288 Equation Chapter 1 Section 1Sensitivity and safety boundary analysis of opposed multi-burner coal water slurry gasification system
Zhang SH, Dai ZH, Xu JL, Liu HF, Wang FC
2289 - 2297 Jute sticks derived novel graphitic porous carbon nanosheets as Li-ion battery anode material with superior electrochemical properties
Nanaji K, Rao TN, Varadaraju UV, Anandan S
2298 - 2305 An electret-based thermoacoustic-electrostatic power generator
Chen G, Tang LH, Yang ZS, Tao K, Yu ZB
2306 - 2315 Synthesis and characterisation of n-octacosane@silica nanocapsules for thermal storage applications
Sebastia-Saez D, Reina TR, Silva R, Arellano-Garcia H
2316 - 2331 Predictive energy management for a wind turbine with hybrid energy storage system
Gonzalez-Rivera E, Sarrias-Mena R, Garcia-Trivino P, Fernandez-Ramirez LM
2332 - 2336 High cross-plane thermoelectric performance of carbon nanotube sponge films
Wu DX, Huang CL
2337 - 2344 A fast classification method of retired electric vehicle battery modules and their energy storage application in photovoltaic generation
Li XZ, Zhang LZ, Liu Y, Pan AQ, Liao QQ, Yang X
2345 - 2354 CaXH3 (X = Mn, Fe, Co) perovskite-type hydrides for hydrogen storage applications
Surucu G, Gencer A, Candan A, Gullu HH, Isik M
2355 - 2367 Optimal design of autonomous desalination with storage energy system using SSO algorithm
Ghosh S
2368 - 2374 Molybdenum- and vanadium-containing perovskite electrocatalysts for dissociation of H2S
Karaismailoglu M, Guldal NO, Figen HE, Baykara SZ