International Journal of Energy Research

International Journal of Energy Research, Vol.42, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0363-907X (Print) 

In this Issue (40 articles)

325 - 328 A role of lasers in energy materials and future perspectives
Yilbas BS
329 - 357 Review of the phase change material (PCM) usage for solar domestic water heating systems (SDWHS)
Abokersh MH, Osman M, El-Baz O, El-Morsi M, Sharaf O
358 - 368 Application of superconducting magnetic energy storage in electrical power and energy systems: a review
Vulusala GVS, Madichetty S
369 - 394 Microbial fuel cell is emerging as a versatile technology: a review on its possible applications, challenges and strategies to improve the performances
Kumar R, Singh L, Zularisam AW, Hai FI
395 - 415 A comprehensive review of solar thermoelectric cooling systems
Sarbu I, Dorca A
416 - 428 Effects of the geometrical conditions on the performance of a side channel pump: A review
Appiah D, Zhang F, Yuan SQ, Osman MK
429 - 446 Effective hydrogen productions from propane steam reforming over spinel-structured metal-manganese oxide redox couple catalysts
Do JY, Park NK, Lee TJ, Lee ST, Kang M
447 - 465 Bi-objective optimization of a grid-connected decentralized energy system
Altintas O, Okten B, Karsu O, Kocaman AS
466 - 476 New insights for phase-change immersion cooling enhancement of solar cells under high concentration ratios
Kang X, Wang YP, Huang QW, Cui Y, Shi XS, Wang C, Fan JY
477 - 489 Segmented thermoelectric generator: exponential area variation in leg
Ali H, Yilbas BS, Al-Sharafi A
490 - 498 Electrochemical performance evaluation of tin oxide nanorod-embedded woven carbon fiber composite supercapacitor
Kwon O, Deka BK, Kim J, Park HW
499 - 507 Ocean thermal energy conversion by deliberate seawater salinization
Arias FJ
508 - 519 Enhanced transport properties of graphene-based, thin Nafion (R) membrane for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
Asmatulu R, Khan A, Adigoppula VK, Hwang G
520 - 531 Numerical study on bubble behavior in magnetic nanofluid used for waste heat recovery power generation concept
Joo D, Lee J
532 - 541 Oxy-fuel combustion characteristics and kinetics of microalgae and its mixture with rice straw using thermogravimetric analysis
Tang YT, Ma XQ, Lai ZY, Yu QH
542 - 558 Economic and environmental evaluations of dedicated and residential electric tariffs for plug-in electric vehicles
Khalaf AF, Wang Y
559 - 569 Techno-economic study of compressed air energy storage systems for the grid integration of wind power
Huang Y, Keatley P, Chen HS, Zhang XJ, Rolfe A, Hewitt NJ
570 - 586 A novel methodology for scrutiny of autonomous hybrid renewable energy system
Sawle Y, Gupta SC, Bohre AK
587 - 600 A wavelet transform-adaptive unscented Kalman filter approach for state of charge estimation of LiFePo4 battery
Li YW, Wang C, Gong JF
601 - 615 Smart grid adds to renewable resources hosting capacity: Collaboration of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles in Volt/VAr control process
Hamidi A, Nazarpour D, Golshannavaz S
616 - 632 Novel insights on the impact of top water on Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage in a point bar reservoir
Austin-Adigio ME, Wang JY, Alvarez JM, Gates ID
633 - 647 Geometric optimization of trapezoidal thermoelectric heat pump considering contact resistances through genetic algorithm
Lamba R, Kaushik SC, Tyagi SK
648 - 655 Thermal management system of lithium-ion battery module based on micro heat pipe array
Ye X, Zhao YH, Quan ZH
656 - 672 Parametric study on the thermoelectric conversion performance of a concentrated solar-driven thermionic-thermoelectric hybrid generator
Xiao L, Wu SY, Yang SL
673 - 683 Performance investigation of a novel Franchot engine design
Daoud JM, Friedrich D
684 - 695 Development of an ocean wave energy harvester with a built-in frequency conversion function
Viet NV, Wang Q, Carpinteri A
696 - 706 A multi-predictor model to estimate solar and wind energy generations
Balali MH, Nouri N, Rashidi M, Nasiri A, Otieno W
707 - 719 Real-time thermal states monitoring of absorber tube for parabolic trough solar collector with non-uniform solar flux
Wang XD, Zhang DQ, Zhang LH, Jiang C
720 - 730 Vanadium redox flow batteries for the storage of electricity produced in wind turbines
Mena E, Lopez-Vizcaino R, Millan M, Canizares P, Lobato J, Rodrigo MA
731 - 753 Trends of energy demand in the Middle East: A sectoral level analysis
Bayomi N, Fernandez JE
754 - 763 An experimental investigation of dehumidifying and reheating performances of a dual-evaporator heat pump system in electrified vehicles
Zhou GL, Su L, Li K, Fang YD, Cheng Q
764 - 775 Band gap engineering in ruthenium-based Heusler alloys for thermoelectric applications
Krishnaveni S, Sundareswari M
776 - 789 New insights into aerodynamic characteristics of oscillating wings and performance as wind power generator
Sun XJ, Zhang LC, Huang DG, Zheng ZQ
790 - 801 Algal buffer layers for enhancing the efficiency of anthocyanins extracted from rose petals for natural dye-sensitized solar cell (DSSC)
Prabavathy N, Shalini S, Balasundaraprabhu R, Velauthapillai D, Prasanna S, Balaji G, Muthukumarasamy N
802 - 816 Numerical simulation of two-phase cross flow in the gas diffusion layer microstructure of proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Niu ZQ, Jiao K, Wang Y, Du Q, Yin Y
817 - 829 Design and performance analysis of a 500-W heat source for radioisotope thermophotovoltaic converters
Cheon SJ, Hong SG, Lee JH, Nam YS
830 - 842 Design and energy evaluation of a stand-alone copper-chlorine (Cu-Cl) thermochemical cycle system for trigeneration of electricity, hydrogen, and oxygen
Wu W, Hsu FT, Chen HY
843 - 852 Efficient and novel Sb2S3 based solar cells with chitosan/poly(ethylene glycol)/electrolyte blend
Lojpur V, Krstic J, Kacarevic-Popovic Z, Mitric M, Rakocevic Z, Validzic ILJ
853 - 862 Cobalt oxide nanosheets anchored onto nitrogen-doped carbon nanotubes as dual purpose electrodes for lithium-ion batteries and oxygen evolution reaction
Wu J, Liu YQ, Geng DS, Liu H, Meng XB
863 - 876 The performance analysis and evaluation of C-PV/T aided power generation system
Chen HP, Zhang H, Bu YG, Liu HW, Zhang XL