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International Journal of Energy Research, Vol.44, No.14 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0363-907X (Print) 

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11020 - 11028 Ammonia-based energy solutions and research and development efforts in Canada: A perspective
Karaca AE, Dincer I
11029 - 11043 Design and investigation of a partial admission radial 2.5-kW organic Rankine cycle micro-turbine
Rzadkowski R, Zywica G, Kaczmarczyk TZ, Koprowski A, Dominiczak K, Szczepanik R, Kowalski M
11044 - 11058 Carbon-based nanocomposites in solid-state hydrogen storage technology: An overview
Salehabadi A, Umar MF, Ahmad A, Ahmad MI, Ismail N, Rafatullah M
11059 - 11087 A comprehensive review on inconsistency and equalization technology of lithium-ion battery for electric vehicles
Hua Y, Zhou SD, Cui HG, Liu XH, Zhang C, Xu XW, Ling HP, Yang SC
11088 - 11110 Aerogel based nanogenerators: Production methods, characterizations and applications
Korkmaz S, Kariper IA
11111 - 11134 Electricity generation by splitting of water from hydroelectric cell: An alternative to solar cell and fuel cell
Das R, Shah JT, Sharma S, Sharma PB, Kotnala RK
11135 - 11151 Performance investigation of a novel near-isothermal compressed air energy storage system with stable power output
Zhao P, Lai YQ, Xu WP, Zhang SQ, Wang PZ, Wang JF
11152 - 11170 Quantitative analysis of fuel-saving potential for waste heat recovery system integrated with hybrid electric vehicle
Gao Y, Wang X, Tian H, Cai JW, Shu GQ
11171 - 11184 Electrochemical performance ofMn(3)O(4)nanorodsby N-doped reduced graphene oxide using ultrasonic spray pyrolysis for lithium storage
Kim IG, Ghani F, Lee KY, Park S, Kwak S, Kim HS, Nah IW, Lim J
11185 - 11198 Study on the failure behavior of the current interrupt device of lithium-ion battery considering the effect of creep
Lin F, Li JL, Hu XT, Sun MH
11199 - 11218 State of charge estimation forlithium-ionbattery based on an intelligent adaptive unscented Kalman filter
Sun DM, Yu XL, Zhang C, Wang CM, Huang R
11219 - 11232 Experimental and numerical investigation of the melting process and heat transfer characteristics of multiple phase change materials
Li W, Wang J, Zhang X, Liu XL, Dong HB
11233 - 11247 Effect of reaction time andPVPcontents on morphologies of hierarchical3Dflower-likeZnCo(2)O(4)microstructures for energy storage devices
Gutturu RR, Sreekanth TVM, Rajavaram R, Borelli DPR, Dillip GR, Nagajyothi PC, Shim J
11248 - 11273 Optimization of the design of polygeneration systems for the residential sector under different self-consumption regulations
Pinto ES, Serra LM, Lazaro A
11274 - 11287 Graphene oxide coated nanosheet-like gamma-MnS@KB-S fabricated by spray drying for high energy density Li-Sbatteries
Guo DF, Qian XY, Jin LN, Yao SS, Shen XQ, Li TB, Qin SB
11288 - 11301 Melting and solidification performance in two horizontalshell-and-tubeheat exchangers with different structures
Leng ZY, Yuan YP, Cao XL, Wang J, Haghighat F
11302 - 11322 Identifying the parameters of different configurations of photovoltaic models based on recent artificial ecosystem-based optimization approach
Yousri D, Rezk H, Fathy A
11323 - 11344 Modification of the phase change transfer model for underwater vehicles: A molecular dynamics approach
Wang GH, Yang YN, Wang SX, Zhang HW, Wang YH
11345 - 11353 Online state-of-health prediction of lithium-ion batteries with limited labeled data
Yu JS, Yang J, Wu Y, Tang DY, Dai J
11354 - 11371 Performance enhancement of low temperature processed tin oxide as an electron transport layer for perovskite solar cells under ambient conditions
Kouhnavard M, Niedzwiedzki DM, Biswas P
11372 - 11384 Experimental investigation of start-up and transient thermal performance of pumped two-phase battery thermal management system
Zhu Y, Fang YD, Su L, Ye F
11385 - 11404 A novel practical state of charge estimation method: an adaptive improved ampere-hour method based on composite correction factor
Xiong X, Wang SL, Fernandez C, Yu CM, Zou CY, Jiang C
11405 - 11416 Closing the hydrogen cycle with the couple sodium borohydride-methanol, via the formation of sodium tetramethoxyborate and sodium metaborate
Aydin K, Kulakli BN, Filiz BC, Alligier D, Demirci UB, Figen AK
11417 - 11433 Thermohydraulic performance of a new internal twisted ribs automobile exhaust heat exchanger for waste heat recovery applications
Karana DR, Sahoo RR
11434 - 11442 Experimental study on heat discharging characteristic of single tank with different annular baffle conditions
Lu YW, Zhang YH, Zhang CC, Wu YT, Ma CF
11443 - 11452 Silver nanoparticle films by flowing gas atmospheric pulsed laser deposition and application to surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy
Khan TM, Khan SUD, Khan SUD, Ahmad A, Abbasi SA, Khan EM, Mehigan S
11453 - 11472 Improving the economic feasibility of biodiesel production from microalgal biomass via high-value products coproduction
Khanum F, Giwa A, Nour M, Al-Zuhair S, Taher H
11473 - 11486 A facile control in free-carbon domain with divinylbenzene for the high-rate-performing Sb/SiOCcomposite anode material in sodium-ion batteries
Kim D, Kim H, Lim H, Kim KJ, Jung HG, Byun D, Kim C, Choi W
11487 - 11508 Optical properties and stability of water-based nanofluids mixed with reduced graphene oxide decorated with silver and energy performance investigation in hybrid photovoltaic/thermal solar systems
Abdelrazik AS, Tan KH, Aslfattahi N, Saidur R, Al-Sulaiman FA
11509 - 11523 Bidirectional energy storage photovoltaic grid-connected inverter application system
Moses A, Sun HY
11524 - 11541 Design optimization of a solar tower power plant heliostat field by considering different heliostat shapes
Belaid A, Filali A, Gama A, Bezza B, Arrif T, Bouakba M
11542 - 11549 Elucidation of the role of lithium iodide as an additive for theliquid-basedsynthesis ofLi(7)P(2)S(8)Isolid electrolyte
Bintang HM, Lee S, Kim JT, Jung HG, Chung KY, Whang D, Lim HD
11550 - 11563 Methanol and proton transport throughchitosan-phosphotungsticacid membranes for direct methanol fuel cell
Zaffora A, Di Franco F, Gradino E, Santamaria M
11564 - 11582 Simultaneous production of hydrogen and carbon nanotubes from cracking of a waste cooking oil model compound overNi-Co/SBA-15 catalysts
Liu W, Yuan H
11583 - 11596 Research on parameter identification and state of charge estimation of improved equivalent circuit model of Li-ion battery based on temperature effects for battery thermal management
Huo YT, Hu W, Li Z, Rao ZH
11597 - 11613 Thermal characteristics of anair-cooled open-cathodeproton exchange membrane fuel cell stack via numerical investigation
D'Souza C, Apicella M, El-kharouf A, Stamatakis E, Khzouz M, Stubos A, Gkanas EI
11614 - 11628 Extensive investigation of structural, electronic, optical, and thermoelectric properties of hybrid perovskite (CH3NH3PbBr3) with mechanical stability constants
Choudhary S, Shukla A, Chaudhary J, Verma AS
11629 - 11642 Energy efficiency improvement of water pumping system using synchronous reluctance motor fed by perovskite solar cells
Zaky AA, Ibrahim MN, Rezk H, Christopoulos E, El Sehiemy RA, Hristoforou E, Kladas A, Sergeant P, Falaras P
11643 - 11657 Underground energy storage utilizing concrete building foundation: Experimental and numerical approach
Mousa MM, Bayomy AM, Wang J, Dworkin SB, Saghir MZ
11658 - 11675 Enhancement of tidal generators by superconducting energy storage and Jaya-based sliding-mode controller
Othman AM
11676 - 11690 The effect of sociodemographic diversity of residential customers on the financial risk experienced in the retail electricity market
Jean-Paul P, Lie TT, Anderson TN, Valles B
11691 - 11701 Contribution of polyaniline coating to the stability and performance of nickel hydroxide based electroactive materials
Karaman B, Mohamad N, Avci B, Urgen M
11702 - 11710 Novel cobalt-free family ofSrFe(1-x)Sc(x)O(3)(-delta)perovskite materials for cathode applications in solid oxide fuel cells
Li Y, Larralde AL, Cai JW, Du SL, Troncoso L, Fernandez-Diaz MT, Alonso JA
11711 - 11724 Parametric studies on the storage stability and aging effect of biodiesel treated with Eucalyptus oil as a cost-effective green-antioxidant additive
Yatish KV, Lalithamba HS, Sakar M, Balakrishna GR, Omkaresh BR, Arun SB
11725 - 11741 A novel electro-thermal coupled model of lithium-ion pouch battery covering heat generation distribution and tab thermal behaviours
Xie Y, He XJ, Li W, Zhang YJ, Dan D, Lee KN, Liu JY
11742 - 11755 Preparation and electrochemical hydrogen storage properties ofCo(9)S(8)alloy coated with cobalt/graphene composite
Liu H, Liu WQ, Chen P, Zhao JX, Su ZM
11756 - 11771 Electrochemical synthesize and characterization ofZnO/ZnSnanostructures for hydrogen production
Sigircik G, Aydin EB
11772 - 11782 Enhancing proton conductivity of phosphoric acid-doped Kevlar nanofibers membranes by incorporating polyacrylamide and1-butyl-3-methylimidazoliumchloride
Duan XQ, Jia J, Wang N, Song D, Liu K, Feng YQ, Che QT
11783 - 11793 Enhanced performance of lithiated cathode materials of LiCo0.6X0.4O2 (X = Mn, Sr, Zn) for proton-conducting solid oxide fuel cell applications
Yusoff WNAW, Somalu MR, Baharuddin NA, Muchtar A, Wei LJ
11794 - 11806 Investigation of Ti-substitution effects on structural and electrochemical properties of Na(0.)(67)Mn(0)(.)(5)Fe(0)(.)(5)O(2)batterycells
Altin S, Altundag S, Altin E, Oz E, Harfouche M, Bayri A
11807 - 11826 Impact of parametric variation on combustion characteristics of hydrogen-fueled strut based scramjet combustor at supersonic speed
Verma KA, Pandey KM, Sharma KK
11827 - 11839 Converting brown coal to synthetic liquid fuels through direct coal liquefaction technology:Techno-economicevaluation
Huang Y, Rolfe A, Rezvani S, Herrador JMH, Franco F, Pinto F, Snape C, Hewitt N
11840 - 11851 Temperature characteristics of lithium iron phosphatepower batteries under overcharge
Zhang ZL, Du ZM, Han ZY, Wang HB, Wang S
11852 - 11871 Optimization and feasibility analysis of a microscale pin-fins heat sink of anultrahighconcentrating photovoltaic system
AlFalah G, Maatallah TS, Alzahrani M, Al-Amri FG
11872 - 11882 Study on the electrical response of small ethanol-air diffusion flame under the uniform electric field
Luo YL, Gan YH, Jiang ZW
11883 - 11893 Protection efficiencies ofsurface-activeinhibitorsin zinc-airbatteries
Thangavel S, Chen PT, Yan WM, Yang CJ, Huang KD
11894 - 11907 Highly active and stable electrocatalytic transition metal phosphides (Ni(2)PandFeP) nanoparticles on porous carbon cloth for overall water splitting at high current density
Shin HJ, Park SW, Kim DW
11908 - 11929 Artificial intelligence implementation framework development for building energy saving
Lee DS, Huang HY, Lee WS, Liu YH
11930 - 11940 Design of three-dimensional interconnected porous hydroxyapatite ceramic-based composite phase change materials for thermal energy storage
Wu YF, Yang ZW, Wu NN, Zhao SY, Li JH, Li YL
11941 - 11955 The use of polyaniline films on flexible tape for supercapacitor applications
Yavuz A, Erdogan PY, Zengin H
11956 - 11972 Comparative investigation on feasible hydrolysisH(2)production behavior of commercialMg-M(M = Ni, Ce, and La) binary alloys modified by high-energy ball milling-Feasible modification strategy for Mg-based hydrogen producing alloys
Hou XJ, Shi HC, Yang L, Feng L, Suo GQ, Ye XH, Zhang L, Yang YL
11973 - 11984 Loss cost reduction and power quality improvement withapplying robustoptimization algorithm for optimum energy storage system placement and capacitor bank allocation
Rajamand S
11985 - 11997 A novel fast estimation and regroup method of retired lithium-ion battery cells
Zhu ZW, Zheng YJ, Lai X, Feng XN, Li XJ
11998 - 12014 Antimicrobial functionalization of Ca alginate-coconut oil latent heat storing microcapsules by Ag nanoparticles
Nemeth B, Nemeth AS, Ujhidy A, Toth J, Trif L, Jankovics H, Kriszt B, Dobolyi C, May Z, Gyenis J, Feczko T
12015 - 12028 Sequential estimation of borehole resistance and ground thermal properties through thermal response test
Nian YL, Wang XY, Cheng WL
12029 - 12044 Development of a compact simple unpressurized Watt-level low-temperature-differential Stirling engine
Huang HD, Chen WL
12045 - 12055 Construction of hollow structure cobalt iron selenide polyhedrons for efficient hydrogen evolution reaction
Xue YQ, Wang XC, Zhu M, Yan Q, Zhu K, Cheng K, Ye K, Yan J, Cao DX, Wang GL
12056 - 12065 Evidence of the illegitimacy of the additive approach to the determination of the thermophysical properties of coal-water fuel with glycerol
Pinchuk VA, Moumane M, Sharabura TA, Kuzmin AV, Pinchuk SA
12066 - 12080 Geometrical effects on ionic diffusion in carbon-carbon symmetric supercapacitors
Sun W, Yang FQ
12081 - 12099 Enhanced selectivity of syngas in partial oxidation of methane: A new route for promising Ni-alumina catalysts derived from Ni/gamma-AlOOHwith modified Ni dispersion
Khaleel A, Jobe S, Ahmed M, Al-Zuhair S, Tariq S
12100 - 12111 Benzoselenadiazole-core asymmetricD-A-Asmall molecule for solution processed bulk heterojunction organic solar cells
Abdullah, Kim EB, Akhtar MS, Shin HS, Ameen S
12112 - 12125 Heterogeneous aging of large-scale flexible lithium-ion batteries based on micro-heterostructures and simulation
Hong YH, Zheng JQ, Deng DR, Wu QH, Shen WF
12126 - 12135 Hierarchical novelNiCo(2)O(4)/BiVO(4)hybrid heterostructure as an advanced anode material for rechargeable lithium ion battery
Tamboli MS, Jadhav HS, Patil DR, Shaikh AF, Patil SS, Seo JG, Choi H, Gosavi SW, Kale BB
12136 - 12144 Effect of electrode spacing on the performance of microbial fuel cells with a honeycomb flow straightener
Wang CT, Li IT, Jang JH
12145 - 12157 Simultaneous effect of particle size and location on stress development in the electrodes of lithium-ion batteries
Ali Y, Iqbal N, Lee S
12158 - 12168 Effect of high Ni on battery thermal safety
Wang D, Zheng LL, Li XC, Du GC, Feng Y, Jia LZ, Dai ZQ
12169 - 12179 Enhanced discharged energy density in poly(vinylidene fluoride) composites with a small loading of (K0.5Na0.5)NbO(3)particles
Li JA, Lin XJ, Chen GL, Uwiragiye E, Fisher JG, Huang SF, Cheng X
12180 - 12187 Facile synthesis of loosely assembled alpha-MnO(2)nanofiber coated withGQD/PANIfor enhancing capacity
An K, He JL, Yang LX, Shen LY, Sun YY
12188 - 12196 Acid mine drainage wastewater photoelectrolysis for hydrogen fuel generation: Preliminary results
Marques FC, Valane GM, Buzato VM
12197 - 12203 A hybrid composite of rGO/TiO2 as a double layer electrode with improved capacitance performance
Bokhari SW, Siddique AH, Yue XY, Singh H, Hayat MD, Gao W