International Journal of Energy Research

International Journal of Energy Research, Vol.44, No.11 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0363-907X (Print) 

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8233 - 8254 Hydrogen production technologies: Attractiveness and future perspective
Dehghanimadvar M, Shirmohammadi R, Sadeghzadeh M, Aslani A, Ghasempour R
8255 - 8295 A review of progressive advanced polymer nanohybrid membrane in fuel cell application
Zakaria Z, Shaari N, Kamarudin SK, Bahru R, Musa MT
8296 - 8313 Fabrication of high-quality electrode films for solid oxide fuel cell by screen printing: A review on important processing parameters
Baharuddin NA, Rahman NFA, Abd Rahman H, Somalu MR, Azmi MA, Raharjo J
8314 - 8327 Sandwich architecture of graphene/MoS(2)composite as anodes for enhanced reversible lithium and sodium storage
Yang ZX, Zhang YF, Huang JH, Ye BQ, Lin SM, Liu JH, Ye YL, Zheng K, Lu GZ, Guo TL, Yu XB, Chen GX
8328 - 8339 Red-emitting CaSc2O4:Eu3+ phosphor for NUV-based warm white LEDs: structural elucidation and Hirshfeld surface analysis
Shaishta N, Khan WU, Mane SKB, Hayat A, Zhou DD, Khan J, Mehmood N, Inamdar HK, Manjunatha G
8340 - 8361 Siting and sizing of the hydrogen refueling stations with on-site water electrolysis hydrogen production based on robust regret
Yang GM, Jiang YW
8362 - 8371 Low temperature ionothermal synthesis of TiO2 nanomaterials for efficient photocatalytic H-2 production, dye degradation and photoluminescence studies
Alharthi FA, Nagaraju G, Vinay SP, Udayabhanu, Al-Zaqri N, Alsalme A
8372 - 8387 An equivalent circuit model of a deformed Li-ion battery with parameter identification
Shuai WQ, Li EY, Wang H
8388 - 8398 Molybdenum carbide nanocrystals modified carbon nanofibers as electrocatalyst for enhancing polysulfides redox reactions in lithium-sulfur batteries
Li YY, Yao SS, Zhang CJ, He YP, Wang YQ, Liang YZ, Shen XQ, Li TB, Qin SB, Wen W
8399 - 8412 Optimization of the zinc oxide reduction in the charging process of zinc-air flow batteries
Yang TF, Chen JC, Yan WM, Ghalambaz M
8413 - 8426 Highly durable carbon supportedFe-Nnanocrystals feature as efficient bi-functional oxygen electrocatalyst
Bhuvanendran N, Ravichandran S, Peng K, Jayaseelan SS, Xu Q, Su HN
8427 - 8441 Optimal parameter estimation forPEMFCusing modified monarch butterfly optimization
Yuan Z, Wang WQ, Wang HY
8442 - 8454 Highly porous and thermally stable tribopositive hybrid bimetallic cryogel to boost up the performance of triboelectric nanogenerators
Haleem A, Haider Z, Ahmad RUS, Claver UP, Shah AF, Zhao G, He WD
8455 - 8479 Thermo-economic comparative analysis of solar-assisted and carbon capture integrated conventional cogeneration plant of power and process steam
Mokheimer EMA, Shakeel MR, Sanusi YS, Mahmoud M
8480 - 8491 Thermal and electrical effects of basbars onLi-Ionbatteries
Yetik O
8492 - 8512 An optimization scheduling method of electric vehicle virtual energy storage to track planned output based on multiobjective optimization
Han XJ, Liang DX, Wang H
8513 - 8531 Development and optimization of artificial neural network algorithms for the prediction of building specific local temperature for HVAC control
Demirezen G, Fung AS, Deprez M
8532 - 8541 Flux preparation ofLiNi(0)(.)(6)Co(0)(.)(2)Mn(0)(.)(2)O(2)micron-sized crystals as cathode materials for highly reversible lithium storage
Zong YH, Guo ZX, Xu TT, Liu C, Li YH, Yang G
8542 - 8554 A free-standing electrode based on2D SnS(2)nanoplates@3Dcarbon foam for high performance supercapacitors
Wang DF, Yan XH, Zhou C, Wang JJ, Yuan XX, Jiang H, Zhu YH, Cheng XN, Li RF
8555 - 8566 Photo-to-thermal conversion and energy storage of lauric acid/expanded graphite composite phase change materials
Yang L, Yuan YP, Zhang N, Dong YF, Sun YF, Ji WH
8567 - 8577 Fabrication and characterization of electrospun fatty acid form-stable phase change materials in the presence of copper nanoparticles
Xie N, Niu JY, Gao XN, Fang YT, Zhang ZG
8578 - 8590 Experimental study on cogasification mechanisms of straw and kitchen waste in the fixed-bed gasifier
Qi YF, Shan XW, Wang MT, Zhao LZ, Ge PL, Wu J
8591 - 8605 Pinecone biomass-derived activated carbon: the potential electrode material for the development of symmetric and asymmetric supercapacitors
Rajesh M, Manikandan R, Park S, Kim BC, Cho WJ, Yu KH, Raj CJ
8622 - 8634 Mechanical degradation of proton exchange membrane during assembly and running processes in proton exchange membrane fuel cells with metallic bipolar plates
Liu WQ, Qiu DK, Peng LF, Yi PY, Lai XM
8635 - 8653 Reinforcement learning for electricity dispatch in grids with high intermittent generation and energy storage systems: A case study for the Brazilian grid
Pinheiro VDN, Francato AL, Powell WB
8654 - 8665 High electrochemical performance of metal azolate framework-derived ZnO/Co3O4 for supercapacitors
Zhu H, Liu J, Zhang QL, Wei J
8666 - 8680 4.2 V Stack of metal oxide-polypyrrole-based composite electrodes and their power management
Karaca E, Gokcen D, Pekmez NO, Pekmez K, Ugur M, Aksu ND
8681 - 8688 A novel wind turbine health condition monitoring method based on common features distribution adaptation
Liu WY, Ren H
8689 - 8715 Oxidation of coarse aluminum in pressured water steam for energy applications
Vlaskin MS, Valyano GE, Zhuk AZ, Shkolnikov EI
8716 - 8729 Design and fabrication of novel interconnectors for solid oxide fuel cells via rubber pad forming
Timurkutluk B, Onbilgin S
8730 - 8739 Investigation of solar cell degradation using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
Sharma DK, Pareek K, Chowdhury A
8740 - 8753 Variations in surface fractal characteristics of coal subjected to liquid CO2 phase change fracturing
Liu XF, Wang ZP, Song DZ, He XQ, Yang T
8754 - 8768 Application of modified Kalina cycle in biomass chp plants
Jacimovic B, Genic S, Jacimovic N
8769 - 8780 In situ synthesis of star copolymers consisting of a polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane core and poly(2,5-benzimidazole) arms for high-temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Li T, Luo F, Fu XD, Li LX, Min JY, Zhang R, Hu SF, Zhao F, Li X, Zhang YH, Bao XJ, Liu QT
8781 - 8798 Toward the practical application of direct CO2 hydrogenation technology for methanol production
Lee HW, Kim K, An J, Na J, Kim H, Lee H, Lee U
8799 - 8822 Assessing the impact of non-ideal optical factors on optimized solar dish collector system with mirror rearrangement
Yan J, Peng YD, Wang H
8823 - 8840 A novel method for measuring spatial uniformity of irregular boiling bubbles in a direct contact heat exchanger
Wang Q, Huang JW, Pan JX, Wang H, Xu JX
8841 - 8853 Producing water from saline streams using membrane distillation: Modeling and optimization using CFD and design expert
Shokrollahi M, Rezakazemi M, Younas M
8854 - 8864 Simulation analysis of the influence of internal surface morphology of mini-channel on battery thermal management
Yang Y, Xu XM, Li WC, Tong GY
8865 - 8876 The role of long-period stacking ordered phase on the discharge and electrochemical behaviors of magnesium anode Mg-Zn-Y for the primary Mg-air battery
Chen XR, Wang HN, Le QC, Jia YH, Zhou X, Yu FX, Atrens A
8877 - 8891 Vicious cycle during chemical degradation of sulfonated aromatic proton exchange membranes in the fuel cell application
Karimi A, Mirfarsi SH, Rowshanzamir S, Beyraghi F, Lester D
8892 - 8903 A hierarchical hybrid ofZnCo(2)O(4)andrGOas a significant electrocatalyst for methanol oxidation reaction: Synthesis, characterization, and electrocatalytic performance
Askari MB, Salarizadeh P, Beheshti-Marnani A
8904 - 8918 A stable and flexible carbon black/polyethyleneimine-bacterial cellulose photothermal membrane for high-efficiency solar vapor generation
Liu S, Huang CL
8919 - 8935 Three-dimensional layered electrochemical-thermal model for a lithium-ion pouch cell
Mei WX, Liang C, Sun JH, Wang QS
8936 - 8950 Effect ofCO(2)atmosphere on biomass pyrolysis and in-line catalytic reforming
Ye JD, Xiao J, Huo XD, Gao Y, Hao JW, Song M
8951 - 8963 CommercialTiO(2)loaded withNiOfor improving photocatalytic hydrogen production in the presence of simulated solar radiation
Banic N, Krstic J, Stojadinovic S, Brnovic A, Djordjevic A, Abramovic B
8964 - 8973 Fuzzy modeling and particle swarm optimization for determining the optimal operating parameters to enhance the bio-methanol production from sugar cane bagasse
Yousef BAA, Rezk H, Abdelkareem MA, Olabi AG, Nassef AM
8974 - 8987 Systematic development and application of a fuzzy logic equipped generic energy storage system for dynamic stability reinforcement
Ahsan H, Mufti MUD
8988 - 9000 Evaluation of Quaternized polyvinyl alcohol/graphene oxide-based membrane towards improving the performance of air-breathing passive direct methanol fuel cells
Zakaria Z, Kamarudin SK
9001 - 9020 Multi-objectiveoptimization of solid oxide fuel cell/gas turbine combined heat and power system: A comparison between particle swarm and genetic algorithms
Safari S, Hajilounezhad T, Ehyaei MA
9021 - 9034 Mathematical modeling of batch bioethanol generation from carob extract in the suspended-cell stirred-tank bioreactor
Germec M, Karhan M, Demirci A, Turhan I
9035 - 9049 Ab initio study for the structural, electronic, magnetic, optical, and thermoelectric properties ofK(2)OsX(6)(X = Cl, Br) compounds
Ullah R, Ali MA, Murtaza G, Khan A, Mahmood A
9050 - 9063 Mechanism and influence factor analysis of heat transfer deterioration of transcritical methane
Zhang M, Sun B
9064 - 9081 Effect of hybrid nanofluids mixture ratio on the performance of a photovoltaic thermal collector
Wole-Osho I, Adun H, Adedeji M, Okonkwo EC, Kavaz D, Dagbasi M
9082 - 9092 LiNi(1)(/)(3)Mn(1)(/)(3)Co(1)(/)(3)O(2)with morphology optimized for novel concept of3DLi accumulator
Zukalova M, Zukal A, Krysova H, Kavan L, Prochazka J
9093 - 9111 One-step electrochemical preparation of ternary phthalocyanine/acid-activated multiwalled carbon nanotube/polypyrrole-based electrodes and their supercapacitor applications
Gorduk O, Gorduk S, Gencten M, Sahin M, Sahin Y
9112 - 9126 Study on the non-in situ measurement method for hydrate thermal conductivity
Sun SC, Hao YC, Sun YJ, Li P, Zhang CX
9127 - 9140 Techno-economic assessment on the fuel flexibility of a commercial scale combined cycle gas turbine integrated with aCO(2)capture plant
Omehia KC, Clements AG, Michailos S, Hughes KJ, Ingham DB, Pourkashanian M
9141 - 9148 In-situ heat generation measurement of the anode and cathode in a single-layer lithium ion battery cell
Zhu SX, Han JD, Wang YN, Pan TS, Wei YM, Song WL, Chen HS, Fang DN
9149 - 9156 Enhanced thermoelectric properties of PEDOT:PSS composites by functionalized single wall carbon nanotubes
Tonga M, Wei L, Lahti PM
9157 - 9165 Incorporation of pyridinic and graphitic N to Ni@CNTs: As a competent electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction
Oluigbo CJ, Ullah N, Xie M, Okoye CC, Yusuf BA, Yaseen W, Alagarasan JK, Rajalakshmi K, Xu YG, Xie JM
9166 - 9176 High-performance textile electrode enhanced by surface modifications of fiberglass cloth with polypyrrole tentacles for flexible supercapacitors
Liu QF, Qiu JH, Yang C, Zang LM, Zhang GH, Sakai E
9177 - 9184 Unveiling the roles of alumina as a sintering aid in Li-Garnet solid electrolyte
Zhang KK, Xu T, Zhao HL, Zhang SS, Zhang ZJ, Zhang Y, Du ZH, Li ZL
9185 - 9193 Recyclable solid-solid phase-change materials cross-linked by reversible oxime-carbamate bonds for solar energy storage
Yuan AQ, Wu B, Wang Y, Zhao YY, Liu QF, Lei JX
9194 - 9204 Machine learning approach for solving inconsistency problems of Li-ion batteries during the manufacturing stage
Cui XJ, Garg A, Thao NT, Trung NT
9205 - 9212 Multi-metal doped high capacity and stable Prussian blue analogue for sodium ion batteries
Zhu YH, Zhang Z, Bao JJ, Zeng SH, Nie WY, Chen PP, Zhou YF, Xu Y
9213 - 9221 Carbonized tofu as photothermal material for highly efficient solar steam generation
Zhou X, Li JY, Liu C, Wang F, Chen H, Zhao CX, Sun HX, Zhu ZQ
9222 - 9232 Iron-nickel hydroxide nanoflake arrays supported on nickel foam with dramatic catalytic properties for the evolution of oxygen at high current densities
Hu HS, Si S, Liu RJ, Wang CB, Feng YY
9233 - 9239 One-step surface nitridation of CoO for high-energy-density lithium-ion batteries
Kim D, Park S, Mun J, Ryu JH