International Journal of Energy Research

International Journal of Energy Research, Vol.44, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0363-907X (Print) 

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4 - 25 Importance and applications of DOE/optimization methods in PEM fuel cells: A review
Karanfil G
26 - 69 Grid integrated renewable DG systems: A review of power quality challenges and state-of-the-art mitigation techniques
Bajaj M, Singh AK
70 - 91 Novel construction of nanostructured carbon materials as sulfur hosts for advanced lithium-sulfur batteries
Bai YL, Li T, Wang Y, Jin H, Wang KL, Xu H
92 - 108 A model for the effects of temperature and structural parameters on the performance of a molten sodium hydroxide direct carbon fuel cell (MHDCFC) based on hydroxide ion mass transfer
Xing L, Hao JM, Zhang Y, Gao YF, Li LJ, Cao ZZ
109 - 127 Employment of solar photovoltaic-thermoelectric generator-based hybrid system for efficient operation of hybrid nonconventional distribution generator
Jena S, Kar SK
128 - 143 An experimental investigation on electrical performance and characterization of thermoelectric generator
Elzalik M, Rezk H, Mostafa R, Thomas J, Shehata EG
144 - 157 Evaluation of structural, electronic, thermoelectric, and optical results of C-doped HfO2 by first-principle's investigation
Cao ZH, Fan T, Hou XY, Niu JJ, Sharma R, Dar SA
158 - 170 Galvanostatic synthesis of nanostructured Ag-Ag2O dispersed PPy composite on graphite electrode for supercapacitor applications
Karaca E, Gokcen D, Pekmez NO, Pekmez K
171 - 191 Numerical investigation on the effect of flow field and landing to channel ratio on the performance of PEMFC
Selvaraj AS, Rajagopal TKR
192 - 204 Life cycle sustainability assessment of pumped hydro energy storage
Guo Z, Ge SS, Yao XL, Li H, Li XY
205 - 217 Multiperiod heating storage control for distributed electric heating considering wind curtailment accommodation
Yang YL, Yan GG, Mu G
218 - 228 Comparative experimental study on combustion characteristics of typical combustible components for lithium-ion battery
Chen MY, Mei J, Liu H
229 - 241 Experimental analysis on the degradation behavior of overdischarged lithium-ion battery combined with the effect of high-temperature environment
Ouyang DX, Weng JW, Chen MY, Liu JH, Wang J
242 - 256 Composite phase change material based on reduced graphene oxide/expanded graphite aerogel with improved thermal properties and shape-stability
Ren WW, Cao L, Zhang D
257 - 268 Study of Mo-based sepiolite catalyst on depolymerization of lignin under supercritical ethanol
Tang ZY, Wang YS, Chen MQ, Zhang JH, Wang CS, Yang ZL, Zhang H, Wang J
269 - 281 Water sorption studies on ZnSO4-zeolite composite as potential thermochemical heat storage materials
Rehman AU, Zheng MS, Hayat A
282 - 297 Identification of spatial temperature gradient in large format lithium battery using a multilayer thermal model
Li DD, Yang L
298 - 308 LiNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2/polypyrrole composites as cathode materials for high-performance lithium-ion batteries
Zhu LM, Xie LL, Bao CG, Yan XY, Cao XY
309 - 324 New engineered and environmentally friendly dye-sensitized solar cells: Efficient extraction of dyes from Cytisus, Alcea rosea, and Roselle
Peymannia M, Gharanjig K, Arabi AM
325 - 333 Efficient biohydrogen and bioelectricity production from xylose by microbial fuel cell with newly isolated yeast of Cystobasidium slooffiae
Moradian JM, Xu ZA, Shi YT, Fang Z, Yong YC
334 - 343 Enhanced specific heat and thermal conductivity of ternary carbonate nanofluids with carbon nanotubes for solar power applications
Sang LX, Ai WM, Wu YT, Ma CF
344 - 359 Thermal performance of various cross-sectioned rectangular minichannels with water-based phase change nano-suspensions
Ho CJ, Huang CS, Yang TF, Yan WM, Qin CY
360 - 369 Effects of Fe3O4 on the pyrolysis products of rubber seed oil at high temperatures
Zhang SY, Li B, Zhou SW, Wei YG, Qi XJ, Wang H
370 - 387 Effect of cell compression on the performance of a non-hot-pressed MEA for PEMFC
Shrivastava NK, Chatterjee A, Harris TAL
388 - 401 Solar energy harvesting and self-cleaning of surfaces by an impacting water droplet
Hassan G, Yilbas BS, Al-Sharafi A, Sahin AZ, Al-Qahtani H
402 - 410 Spirulina microalgal strain as efficient a metal-free catalyst to generate hydrogen via methanolysis of sodium borohydride
Saka C, Kaya M, Bekirogullari M
411 - 424 A novel vanadium/cobalt redox couple in aqueous acidic solution for redox flow batteries
Kocyigit N, Gencten M, Sahin M, Sahin Y
425 - 437 Thermal performance investigation of a single medium temperature phase change microcapsule used for wind power absorption and heat storage system
Liu Y, Chen TT, Li YH
438 - 447 Thermodynamic equilibrium analysis of steam methane reforming based on a conjugate solution of material balance and law action mass equations with the detailed energy balance
Pashchenko D
448 - 459 Thermal properties and crystallization kinetics of pentaglycerine/graphene nanoplatelets composite phase change material for thermal energy storage
Zhang N, Jing YG, Song YL, Du YX, Yuan YP
460 - 472 Design of Fresnel lens with spherical facets for concentrated solar power applications
Awasthi K, Reddy DS, Khan MK
473 - 495 Process simulation and techno-economic assessment of a zero liquid discharge/multi-effect desalination/thermal vapor compression (ZLD/MED/TVC) system
Panagopoulos A
496 - 507 Toward the rational design of cathode and electrolyte materials for aprotic Li-CO2 batteries: A numerical investigation
Xiao X, Shang WX, Yu WT, Ma YY, Tan P, Chen B, Kong W, Xu HR, Ni M
508 - 517 Designing performance enhanced nuclear battery based on the Cd-109 radioactive source
Xu ZH, Jin ZG, Tang XB, Liu YP, Guo X, Peng C, Wang HY
518 - 527 Heterostructural composite of few-layered MoS2/hexagonal MoO2 particles/graphene as anode material for highly reversible lithium/sodium storage
Wu MM, Liu C, Ma TF, Tang MY, Shen JD, Ji HM, Yang G
528 - 547 Modeling of CO2 storage as hydrate in vacated natural gas hydrate formation
Ahmad S, Li YM, Li XF, Xia W, Chen Z, Wang P
548 - 559 Electrochemical reduction of CO2: Two- or three-electrode configuration
Woldu AR, Shah AH, Hu HF, Cahen D, Zhang XH, He T
560 - 566 Cylindrical lithium-ion structural batteries for drones
Hollinger AS, McAnallen DR, Brockett MT, DeLaney SC, Ma J, Rahn CD
567 - 573 Enhancement of hydrogen storage properties of Ca3CH antiperovskite compound with hydrogen doping
Gencer A, Surucu G
574 - 583 A new production cost effectiveness factor for assessing photovoltaic module cooling techniques
Sultan SM, Tso CP, Ervina EMN