International Journal of Energy Research

International Journal of Energy Research, Vol.44, No.13 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0363-907X (Print) 

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9804 - 9807 The role of co(2)in improving sonic hydrogen production
Rashwan SS, Dincer I, Mohany A
9808 - 9838 Review of innovative approaches of thermo-mechanical refrigeration systems using low grade heat
Sleiti AK, Al-Ammari WA, Al-Khawaja M
9839 - 9863 The use of nickel oxide as a hole transport material in perovskite solar cell configuration: Achieving a high performance and stable device
Nkele AC, Nwanya AC, Shinde NM, Ezugwu S, Maaza M, Shaikh JS, Ezema FI
9864 - 9888 Solar-thermal driven drying technologies for large-scale industrial applications: State of the art, gaps, and opportunities
Kamfa I, Fluch J, Bartali R, Baker D
9889 - 9911 Recent trends in power management strategies for optimal operation of distributed energy resources in microgrids: A comprehensive review
Rangu SK, Lolla PR, Dhenuvakonda KR, Singh AR
9912 - 9931 Overview of printing and coating techniques in the production of organic photovoltaic cells
Sampaio PGV, Gonzalez MOA, Ferreira PD, Vidal PDJ, Pereira JPP, Ferreira HR, Oprime PC
9932 - 9959 A game theoretic analysis of a closed-loop water-energy nexus: The effect of technology efficiency and market competition on the market equilibrium and social welfare
Hamoud N, Jang JJ
9960 - 9973 Performance of building energy supply systems using renewable energy
Diao RD, Sun LZ, Yang F, Lin B
9974 - 9994 Thermo-economic analysis and optimization of a combined Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) system withLNGcold energy and waste heat recovery of dual-fuel marine engine
Tian Z, Yue YY, Gu B, Gao WZ, Zhang Y
9995 - 10007 Improved electrochemical performance and durability of butane-operating low-temperature solid oxide fuel cell through palladium infiltration
Thieu CA, Park S, Kim H, Ji HI, Lee JH, Yoon KJ, Yang S, Son JW
10008 - 10022 Study on the microstructures and thermal properties ofSiO(2)@NaNO(3)microcapsule thermal storage materials
Chen SH, Cheng XM, Li YY, Wang XL, Zheng HH, Zhong H
10023 - 10043 Performance of serpentine channel based Li-ion battery thermal management system: An experimental investigation
Ibrahim A, Guo J, Wang YW, Zheng YD, Lei B, Jiang FM
10044 - 10057 Development and characterization of form-stable porousTiO(2)/tetradecanoic acid basedcomposite PCMwith long-term stability as solar thermal energy storage material
Deka PP, Ansu AK, Sharma RK, Tyagi VV, Sar A
10058 - 10070 Identification and cultivation of hydrogenotrophic methanogens from palm oil mill effluent for high methane production
Woraruthai T, Kunno J, Pongsopon M, Yansakon K, Phoopraintra P, Chantiwas R, Leartsakulpanich U, Chaiyen P, Wongnate T
10071 - 10086 The potential of novel carbon nanocages as a carbon support for an enhanced methanolelectro-oxidationreaction in a direct methanol fuel cell
Ramli ZAC, Kamarudin SK, Basri S, Zainoodin AM
10087 - 10100 Flexible piezoelectriccum-electromagnetic-absorbingmultifunctional nanocomposites based on electrospun poly (vinylidene fluoride) incorporated with synthesized porouscore-shellnanoparticles
Samadi A, Pourahmad S
10101 - 10111 Shock tube studies on ignition delay and combustion characteristics of oxygenated fuels under high temperature
Ma ZH, Du WX, Wang X, Lv EY, Dong YC
10112 - 10125 Electrochemical properties of theCaNi(5-x)Mn(x)electrodes synthesized by mechanical alloying
Dabaki Y, Khaldi C, ElKedim O, Fenineche N, Lamloumi J
10126 - 10154 Exergoeconomic and environmental investigation of an innovative poly-generation plant driven by a solid oxide fuel cell for production of electricity, cooling, desalinated water, and hydrogen
Holagh SG, Haghghi MA, Mohammadi Z, Chitsaz A
10155 - 10167 Solving Nafion poisoning ofORRcatalysts with an accessible layer: designing a nanostructured core-shell Pt/C catalyst via a one-step self-assembly forPEMFC
Zhou F, Yan YZ, Guan SM, Guo W, Sun ML, Pan M
10168 - 10178 Toward high performance solid-state lithium-ion battery with a promisingPEO/PPCblend solid polymer electrolyte
Zhu L, Li JL, Jia YF, Zhu PH, Jing MX, Yao SS, Shen XQ, Li SJ, Tu FY
10179 - 10191 The significance of anti-fluoriteCs(2)NbI(6)via its structural, electronic, magnetic, optical and thermoelectric properties
Ullah R, Ali MA, Murtaza G, Mahmood A, Ramay SM
10192 - 10205 Porous activated carbon monolith with nanosheet/nanofiber structure derived from the green stem of cassava for supercapacitor application
Taer E, Yanti N, Mustika WS, Apriwandi A, Taslim R, Agustino A
10206 - 10221 Nickel hexacyanoferrate film coated pencil graphite electrode as sensor and electrode material for environment and energy applications
Nagarajan S, Vasudevan V, Jayaraman T, Arumugam R, Vairamuthu R
10222 - 10237 Evaluation of hybridsolar-wind-hydrogenenergy system based on methanol electrolyzer
Budak Y, Devrim Y
10238 - 10250 Graphene/beta-MnO(2)composites-synthesis and its electroanalytical properties study in the Mg storage battery
Venkateswarlu G, Madhu D, Rani JV
10251 - 10261 Platinum nanoparticles decorated carbon nanofiber hybrids as highly active electrocatalysts for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
Kaplan BY, Haghmoradi N, Jamil E, Merino C, Gursel SA
10262 - 10281 Li-ion battery state of health estimation through Gaussian process regression with Thevenin model
Lyu ZQ, Gao RJ
10282 - 10294 Numerical investigation of water dynamics in a novel wettability gradient anode flow channel for proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Zhang XQ, Yang JP, Ma X, Chen WM, Shuai SJ, Zhuge WL
10295 - 10306 Athermo-stablepoly(propylene carbonate)-based composite separator forlithium-sulfurbatteries under elevated temperatures
Huang HJ, Zhao CJ, Ding F, Li H, Zhang SQ, Liu XJ, Xu Q
10307 - 10319 Neural network-based learning and estimation of batterystate-of-charge: A comparison study between direct and indirect methodology
Sun W, Qiu YC, Sun L, Hua QS
10320 - 10332 Design and experimental verification on a deformable underwater solar concentrator with bi-layer film structure
Liang S, Zheng HF, Cui DD, Ma XL
10333 - 10353 A novel approach to improve the performance of solar-driven Stirling engine using solar-driven ejector cooling cycle
Al-Nimr M, Kiwan S, Keewan A
10354 - 10377 Synthesis and characterization of poly2-N-acrylamido-2-methyl-1-propane sulfonic acid functionalized graphene oxide embedded electrolyte membrane usingDOEforPEMFC
Mughal ZUN, Shaikh H, Memon S, Raza R, Shah R, Bhanger MI
10378 - 10393 Ordinary clay as a support of nickel catalyst for steam reforming of acetic acid: Impacts of pretreatments of clay on catalytic behaviors
Gao ZR, Zhang ZM, Tian HL, Xu Q, Xu ZX, Li B, Liu Q, Li CC, Chen GZ, Hu X
10394 - 10413 Thermodynamic performance of absorption-compression hybrid refrigeration cycles based on lithium nitrate+1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium nitrate/water working fluid
Wang YN, Li N, Luo CH
10414 - 10429 Enhanced thermal performance analysis of buried heat transfer tubes thermal storage system filled with microcapsule particles
Liu Y, Chen TT, Dong Y, Li YH, Zhong DW
10430 - 10441 Numerical simulation of heat-pipe and folded reformers for efficient hydrogen production through methane autothermal reforming
Chen BH, Wang F
10442 - 10452 Improved dark fermentation of cane molasses in mesophilic and thermophilic anaerobic fluidized bed reactors by selecting operational conditions
Ferreira TB, Rego GC, Ramos LR, de Menezes CA, Silva EL
10453 - 10470 Multi-criteria thermoeconomic and thermodynamic assessments of the desalination-integrated two-phase liquid-immersion data center cooling system
Kanbur BB, Wu CL, Duan F
10471 - 10494 Environmental impact assessment of green energy systems for power supply of electric vehicle charging station
Filote C, Felseghi RA, Raboaca MS, Aschilean I
10495 - 10505 Phase change material impregnated wood for passive thermal management of timber buildings
Temiz A, Hekimoglu G, Demirel GK, Sari A, Amini MHM
10506 - 10522 Ionanofluid plasticized electrolyte with improved electrical and electrochemical properties for high-performance lithium polymer battery
Deb D, Bose P, Bhattacharya S
10523 - 10537 Modeling the effect of non-linear process parameters on the prediction of hydrogen production by steam reforming of bio-oil and glycerol using artificial neural network
Mageed AK, Shnain ZY, Mahdi GS
10538 - 10550 State of charge estimation method based on the extended Kalman filter algorithm with consideration of time-varying battery parameters
Luo Y, Qi PW, Kan YZ, Huang JY, Huang H, Luo JW, Wang JN, Wei YH, Xiao RJ, Zhao S
10551 - 10561 Unveiling active sites by structural tailoring oftwo-dimensionalniobium disulfide for improved electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution reaction
Kumar H, Wang K, Tang F, Zeng XR, Gan L, Su YK
10562 - 10575 Preparation and characterisation of aluminium zirconium oxide formetal-oxide-semiconductorcapacitor
Quah HJ, Hassan Z, Lim WF
10576 - 10598 Energy and environmental performance of a heat pump in different power grid scenarios
Marrasso E, Roselli C, Sasso M
10599 - 10611 Modeling the discharge behavior of a lithium-sulfur battery
Erisen N, Eroglu D
10612 - 10627 An efficient bio-inspired catalytic tool for hydrogen release at room temperature from a stable borohydride solution
Birba L, Ritleng V, Jierry L, Agusti G, Fongarland P, Edouard D
10628 - 10651 Effects of metal foam on exergy and entropy of nanofluids in a heat sink applied for thermal management of electronic components
Qi C, Chen TT, Tu JL, Yan YY
10652 - 10661 Ultrahigh voltage and energy density aluminum-air battery based on aqueous alkaline-acid hybrid electrolyte
Wen HJ, Liu ZS, Qiao J, Chen RH, Qiao GJ, Yang JH
10662 - 10681 Multi-objective energy management approach in distribution grid integrated with energy storage units considering the demand response program
Lotfi H
10682 - 10694 Green route synthesis of nanoporous copper oxide for efficient supercapacitor and capacitive deionization performances
Kumar PSM, Kyaw HH, Myint MTZ, Al-Haj L, Al-Muhtaseb AH, Al-Abri M, Thanigaivel V, Ponnusamy VK
10695 - 10709 Cathodic activation of synthesized highly defective monoclinic hydroxyl-functionalizedZrO(2)nanoparticles for efficient electrochemical production of hydrogen in alkaline media
Mostafa NY, Qhtani MM, Alotaibi SH, Zaki ZI, Alharthi S, Cieslik M, Gornicka K, Ryl J, Boukherroub R, Amin MA
10710 - 10723 Harnessing low-grade waste heat by operating a hybrid piezoelectric-electromagnetic energy harvester combined with a thermomagnetic engine
Zeeshan, Ahmed R, Mehmood MU, Kim Y, Lee J, Chun W
10724 - 10738 Preheatingstrategy ofvariable-frequencypulse for lithium battery in cold weather
Wu XG, Li LR, Du JY
10739 - 10753 Numerical analysis ofdopant-freeasymmetric silicon heterostructure solar cell withSiO(2)as passivation layer
Mehmood H, Nasser H, Tauqeer T, Turan R
10754 - 10767 Supercapacitor behavior of carbon-manganese oxides nanocomposites synthesized by carbon arc
Iurchenkova AA, Fedorovskaya EO, Matochkin PE, Sakhapov SZ, Smovzh DV
10768 - 10777 Electronic properties of gradedGa(1-x)Al(x)Nsuperlattice nanowires photocathode: First-principles
Liu L, Lu FF, Tian J
10778 - 10796 Small-scale experimental study on the optimisation of a rooftop rainwater energy harvester using electromagnetic generators in light rains
Bao B, Wang Q
10797 - 10808 Optimal energy management strategy offuel-cellbattery hybrid electric mining truck to achieve minimum lifecycle operation costs
Feng YB, Dong ZM
10809 - 10820 Mechanochemical synthesis ofSnS anodesfor sodium ion batteries
Dogrusoz M, Demir-Cakan R
10821 - 10831 A simple flame strategy for constructing W-doped BiVO(4)photoanodes with enhanced photoelectrochemical water splitting
Yang YC, Zhao Y, Fan WQ, Shen H, Shi WD
10832 - 10845 Catalytic co-pyrolysis of packaging plastic and wood waste to achieveH(2)rich syngas
Bobek-Nagy J, Gao NB, Quan C, Miskolczi N, Rippel-Petho D, Kovacs K
10846 - 10859 Effect of using betalain, anthocyanin and chlorophyll dyes together as a sensitizer on enhancing the efficiency of dye-sensitized solar cell
Patni N, Pillai SG, Sharma P
10860 - 10877 Integration of algae-based biofuel production with an oil refinery: Energy and carbon footprint assessment
Andersson V, Heyne S, Harvey S, Berntsson T
10878 - 10893 Interfacial photothermal water evaporator based on nanoporous microwave-expanded graphite and coconut waste fibers@recycled polystyrene as substrate
Ovando-Medina VM, Escobar-Villanueva AG, Martinez-Gutierrez H, Gonzalez-Ortega O
10894 - 10907 Development and assessment of geothermal-based underground pumped hydroenergy storage system integrated with organicRankinecycle and district heating
Erdemir D
10908 - 10916 Synthesis of nickel hydroxide/reduced graphene oxide composite thin films for water splitting application
Babar PT, Pawar BS, Ahmed AA, Sekar S, Lee SJ, Sankapal BR, Im H, Kim JH, Pawar SM
10917 - 10925 Preliminary assessment of viability of molten-salt tower technology
Ramasesha SK
10926 - 10936 Role of defects and dopants in zinc oxide nanotubes for gas sensing and energy storage applications
Ali M, Tit N, Yamani ZH
10937 - 10945 Synergistic effect of titanium-oxide integrated with graphitic nitride hybrid for enhanced electrochemical performance in lithium-sulfur batteries
Yao SS, Wang YQ, He YP, Majeed A, Liang YZ, Shen XQ, Li TB, Qin SB, Wen W
10946 - 10952 Porous bamboo-likeCNTsprepared by a simple and low-cost steam activation for supercapacitors
Gao Y, Tang YK, Liu W, Liu L, Zeng XY
10953 - 10961 Impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on air transport mobility, energy, and environment: A case study
Nizetic S
10962 - 10969 Theoretical exploration of quantum efficiency ofAl(x)Ga(1-x)Nmonolayer photocathode with varying Al contents and ultra-thin emission layer
Liu L, Tian J, Lu FF
10970 - 10981 First-principles investigation of the structure, mechanical and hydrogen adsorption behavior ofNiPtnanoparticle
Pan Y, Chen S
10982 - 10995 The promoting effect of Fe on Ni/GDCfor the Solid OxideH(2)Oelectrolysis
Neofytidis C, Ioannidou E, Kollia M, Neophytides SG, Niakolas DK
10996 - 11005 Methane production from antibiotic bearing swine wastewater using carbon-based materials as electrons' conduits during anaerobic digestion
Burboa-Charis VA, Alvarez LH
11006 - 11014 Improved size distribution ofAgBiS(2)colloidal nanocrystals by optimized synthetic route enhances photovoltaic performance
Oh JT, Cho HJ, Bae SY, Lim SJ, Kang JN, Jung IH, Choi H, Kim Y