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International Journal of Energy Research, Vol.43, No.9 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0363-907X (Print) 

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3928 - 3958 The economic competitiveness of promising nuclear energy system: A closer look at the input uncertainties in LCOE analysis
Gao R, Nam HO, Jang H, Ko WI
3959 - 3980 The progression of silicon technology acting as substratum for the betterment of future photovoltaics
Singh J, Agrahari A
3981 - 4002 Locating experts and carving out the state of the art: A systematic review on Industry 4.0 and energy system analysis
Nolting L, Kies A, Schonegge M, Robinius M, Praktiknjo A
4003 - 4050 Application of compound parabolic concentrators to solar photovoltaic conversion: A comprehensive review
Paul DI
4051 - 4061 Investigation of temperature distribution on a new linear Fresnel receiver assembly under high solar flux
Parikh A, Martinek J, Mungas G, Kramer N, Braun R, Zhu GD
4062 - 4073 Two-step hydrothermal fabrication of Na0.23TiO2 nanofibers and enhanced photocatalysis after loaded with gold or silver determined by surface potentials
Wang JZ, Chen QW, Zhou JP, Lei YX, Menke N
4074 - 4092 Numerical and experimental study of the self-priming process of a multistage self-priming centrifugal pump
Wang C, He XK, Zhang DS, Hu B, Shi WD
4093 - 4103 Fundamental study of heterogeneous KCl sulfation under oxy-fuel combustion conditions
Liu DB, Li W, Li SY
4104 - 4126 Life-cycle-integrated thermoeconomic and enviroeconomic assessments of the small-scale-liquefied natural gas cold utilization systems
Kanbur BB, Xiang LM, Dubey S, Choo FH, Duan F
4127 - 4147 Design and analysis of an aging-aware energy management system for islanded grids using mixed-integer quadratic programming
Kumtepeli V, Zhao YL, Naumann M, Tripathi A, Wang YY, Jossen A, Hesse H
4148 - 4156 Laboratory investigation on the use of thermally enhanced phase change material to improve the performance of borehole heat exchangers for ground source heat pumps
Lyne Y, Paksoy H, Farid M
4157 - 4169 Study of morphological characteristics on hydrophilicity-enhanced SiO2/Nafion composite membranes by using multimode atomic force microscopy
Son B, Oh K, Park S, Lee TG, Lee DH, Kwon O
4170 - 4183 Thermal-hydraulic design features of a micronuclear reactor power source applied for multipurpose
Liu X, Sun H, Tang SM, Wang CL, Tian WX, Qiu SZ, Su GH
4184 - 4200 Optimal siting and sizing of hydrogen refueling stations considering distributed hydrogen production and cost reduction for regional consumers
Sun HR, He CM, Yu XZ, Wu MX, Ling YH
4201 - 4216 Platinum-promoted fibrous silica Y zeolite with enhanced mass transfer as a highly selective catalyst for n-dodecane hydroisomerization
Jalil AA, Gambo Y, Ibrahim M, Abdulrasheed AA, Hassan NS, Nawawi MGM, Asli UA, Hassim MH, Ahmad A
4217 - 4228 In situ self-template synthesis of cobalt/nitrogen-doped nanocarbons with controllable shapes for oxygen reduction reaction and supercapacitors
Liu YJ, Yu LM, Jiang XH, Li X, Yan XF
4229 - 4242 Effect of pressure on electronic, magnetic, thermodynamic, and thermoelectric properties of tantalum-based double perovskites Ba2MTaO6 (M = Mn, Cr)
Nabi M, Bhat TM, Gupta DC
4243 - 4252 Highly efficient CoB catalyst using a support material based on Spirulina microalgal strain treated with ZnCl2 for hydrogen generation via sodium borohydride methanolysis
Kaya M, Bekirogullari M, Saka C
4253 - 4263 Thermodynamic and experimental study on the reduction and carbonization of TiO2 through gas-solid reaction
Zhang R, Liu D, Fan GQ, Sung HB, Dang J
4264 - 4280 Scope of doped mesoporous (<10 nm) surfactant-modified alumina templated carbons for hydrogen storage applications
Singh SB, De M
4281 - 4294 Comparative study on adsorbent characteristics for adsorption thermal energy storage system
Lim K, Kim J, Lee J
4295 - 4311 Heat transfer analysis of receiver for large aperture parabolic trough solar collector
Khandelwal DK, Kumar KR, Kaushik SC
4312 - 4321 Battery module thermal management based on liquid cold plate with heat transfer enhanced fin
Fu JQ, Xu XM, Li RZ
4322 - 4343 A new modeling and solution method for optimal energy flow in electricity-gas integrated energy system
Tan YH, Wang X, Zheng YH
4344 - 4358 Optimal charging strategy design for lithium-ion batteries considering minimization of temperature rise and energy loss
Chen Z, Shu X, Xiao RX, Yan WS, Liu YG, Shen JW
4359 - 4369 Enhanced pseudocapacitive energy storage properties of Nb2O5/C core-shell structures with the surface modification
Kim JW, Kim SO, Kim HS
4370 - 4389 Planar and textured surface optimization for a tritium-based betavoltaic nuclear battery
Russo J, Litz MS, Ray IIW, Berk H, Cho H, Bigio DI, Weltz A, Alam TR
4390 - 4402 A combined experimental-numerical framework for residual energy determination in spent lithium-ion battery packs
Garg A, Yun L, Shaosen S, Goya A, Niu XD, Gao L, Bhalerao Y, Panda B
4403 - 4416 Carbon conversion and stabilisation of date palm and high rate algal pond (microalgae) biomass through slow pyrolysis
Akhtar A, Jiricek I, Ivanova T, Mehrabadi A, Krepl V
4417 - 4426 Numerical investigation into hydrogen content of reformate gas produced by methanol-water fuel mixtures in reforming
Kuo JK, Wei HC
4427 - 4435 Hydrokinetic energy conversion using compliant surfaces
Arias FJ, De Las Heras S
4436 - 4448 Dynamic model and impact on power quality of large hydro-photovoltaic power complementary plant
Zhang ML, Xie TT, Zhang CB, Chen D, Mao C, Shen CH
4449 - 4458 Comprehensive study of the performance of alkaline organic redox flow batteries as large-scale energy storage systems
Chang DR, Kim Y, Jung S
4459 - 4472 Fly ash and slag cement slurry containing microencapsulated phase change materials: Characterization and application
Huo JH, Peng ZG, Feng Q
4473 - 4482 Electrocatalytic performance of TiO2 with different phase state towards V2+/V3+ reaction for vanadium redox flow battery
Cheng DX, Cheng G, He ZX, Dai L, Wang L
4483 - 4494 Synthesis and application of Fe3O4@nanocellulose/TiCl as a nanofiller for high performance of quasisolid-based dye-sensitized solar cells
Mazloum-Ardakani M, Arazi R, Mirjalili BBF, Azad S
4495 - 4505 Thermal buffering effect of a packaging design with microencapsulated phase change material
Unal M, Konuklu Y, Paksoy H
4506 - 4519 Optimization of the PEMFC operating parameters for cathode in the presence of PtCo/CVD graphene using factorial design
San FGB, Dursun S, Yazici MS
4520 - 4533 Radioluminescent nuclear battery containing CsPbBr3 quantum dots: Application of a novel wave-shifting agent
Chen W, Tang XB, Liu YP, Xu ZH, Yuan ZC, Zhang ZR, Liu K
4534 - 4545 Hydrogen-rich syngas production from chemical looping steam reforming of bio-oil model compound: Effect of bimetal on LaNi0.8M0.2O3 (M = Fe, Co, Cu, and Mn)
Liu CL, Chen D, Wang WJ
4546 - 4553 Flexible thermochromic foil derived from fine perovskite nanoparticles with excellent energy-saving performance
Fan DS, Chen CX, Xiao TC, Li Q
4554 - 4568 Numerical investigation of thermal performance of geometrically modified spherical ice capsules during the discharging period
Erdemir D
4569 - 4579 The role of Al2Ca and Al-2(Sm,Ca,La) particles in the microstructures and electrochemical discharge performance of as-extruded Mg-3wt.%Al-1wt.%Zn-based alloys for primary Mg-air batteries
Liu X, Guo ZC, Xue JL, Zhang PJ
4580 - 4591 Simulation and multi-objective optimization of a fixed bed catalytic reactor to produce hydrogen using ethanol steam reforming
Punase KD, Rao N, Vijay P, Gupta SK
4592 - 4605 Analyze the effects of flow mode and humidity on PEMFC performance by equivalent membrane conductivity
Wei GH, Lu JB, Zhang QL, Zhu FJ, Yan XH, Zhang JL
4606 - 4612 Performance of single- and double-effect operable mechanical vapor recompression desalination system adaptable to variable wind energy
Kim Y, Kim DK, Amano Y, Ng KC, Chun W
4613 - 4629 A comprehensive thermodynamic analysis of load-flexible CHP plants using district heating network
Sun Y, Xu C, Xu G, Zhang HS, Li B, Yang YP
4630 - 4643 Thermal stability and decomposition mechanism of HFO-1336mzz(Z) as an environmental friendly working fluid: Experimental and theoretical study
Huo EG, Liu C, Xin LY, Li XX, Xu XX, Li QB, Wang SK, Dang CB
4644 - 4651 Surface modification of LiNi0.5Co0.2Mn0.3O2 cathode materials with Li2O-B2O3-LiBr for lithium-ion batteries
Wang L, Hu YH
4652 - 4669 Turbulent heat transfer characteristics of supercritical n-decane in a vertical tube under various operating pressures
Li Y, Sun F, Sunden B, Xie GN
4670 - 4685 Energy, exergy, and economical analyses of a photovoltaic thermal system integrated with the natural zeolites for heat management
Kandilli C
4686 - 4700 Development of new energy management strategy for a household fuel cell/battery hybrid system
Ou K, Yuan WW, Choi M, Kim J, Kim YB
4701 - 4714 Palladized dysprosium fluoride nanorods as a new performance catalyst in direct methanol fuel cell
Haghnegandar S, Noroozifar M
4715 - 4728 Process optimization and robustness analysis of municipal solid waste gasification using air-carbon dioxide mixtures as gasifying agent
Cardoso J, Silva V, Eusebio D
4729 - 4742 Structure design and control strategy of a new alkaline water electrolyzer based on heat exchange
Shen XJ, Zhang XY, Lv H, Li GJ, Lie TT
4743 - 4755 Significance of interface barrier at electrode of hematite hydroelectric cell for generating ecopower by water splitting
Jain S, Shah J, Negi NS, Sharma C, Kotnala RK
4756 - 4765 Synthesis of magnetically responsive hyperbranched polyamidoamine based on the graphene oxide: Application as demulsifier for oil-in-water emulsions
Chen Y, Tian GW, Liang HB, Liang YN
4766 - 4782 A novel PVT/PTC/ORC solar power system with PV totally immersed in transparent organic fluid
Al-Nimr MA, Al-Ammari WA
4783 - 4796 Understanding the origin of half-metallicity and thermophysical properties of ductile La2CuMnO6 double perovskite
Mir SA, Gupta DC
4797 - 4806 Highly efficient hydrolysis of magnetic milled powder from waste aluminum (Al) cans with low-concentrated alkaline solution for hydrogen generation
Yang HQ, Zhang HL, Peng RC, Zhang SS, Huang XR, Zhao ZD
4807 - 4819 Evaluation of fluctuating voltage topology with fuel cells and supercapacitors for automotive applications
Xun Q, Liu YJ
4820 - 4827 Green synthesis, properties, and catalytic application of zeolite (P) in production of biofuels from bagasse
Rahman MU, Hayat A
4828 - 4839 Technical challenges in numerical simulation of droplet behaviors with dynamic contact angle in microchannels
Wang XC, Zhou B, Jiang MC
4840 - 4853 Enhanced properties of SPEEK with incorporating of PFSA and barium strontium titanate nanoparticles for application in DMFCs
Salarizadeh P, Bagheri A, Beydaghi H, Hooshyari K
4854 - 4866 High-performance solid PEO/PPC/LLTO-nanowires polymer composite electrolyte for solid-state lithium battery
Zhu L, Zhu PH, Yao SS, Shen XQ, Tu FY
4867 - 4878 Boron- and nitrogen-doped penta-graphene as a promising material for hydrogen storage: A computational study
Sathishkumar N, Wu SY, Chen HT
4879 - 4897 Application of mixture experimental design for photocatalytic ammonia degradation by sunlight-driven WO3-Ag3PO4-ZnO ternary photocatalysts
Shaveisi Y, Sharifnia S, Karamian E
4898 - 4911 Experimental investigation on the effect of ambient pressure on thermal runaway and fire behaviors of lithium-ion batteries
Chen MY, Liu JH, Ouyang DX, Wang J
4912 - 4939 Real time reliability monitoring of hydro-power plant by combined cognitive decision-making technique
Majumder P, Majumder M, Saha AK, Sarkar K, Nath S
4940 - 4948 Design and thermodynamic analysis of supercritical CO2 reheating recompression Brayton cycle coupled with lead-based reactor
Kong FL, Li Y, Sa RY, Bai YQ, Jin M, Song Y
4949 - 4958 Effect of Fe infiltration to Ni/YSZ solid-oxide-cell fuel electrode on steam/CO2 co-electrolysis
Jeong HY, Kim SW, Bae Y, Yoon KJ, Lee JH, Hong J
4959 - 4966 Study on hydrogen permeation of Ni-BaZr0.1Ce0.7Y0.2O3-delta asymmetric cermet membrane
Zhu ZW, Meng XG, Liu W, Wei ZL
4967 - 4975 A new approach for body heat energy harvesting
Tornono T
4976 - 4986 Resistance exterior force property of lithium-ion pouch batteries with different positive materials
Hao WQ, Xie JM, Bo XQ, Wang FH
4987 - 4994 Synthesis and characterization of PVDF-coated cotton-derived hard carbon for anode of Li-ion batteries
Li LF, Fan CL, Tang YC, Zeng B
4995 - 5003 Niobium carbide/reduced graphene oxide hybrid porous aerogel as high capacity and long-life anode material for Li-ion batteries
Butt R, Siddique AH, Bokhari SW, Jiang SQ, Lei D, Zhou XF, Liu ZP
5004 - 5012 Optimization of ethanolic transesterification ultrasound-assisted from oil mixtures utilizing Box-Behnken design
da Silva RF, Veras G
5013 - 5019 Mn2+-doped Zn2GeO4 for photocatalysis hydrogen generation
Zhang HH, Chen YY, Zhu XY, Zhou HC, Yao Y, Li XD
5020 - 5026 Conductivity features of semiconducting tungsten-phosphate glasses
Pershina SV, Shkerin SN, Tolkacheva AS
5027 - 5037 Upscaling of microfluidic fuel cell using planar single stacks
Lee SH, Ahn Y