International Journal of Energy Research

International Journal of Energy Research, Vol.43, No.14 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0363-907X (Print) 

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7716 - 7754 A review on growth optimization of spray pyrolyzed Cu2ZnSnS4 chalcogenide absorber thin film
Gunavathy KV, Tamilarasan K, Rangasami C, Arulanantham AMS
7755 - 7789 Perovskite catalysts for methane combustion: applications, design, effects for reactivity and partial oxidation
Bashan V, Ust Y
7790 - 7822 Frontiers in combustion techniques and burner designs for emissions control and CO2 capture: A review
Nemitallah MA, Abdelhafez AA, Ali A, Mansir I, Habib MA
7823 - 7851 Geothermal energy use in hydrogen production: A review
Ghazvini M, Sadeghzadeh M, Ahmadi MH, Moosavi S, Pourfayaz F
7852 - 7865 Neutron physics of the liquid-fuel heat-pipe reactor concept with molten salt fuel-Static calculations
Wang X, Zhang Q, Zhuang K, He X, Seidl M, Macian-Juan R
7866 - 7890 Combining simulations and data with deep learning and uncertainty quantification for advanced energy modeling
Radaideh MI, Kozlowski T
7891 - 7907 Comparative analysis of thermodynamic performance of CO2 cascade refrigeration system assisted with expander and mechanical subcooling
Sun ZL, Wang QF, Su DD, Liu SC, Dai BM
7908 - 7941 A correction to the unimodal and bimodal truncated normal distributions for a more accurate representation of extreme and calm wind speeds
Mazzeo D, Oliveti G, Marsico A
7942 - 7955 A high proportion of new energy access-combined cooling, heating, and power system planning method
Zhang JH, Zhang SY, Niu YG
7956 - 7969 A model-based and data-driven joint method for state-of-health estimation of lithium-ion battery in electric vehicles
Lyu ZQ, Gao RJ
7970 - 7987 Effects of subcooling degree and injection super-heating degree on performance of an air source heat pump with subcooler
Tu Q, Bai W, Xu ZX, Zhang LN, Guo XJ, Xu YH, Zhang J, Deng CM
7988 - 8003 Characterization and visualization of industrial excess heat for different levels of on-site process heat recovery
Svensson E, Morandin M, Harvey S
8004 - 8019 Hybridizing linear and nonlinear couplings for constructing two-degree-of-freedom electromagnetic energy harvesters
Fan KQ, Liang G, Zhang YW, Tan QX
8020 - 8032 Line-pack storage in biogas infrastructures at regional scale, a model approach
Hengeveld EJ, Bekkering J, van Gemert WJT, Broekhuis AA
8033 - 8048 Study on the hydrogenation of an Mm-based AB(5)-intermetallic for sustainable building applications
Gkanas EI, Khzouz M
8049 - 8056 A sandwich-structured separator based on in situ coated polyaniline on polypropylene membrane for improving the electrolyte wettability in lithium-ion batteries
Hao ZD, Wu CR, Zhang QQ, Liu JB, Wang H
8057 - 8069 Potential of sodium alginate/titanium oxide biomembrane nanocomposite in DMFC application
Shaari N, Kamarudin SK, Zakaria Z
8070 - 8084 Performance of direct formic acid fuel cell using transition metal-nitrogen-doped carbon nanotubes as cathode catalysts
Halim FA, Tsujiguchi T, Osaka Y, Kodama A
8085 - 8099 Plasma-activated methane partial oxidation reaction to oxygenate platform chemicals over Fe, Mo, Pd and zeolite catalysts
Jurkovic DL, Puliyalil H, Pohar A, Likozar B
8100 - 8117 Mathematical and neural network models for predicting the electrical performance of a PV/T system
Al-Waeli AH, Kazem HA, Yousif JH, Chaichan MT, Sopian K
8118 - 8135 Experimental and optimization studies of hydrogen production by steam methane reforming over lanthanum strontium cobalt ferrite supported Ni catalyst
Ayodele BV, Mustapa SI, Yassin MYB, Abdullah S
8136 - 8147 Effective methodology based on neural network optimizer for extracting model parameters of PEM fuel cells
Fawzi M, El-Fergany AA, Hasanien HM
8148 - 8163 Cell and stack-level study of steady-state and transient behaviour of temperature uniformity of open-cathode proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Huang B, Jian QF, Luo LZ, Zhao J, Huang ZP, Wang XJ
8164 - 8176 A novel universal equivalent applicable to community energy markets
Huang ZS
8177 - 8189 The electrochemical properties of reduced graphene oxide film with capsular pores prepared by using oxalic acid as template
Gao XL, Ma WH, Han GY, Chang YZ, Zhang Y, Li HG
8190 - 8203 Performance criterion of an indirect dry air-cooled condenser for small modular reactor based on pressure transition temperature
Shin D, Na MW, Lee JI, Kim Y, Kim SJ
8204 - 8216 Synthesis of in situ N-, S-, and B-doped few-layer graphene by chemical vapor deposition technique and their superior glucose electrooxidation activity
Caglar A, Ulas B, Sahin O, Kivrak H
8217 - 8229 Hydrogen recovery from ammonia purge gas by a membrane separator: A simulation study
Maarefian M, Bandehali S, Azami S, Sanaeepur H, Moghadassi A
8230 - 8241 Data-driven lithium-ion battery states estimation using neural networks and particle filtering
Zhang CB, Zhu YY, Dong GZ, Wei JW
8242 - 8256 Magnetic tubular carbon nanofibers as anode electrodes for high-performance lithium-ion batteries
Yu HY, Wang JQ, Chen JJ, Zhang QY, Zhang BL
8257 - 8274 Performance enhancement of direct methanol fuel cell using multi-zone narrow flow fields
Gamea OE, Ookawara S, Mori S, Ahmed M
8275 - 8285 The optimization performance of cross-linked sodium alginate polymer electrolyte bio-membranes in passive direct methanol/ethanol fuel cells
Shaari N, Zakaria Z, Kamarudin SK
8286 - 8298 Conceptual design of an innovative reduced moderation thorium-fueled small modular reactor with heavy-water coolant
Zhang TF, Xiong JB, Liu XJ, Chai X, Li W, Cheng X
8299 - 8313 Enhanced hydrogen production with photo-induced phase transformation and cocatalyst loading
Akyuz D, Ozkaya AR, Koca A
8314 - 8336 Investigation of solar energy utilization for production of hydrogen and sustainable chemical fertilizer: A case study
Mostafaeipour A, Sedeh AS
8337 - 8349 Improved thermodynamic and aerodynamic design method and off-design performance analysis of a radial inflow turbine for ORC system
Han ZH, Jia XQ, Li P
8350 - 8369 Multi-fault synergistic diagnosis of battery systems based on the modified multi-scale entropy
Hong JC, Wang ZP, Chen W, Wang LY
8370 - 8384 Template-free synthesis of novel hollow carbon nanospheres with dual active sites as catalyst for fuel cell cathode to improve oxygen reduction reaction performances
Qin XL, Huang Y, Qin ZC, Zhao M
8385 - 8397 Preparation and characterization of erythritol/polyaniline form-stable phase change materials containing silver nanowires
Jiang LM, Chen YH, Shu L, Zhang YX, Xie T, Tan N, Fang Y, Wang SF, Zhang L, Zeng JL
8398 - 8409 Phase change microcapsules with lead tungstate shell for gamma radiation shielding and thermal energy storage
Lou L, Jiang ZN, Zhang QP, Liu DL, Zhou YL, Zhang K, He R, Fan JH, Yan HJ, Yang WB
8410 - 8425 Performance comparison of different combined heat and compressed air energy storage systems integrated with organic Rankine cycle
Wang PZ, Zhao P, Lai YQ, Wang JF, Dai YP
8426 - 8438 Catalytic effect of EG and MoS2 on hydrolysis hydrogen generation behavior of high-energy ball-milled Mg-10wt.%Ni alloys in NaCl solution-A powerful strategy for superior hydrogen generation performance
Hou XJ, Wang Y, Hu R, Shi HC, Feng L, Suo GQ, Ye XH, Zhang L, Yang YL
8439 - 8446 Hydrogen ion supercapacitor cell construction and rational design of cell structure
Xie ZZ, Xu CY, Zhou LN, Liu D, Chen CY, Tang HL, Li JS, Li X, Qu DY
8447 - 8462 Development and application of CFD and subchannel coupling analysis code for lead-cooled fast reactor
Wang C, Cao LK, Zhang XB, Shen C, Chen HL
8463 - 8480 Implementation of repowering optimization for an existing photovoltaic-pumped hydro storage hybrid system: A case study in Sichuan, China
Xu X, Hu WH, Cao D, Liu W, Chen Z, Lund H
8481 - 8491 Mn3O4 nanoparticles on activated carbonitride by soft chemical method for symmetric coin cell supercapacitors
Zhou C, Yan XH, Wang JJ, Yuan XX, Wang DF, Zhu YH, Cheng XN
8492 - 8508 Numerical study of further NOx emission reduction for coal MILD combustion by combining fuel-rich/lean technology
Xu MC, Tu YJ, Zeng G, Wang QX, Zhou AQ, Yang WM
8509 - 8521 Experimental and theoretical performance analysis of the silica gel, LiCl with water, methanol multifunction adsorption system
8522 - 8535 Experimental investigation on the performance and durability of hydrogen AEMFC with electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
Xie X, Zhou JX, Wu SY, Park JW, Jiao K
8536 - 8547 Binary mixtures of fatty alcohols and fatty acid esters as novel solid-liquid phase change materials
Ghadim HB, Shahbaz K, Al-Shannaq R, Farid MM
8548 - 8571 Optimal characteristics and heat transfer efficiency of SiO2/water nanofluid for application of energy devices: A comprehensive study
Rejvani M, Alipour A, Vahedi SM, Chamkha AJ, Wongwises S
8572 - 8591 Experimental and deep learning artificial neural network approach for evaluating grid-connected photovoltaic systems
Kazem HA, Yousif J, Chaichan MT, Al-Waeli AHA
8592 - 8607 Preparation and characterization of nano-enhanced myristic acid using metal oxide nanoparticles for thermal energy storage
Ouikhalfan M, Sari A, Chehouani H, Benhamou B, Bicer A
8608 - 8622 Performance investigation of the heat pump and power generation integration system
Wu ZX, Zhang YF, Deng N
8623 - 8632 Optimal parameter identification for the proton exchange membrane fuel cell using Satin Bowerbird optimizer
Duan BR, Cao Q, Afshar N
8633 - 8648 Electronic structure, mechanical, thermoelectric, optical, and thermodynamic properties of yttrium-based quaternary Heusler alloys
Singh S, Gupta DC
8649 - 8659 Facile functionalized mesoporous silica using biomimetic method as new matrix for preparation of shape-stabilized phase-change material with improved enthalpy
Gao JK, Zhou J, Zhang XJ, Shi Q, Han Z, Chen Y
8660 - 8673 An experimental implementation and testing of a concentrated hybrid photovoltaic/thermal system with monocrystalline solar cells using linear Fresnel reflected mirrors
Gomaa MR, Mustafa RJ, Rezk H
8674 - 8683 Development and energy evaluation of phase change material composite for building energy-saving
Ji R, Zou ZH, Liu L, Wei S, Qu SL
8684 - 8696 Effect of varying fuel types on oxy-combustion performance
Ozsari I, Ust Y
8697 - 8715 Global sensitivity analysis of uncertain parameters based on 2D modeling of solid oxide fuel cell
Wu CR, Ni M, Du Q, Jiao K
8716 - 8724 Nonfullerene organic photovoltaic cells exhibiting 13.76% efficiency by employing upside-down solvent vapor annealing
Jiao CQ, Pang CZ, An QS
8725 - 8738 Investigation of nickel-63 radioisotope-powered GaN betavoltaic nuclear battery
Aydin S, Kam E
8739 - 8752 Investigation of Nafion series membranes on the performance of iron-chromium redox flow battery
Sun CY, Zhang H
8753 - 8764 Cross-linked polymer electrolyte membrane based on a highly branched sulfonated polyimide with improved electrochemical properties for fuel cell applications
Hu MS, Zhang BP, Chen JL, Xu MZ, Liu DQ, Wang L
8765 - 8778 Impact of ultra-capacitor on automatic generation control of electric energy systems using an optimal FFOID controller
Arya Y
8779 - 8789 An efficient single-sensor global maximum power point tracking method for partially shaded photovoltaic battery chargers
Rezk H
8790 - 8801 Design of a traveling wave thermo-acoustic engine based on genetic algorithm
Zare S, Tavakolpour-Saleh A
8802 - 8810 Performance evaluation of a new ice preservation system for supermarkets
Liu ZB, Lou FF, Qi X, Yan JW, Zhao BH, Shen YY
8811 - 8821 Enhanced hetero-elements doping content in biomass waste-derived carbon for high performance supercapacitor
Fang J, Guo D, Kang CX, Wan SY, Li SX, Fu LK, Liu G, Liu QM
8822 - 8833 Improving the performances of earth air heat exchangers through Constructal design
Brum RD, Labat M, Lorente S
8834 - 8840 A spiral shaped regenerative microfluidic fuel cell with Ni-C based porous electrodes
Arun RK, Anjali, Sardar M, Singh P, Jha BM, Chanda N
8841 - 8851 Effect of cosolvent and addition of catalyst (HZSM-5) on hydrothermal liquefaction of macroalgae
Yuan C, Wang S, Qian LL, Barati B, Gong X, Abomohra A, Wang XD, Esakkimuthu S, Hu YM, Liu L
8852 - 8863 A facile noncatalytic methyl ester production from waste chicken tallow using single step subcritical methanol: Optimization study
Santosa FH, Laysandra L, Soetaredjo FE, Santoso SP, Ismadji S, Yuliana M
8864 - 8877 Exploration of highly correlated Co-based quaternary Heusler alloys for spintronics and thermoelectric applications
Seh A, Gupta DC
8878 - 8889 Influence of osmolytes on the stability of thylakoid-based dye-sensitized solar cells
Voloshin RA, Brad NG, Zharmukhamedov SK, Feyziyev YM, Huseynova IM, Najafpour MM, Shen JR, Veziroglu TN, Bruce BD, Allakhverdiev SI
8890 - 8897 Novel La0.7Sr0.3FeO3-delta/(La0.5Sr0.5)(2)CoO4+delta composite hollow fiber membrane for O-2 separation with high CO2 resistance
Han N, Cheng JL, Han DZ, Chen GL, Zhang SG, Wang GJ, Yang NT, Liu SM
8898 - 8912 Analysis of two-stage waste heat recovery based on natural gas-fired boiler
Cui XY, Zhang HY, Guo JF, Huai XL, Xu M
8913 - 8924 Computation of the neutron multiplicity moments for research reactor fuels using MCNP6 and SOURCES4c
Dim OU, Aghara SK
8925 - 8928 An estimate for thermal osmotic heat storage using precipitation of common salts
Arias FJ, De Las Heras S